Creepy Amazing World of Gumball Theories That Will Freak You Out

Creepy Amazing World of Gumball Theories That Will Freak You Out

While many cartoons that follow the lives
of middle schoolers and their daily struggles have come and gone, something about the patched-up
character-world of The Amazing World Of Gumball gives the show a unique quality. It’s a show that will probably stay in our
hearts for a long time. Still, while we can’t forget the frequent
comedic escapades of Gumball and the gang in the city of Elmore, what will definitely
stay in our minds are the dark and unbelievably twisted theories that several people have
come up with about the beloved show. Afterall, there have been several occasions
in which The Amazing World of Gumball through in some pretty profoundly mature themes and
messaging into its’ storylines. So it’s not a huge surprise. I’m Teresa with WickedBinge. And these are Dark Theories about The Amazing
World of Gumball That Change Everything. Let’s get started! Carrie’s Sinful Attachment To The Flesh Although Carrie’s a ghost, that might not
be the spookiest thing about her. According to theories on the show, there’s
a lot more to Carrie than meets her silhouette, something that is both unbelievably contradictory
yet scary at the same time. If you’re observant enough, you’ll realize
that Carrie seems to display human-like attributes despite her ghostly state – and no, we’re
not talking specifically about her feelings of love for Darwin. We’re talking about something that’s more
sinister about her – specifically, her sinful nature. Surprisingly, although she’s dead, she shows
behavioral traits of someone who is afflicted by three of the seven deadly sins spoken about
in Christianity – specifically, envy, gluttony, and lust. Firstly, throughout the entire show, she is
constantly after what everyone else has. For instance, Gumball’s body – she desperately
wishes to have what Gumball and so many others have – her own body. Instead of being thankful for what she has,
she is constantly wishing for the possessions of others. Then, there’s the fact that she puts down
enormous amounts of food. Granted, as a ghost it’s fair to assume
that she has no digestive tract, but still – how do you justify the copious amounts
of junk food that she shoves down whenever she goes binge eating? For a ghost who shouldn’t feel hunger, why
is she eating so much? Is it because she’s greedy? This ties in heavily with lust, although not
in the way that most people interpret it to mean. Biblically speaking, lust refers to doing
anything that is unjust or immoral just because it pleases the flesh – that equates to binge-eating
just because she can. Carrie’s embodiment (pun) of these sins
as well as the appearance of characters like Jealousy make for rather interesting, more-than-subtle
references to demonic entities in Christianity. Why the references? Why is the presence of evil so marked in this
universe? Perhaps, we’ll never know. But what we do know for sure is that it’s
spooky… Richard Suffers From PTSD This next theory centers on Richard, the pink
rabbit and head of the Watterson family who seems to have a tragic past from which he
is suffering to this day. In order to understand this theory, we first
need to examine a number of seemingly isolated facts which occur in the show, starting with
the episode “The Tape” where Darwin is wearing a hat with a rabbit insignia on it
while acting like a general. Then, let’s look at the episode where Richard
tries to get a job – he tries to go through the automatic door but it just won’t open. Why is that? Is it discrimination? If so, why? Although they might seem completely unrelated
at first, if you follow the thread, you’ll realize that in the near past, rabbits might
have been looked down upon or feared because they were a strict, militaristic type of race. So maybe Richard was one of those. But what happened to him? Why is he so slow? He’s lazy and acts like a child. What went wrong? The answer lays in something which affects
so many soldiers throughout the world – PTSD. The dreaded syndrome which cripples the mind
of millions of soldiers, including Richard. As a soldier, Richard probably bore witness
to the horrors of warfare and possibly lost some of his friends, all of which left an
irreversible and incurable psychological scar. Although it was easy to relate to Richard’s
pathetic characterization, the revelation that he may be the way he is because he suffers
from PTSD paints a whole different picture for this sad rabbit. Darwin Is Evil – It’s His Nature Massive spoiler alert for people who don’t
know Darwin’s origins, but we’ve got to include them to discuss this theory. Recently, some episodes were released in which
we find out that Darwin was purchased by Richard from a shopkeeper in a mysterious fan who
