CS:GO Animation – Episode 1

CS:GO Animation – Episode 1

Can you give me drop, man? [Intro] What the fuck!? The End.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “CS:GO Animation – Episode 1

  1. IANZEEP says:

    Yeah, i know that cs:go rolled down (( ….

  2. SA ADIM AZRAİL says:

    Bu ceviriyi yapanin beynini sikem olmayan seyi cevirmis amk

  3. LK GAMEPLAY says:

    Its silvers kkk

  4. FilmsTubeBr says:

    So tem eu de br?;-;

  5. _ _SN1PER_ _ says:

    The final music ?

  6. lost legend says:

    Wow nice but change the characters I mean that make it like keyush or make your own

  7. NielsenYT says:

    What edit program do you use??

  8. Hotshot says:

    That was pathetic 2:42



  10. hatakoji itou says:

    Fuck , the gangsters open the plug. Open the VAC ban. Through the wall perspective plug

  11. no u says:

    "Ou mama"

    That's me when I get a headshot lol

  12. ツ S M O K R - PUBG MOBILE says:

    3:07 its me

  13. ꧁༒FrostKaio༒꧂ says:

    XD 3:12

  14. SCI-FI GAMES says:

    Which software do you use

  15. Visionblade says:

    Why do I get recommended this 2 YEARS AFTER IT GOT RELEASED

    but its good thx youtube

  16. Karas says:

    epic end

  17. Fox Live says:

    1:44 кто заметил кота внизу в левой стороне лайк

  18. Rith says:

    Nice work?

  19. Micheli Simão says:


  20. SBM *PEDRǾ27_Y says:


  21. Пs1x says:

    Where 4 part

  22. Exalsto says:

    I im game… Drop bro… DROP PLEASE BRO….. PLEASE DROP BROOO…

    You got kicked.

  23. Carolina Bonilla says:

    3:19 prefora :v nlo que no gusta es que hay armas que perforan >:v y eso enoja a uno

  24. Luis Felipe says:

    Cachorro auau Gato miau rertador brasil

  25. Art art says:

    Wow hacker??

  26. Dr MigMig says:

    He copied keyush animations

  27. G GAMER says:

    best animation

  28. GameRs PMPedro says:

    2:01 TROL xD 🙂

  29. Oranda game says:


  30. Стрельковый Отряд says:

    Ору от этой анимации

  31. Alireza Safaian says:


  32. Tomas Eduardo says:

    Best animation of cs : go

  33. mesteru222 says:

    2:26 What the hell is going on?!

  34. Jose Alves says:

    Kkkkkkkk mutolegao

  35. Roberto Filho says:

    que daora kkkk

  36. Domi akitől fél a CS:GO says:

    The best animation forever omg

  37. karel cz sk says:


  38. Wesley Graves says:

    The last part is not cool bro he knows this there is someone that

  39. The Purge says:

    Me: 3:07
    My friend: 3:11

  40. FenixDIZ says:

    3:08 thats me)))

  41. Блок Страйк says:

    Смотриш и ужидел себя каторый брасает бомбу челам.

  42. kapi kdg says:


  43. Upcast Gaming says:

    3:03 what's the name of the song?

    BTW love your animations

  44. ZEROL says:

    выпускай мультфильм с этим чуваком чёрным

  45. cheezi gameplay says:

    Animation IS good but game IS trash

  46. Tiger_ Pro says:

    3:11 GOTV ban esp xD

  47. XPLOUDX says:

    1:31 how he trowed 2 smokes

  48. Gustavo Temporim says:


  49. Gustavo Temporim says:


  50. Andro 11 pro says:

    love cs go

  51. Murilo Fernando Ribeiro says:

    mas cade o "pt br"

  52. Nicholas Ferreira Do Nascimento says:

    Cadê os vídeos

  53. Nicholas Ferreira Do Nascimento says:

    Porra karalho cadê os vídeos

  54. Zyter X says:

    3:21 what is the name of that soundtrack?

  55. Ahmet Can says:

    (¬_¬)ノ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°. ⊂(・(ェ)・)⊃

  56. err.exland.gaming.name:null deleted/unused says:

    These are kinda cool

  57. Joao Batista Silveira Martins says:

    Nao é ''PT-BR'' ??

  58. B3ndyMLG7158 says:


  59. Joel Maciel says:

    No me gusto

  60. Luiz ;v says:

    Make more plz

  61. MEME god says:

    My brother dies on easy bots 🙁

  62. CALL OF DUTY KURD says:


  63. Kristijan Kiki says:

    Fack you bich fack you

  64. Tuguldursaikhan Soyol-Erdene says:

    hi, how many frames used to make this animation ?

  65. Kolibri says:

    fuu… plagiarism!!!

  66. жопа младенца says:

    Кто-то русский?



  68. Dwan Rizz says:

    that guy is good that was omg lol fuck

  69. Ilia Kalinin says:


  70. Mr. magnum says:

    Ohhh mama

    Кто знает реплику тот лайк

  71. ЧаЁ-чЕк says:

    Тебе надо ещё субтитры на р/я добавить и кст я 1 русский

  72. MinerBro says:

    3:05 what is music?

  73. Anh Doãn says:

    Yyyyyyyep definely counter strike 1.6 because it is paper wall

  74. Best Game says:

    nice borther video support

  75. Георги Грудев says:

    if you are global elite 3:04

  76. Frost1k Gamer says:

    Ебануто 1 лучше

  77. Microwave says:

    Rip off

  78. Uriel Marcano says:


  79. Joshua Varrelino *GFL* says:

    0:41 whats the song name bro?

  80. Homer Gaddi says:

    3:14 The type of sniper I want to be

  81. Fix game says:

    3:10 it’s me

  82. Aced4Fun says:

    Not a Keyush Animation but still entertaining

  83. Gamer 2018 says:

    Cool animation

  84. Dilfuza Kisabekova says:

    Hello guys!

  85. Shadow_ Theaf says:

    Wen the terro say ,,Smoul,, tero can drop a Cichen vit a Vape

  86. Erfan Kazemi says:


  87. TimoMan Geo says:

    Aleeert,this is stolen from keyush(for example bunny from keyush and guy with terirists mask from this guy)

  88. josbry game 06 says:

    Me gusta en la parte 6:10 dise wtf

  89. 胡森源 says:

    3:13 F

  90. ZooM says:


  91. kani Katze ll says:

    1:44 ?

  92. Xxspocony_violeqxX yt says:

    To jest ściąga z animacji z kanału keyush animation

  93. GabrielRick27 says:


    Ler mais…

  94. Dwi Rizki says:

    Fuck you muther fucker

  95. Денис Богачев says:

    nice animation!!! funny!!!!

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