Comic-Con 2019 Show Floor Walking Tour!

Comic-Con 2019 Show Floor Walking Tour!

hey everybody its norm from tested and
Kishore from testing and we are of course in San Diego for comic-con 2019
this is Saturday of comic-con the busiest day of the show and what better
day then the most crowded day to walk through and give you a tour of the
convention hall great idea tell my family I love them in case I don’t make
this out but I’m actually really excited it not always easy to see the entire
floor but we’re gonna do it yep and we’re gonna stop at a few booths show
you a few highlights other thing is that over the past couple days we’ve noticed
gave you a sense of the scope and scale of this event and maybe have some common
conversation well in the white so join us as we get the show floor this is if you can tell we’re in the
comics section of comic-con it’s a you know it’s not where you’re gonna get
your MCU stuff but it’s modern comics vintage comics and what cashiers into
original art original art George Perez worked on the first Infinity Gauntlet
the original run in 95 he has a very classic style and drawing style he’s
very clean a lot of energy blasts in his work so I’ll give you a MCU connection
George Perez also did the art for the very famous JLA versus Avengers very
first crossover in the modern era and one of the big covers was Superman who
pulled in the owner and Captain America shield which is of course a boat at the
end of Avengers when Captain America holds me older that’s the thing I think
– and that’s George Perez alright this is one of your favorites
yeah son dumb oh this is I believe the bluefin distributors group they’re the
u.s. distributor for fan dice not fit kits including Gundam including the
stalwarts that fit kit it’s where you get a first chance to seize some of the
very first like the Star Wars stuff like the Millennium Falcon was displayed here
I wonder if they had the new Star Destroyer they have a couple of Star
Wars snap hits over there but it is the 40th anniversary of Gundam and so they
have a little bit of a museum over on the side we’re gonna take a look and get
a sense of all different Gundam sizes and scales here we go let’s do a quick
tour of the different Gundam sizes you have non scale very cute almost a chibi
style hg high-grade RG a little more interior detail OMG mastering 1/100
scale mg is that where you live that’s part of the most popular yeah I’m pretty
big fan of the mg because after Master Grade you’re moving up to perfect grade
that stuff is a little more expensive but very massive 160 scale usual number
of fronts you have 510 number of parts small when you think of light compared
to like a Lego set but then you’re of course cutting it off the screws doing
lot of cleanup work I love how they actually display the kit below the
actual very nice and then I’ve never actually seen one of these this is mega
sized model 1/48 scale fewer number of parts but much bigger here we go
our arm here it is one of our favorite spots mondo and mondo known for the
posters around the corner if you have some of their loom edition posters
they’re releasing up the show but on this side there are new collectibles
lines and they do a real variety of stuff different media so you get the
small scale vinyl figures you have the tiki mugs that they’ve made that it
becomes super popular yeah Disney license for the Tiki month now so I
think new to comic-con is that Mickey sorcerer Mickey which looks that really
good and tasia Mickey I think looks great I like the screws rigged up this
is where we live in these types of classic six scale
figures the Masters of the Universe ones especially this man-at-arms is a
personal favorite it just has so much detail the paint job I think is
exquisite it gives so much more than what you saw in the cartoon show
I love the mer man that Merman is so cool I can’t have that Merman because I
feel like he’s always staring at me look at those eyes yeah of course Gordon
Freeman here half-life 3 confirmed and Bama in mid series they’ve had these for
a couple years now the mr. freeze they had last year both you and i pre-ordered
last year and hasn’t shipped yet so they say it will be shipping in August of
this year and underneath this is kind of cool
Mecca inspired design and someone I found out the person who did the
modeling on the cuff America is our friend multi-ball oh wow yeah
what a small world it is Kishor and I are standing right here and
it seems like there’s no one here at the booth that’s not because there’s no line
the line is behind us and it’s already looks like a couple hundred people
people get timeslots so when they can wait in line so that they can get up
here and pick a poster to buy that new Transformers moving when it’s amazing
sad Dan house I’m the big fan of that was all best I think inspired and then
the wasp I love that stuff the hushed pota
hush poster for Batman I think looks incredible and one of my favorites sold
out already though Blade Runner 2049 oh that Darth Vader Kenner action case I
had I destroyed my mom is still mad at me all these years later we’re
destroying it yeah I made it a funeral pyre for so there’s a Tribble game a triple video
game are they just constantly breaking up and forming new tribbles I love this I saw this on Twitter I
didn’t know is in that was done for past couple years now but these are the con
Rangers and there were google artists we’ve made merit badges for inventions
how many of these things have you done normally alright let’s see yes yes than
