Crocodile Crazy – Chhota Bheem in English

Crocodile Crazy – Chhota Bheem in English

What happened Ramu uncle!! Why are you crying? Is something wrong? Can any one of you defeat the giant crocodile? In the last three days alone, it has claimed 10 of my best cows… What you say is so very true! The crocodile has become a great menace to all of us. I too have lost so many cows and goats, but sitting and crying like this won’t help us solve the problem… I agree with you. Yes, the fact is we are not strong enough to fight the crocodile…let us then go and seek the help of the king! He will definitely do something to help us! Worry no more O’ brave citizens of Dholakpur! My strongest warriors will aid you! Summon all our Brave and Strong soldiers here immediately. I will personally go with them and we will have to either capture or kill the cruel crocodile! Oh, father! I too want to come and see how our soldiers catch the cruel crocodile …It would be good fun and amazing sight to see… Sure my dear, you may come with me Pull! Pull! Oh no we are losing! Yes, I know I can see that… quick, all of you help the soldiers!!! They need all our help. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh we are losing!! The monster is unbeatable and very strong for us The monster is unbeatable and very strong for us Raju, this is the time to show that you are much more brave and stronger than any of us here! Go and capture the … It’s so huge!!! No no I don’t think even I can ever defeat it… Well, at last I don’t believe this…are you sure, you can’t fight him? Where is Jaggu? …….Bheem? Look there is Kaalia, why is he laughing? Look at Kaalia! He is laughing!! How dare he make fun of us!!! Kaalia!! Come here! Your majesty…. Why are you laughing??? Your majesty, I am laughing because this is no way to catch the crocodile…please, if I have your permission, let me try… Your majesty, I am laughing because this is no way to catch the crocodile…please, if I have your permission, let me try… Sure princess… You will see that I am not only more clever but also much more stronger than the crocodile and even Bheem. Ah there you are! Bheem, Jaggu,…this crocodile seems to be a monster in disguise… No one can even hope to defeat it. Not even Raju…..haha Okay, okay, stop it Chutki…you know I am very scarred of water… Looks like Kaalia is giving them a helping hand… let’s go and meet the king… Bheem!!! I am so happy to see you…. Bheem!! I am so glad you are here. See there?? The wicked Kaalia is engaged in some silly plan to catch the crocodile… Kaalia, the loudmouth, is losing again…ho ho ha ha Get me five, no… ten drums, at once!! That’s a good idea… He is setting fire to the water… what now? Do something!! I wish there was no water. I can then easily defeat the crocodile!!! Water!!! Bring fresh ropes!! This is our one last chance!! Pull! Pull! Pull! Well done Bheem! Well done! Help…Help…. Help me…Bheem I am going after the crocodile! Put away the crocodile in the zoo…where, it can cause no one any harm! Well done Bheem!! As always, you have won where everyone else failed. I am so happy and proud of you… Thank you, my lord!! It is actually Raju who made us win! He kept saying that had there been no water, he would have fought and caught the crocodile I suddenly remembered an old saying that: No one can defeat a crocodile while it is in water! This gave me the idea that to catch the crocodile, I must drain the pond first… But the real winner is the goat! It won back its life…

David Anderson

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