Countryballs Animated #9 – The Greatest Enemy

Countryballs Animated #9 – The Greatest Enemy

Note: This animation was made for entertainment purposes only, I apologise if I offended anyone, please do not offend anyone or any country in the comments below. *taking keys* You?! Yes, It’s me, you from the past. I’ve been rebirthed from quantum effects. I always feared the comings of this day You shouldn’t have came Where should I have gone instead? You should leave.You know nothing about this world What?Don’t be stupid I will lead you to power and glory again! No!Never again How can you say that? What have they done to you?! Let me tell you what happened. After the surrender, I was dead. USA:I think he’s dead. Great Britain:That’s it Jerry! In this moment, I saw everything with perfect clarity. I sawed everything you I Had done. KRISTA!Where are you?! All the sorrow All the death. All the destruction All the horrible and perverted crimes I had committed. I realised what I had done with my life… That I had wasted it with the doings of evil. OMG It is time, insolent mortal. God is disappointed. I was regret.Regret that I had wasted my life of doing these. So I asked for one more chance. I was despair, I cried and begged that this would not be the end. That I would get another chance to right my wrongs. Then, I woke up again. I was not a country anymore, only an occupied territory Everything was destroyed and plunder. Russia had raped and taken lots of clay in revenge and I was starving. France: That’s of all of them, now get to work. But I didn’t gave up. With luck, with patience and with a lot of hard work I came back. After four years… I became a country again… No, Two countries. For four long decades, we we’re divided. But I overcame that too. It has been seventy years since your end. I live in peace, progress and prosperity now. And unlike you, I only have used always my power only for good. And now you’re coming back again, Now that I’m enjoying the fruits of my labour?! You fool… What? You fool! You achieved NOTHING!! You are weak and without pride! Just a puppet by the capitalists! Your streets are filled with FOREIGNERS!!!!!!! You replaced out great culture with DECADENT DEGENERACY!!!!!!! Without me, You are NOTHING! I know why you failed. You always missed one thing: Love Or compassion, Friendship, Empathy, Do you know what I mean? What?! And now look at ME! I AM GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am the most popular Country of the world!!! What?! That’s it?! SERIOUSLY? You are so naive, I from the future. You know that they don’t like you… They only like the money that you give them… T- That is not true… Are you sure?? Think of Greece, Poland, Italien (Italy), Spanien (Spain), Portugal… And everyone else that you know… Do you honestly believe in that? Yes… We both know the truth They are just using you to suck you dry. STOP DREAMING. NOONE LOVES YOU. (That’s not true) NOONE CARES ABOUT YOU. NOONE WILL EVER FORGIVE YOU. NEIN… Germany: NEIN… Nazi: STEP BACK AND LET ME FINISH THIS… FINISH THIS… No!! No!! Never Again! Never Again!! *door closing* *closing door* Who’s there?! Who’s there?! Germany… I heard the noise… I heard the noise… and screams… Oh… Oh… It’s you… It’s you… Poland. Poland. Is everything alright? Is everything alright? Yes Yes… In the middle of the night… In the middle of the night… Are you sure it was nothing? Are you sure it was nothing? Poland. Poland. Germany? Germany…? What is with your- What is with your- Poland…please answer honestly. Poland…Please answer honestly. What? What? After everything that happened… Do… Do… Do you still like me? Do you still like me? You… You… You mean last time? you mean last time? Yes… Yes… Sorry for waking you up… Sorry for waking you up… A bit. A bit. Thinking about it… Thinking about it… What happened What happened last time was indeed horrible. last time was indeed horrible. But now Germany had But now Germany had completely changed… So maybe a bit… So maybe a bit… That’s enough. That’s enough. Illustrations by LL Animated by LL Video editing by LL Music used:ミツキヨ – Daydreamer’s Diary Programs used: Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe Flash CS6 etc…) Thanks for Watching!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Countryballs Animated #9 – The Greatest Enemy

  1. LL says:

    This took hundreds of hours to make all by myself, please show your support by liking or whatever :'c

  2. Brandon Muniz says:

    I mean germany started two world wars which caused millions of live and then half of it was behind the iron curtain for almost half a decade and yeah I can say Germany is pretty fuked up from both those wars

  3. Roman Laws says:

    Poland x Germany forever

  4. Mateusz Bielecki says:


  5. UeUeUdk says:

    no joke watchk this at 2 am is actually messed up

  6. ShadowGamer - says:

    I'm so freaking crying

  7. Kakie-Chan the Annoying says:

    uNdErTaLe oMLLLL

  8. Justin says:

    This video is so true of what's happening in Germany now with the new rise of Nazism and the despicable AFD and why we must never forget and prevent ANY of this from happening again

  9. craftyguns the pro kid says:

    Esotnia ball:karista karista where are you
    Doctor: karista your we werent able save your friend estonia

  10. I Love Drawing says:

    8:46 i see zat gaster language


    this is so sad for meh

  12. Mihir Gole says:

    This felt emotional for me despite I'm an Asian !

