Dark Disney: The REAL Stories Behind Popular Disney Films

Dark Disney: The REAL Stories Behind Popular Disney Films

Anyone who grew up with Disney movies knows
that they can get pretty dark, from Mufasa getting trampled to death in The Lion King
to Quasimodo’s mother being brutally killed in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Still, many
of Disney’s animated classics have had to soften or remove the more gruesome or depressing
aspects of the fairy tales that they were based on. Make sure you let us know if we
forgot any in the comments below! Here is Screen Rant’s Dark Disney: Real Stories Behind
Popular Disney Films. Tangled Disney’s Tangled puts a different spin on Rapunzel’s
charming prince, instead having the long-haired heroine helped down from her tower by a thief
named Flynn Rider. In the original story, the escape never even takes place. Mother
Gothel discovers Rapunzel’s plans and casts her out into the desert, where she eventually
gives birth to twins and lives in misery for years. Her handsome prince is tricked into
climbing the tower to find Gothel waiting for him at the top. She throws him from the
tower into a thorn bush that pokes out his eyes. The poor prince is also left to wander
for years, completely blind and surviving only by eating grass and roots. The lovebirds
eventually meet and Rapunzel cures his blindness with a magic tear and they live happily ever
after – and probably both pretty traumatized. Pinocchio You might think that Disney’s version of Pinocchio
is dark enough already – especially the scene where a bunch of misbehaving children get
horribly transformed into donkeys. Still, Pinocchio makes it out alright by the end
of the film with the help of his good friend – and conscience – Jiminy Cricket. What happens
to the lovable Jiminy Cricket in Carlo Collodi’s original novel? Well, he doesn’t get a chance
to sing about wishing upon a star. When the talking cricket shows up to offer Pinocchio
a bit of moral guidance, Pinocchio immediately murders him with a mallet, and is haunted
by the ghost of the dead cricket throughout the rest of the book. The Little Mermaid Hans Christian Andersen is also the writer
behind The Little Mermaid, which Disney adapted in 1989 and sprinkled with some classic songs,
a great villain, and a characteristically happy Disney ending. The original story is
considerably more depressing. After the Little Mermaid is given human legs, every step she
takes feels as though the soles of her feet are being stabbed with knives. To make matters
worse, the prince ends up marrying someone else and never finds out that the Little Mermaid
was the woman who saved him from drowning. The Little Mermaid is given a chance to get
her tail back by stabbing the prince in the heart, but she can’t bear to kill him and
instead throws herself into the ocean and dies, her body dissolving into froth. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Like many animated Disney films, early classic
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ends with the villain getting a deadly comeuppance.
After trying unsuccessfully to kill Snow White several times, the evil Queen falls off a
cliff, gets crushed by a boulder and then vultures descend to feed on her corpse. It
doesn’t get any darker than that, right? Well, in the Brothers Grimm version of the story,
the Queen is forced to put on a pair of glowing hot iron shoes and dance in them until she
dies. Suddenly falling off a cliff doesn’t sound so bad. Sleeping Beauty A handsome, charming prince is a common trope
of Disney movies, and they’re usually the perfect gentleman. In Disney’s Sleeping Beauty,
Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip meet each other and fall in love in the forest, and
Phillip later rescues Aurora from an enchanted sleep. It’s a lot more romantic than 17th
century author Giambattista Basile’s version of the story, in which the Sleeping Beauty
is discovered by a passing king. Instead of breaking the spell, he rapes the sleeping
woman and then leaves, forgetting all about her. The poor girl wakes up nine months later
after giving birth to two children, with no idea what happened. Cinderella After being forced to play servant to her
wicked stepmother and ugly stepsisters, Disney’s Cinderella is eventually rewarded with a handsome
prince and a royal castle to live in. But in the Brothers Grimm version of the story,
Cinderella’s stepsisters are so desperate to get the glass slipper on that they cut
off bits of their feet to try and make it fit. It works, but all the blood kind of gives
them away. To make matters worse, when the stepsisters attend Cinderella’s wedding, birds
descend on them and peck out their eyes. Apparently birds have a very low tolerance for brats. Frozen Disney’s tale of two sisters, Frozen, is very
loosely based on a book called The Snow Queen by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.
In the original version of the story, a demonic troll creates a looking-glass that reflects
even the most beautiful things back as being ugly and hideously distorted. When the mirror
is accidentally shattered, the pieces scatter all over the world and splinters of glass
land in people’s hearts, turning them cold and cruel, or in their eyes, making them incapable
of seeing beauty. One unfortunate little boy gets a splinter in his heart and his eye,
corrupting him so much that he runs away to live with the powerful Snow Queen. This fairy
tale does at least have a happy ending, but it doesn’t have a happy snowman. Those are our favorite dark versions of Disney
fairy tales. Have you heard any grim variations on happy kids’ movies? Share your favourite
gruesome fairy tales in our comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
to watch more great videos like this one.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Dark Disney: The REAL Stories Behind Popular Disney Films

  1. Chaya Simms says:

    OMG OMG OMG okay so this company called Ever After High make dolls and make them the children of famous Disney characters. Soooo… RAPUNZELS CHILDREN WERE TWINS BUT SHE NEVER HAD TWINS IN THE DISNEY MOVIE! sure they might have been implying that her and Flynn would have twins in the future, but what if they're actually talking about the original story?

