Dark Disney Princess Theories That Are Really Messed Up

Dark Disney Princess Theories That Are Really Messed Up

Despite the glitz, glamor and victim-of-misfortunate-circumstances
reputation that Disney Princesses have been known and adored for… More and more, people are beginning to see
these damsels-in-distress and their movie’s in a much darker way than many might have
originally. There’s a lot more to a princess than just
magic, beauty and breaking out into musical numbers… In fact, based on some of these theories,
it would seem that many Disney Princesses actually have a really sinister side to them. I’m Brad with WickedBinge. And these are Dark Theories about Disney Princesses
That Are Really Messed Up. Who Killed Ariel’s Mom For quite some time, the death of Ariel The
Mermaid’s mom remained a mystery, puzzling most who tried to wrap their heads around
what could have possibly happened to her. However, it would seem that ‘GamingDuelist15’
from wattpad.com has channelled the skills of an expert detective as he has come up with
a rather convincing explanation, one which brings together two fictitious worlds to find
the answer. When you consider the possibility that another
popular children’s stories, Peter Pan, might be occurring in the same universe as The Little
Mermaid, things begin to make sense. The catch is that Peter Pan occurs in an earlier
time period of the same universe, one in which Queen Athena was still alive and well. In The Little Mermaid, we are shown a scene
in which the ship which killed Queen Athena is visible. Now, compare the design and look of the ship
to Captain Hook’s ship from Peter Pan – look similar? Still not convinced? Well, let’s take a look at The Little Mermaid:
Ariel’s Beginning. In that film, there is a particular scene
in which Ariel is seen desperately trying to escape a pirate’s ship. The captain of that ship is depicted wearing
a rather large, feathered-hat, much like the same one Captain Hook is seen wearing? Chances are, they are one and the same – Captain
Hook is the pirate who took Ariel’s mother’s life. While the revelation that the Peter Pan universe
and that of The Little Mermaid series are, in fact, one and the same, knowing that Captain
Hook’s treacherous activities on the great big sea led to the death of Ariel’s mother
is incredibly tragic. Snow White Dies and The Prince Isn’t Real Undoubtedly, when it comes to the long list
of overly sentimental moments in Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, it would make sense not
to forget Snow White’s kissing scene with the Prince. Well, he did kind of… make out with an unconscious
woman… so maybe not super-sentimental, but… look, the movie was made in a different time. Regardless, as emotional as that scene might
have been, according to a theory shared by Andrea Hickey on BuzzFeed, what we saw may
not have actually been the truth. In as much as the scene and it’s resulting
events might seem like the typical ‘happily ever after’ ending that Disney films are
known for, when you take a deeper look at things, you’ll find yourself asking ‘is
it really happily ever after? Based on careful analysis of the transgression
of scenes in the film, an alternative perspective that does hold quite a bit of weight to it
is that at the end of the movie, Snow White is actually dead. Consequently, the Prince isn’t actually
alive – he’s just a metaphor for Death. Dark, right? In order to understand this, we need to analyze
some of the scenes and more importantly, symbolism and imagery that will make this theory sound
more plausible than it may currently sound. As you will recall, in the early stages of
the movie, Snow White sends the Prince a white dove. White is a symbol of purity and is also the
color typically associated with the angels who are in heaven. The similarity between the dove she sent to
the Prince and the angels in Heaven deepen when you bear in mind that angels, like doves,
have wings and can fly. Might not seem like a lot now, but let’s
take things a step further. Doves are some of the most symbolized species
in existence. In some cultures, the white dove is symbolic
of the soul being released from its Earthly confines. In other schools of thought, it is often regarded
as the epitome of inner-peace and tranquility, so much so that in the face of what one might
typically be frightened of, the dove accepts it with open arms as the natural course of
life. And, of course, there is the dove which symbolizes
mourning. That said, when you bear in mind those symbolic
meanings attached to the dove, the very action of sending forth a dove to the Prince does
figuratively suggest the releasement of her soul to another, in effect, relinquishing
her spirit to the Prince and signaling her transition to another realm. But why the Prince? What does he have to do with anything? It’s because the Prince symbolizes death. Think about it – in the beginning scene
in which Snow White is singing into the well, she seems downright spooked by the presence
of the Prince when he appears. Maybe she could just be shy, or maybe she
senses that the Prince is really Death disguised as a Prince who summoned himself as he recognized
that her time was drawing to a close. Considering that this is a kid’s movie,
it would not be good advertising to showcase Death as the Grim Reaper – for that reason,
developers designed him as royalty. Therefore, Snow White giving him a white dove
is in fact a metaphor for her ceding her spirit to the Heavens and accepting the fate that
Death has bestowed upon her. So what about the kiss scene? Even though Snow White may seem to be ‘kissed
to life’ by the Prince, this is, yet again, another metaphor of her spirit awakening,
after which she is brought by Death to her final resting place – Heaven, We know that