  13. xx1rick1xx46 [Roblox] says:

    0:51 pause here and look at the battery, P E R F E C T BATTERY LAND

  14. Chemical Z says:

    I miss LL’s videos.

  15. JacobTheNoob and Russia says:

    1:47 us and ussr: k he ded

  16. Pedro Braga says:

    0:57 why the hell he have pants?

  17. IAMTHE1THE1DAB says:

    Poland is the wrong way btw

  18. B -2 says:

    Poland want go space

  19. [White line] Vodka_ says:

    И пусть Германия сейчас одна из самых популярных и богатых стран… А что теперь именно германского в ней? Из нацистской Германии надо было извлечь лишь определённые уроки, а не так запросто от них отказываться, как от чего-то не нужного.

  20. RUPERT WESLEY says:


  21. Ali Jafar says:

    Umm you missed one thing:it’s not poland the red should be down the white should be up thats poland

  22. Pearl Playz says:

    I'm crying

  23. Jianhong Zhou says:


  24. Samuel Germanio says:

    How is it possible that simple little balls with only two little eyes can express so much truth and feeling without even talking? Incredible work, beautiful message! Congratulations, much better than many expensive film productions!

  25. musasfy mas says:

    Yu got indonisia and poland mixed up

  26. DvQ_Maja says:

    my friend, I come from Poland and you made one mistake, you confused Poland with Monaco; /

    But generally you did this animation well

  27. Disc 11 says:

    Where is Philiphines By The Way?

  28. Trixi Beneckenstein says:

    Are you German or something? Cuze in some places you say words for example "mit" or something. I don't remember. It's nice when you were. Cuze I'm German xD.

  29. Fyodor Portasski says:

    It's the greatest video that I've seen about the Germanyball

  30. Mary Ridgeway says:

    R.i.h nazis

  31. Madelyn Hamel says:

    I absolutely love this but you mixed up Poland's flag with Indonesia's

  32. Obstacle 3 says:

    5:51 Happy little East Germanyball is so moving. Many people lost their life trying to escape the GDR, families got torn apart… and there he is, joyfully breaking through the wall and finding his other half again.

  33. joseph stalin says:

    Who haves noticed the vodka in the hand of USSR lol

  34. dab dab says:

    Poland has red at the bottom, if you meant Poland by polen.

  35. A person says:

    6:44 damnit you cluld have said

  36. Inguun Enkhtaivan says:

    I hope you guys will understand Mongolia. He was an empire who dominated ASIA, Invaded Europe and Killed 40M people in 13th century. Now he is changed.

  37. Inguun Enkhtaivan says:

    But he still wants to unite his brothers. Inner Mongolia is in CHINA.

  38. Jorgito Muñoz says:

    this is undertale or not?

  39. name surname says:

    Put any country under heavy economic crisis and It snaps. Just like it happened with Germany. Basically the Germans were tired of being treated like dirt, went genocidal and conquered almost the whole of Europe.

  40. Apjucis Hornets says:

    Dammn I actually cried

  41. Karma Akabane says:

    When people in the comments say they are German but videos containing the Nazi Swastika are banned in Germany.

  42. Elián García says:

    It made me cried because it represents very well the current situation of Germany. My girlfriend is german, and I really think isn't fair that so far they still have to be called for others like evils when the next generations aren't guilty of what happened in the past. They can't even be proud of Germany even when their country has a lot of great things, even when everything has changed since some decades. I know I'm not german, but it hurts me when I see how my girlfriend is called nazi only because she was born in Germany…

  43. ドーナツDottu says:

    That's so dark and sadddddd
    ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽


    Ohhh …….

  45. Jasone Broamann says:

    I just my country's present (I am German) German Empire with Bismarck and Wilhelm I was better than everything else after that

  46. D.S Productions says:

    4:51 Bremenball!

