Comic Erica Rhodes Performs in the Open Mic Round – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

Comic Erica Rhodes Performs in the Open Mic Round – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

– Hi.
– Hi. – This is my voice. It’s real.
– [chuckles] – Somebody actually asked me
the other day–they were like, “Is that your real voice?” I was like,
“No, I got a voice lift.” Very expensive procedure,
but worth it to annoy people
for the rest of my life. Thank you. I once had
an acting teacher tell me, “If you don’t fix your voice, you’re never gonna have
a career.” And so far, he’s right, so… But my dreams are getting
so much more obtainable now. It’s good.
It’s a good thing, you know? My expectations
are just plummeting. Like, when I was younger
I used to be like, “When I make it, I’m gonna have
a beautiful house in Malibu. “I’ll wake up every morning,
I’ll go out, and just look
at my gorgeous ocean view.” And now I’m like,
“When I make it… I’m gonna get a headboard.” [laughter] You know, I’ll wake up
in the morning, I’ll be like, “I’m a grown-up now! I did it!” And then I’ll go back to bed
’cause I have nowhere to be. [laughter] Thanks, I’m Erica Rhodes. [peppy pop music]

David Anderson

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9 thoughts on “Comic Erica Rhodes Performs in the Open Mic Round – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

  1. Emily Rodriguez says:

    1st, just wanted to say ant time I watch these videos, I cant stop laughing

  2. Young yongs Parents says:


  3. Handsome Naked says:


  4. TARUN GUSAIN says:

    Finally a Really funny Female Stand up Comedian….😂👏

  5. Pretty Liar Mashups says:

    I watch it, I hear cheesy comedy, I like it.

  6. blessed daily life says:

    I saw her on Dry Bar comedy not too long ago!!

  7. TiffYG2133 says:

    Great job Erica!!

  8. DJMichaelAngelo says:

    BEST COMEDIAN OF THE SHOW!!! I've watched all half-dozen or so episodes of "Bring The Funny" and Erica Rhodes absolutely killed it for me. The opening joke of her "Comedy Clash" set was just rip-roaringly funny. I really wish NBC had uploaded the promo/pre-recorded compilation that was aired BEFORE she took the stage here the first time, where she was trying to water plants with orange juice and stuff. Now THAT was funny!! I wonder who writes those gags, is it the comedians themselves or the TV show writers/producers?

  9. Ari Sheps says:

    I remember her from the “Upstairs Girls” a very OG YouTube series. So excited to see her thriving!

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