she is going to Heaven because when the two stop on a hilltop, the clouds part and reveal
a castle in the sky. Although this theory does have somewhat of
a happy ending, it’s one of those that drastically changes the way people view this film completely. Belle Made Up The Beast In Her Head Many fans of Disney’s original Beauty and
the Beast have pointed out the similarities between the Beast and the film’s antagonist
— Gaston. These similarities include how prine they
are to aggression and violence, their brutish behavior and their overwhelming selfishness. Or at least, when we look at the behavior
of The Beast towards the beginning of the story. The theory suggests that at the beginning,
when Belle is reading a fairytale, she brings home the book and indulges in a bit of fantasy. She immediately marries Gaston, with her father’s
best wishes — afterall, Maurice compliments Gaston at the start of the story — and the
rest of the movie is Belle’s fantasy about reforming her selfish, pig-headed husband
Gaston — who she views as a beast. When you look at some of the evidence, it
makes sense. For example, nobody in the village can recall
a castle nearby the town. And when Belle runs into all of the enchanted
characters within, she isn’t scared or even very surprised. Afterall, they are characters she came up
with in her head. And many of these characters provide her with
what she never had in her life. For example,a mother figure. Belle fantasizes that the prince inside will
win over the beastly behavior of her husband, but worries that the beast will return and
stab them in the back. It’s all actually very sad. That Belle’s life is so incomplete and her
husband so selfish,that she can only dream about an alternative reality where she reforms
him and falls in love with someone who truly cares about her. Moana Became A Demi-God… But At A Cost There’s more to our Polynesian Princess
star Moana than just her superhuman strength and strong-will – according to Reddit user
‘StickUpKid,’ Moana might actually be a demi-god. In order to understand this theory, we need
to go back in time a bit to the beginning of the movie where Moana is selected by the
ocean to return the heart of Te Fiti to Maui in order to save her people. As part of the selection process, Moana is
violently thrown into the middle of a horrible thunderstorm. While details of what happens while she is
there are sketchy, when she does wake up on the island, the song which is played is ‘You’re
Welcome.’ What could this all mean? To tie everything together, let’s examine
the facts. The song played is heavily associated with
powers that demigods have. What’s more, she was tossed into a thunderstorm
– there’s no way that she could have survived unless it was divine intervention. This is where it gets interesting – the
ocean, in effect, took Moana’s life in order to make her a demi-god. Although this by itself isn’t very convincing,
when you consider how Maui became a demi-god himself, it might not be that far-fetched. Muai explained that he too was tossed into
the ocean when he was a baby. However, he was subsequently saved by the
Gods and brought back to life as a demi-god. The same thing is essentially what happened
to Moana. While the whole demi-God concept is cool,
the way in which Moana became a demi-god isn’t. She essentially lost her life as a normal
girl and was given this overwhelmingly weighty burden to carry on her shoulders. When you consider the fact that her youth
was stripped away from her, it puts a rather dark spin on things. The Deal With Elsa’s Prison When Frozen came out, we saw Elsa’s confusion
when she is captured by Prince Hans and found herself in a prison cell which we later learn
was located in the basement of the castle. We shared Elsa’s confusion, but for a different
reason – what could have possibly been the origins of the cell? Where did it come from? One anonymous user on disneytheory.com shared
a rather interesting theory on how this cell could have possibly come about, essentially
putting the blame on Hans. While there might be several possible origins,
the most plausible is that Hans constructed the prison to house Elsa and save himself
and the people from impending doom. However, there is a theory that is even darker
and, quite frankly, more surprising to believe, yet still valid. What if it was Elsa’s own father who constructed
the cell to keep her away? In order to understand this, we need to recall
a couple of facts. Firstly, he is very much aware of the type
of power that his daughter possesses – actually, he is the only one who cautions her on how
to control her power and that using gloves will help her. However, Elsa’s father is also the king
of Arendelle. In as much as he loves his daughter to death,
he has a kingdom to defend. The trolls have warned him that there is a
power that threatens the very existence of his kingdom. Could it have been his daughter? For all we know, Elsa’s dad believed that
the time may come when Elsa’s powers might pose a threat to the kingdom. For that reason, he designed a special cell
just for her in which she could be stowed away if or when her powers become too much
to handle. Knowing that her Dad may have had to make
such a difficult decision is sad to know. What’s more, the possibility that her Dad
may have been plotting this scheme to trap his daughter is a really brutal pill to swallow. But what do you think? Do any of these theories make sense? Do you have any dark theories about Disney
Princesses of your own? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
and hit that notification bell. But most importantly, stay wicked.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Dark Disney Princess Theories That Are Really Messed Up

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    Well…..there goes my childhood memories….