  47. Tee Sammi says:

    26/11/19 8:12 I’m in lalaland

  48. SethAtSNK says:

    I wanted to see reforming nazis

  49. Debasmit Ganda says:

    Roses are red violets are blue.
    Jewtube propaganda as it suggests you

  50. Jogador COT says:


  51. Cedric Goujet says:


  52. zeppelin nt says:


  53. Maxim van Os says:

    I am German and had to start CRYING because I have such an emotional bond with Germany ..

  54. Florian Hörle says:

    Seeing this after the horrible attack in Halle and knowing that faschism is back in our parlament this video is able to give me the hope that we are able to remember that we have a terrible history and we are not continuing on this dangerous path of ignorance and that we stay on the good side with all our wonderful friends and neighbors.
    BTW iam crying like a baby

  55. Color Code says:

    K-drama, no
    Drama, no
    Romance, no
    Countryballs animated #9 The greatest enemy, yes

  56. Proxima B says:

    GERMANY STRONK! Nazi weak :'D !

  57. Malakei The American Mapper says:

    0:45 I like Germany because

    it invented cars

  58. Orden Of De Ghost says:

    Hmm, ich komme aus Deutschland und naja ich bin zwar kein Nazi aber die Rede von 6:29 bis 6:37 entspricht schon der Realität, Bitte nicht Haten aber ist so..

  59. Ţhə Fãłłən Åřtıst says:


  60. NAHIU VEGA says:


  61. TeaBoundTurtle says:


  62. General Gunner says:

    1:46 The End of The Third Reich Simplified

  63. Gacha Weirdo says:

    w r o n g f l a g f o r p o l a n d

  64. BRUNO2731 says:

    Only 1 word…..Beautifull….

  65. Mr oof says:

    nazi germany: I am alive!
    nazi germany 10 minutes later: i am dead! again!

  66. Alva Emelie Karlsson fan says:

    Nono nooooo polen is 🇵🇱 not 🇲🇨

  67. titanic playz says:

    6:42 that's a HERE'S JOHNNY!!!! Moment.

  68. titanic playz says:

    7:11 well be right back

  69. Casualty Names says:


  70. zacky jack says:

    2019 german news

  71. Kurtis Rick says:


  72. Kurtis Rick says:

    This is a super emotional video one of the saddest YouTube videos I ever seen

  73. Psalmelmer Calalay says:

    How dare you Germany you bitch his your own dad what the fuck Germany suck my dick

  74. proteus03 says:

    well done

  75. 림그 says:


  76. Mr WorrieddePlayz says:

    I feel like

  77. João Gabriel Viana Martins says:


  78. Oliver von Zweigbergk says:

    LL är du från Sverige

  79. Kacper Łazarz says:


  80. Vukan Markovic says:

    A gde su srpska stradanja 1 280 000 srba je stradalo

  81. Gemmatale says:

    dear all germans reading this:

    your country is awesome, don’t let the past define who you are today : )

  82. LEAF KING says:

    At 5:01 i see myself

  83. Rexogamer says:

    it’s the onions… yes, the onions… the…

    this is beautiful, emotional and I love it.

  84. Joshua Morris says:

    I have to say this is An Amzing Animation Good job LL

  85. El Sr J says:

    Nzi is right…
    No one likes Germany. Only their money 💔

  86. A Duck says:

    Ich fühle mich beleidigt

  87. Mashuk Ahmed Laskar says:

    Poland is adorable

  88. EX001 LOL says:

    3:41 gaster

  89. mary shane gomez says:

    3:28–3:30 that is of scary eyes

  90. ADALETİN MIZRAĞI ! says:

    Reaper: GASTER words

  91. Wyatt Cool Gaming says:

    This is so wholesome of how Germany has changed!

  92. Juan GamerPro says:

    "Germany Nazi" this is ok… Actual germany this bad

  93. Miata Master says:

    0:20 HOLY CRAP THIS DUDE GATS A E60 BMW! I wonder if it’s a M3;)

  94. ManusiaXD123 Ghozi says:

    Thats not Poland thats Indonesia
    This is🇵🇱 Poland
    This Is 🇮🇩Indonesia
    This is🇲🇨monaco

  95. Heckety hecky heck Author crave da bootiful death says:

    Crying..what noooo…some sand get into my eyes…hah…:'D

  96. hubigama says:

    Nazi Germany killed my uncle in egzexution

  97. Rajarshi Sarkar says:

    This is my first time I cried. A perfect video.

  98. Локфер Вишницкий says:

    1:50 да, это жёстко

  99. Timofiy Machinski says:

    0:01 Android Pie

  100. Baby Xenomorph says:

    You spelled couple things wrong and some of it doesn't make sense

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