  2. Shubhangi Sinha says:

    Fuck !?

  3. Alexa Millan says:

    the one I find more shocking is the one from seeping beauty

  4. Madison Clark says:

    You are ruining the movies

  5. Cohen Linze says:

    Omg that last one doe

  6. Lexie Blazvick says:

    i did a project about this XD

  7. Willow says:

    I've heard that in the little mermaid the prince had her dance for him even though every step was like s if she was standing on glass. But then he married another woman and has her be a maid. Then she gets the chance to kill him but instead commits suicide.

  8. Peaceful Rain says:

    Im done watching this videos it just ruined my whole entire magical childhood

  9. Monday says:

    the picture scred the guts outta me!

  10. leonel oviedo says:

    hijo de puta

  11. MangoMoji says:

    lol he just rapes her than leaves!?!? ????????

  12. Moirah246 says:

    you forgot, originally there was 8 dwarfs in snow white, then the eighth dwarf dies and thats how they got seven

  13. Moirah246 says:

    i knew almost all of them

  14. David Bailey says:

    i love you

  15. Elizabeth Bland says:

    Cinderella theory is like into the woods I think

  16. Fearless Mercenary says:

    I can't believe that going rider and repunzel got busy

  17. Chumbawamba Uh says:

    Jan 16 2016

  18. Luna Spark says:

    just eww how could aurora be raped srsly!!!!!!!

  19. Shyra .B says:

    the little mermaid was my favorite when I was little now I hope I forget this video

  20. Isaiah Adams says:

    Another disney film you forgot that has a dark original story to it is The Jungle Book and The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  21. Isaiah Adams says:

    I just thought of another disney film that has a dark original story to it: Tarzan

  22. David Townsend says:

    So much death. ☠️?

  23. David Townsend says:

    If a child watched this they would be devastated!

  24. Cing Muang says:

    i have watched these vids since i was seven or eight. im used to  them now. these vids used to scar me so much. my childhood is still great, and i always watch theories

  25. Anosh Raja says:

    Umm boring?

  26. Sup hehehe says:

    wait till they make 911 family freindly

  27. Ms SpoiledCakee says:

    Disney: Sorry Tim nightmare before Christmas is too dark, now excuse me while I kill Bambi's mom in front of Bambi, Kill Mufasa, have scar be eaten alive, I could go on but I have too do those things.

  28. Doctor Bones says:

    adding insult to injury: in the original tale sleeping beauty even marries the king not knowing he raped her.

  29. Lilly Midnight says:

    Tangled,Pinocchio,Snow white and the seven dwarfs,Cinderella,Frozen,The little mermaid,Sleepy beauty,

  30. singalingalongaling says:

    You forgot Aladdin

  31. singalingalongaling says:

    Robin Hood
    The Black Cauldron

  32. tired of your shit says:

    I remember the Cinderella were birds poke the stepmothers eyes and cut the pieces of toes come from a movie called "into the woods"

  33. Max Edward popplio says:

    you right ugly sister ?

  34. Herre Noort says:

    hang on, can't ANYBODY get their Pinocchio right? that cricket is with Pinocchio throughout the entire story (1940s version) there is no scene at which it gets killed – as for the people who think it's creepy that donkeys are mistreated? welcome to earth, humans are horrible, enjoy your carrots and beans.

  35. The Black Bean !! says:

    You didn't even finish the stories and got some of them wrong.

  36. Joe Schmoe says:

    Disney are the most insidious brilliant hacks picking through the bones of great authors and comics while making Dr Evil Gazillions of dollars

  37. Alex Determined says:

    ^notices a word at 4:50^ RAPES?!?!? My god why/who would someone make a story of a king finding a woman sleeping and then "rapes" her?? That guy-uh-whoever made it again I'm sure that person is full of porn



  39. Jason Otool says:

    You ruined my life???????

  40. Chloe Wakefield says:

    One in five women get raped so I'm not surprised

  41. Moriah Bierbrauer says:

    Who else clicked this because Elsa looked like Abeloth?

  42. Casmy Imana says:

    Oh,my god sleeping beuty

  43. Romeo X10000 says:

    i like the little mermaid one

  44. Moonlight_Angy says:

    The frozen one tho

  45. Gracelyn Hendrix says:

    I think I can never watch Sleeping Beauty again after that.

  46. Julia Leeanne says:

    Thx a lot

  47. Pythagoras Mathematik says:

    I read some of those, so I know a mix of the original and the disney version. Did anyone else read some of those?

  48. jackass123491 says:

    Peter Pan and Hercules. Also, I could be wrong but doesn't Pinocchio also kill Geppeto?

  49. Namiii QwQ says:

    Actually the king have s*x with the princess and she gave birth 2 babies

  50. Flame Miller says:

    I already knew all these. I like the original versions better because they aren't about prissy princesses always getting the guy that probably only likes her for her looks.