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  5. UNCLE BIG KID says:

    There’s a dark theory that Snow while is a metaphor for or is herself on cockaine. With Snow White describing the white pounder and the names of the 7 Dwarves Describing the side effects eg Grumpy, Happy and dopie


    The death of snow White was sad. I remember crying as a kid.

  7. creepykyu says:

    I think this overthinking but still interesting

  8. pixie1310 says:

    I don't think the snow white one is true….

  9. Shook. MP3 says:

    Snow White really got me

  10. Not Hunter says:

    I have a theory that Rapunzel is insane and she makes everything she sees in her bead also everything Gothel says is true

  11. Sabine Knoth says:

    Snow Whits prince kissed a Corpse 😅😂😱😔🤢🤮🤣

  12. Maz_ Bolshaaa says:

    The theory of Moana being a Demi-God has so much more to it. If you check out the Wattpad user that was mentioned in the beginning, then click ‘cartoon conspiracy theories and scroll through the chapters you’ll find theory of moana which makes sense and is explained in detail

  13. Hakiro Akabane says:

    Childhood ruins

  14. 420 epic Chicken nugget says:

    2:25 #metoo WHAT?

  15. Briar Brathwaite says:

    The first theory about ariels mom doesn’t make sense because based on the costumes of Wendy and the darlings vrs prince Eric and all those people Peter Pan happened long after the little mermaid.

  16. Celeste Noella says:

    Ariels mothers death was the hardest thing i had to watch as a kid, it killed me.

  17. jana karimi says:

    I totally love the Snow White theory. It is the most beautiful sad happy ending I think. <3

  18. Crafty Club says:

    The beauty and the beast theory I don't agree

  19. Li Shuen Phan says:

    what if the prince in snow white was a dementor and he gave her the dementor's kiss then lead her to azkaban?

  20. Shane Taylor says:

    Snow white means cocaine 😊
    I watched it in other theories..

  21. Lisa Peterson says:

    I hate the Disney princesses that are helpless that’s not how real women act ,well most women in our time period! Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Snow White etc.

    Then there Disney princesses that are soo close to being independent but they they meet a ‘’charming boy’’ and later fall for him ,Rapunzel, Tiana, Jazmine, Belle, Mulan etc

    Now some might argue that mulan didn’t get married well.. not in the first movie in the second movie mulan marries Ching after (yes the movie says this) ONE MONTH!!!!!

    Then there’s the Disney princesses that do not get married( Disney please don’t make any second movies were they get married) Merida and Moana THERES ONLY TWO DISNEY PRINCESSES JUST TWO

    Now personally I truly love the story of the princess and the frog, brave, and mulan, even though mulan and tiana get married I still like the plot

    Now on to body proportions now I got to say no Disney princess but moana has a natural body now there is other disney women that have natural bodies drum roll please

    LILO and NANI they are the only women that have pretty natural body portions infact all the people from lilo and stitch have natural bodies woohooo!!


    So, the Prince was death?? Seems right. Lol. Is it the Prince or marriage that is death. Lol.

  23. Sofie Úlehlová says:

    I love Snow White theory.

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    The first thing I thought about:ELSA HAS ANXIETY

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    I don’t think Hans could have built a dungeon that fast also it could just be a random dungeon for prisoners because criminals exist

  27. Dashia James says:

    Well I'm not that surprised, cuz many cartoon movies have a theories, symbols & messages in them that we don't expect.

  28. Dashia James says:

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    Snow White always sad when they find her and we knew she's alive but still! Still brings tears!

  36. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Okay, here are some counterarguments:

    The pirate ship looking a lot like Captain Hook's ship, may have been simply recycling. Disney always does that.

    If the Prince is actually Death, and taking her to heaven, how do you explain the Dwarves cheering and bidding her good-bye? And she may have been shy, but she did sing "One Wish" with him. And the Castle being in the Heavens was probably because it was far away.

    And in Beauty and the Beast, Belle turned down Gaston's offer of marriage. The reason Maurice suggested Gaston was because, being an inventor, he may be out of touch with reality. And Belle did actually react with surprise when she saw the Castle residents.