warned him about his new purchase. Why? What is this spooky premonition all about? The shopkeeper was warning Richard because
Darwin is actually evil at heart. At first, it seems hard to believe. The love and friendship that Gumball has with
Darwin seems to negate all ideas that Darwin might be a hateful little bugger. But let’s look at the signs. For starters, he does seem to be just a tad
bit sadistic. He teases and tortures Gumball all while seeming
to enjoy it. For instance, let’s look at the time when
he had Gumball go through that horrendous obstacle course just for Gumball to erase
from his mind that kiss from granny Jojo? Or what about the time when Gumball made Darwin
the overseer of one of his misadventures. The very first thought which came to Darwin’s
mind was kidnapping one of his classmate’s mom. It all seems like Darwin is already showing
subtle yet present signs of a hidden, sinister side of him. Could it be that he will end up being a horrible
villain who let evil consume his soul? Or will he manage to tame the evil beast within
him and become a hero? We’ll have to wait and see what future seasons
bring … The Amazing World Of Gumball Exists In A Distorted
Reality Anyone remember when Richard got his first
job as a pizza delivery guy in The Job? Well, that episode is pretty well known not
so much because Richard got a job, rather because of all the strange stuff that started
going on in Elmore when he got it. For starters, two pizzas end up ordering pizza
yet they discuss their order almost as if they had ordered a baby. Then, when Richard clumsily drops the pizza
and it slides across the steps, the sauce from their ‘baby’ pizza leaves a trail
in front their home. As weird as two pizzas ordering pizza sounds,
the baby reference coupled with the bloody trail suggests a number of possibilities,
one of which is that… well, it’s a reference to terminating unplanned pregnancies. Which is a little… dark for a kids’ show
to say the least. Richard dropping the pizza was an accident
– so are unplanned pregnancies. The concept of ‘ordering’ a pizza can
now be seen from a different light – specifically, a couple who just had unprotected sex and
is now awaiting the news of a possible pregnancy. Now, not to get graphic, but… The ‘death’ of their baby pizza is also
reminiscent of terminating an unplanned pregnancy, the red sauce from the pizza symbolizing the
blood of an unborn. And that’s just one of the strange things
that happened. Let’s not forget that Richard’s job ends
up getting Nicole turned into a puddle and his kids into all types of variations of themselves. His wife makes it clear of the fact that he
achieved what most would consider an impossible feat (i.e getting a job) somehow shifted the
balance in the universe – but does that mean that it wasn’t meant to happen? This brings to the forefront several themes,
one of which is that one cannot go against what the universe has preordained for one’s
life. There are several philosophical schools of
thought on the subject of life, a large branch of which is devoted to the notion of predeterminism. This thinking essentially states that the
course of our lives has already been predetermined and that we cannot make changes to how our
lives develop. This is the overriding theme which emerges
from this episode. It would seem that the universe has made it
so that Richard remains unemployed for the rest of his life. Therefore, when he does go against what the
world has set for him, the universe makes it so that keeping that job is impossible
as it goes against the natural order of things. Therefore, although Richard tried to change
the course of his life, he couldn’t, as that wasn’t preordained by the forces that
be. What does this mean in the general context
for predeterminism and determinism? What is the episode saying about life as we
know it and the decisions that we make? We don’t really know – but what we do
know is that there are a lot of valuable comments that this show is making – you just have
to listen a little closer and think a little deeper to get them. But what do you think? Do any of these theories about The Amazing
World of Gumball make sense? Do you have any theories of your own? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
and hit that notification bell. But most importantly, stay wicked!

David Anderson

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    If life is pre-determined, technically, you wouldn't be able to deviate from your path even if it seems like you're making decisions purely on free-will. If Richard is never meant to have a job, he simply would never have gotten one in the first place. He would always be turned down regardless of where he applied.

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