  51. Amazing Magic Hacks says:

    Wtf… dance slave DANCE

  52. Amazing Magic Hacks says:


  53. Chat The Cat says:

    You forgot that in the book Pinocchio,he hangs himself.

  54. I only eat Brains, Dummy says:

    I actually really enjoy your cut transitions. That is all. Byeee.

  55. Joshua Teoh says:

    What that creepy music background btw

  56. Max Mantell says:

    Where's the jungle book and Hercules?

  57. addy says:

    0:28 she wolf reference.

    watch david guetta and sias she wolf then watch 0:28 youll understand.

  58. Alex Sherman says:

    Rapists bro

  59. Yasmiin Jones says:

    Who man who

  60. Other Stuff With Anthony says:

    What about pocahantus

  61. Kitty Bitty says:

    The Black Cauldron…

  62. Nikki Bee says:

    I have heard onewhen snow White and the dying in her sleep and the prince taking her body to the Castle

  63. Nikki Bee says:

    Another version that my friend gave me is the Little mermaid does get her legs but after she kisses the prince and gets married she cuts them off she dies of so much pain

  64. Cynthia Quezada says:

    Huh….so i guess Jiminy really is Pinocchio's conscience….
    His "guilty conscience".

  65. X_Quietshadow _X says:

    never watches sleeping beauty again

  66. Charboomer23 says:

    Hot iron shoes to…"Dance till your dead!!!!" Lol

  67. Gabbie does things says:


  68. Erik Dremmur says:

    WTF !!! ??????????????

  69. The Amazing Luca says:

    4:48 Is it weird that I thought of someone doing that before they said it?

  70. Tiiao says:

    Today was pj day at school but I was sick ;((

  71. Al Rose says:

    the little mermaid is my favorite hans christen Anderson story

  72. lightning Flash says:

    In hello kitty a move shows roleplays of fairy tales and in snow white the queen dose dace in the shoes but it cuts off after screems ?

  73. Jesmith82 says:

    Pocohantas means spoiled or naughty not playful.

  74. Apple Shrubs says:

    I have a theory that Peter pan is somehow related to the upside down a.k.a (neverland) and when people are taken to the upside down but Peter pan they stay there or in some cases like wills they can go back and forth being controlled by Peter pan a.k.a (demagorgans)

  75. Kiyarra Painter says:

    We already knew Rapunzel was gonna be the first one

  76. Hekmieh Manad says:


  77. HeYoNia says:

    I already read the Tangled Story Book thing when I was in 1st Grade, Didn't think it was that dark.

  78. Gab Noir says:

    I'm now scarred for life….

  79. Anthono says:

    I like the original story background for frozen … I'm just gonna have a hard time LETTING IT GO

  80. Melissa Duchene says:

    Scar killed his brother

  81. Sandy Holliday says:

    Children movies are NOT SUPPOSED to be creepy and threatening! They are supposed to be wonderous and feed their imaginations full of joy. Especially abused children who have nothing else in their life to look forward to. This whole idea of making movies with horrible endings just like in real life are idiots. People go to movies so they can escape their life and wrap their mind around some hope instilling, joyfull, fantastic movie with a great ending. If people were limited to Stephan King movies I don't think they'd continue to go.

  82. Juan Mackenzie says:

    My reaction to all of these were wow!!

  83. Kacey_ASMR Lopez says:


  84. Fuck u Emil says:

    I have Sean the rell littel murmade

  85. Cristina Avila says:

    Now i know how elsa steals children: the song let it go ;
    ?Dont steal dont feel dont let them know, well now they know?
    dont steal srsly

  86. Liaquat Hussain says:


  87. Donovan Delaney says:

    That's the first ending. There's more to that ending. Serena can't kill Eric or his girlfriend. So the three of them and the crew go sailing when a storm shows up. A random guy of Eric's crew saves Eric's girlfriend from the falling mast. Random guy and Eric's girlfriend become a couple. Eric and Serena become boyfriend and girlfriend and get married a year later. Serena gives birth to a human Mermaid hybrid. That's the real ending.

  88. Selam: I love you Jesus Christ says:

    desiny movies are sckeritly evil and not about god or jesus christ so i dont watch thm

  89. Nigel Pettinga says:

    The witcher 3 has a version of Cinderella where princess cindrilla is eaten alive by a zeugl

  90. The Joker Marathon says:


  91. RedShadow Wolf says:

    Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica (supernatural exorcism because of Elsa and her black eyes)

  92. Phoebe Treahy says:


  93. Bulmaro Melo Mendoza says:

    What is the true story of trolls and cars 1 and 2

  94. Peter Hnyaloom says:

    Like it

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  97. Tiana Roberge says:

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    Sleeping beauty was so bad wake up with 2 children. wow.

  99. James Reyes says:

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  100. Adora Belle Dearheart says:

    No one ever mentioned sisters of Little Mermaid had to sacrifice their beautiful hair to the witch, for the dagger that will set their sister free – if she uses it. She did not, of course.

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