  37. Kim Woo Seok let's debut says:

    Well, Cinderella talks to mice because shes alone and has no proper education. Now thats the cuckoo one

  38. Static Misery says:

    For the first theory, about ariel's mom, you forgot that one of the mermaids in Peter Pan looks EXACTLY like a younger version of ariel's mom. that's pretty key info to the theory.

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  46. Foggy Pebble says:

    Yes! Belle is established to be a person who tends to have her head in the clouds and get really into stories. So she experiences this horrific kidnapping and disassociates to cope, seeing her kidnapper—who in reality is probably just icky and unkept—as a beast & she sees singing furniture, as part of her Stockholm Syndrome.

  47. Foggy Pebble says:

    I think Elsa has Bipolar/Depression, or at least she’s an allegory for it. The trolls are psychiatrists and the whole ‘don’t feel it’ lecture and isolating her so she can’t do harm is reminiscent of the wrong ways in which parents of bipolar kids respond. Elsa oscillates back and forth between being very worried and completely empowered.

  48. JAKAYLA LEWIS says:

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    But didn't you all see the scene where the "prince" was leading her to a castle in the sky?? Or possibly Heaven?!

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    But WHYYYY you do Belle like that in the thumbnail?! This is why I clicked! I need to know! LMFAO

  51. Kristen Rock says:

    A lot of people seem to forget that a lot of these fairy tales that these Disney movies are based on , were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and I mean way darker then Disney . yes the movies are dark and go over kids heads ,but compared to the original sources ,it's very watered down .

  52. Gaston POP! says:

    Yessssss I love the Beauty and the beast theory

  53. FireGacha Wolf_17 says:

    I have a theory, but it isn't dark. So in Peter Pan the book, in the chapter When Wendy Grew Up, it says Wendy grew up and had a daughter named Jane. What if Jane is the Jane from Tarzan! They are both British. And the time period for Peter Pan is obviously from late 1800s to early 1900s and Jane looks to be in the early 1900s. Does anybody agree??

  54. Gloglo Edits says:

    Olaf is suicidal its all in the movie…especially when he say "look at that…ive been impailed" also when hes melting at the end..he doesn't care that he's DYING

  55. Beautiful Madness says:

    I like the snow white theory, however I think that the prince WAS real in the beginning. I think that in the end she did die, as you said, and it was more of a wish of what could’ve happened. Like her pathway to the afterlife was something she wished for during life.

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    this video is really interesting, however please don't joke about the #metoo movement, it's extremely offensive and hurtful

  63. Thu Ha Tran says:

    Now with that frozen theory, I think that the troll saying that danger will come to Arendelle, he meant something else. Think about it… the upcomming Frozen2. In the trailor we can see Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Chriss going to some enchanted forest to SAVE Arendelle. Ya hear that? SAVE . So that means that DANGER could be something from the enchanted forest. There is a high chance that Hans was the one who commanded to build that prison. You guys might say that the king didn’t know about the forest BUT!… the trailor shows the king talking about the enchanted forest to the sisters as bedtime stories. Anna asked him if he ever was in the enchanted forest and he said yes. So that means something must’ve happend between him and the forest. Also there has been theories saying that Elsas mom is from the enchanted forest so thats how she got her powers. Anyway that is just my theory, soit doesn’t have to be true.

  64. Morgan S says:

    Maybe Snow White could just be shy, or maybe she is scared of someone who will make out with her when she is asleep.

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    Belle wasn't scared?

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    Why are we confused about there being a prison in the castle of Arendelle? Isn't it normal for castles to have dungeons? Sure, the shackles seem pretty special, but the prison itself?

  68. i_give_no_toots says:

    The only one that makes sense is the Frozen one. I refuse to believe the Snow White or Beauty and the Beast ones because I don't want my childhood ruined and I don't care about Moana.

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    No Snow White was not dead and the Prince was real. She was actually tricked 3 times. Once a poisoned comb. Next a tight lace choker then came the apple. When she was presumed dead the dwarves built a glass coffin and guarded it day and night until the Prince saw her while hunting. He begged the dwarves to buy the 14 year old girl and after days of begging they allowed him to take her. While carrying the coffin out of the forest one of his servants dropped the coffin and broke it. Furious the Prince was going to play the man until snow White woke up have the piece of poison apple jostled from her throat. They got married the end…

  76. Margarita Stocking-Guzmán says:

    but why was HANS the only person to seem to know about that cell? you don't just get so bored to walk around an entire castle within a day!! Anna must have seen it some point?!?!?!