that yes you know I’ve gotten that oh yeah we did that today I’ve done that uh
I think that’s happening to us now mm-hmm that is pretty much what I am in
cosplay Dragon Con yeah Dragon Con not this kind yeah yes but not at this
convention I’ve never cam never camped out he
that’s that whole age did that last night
I’ve done a panel bottom 20 we have won the hotel lottery before yep
like 2005-2006 sure I have never shared a bed last night yes yeah maybe
yesterday afternoon emergency hotdog is always in my future and we’re working on
it yeah very cool Ivanova Sasha’s so we’re moving into the webcomics
area and a lot of independent artists a lot of boots use block pass were people
who make their own t-shirts make their own small indie comics make their own
pins and we don’t lot of web comics I still do I still read some web comics
there’s some famous artists in behind here like you can see Becky and Frank
they have Mike Mitchell prints over there ISIL I read some big ones like
SMBC and I still occasionally read the oatmeal and of course Casey Monroe guy
absolutely back in 2005 my first Kovach on Penny Arcade is actually here there’s
before wow they did packs and you know when the player kicked faders our packs
are swarmed it’s their convention and that’s gone through its own history but
it was easy to get them to do a sketch 15 years ago I can’t imagine that now no
I have to give a shout out to her universe we saw a fashion show of her
universe designs from ashley eckstein and from other female designers it was
really spectacular I think elevating the the kind of
fashion Couture for for women that are coming in and enjoying these vessels
it’s awesome yeah it’s casual wear act in fact it’s a kind of stuff that you
can get away with wearing at Disneyland because Disneyland is a policy of no
cosplay you don’t want to get people attendees confused with the cast members
so the whole community of how close can you get to something that’s in universe
but without treading into costume territory and the her youtubers stuff is
perfect hey maybe we should hop in a second and say hello to an old friend of
mine and by old friend I mean one of my favorite comic characters ever actively
getting a makeup done it’s sort of interesting you can see as they’re
putting the purple on Thanos they’re doing
some setting powder right now on his hands just sort of brushing it on he’s
getting dusted yeah he’s getting dusted nice getting purple on your skin like
that just takes layers and so much time trust me I’ve tried here’s a section most people don’t think
of which is there are a lot of authors that are here a lot of ye novels a lot
of science fiction here and there’s big publishers here like penguin Random
House Simon & Schuster tour obviously has a huge booth here and a lot of
authors are just here signing books and doing meet-and-greets if you’re actually
a science-fiction fan I know like there’s more convention to design for
that medium the comic-con it’s not a bad place to go one of the places I like in
the publishing area are like Titan books or inside edition’s where they have the
making of books the art books it’s a great place to buy those collect
editions of just here’s 200 pages of art from artists you like the sideshow booth they have the most
square footage on the show floor the massive booth where the cut-in it’s kind
of like us a statue garden of sorts with their Premium Format figures
quarter-scale stuff a lot of exclusives big crowds
I love how on the video screen they’ll show you how they’re doing the scopes
and paints on some of the master kind of prototypes that you’ll see in the
gallery spaces oh it’s Gabriel place yes he’s a big
collector of a statues and he’s being turned into a vinyl figure there is a
vinyl figure of him over there I love these Jessie Hernandez designs
this Wolverine looks incredible it just has a kind of lucha design combined with
still maintaining sort of the menacing aspect and this miles morales is still
adorable with the air jordans in just in total flight in that hoodie I love that
choker and that bag those are beautiful everyone thinks of the giant bus but I
think the these sort of artistic renderings were they they’re bringing in
some real indie artists is where this booth really shocked and while on the
outside of the sideshow booth it’s a lot of the stuff they make they also
distribute so of iron Studios is an overseas company the they do their own
sculpts their takes on MCU and other pop culture characters and so they have
their giant fan house and you think about oh no helmet I mean he is he is
inevitable the the scope is really beautiful it
reminds you of a really tough moment in that in that movie though when
everything sort of turns an Iron Man dies well you can see he can’t see that
there are no stones yeah it’s a nice little touch this is the one that really
strikes me as being spectacular it’s more of a diorama right you’re saying
action from Laura Dern at the front of the triceratops all the way to the back
I can almost smell the poo speaking of dioramas there’s also Lord
of the Rings not school he learned the verticality of this you have the nazgûl
at top all the way down to our Hobbit friends down at the bottom multi-tier
there’s a whole scene they’re being chased they’re hiding you have like what
about scale you’ve hobbit scale your golems scale human scale
orcs scale and then you have NOS cooling rate in mixed-media you can see that
this looks a model leather work there that’s beautiful we’re in the hot toys area of the
