Hey guys, my name is Solomon Lim aka Splgum And I am one of the creators of Alphario TWC When I was a kid, I was really a fan of Archie comics Back then, my dad kept telling me to practice drawing So yeah, I drew and sketched… I only realized how important it was very far in the future, only after I started my own comic series Our comic creation process is also not so simple As the writer, I live in the Philippines, but most of my other team members are scattered around the world So Alphario is basically a mix of different cultures interacting with one another To cut things short, we managed to come up with these 10 books (and many more to come) right now Alphario is a story about life In our daily lives, everything seems to run in a cycle We wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to school/work, sleep, and repeat But there are times that we will just pause for a while and think, “Hey, this is new!” That’s basically what happened with Dennis in the story The main struggle of our team is distance Thankfully, with the advent of lots of sites right now With Dropbox, we can share files easily; with Google Drive, we can edit anything side by side in real time There are still some problems, but they are already being addressed with the current tools available So we advise you guys: if you plan to go worldwide, utilize these tools as they can be helpful It feels amazing to see people buy Alphario, because in all honesty, producing a volume costs me a fortune And it makes me happy to see people grab the book and tell me that they really enjoy the story I came up with the idea of cosplaying my own character I managed to drag my friend along and eventually cosplayed my character Dennis Blake It was really awkward at first, but in the end, I somehow got used to it And people are amused and call my attention,
“Hey, this is you, right?” So if you guys would like to make your own comics,
just do it! It is very easy nowadays There are lots of webcomic sites where you can upload your own comics to You have to try them out And if you want to go for the local market, you have to think outside the box You have to make a difference for yourself Here’s a sampler from Alphario Vol. 1.
Hope you guys like it!

David Anderson

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