Cookie Monster Teaches Colors with Gumballs!

Cookie Monster Teaches Colors with Gumballs!

Whoah! Look at all these gumballs! Cookie Monster do you want to play with these
gumballs? Yea, yea! How about we play and learn at the same? Cookie Monster love learning! Alright, great! Cookie, can you tell me what color these gumballs
are? Um, Pink. Good job, Cookie Monster. Let’s put these pink gumballs in the gumball
machine. Yea, yea! Whoah that was cool. Should we do another color? Yea, yea! What color are these gumballs, Cookie Monster? White. Good job, Cookie. Let’s put them in the gumball machine. Cookie want to do it. You want to do it? Yea, yea. Alright, hold on to it. Two more. Good job! Thank you. Let’s do some more. Yea, yea! Alright Cookie what color is this? Uh, purple. Good job these are purple gumballs. Do you want to put them in the gumball machine? Yea, yea. Alright let’s unscrew it. Do you know what color these gumballs are? Blue! That’s right. Guess what. What? Blue is Cookie Monster’s favorite color. Is that because you’re blue? That makes sense. Alright let’s put these in the gumball machine. Yea, yea. Good job, Cookie! Cookie, What color are these gumballs? Green. That’s right, they’re green. Green like Oscar the Grouch. Yea, yea, he nice guy. Let’s put these in the gumball machine. Alright, Cookie, what color gumball are these? Yellow. That’s right, they’re yellow. Only two colors left, Cookie Monster. What color are these gumballs? Orange. That’s right, these are orange gumballs. Alright, Cookie, our last color. What color are these? Red. Good job. Look, Cookie, we made a rainbow! Yay! Me love Rainbows! Guess what? What Cookie? Me hungry. You want some gumballs? Yea, yea, 1,000 gumballs. You can’t have a thousand. Mhmmm, 100 gumballs. How about ten? Ten gumballs. Yea, yea, yea. Alright, first let’s mix them up okay? Yea, yea, yea, mix them up. Alright, Cookie, now that we mixed up the
gumballs let’s see what colors we get. Yea, yea, gumballs. Alright, here comes our first one. One. Yellow gumball. Two. Red gumball. Three. Another yellow gumball. Whoah. Four. Pink Gumball. Five. White gumball. Six. Green gumball. Seven. Blue gumball. Eight. Another blue gumball. Nine. Pink gumball. Last one. Ten. Orange gumball. Alright. Now you can eat them. Yay! Alright Cookie, here are your 10 gumballs. Mmmm, gumballs. Here you go. nom nom nom. Now me want to blow a bubble. You’re going to blow a bubble. Alright. Here I go. Not too big Cookie Monster. Me make it bigger. Bigger! It’s going to pop, Cookie Monster! Oh no, Cookie Monster! Oopsy! Surprise!

David Anderson

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