  77. Priscilla says:

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  79. Assata Doha says:

    I don't know if this is true but apparently in one of the original stories of snow white at the end the wicked queen was forced to dance in red hot iron shoes until she falls dead as punishment for trying to kill snow white.

  80. Angelina Plazier says:

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  81. Lebensmüde says:

    it's official

    my childhood is ruined.

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    Okay your stupid to think these theories think look through the movies dummies god

  83. Elie cn says:

    what if elsas story is in her head to cope with the passing of her sister so she makes up powers and a happily ever after

  84. Сергей Гусев says:

    1) Theory about Captain Hook i can believe. But the rest?
    2) Theory about Belle's madness could be attributed to any of the princesses in fantasy setting, and their madness could be an allegory to any one of their problems. We all have problems.
    3) Snow White theory about "Doves = Angels = Soul" is one of the biggest streches i ever heard. I know white doves are a symbol of peace. Also doves are called winged rats because they carry so much diseases. So her sending him a dove might symbolize giving him herpes, you know after being a sex toy for seven lonely dwarves.
    4) Moana being a demi-god cannot be attributed only to that princess, i mean all princesses have at least the power to control animals. 😀
    5) Elza's father also could have adopted her because of her power, not despite of that power. So the prison could have been constructed by her mother who actually didn't talk to Elza that much in the film, may be because she didn't like her or was afraid of her.

  85. Sarina Scales says:

    When they watch a movie : Annalise , report , make dark

  86. Mrs. Keeper says:

    Close but far off man!
    Snow white depicts man, the Church and the purity within it, the prince is Jesus and the witch is the devil. The devil is jealous of man and gods love for them. just as the witch is jealous of snow-white. Man goes through trials and tribulations and finally is saved by the son of God who leads them to Heaven.

  87. Angels Mercy says:

    3:37 why did they use Tekken as an imagine lmao

  88. Army forlife says:

    This ruined my childhood so bad…

  89. Sophia Adler says:

    i mean, most fairy tales have really dark origins and variations, like that many girls were raped or killed, etc

    i was taught that snow white was named and looked the way she was because her mom was sick because the evil queen (who had been a servant) poisoned her, and she bled into the snow on a black windowpane and thought it was beautiful and named her daughter after it and then died. then later the wicked stepmother danced to death in white hot shoes.

    sleeping beauty was raped and bore twins who sucked the needle out her finger and brought her back to life

    rapunzel was also taken advantage of, and after her prince was blinded she was exiled to a desert where she also gave birth to twins

    belle (originally just beauty, or 'the girl') was abused by her sisters and the basically forced her to go to the Beast's castle. later she asked to go back home and was allowed as long as she returned, but the sisters tried to force her to stay and almost killed him on purpose because they hated belle's freedom

    cinderella's father was a living and relevant part of the family and did little to stop her abuse. she was also originally called ella and was called cinderwench and cinderella because she was forced to sleep in the fireplace, but most renditions ignore her actual name.

  90. Chao Arata says:

    Snow White Is Kinda..

    Creepy Lookin…

  91. Chao Arata says:

    The Frozen Theroy Was No Theroy..

    It Was Just Comon Sence..

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    these are some good theories

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    he did make out with an unconscious woman
    My man said #metoo after that
    ok buddy calm down

  94. Misty Waters says:

    The Ariel's mother and Captain Hook connection is possible except for one small detail. Ariel's family doesn't live in Neverland as they can still age.

  95. mum2daj says:

    WAIT WHAT! Ewwwwww

  96. BlackCat384 says:

    Cinderella Theory I Made:
    So in the end we see Cinderella going to a ball, everything is fine until it strikes midnight. The prince and the other servents are chasing cinderella and the prince gets knocked over and faces a head tumor causing him to loose his memory.. The story goes on and he is feeling better but doesn't remember cinderella's face but the fairy god mother brings most of his memory back but not cinderella's face causing him to put a glass slipper on every girl in the village.

    Another Theory: Alice (In wonderland) Is belle's daughter.
    Why?: Think of it the blue dresses look alike and it seems as if belle is in a dream and that tea cup is a sign to the mad hatter stuff it all adds up and alice got her blonde hair and blue eyes from her dad (The beast in human form.) also! Remember alice had a dream to so maybe some witch cursed belle's father and turned him into the white rabbit.

    Do you agree?

    Like: Yes

    Comment: No

  97. Dog Galaxy says:

    That snowhite low key kinda creeped me out

  98. BlueSunset says:

    I remember seeing Snow White when I was a kid, thinking: ew he's kissing a dead person.

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