sideshow booth now they have so many display cases a lot of stuff of course
from endgame a lot of sixth scale stuff all fully articulated with accessories
the clothes the cutting so I love that loss the wasp it looks like Beverly down
ins cosplay costume you know and I love how they have the tiny wasp that
accompanies it at the Murano right there so cool
they always do amazing face sculpt I can’t even imagine how many Robert
Downey jr. Tony Starks they’ve done but you know why not one more with the
quantum suit is it all from reference to oh yeah and then they do a new sculpt
every time it completely iterative the face sculpt on the Shuri looks
really just spot on she looks incredibly fierce it’s almost
a museum-quality piece yeah and that’s your infinity war
display or Hulkbuster over on the right here sure this is interesting
they have quarter scale from Hot Toys and these are different from like the
Premium Format stuff because those are actual there’s opposable so that’s why
they have the different hands different acessories you could even see they have
spider-man’s webs it couldn’t underneath his arms for different embedding mode
right so the idea is that you could pose him speak lighting as well that’s just
really great cutting sew clothing because it’s not just the fabric it’s
also the hard parts you have the web-shooter I mean it’s kind of
iteration blows me away because we’re so used to just seeing a solid figure just
made out of you know resin just sculpted now we’re seeing fabric laid on top of
these figures there’s so much more depth different eyepieces
it’s even a cell phone with men calling him the mark 2 yeah in these beautiful
moments where he’s like just put it on coming out everything is still going
through its testing phase yeah I like the mark – I mean they’re
technically the same scope but I love them work – more than the mark 3 and all
the rivets showing I think really really makes it oh come on you need a little
cherry red give it some pop hotrod red of course
you got your gauntlets the whole family of gauntlets you have the whole gauntlet
and I actually like the sheen on it it has a nice real kind of polish to it
notice both Hulk and Starks gauntlet right hands Dennis left hand if you are gonna blink out half the
universe go southpaw I guess does that mean like dennis is a
right hemisphere thinker is that Czerny what’s the science behind that I think
it’s been largely debunked the last couple of things to want to call out
here at this booth one this truly impressive Starfighter at six scale yet
Anakin but they built out the entire ship with our to the paint job is
fantastic has a display I don’t know if this I’ve heard become a real product
but I mean the LEDs in the cockpit behind it it’s that attention to such
detail yeah ladies had a lot of fun making this and
then some transformers this is from 3a so another third-party company that size
should distributes for and they have a licensed transformers these are actually
transform but they’re not six skill they’re like because the chance one was
a bigger than the humans I so I want to say there are 10 through 12 it’s so hard
because transformers are all different sizes like bumblebee to prime to blitz
wing in other words creep creatures are the same size but this blitz wing
especially the large-scale Lick towing that we’re looking at paint job it looks
oily and dirty it looks like a fighter jet that is transformed into a robot you
can see even on the front of the cockpit some of that speckling like it looks
like titanium that’s been worn a little bit that’s great
same with his mama me you think your wife let you buy this
nope me neither all right we’re coming up on the Marvel
booth always a giant booth here at comic-con what I love is they change out
stuff every day yesterday when we were here they had spider-man home coming
home far from home excuse me oh they if you hear on him
women of Marvel you have a Captain Marvel suit you have a Nakia you have a
scarlet witch a Sheree Valkyrie a wasp a nebula fantastic between some of the biggest booths here
comic-con Marvel behind us in front of us
Lego and Star Wars this is probably the most congested part of the show which
how to get through it relatively quickly but one of the most impressive display
pieces is Iron Man in Lego I read that it took them two hundred twenty five
hours to build this and I’m sure that does not account for any sort of
planning and no lling for sure purely as some that just assembly and this is an
Iron Man wielding the iron Infinity Gauntlet the Nano gauntlet the light-up
bricks really just amazing seeing the energy
tendrils go up his arm towards his chest is such a great touch and have that
being lit from the inside that power stance you there should be
one on the thumb yep and green one on the thumb they got it all stones are all
2×3 I still have a preference this is a weird legs thing for me I still like the
Scout cheaper from Return of the Jedi like it’s a little dirt it up a little
bit I think I like my my stormtroopers a little dirty a little prettier and then
I’ve been an imperial type pilot trooper fan for a long time it’s just so
different to have the the tubes coming in it’s a matte kind of like finish as
opposed to kind of the shiny armor that you see elsewhere and of course the
phasma the captain phasma chrome look perfect my favorite from the new trilogy
might be the new pilot the first level pilot which is next to the plasma I
think it did the best job of sneaking an iconic design of Imperial TIE fighter
pilot modernizing the same kind of you know the flight suit with that kind of
crinkly texture to it for the real glossy helmet and it still has the tubes
somebody wonderful Star Wars and Lego booth really are the
start of the big toy section of comic-con you have things from the big
toy companies as bro Mattel classic friends like Hot Wheels and Jojo power
in transformer return of things like he-man toys universe to the more
high-end stuff at like Konami and ecce where we have the real nice night catch
the bus the real high-end collectibles this is where places like gentle giants
Chronicle – Mills in what workshop lives and even some of the more higher-end 6 6
inch figures like Nikko toys mezco this is the area with all that’s a bus in the
ECC are incredible the tank for the shape of water where they have UV light
coming in to kind of light up the creature and Kamisha Nations they have their
movie realization take kind of a samurai take on pop culture characters also they
have their sh monster arts the Godzilla characters I remembered this trooper
being one of your favorites from a couple comic-con’s ago and now to see
the phasma version of it a little more seemed pumped out with the rifle their
version of a Mandalorian and of course he got on the Marvel side
Wolverine that one’s very nice Oh check it out and man laying on an an Anthony oh
you’re making me tear up this Gundam is incredible funnels are like whip
exclusive only a Japanese Komachi seaming it on the building platform – oh
my god that is awesome want to give a shout out to the prop
store booth one of our first destinations when we film videos here at
Comic Con every year Comic Con they bring artifacts props from their
upcoming fall auction this year no different so you have that our two is
incredible great our two that was in rogue one you
have things from Monty Python scalper Batman Back to the Future ghostbusters
you have the Marvel TV shows look yeah he’s from those that’s come up soon fun
story this miniature from Fifth Element that’s being auctioned off was made by
something we know by you know Ted evil Ted yeah and he saw it at this booth and
reconnected with it after all these years I think one of the shows I’m most
excited about this year is the return of Dark Crystal
yes on Netflix just to have a puppet show again Foley Pratt Colfax fully
puppeted they’ve built the stages with space underneath the stage for the
puppeteers more camels during one of the voices he said that one of his best
experiences maybe his best experience working was alongside Jim Henson right
and of course Empire Strikes Back and I think Netflix is also doing a
making-of documentary that’s me released along with the series when it comes up
in of August we’re moving now into past the
collectibles area into more the TV shows so you have TV networks cable channels
big studios they’re set to promote their big fall shows including ABC is here yep
ATS OSS the card snowpiercer FXX is here with their slate
of from region to some of their aunt to what we do in the shadows let’s check this out this is a I believe
hero collector they’ve done all the Star Trek ships like as a monthly
subscription and so they dive real deep into starship designs and they’re like
well the USS Clark gosh I mean this these are real deep dives yes deep cuts – yes yeah discovery discovery ships for
sure oh my goodness it’s the scimitar from from the last TNG movie from
nemesis nemesis these two shuttle concepts so these weren’t even things
that made the TV shows too soon when before Star Trek motion picture when
they’re going to do a second rebirth objects of the original series
called phase 2 we’re moving more into the artists alley
where artists set up booths whether it’s Mike paniolo or Dave Peterson his mouth
guard and over at the far end at the end of the hall finally right before Hall H
is where their tables set up and they tend to do commissions and signings and
just answer questions from fans yeah and I think Comic Con even gives its tables
out for free they don’t the pay for for space in the artists alley if it’s not a
booth which is really awesome and that’s all we made it see we’ve
reached the end of comic-con there’s only a wall between us and Hall H where
all the big panels are happening right now of course there’s so much more the
show for we did get the check out if we went by every booth we couldn’t do it in
eight hours but that’s hopefully a little glimpse of
the size and scope of comic-con the kind of stuff you can see if you’ve never
been there before pretty good gear so far it’s it’s great
it’s a little bit more mellow and so I’ve actually found it easier to
navigate yes yeah so we take advantage of that and do some shopping after this
but of course thank you for watching we’ll have a ton of videos interviews
from booth at the show floor on the site thank you for sure for walking the floor
with me Thank You norm for losing me Thank You Gunther for being a steady
hand in filming the whole time and we’ll see you back at the studio

David Anderson

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  87. cry4dawn38 says:

    I love the name. Comic Con.. Where are the comics? Hasn't been mostly comics for the last 20+ years. Less than 10% comic and 90% movies and social media stuff. They really need to rename this convention.

  88. Lee says:

    SyFy's Face Off finalist Walter Welsh 10:51 the make-up special effects artist working on Thanos

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    Great job editing & great sound

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