CliffSide | Cartoon Series Pilot

CliffSide | Cartoon Series Pilot

This is “CliffSide,” a lawless town ruled by only the most ruthless, Johnny Law evadin’-est, no good horse spookin’-est, dastardly of the dastardly. Aka . . . WAYLON:
My voice over. CREATURE:
What? Did- Did somebody say something? WAYLON:
Something about a voice over? WAYLON:
It was me! I’m Two-Bit Jerry! A gunslinger and an outlaw! So begone monster! Back to the cliffs with ya! JO:
Waylon, my dad needs ya. WAYLON:
Ah, Jo! Watch out! CREATURE:
Scary. WAYLON:
I said begone! NARRATOR:
That’s honest Jo, my partner in crime. She’s never told a lie! JO:
You’re bad at this. CREATURES:
Uh oh! Forgot they could do that! CREATURES:
Ah! Background Street Crosser, watch out! BGSC:
Oh, don’t mind me, just moseying along! Ooo! Ahh! Oh my!!!! WAYLON:
I’m, uh, out of bullets. JO:
What’s important is we fight to the- wait what? Nice! I’m a better shot than I thought! Ah!!! Oof! Jo, help! I was being cheeky, I know you shot them! Jooo!!!! I’m sorry, I learned my lesson! NARRATOR:
Secretly, I haven’t learned a th- WAYLON:
Oooo my God, the other one is coming!!!!! Now I’m learning my lesson twice as fast! Jo!!!! TWO-BIT PINECONE:
Sheriff Pinecone, hand over the money and no one gets hurt! SHERIFF PINECONE:
Not this time, Two-Bit. Somebody sold you out. TWO-BIT PINECONE:
My old partner! JO:
Whatcha doing? WAYLON:
Wha?! Ahhhh!!! Ooof. Ow. JO:
Remember how this town is surrounded by monsters? WAYLON:
Yeah! What do you mean?! I shot like 50 in the intro sequence! JO:
Didn’t even cry. JO:
Nothing suspicious about mentioning that specifically. WAYLON:
Ah, whatever! Just be glad I helped you at all! I’m Two-Bit Jerry! A no good dastardly gunslinger! Eeeh. I, er, I once shot a man just fer lookin’ at me wrong! Then I shot ‘em again fer dyin’! Pew pew… JO:
Just pretend to stand watch. WAYLON:
Fine.Whoops! Hrmmm… AAhh!!!! WAYLON:
Mrrmmm… …Hmmm?Hmmm? Uhhhh. Hello?Gah!!! WAYLON:
It’s fine, you can stay over there. CORDIE:
Four of my eyes! WAYLON:
Okay, that was weird. CORDIE:
No it wasn’t. It was…. . . horrifying. I’m going to eat you now.WAYLON:
Cut it out! I’m Two-Bit Jerry, the most dastardly outlaw there is! I once shot a sheriff just cuz I was grumpy from shootin’ sheriffs all day! CORDIE:
Really? WAYLON:
Yessss . . . I- I’m so dastardly, I once shot my own posse just cuz my g- g- gun was gettin’ heavy with the extra bullets! Plus… I once distracted a stupid spider long enough to escape her dumb web! Haha!!! Whoops!!!! AAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Ugghhh… Ouch… But more importantly, HA HA!!! CORDIE:
That was nifty! WAYLON:
Gah! How the heck did you- ???:
Well what do we have here? Looks like Cordie finally caught something other than flies! CORDIE:
Ha…Hey Yannis, hi Death Itself.YANNIS:
Ha! Nice. So how ‘bout you hand over the little cowboy? CORDIE:
Wait, what? But you just said… YANNIS:
Oh please, Cordie, how ‘bout you be useful and stand watch for more prey or something? And speaking of being useless, come near my nest to scavenge for food again and I’ll rip your tiny head off- WAYLON:
Ah, put a lid on it! She was gonna eat me just fine till you guys showed up! Did it ever occur to you maybe I can do more than just STAND WATCH?! CORDIE:
Wait…you mean… …me? WAYLON:
AAhhhahaa!!!! I regret so many things!!! YANNIS:
I think I like you two much better as PUDDLES! WAYLON/CORDIE:
You… stood up for me. WAYLON:
No, I think I was transferring personal issues! Huh?! Mmff. YANNIS:
Wha-… …that was… CORDIE:
That was AWESOME! You were so awesome! WAYLON:
I was going to say “questionable physics,” but, yeah. I mean, of course I was. …wait, really? CORDIE:
They were all like, “Meh meh meh!” and you were all like, “Ahh!! Take a lid and put it on… that.”Y- You stood up to them! I wanna be JUST. LIKE. YOU. WAYLON:
Oh, haha, I don’t know, the life of an outlaw ain’t easy. That, uh, was pretty cool what you just did there yourself. CORDIE:
I’ll do it. Anything. WAYLON:
Whelp, since you’ve seen how great I am, I suppose I have noooo choice.BANK TELLER:
Ahhh! Ack!CORDIE:
Whoa, montages are dangerous. Cordie, I didn’t think we’d actually rob- ???:
Hands up, we got ya surrounded! WAYLON:
W- What?! But I’m not… CORDIE:
But we’re open to possibilities! Cordie, I… This got way out of hand! CORDIE:
It’s okay! I got this! I wont let you down, I promise! JO:
Alright. Death it is. CORDIE:
Waylon. WAYLON:
Eeehehe… Oh God. JO:
Wut in TARNATION is goin’ on? WAYLON:
Oh God, she’s gone southern. CORDIE:
Hey! Lay off my partner! I once shot a man just fer l- JO:
Oh my God, yes of course. So sorry. JO:
Waylon, explain. WAYLON:
It’s not my fault! This spider lady tried to eat me! CORDIE:
I like your hat! WAYLON:
I was teaching her to be a gunslinger, but like, AH JO! You should have seen it! We killed this giant pterodactyl and Death Itself! CORDIE:
Well…not Death Itself, you can’t kill death. WAYLON:
Oh, yeah, well I mean, that makes sense. WAYLON/CORDIE:
Obviously/That’s kinda his whole thing. WAYLON:
Anyway, so we uh… …I uh… …I just…WAIT WHAT?! DEATH ITSELF:
Okay, my horrendous buzzing of flies is a liiiiiittle rusty, but I think he wants Two-Bit Jerry’s…… …..hat? DEATH ITSELF:
Don’t mind me, just crossin’ the stre- Whoops! There I go. CORDIE:
…What just happened. JO:
Sooo, you gonna learn your lesson, orrrrr? WAYLON:
I…Can I at least learn it in a standoff? JO:
Make it fast. WAYLON:
Cordie, I made everything up. CORDIE:
HEY, DEATH! Why don’t you pick on someone from your own metaphysical plane of existence?! WAYLON:
Prepare yourself, Death. I’m gunna do somethin’ I should’ve done to ya the first time we met… WAYLON:
…Given you VALIDATION! See, Mr. Death Itself, I learned something today.CORDIE:
Boy, I wonder how it’s goin’ over there. JO:
Seems like he’s…actually got a handle on it. WAYLON:
Therefore the moral of this episode is: if you validate someone enough you can manipulate them into doing whatever you say! Good job Death, who’s a good little Death? You are! You earned that sheriff star didn’t you? Please don’t kill me. Ah, no, no, no WAIT! Aghh! ACK! OOF! DAH! …ugh…You know, technically, you being our sheriff and protecting the town would mean less dead people and less work for you… if you think about it.JO:
He didn’t learn a thing. WAYLON:
Yer darn right I saved the town! Woooo!!!!! JO:
I wish I got more credit for things I broke and then barely fixed. Now who wants to stand watch? WAYLON:
Are you kidding me?! I’m way too cool for that now- Ow. I do. CORDIE:
Me too! I once looked at something and only lost focus for THREE HOURS! JO:
Spider girl isn’t coming. CORDIE:
Hey Jo, by the way, if the sheriff position was open… what happened to the sheriff before Death? JO:
I dunno. Shot. Bandits probably. Culprit was never caught. CORDIE:

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “CliffSide | Cartoon Series Pilot

  1. Baconster says:

    I hope he actually makes a whole series

  2. olluman123 says:

    Im in such a lack of female interest that i would be willing to hook up with a psycho half spider half woman cartoon character, just because she would want me unconditionally. Meeh, but i dont care

  3. spy_Snek says:

    m o a r

  4. snippskillbro says:

    death: i have come to take your soul. me: gets todom of un dieing . death: oh god damit!!!!!!!!!

  5. Morbidskies says:

    I just found this and cowboy gravity falls is great

    I mean cowboy gravity falls as a compliment

  6. Snail Peep says:

    Me: Watches video
    Also me: sees boi
    Me: MARCO

  7. fede ballestors says:

    Broo we need more like this it great I keep watching it over and it still funny XD

  8. Mustafa YILDIZ says:

    When ep 2

  9. Sydnee Bannister says:

    Im scared

  10. Jamikorn Meeraket says:

    You broke my heart. You show me new love of life but then you make her never show up again 😭

  11. SnowPulse says:

    This is so anime

  12. Kazuto1901 says:

    AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is sooo cringe, (and funny lel) REEE

  13. Kazuto1901 says:

    I wan't more…

  14. kassy kitty says:

    I love the spider girl uwu

  15. OrangeFunk says:


  16. b800047 says:

    YouTube: watch this
    Me: no
    YouTube: do it
    Me: No
    YouTube: DO IT!!
    Me: FINE!
    YouTube: Gotcha 🙂

  17. Veloni- HUN says:

    Cute SpiderGirl!

  18. Veloni- HUN says:

    Please Make :
    CliffSide #2

  19. barnard yaang says:

    7:38 if you look behind that wheelbarrow its the sheriff and he just got flunged out of existence. At the end spider girl questioned how did the sheriff died even though she killed the sheriff.

  20. Squids United says:

    "MEH! MEH! MEEHH!"

  21. Benjamin Christiansen says:

    Can't wait for more of this 😀

  22. Danila Nik says:


  23. Danila Nik says:

    Русс.:Вау,очень клёво!Wow,cool!

  24. Nate Bush says:

    This definitely has potential. The voice-work is a little amateurish, but the characters are likable, the premise is interesting and the art style is very charismatic. Plus, ain't gonna lie, I think Cordie is kinda hot. 😛

  25. Lil Anti says:

    Omg I love western things, therefore I absolutely love this animation

  26. Lil Anti says:

    I love the music in this

  27. Epic King Pig says:

    My disappointment will be very high if It doesn’t come out in 2019

  28. Fox Game says:

    Shut up, take my money.

  29. The Au Hater says:

    man,why this can't be a real serie

  30. NeuronalAxon says:

    This is great – I'd love to see this style applied to the SCP universe.

  31. sahara animations says:


  32. Cinco Rodriguez says:

    I loved reading the newspaper. xD

  33. G.K.R 611 says:

    2019 years that me and the bois must breaking to cliffside

  34. Kaviix says:

    Does someone know how this series is going? Is there going to be more episodes ??? I adore this and the animation and effects are amazing !!

  35. Vex Vex says:

    P e w p e w

  36. rabinz 619 says:


  37. AlphaGaming says:

    please make cliffside part 2

  38. Connor Gwinn says:

    Charictors i rate tony crynight fnaf mangle 1000 cliff side cordie 1000

  39. Connor Gwinn says:

    Cordie is cute but scary as hell

  40. Connor Gwinn says:

    Death look familiar

    (Flash backs of crypt tv soot)

  41. Connor Gwinn says:

    Gravity falls dipper is looking for stan who has ben taken by a spider person then
    Dipper: im coming stan………………….what is that sound
    cordie: HI
    Dipper: AAAAAAAHHH

  42. Connor Gwinn says:

    Any one thinks this is NETFLIX worthy

  43. Bwolfi 3 says:


  44. The unknown boy says:

    I really want episode 2 now

  45. Lord fergon says:

    Me gustaría ver ya varios capítulos y temporadas.

  46. Timebreaker 1136 says:

    Jo makes me wanna show her my gunslinger

  47. Simple says:

    No one cares about your wix site

  48. Frienzo says:

    i just saw the release date now i wanna cry

  49. Егор Татарников says:


  50. Vladej says:

    please more episodes!

  51. Doom_The _Fox16 says:

    That's not sketchy at all

  52. Weirdy Wonka says:

    The way he animated those arms at 8:23 is AMAZING!

  53. Angelo Abella says:

    I'm done!!! I'm giving up hope!!! Good luck for y'all waiting for next episode!!!

  54. ToConZono says:

    once, i questioned my self " its imposible to ever be a porn pic about the spider lady"

    "but, what if… cordie rule 34….. OOOOHH SHIT !"

  55. John Joy Ignacio says:

    Needs more polish in the Audio, but BEAUTIFUL ANIMATION. PRAISE!!

  56. Mr. Cube says:

    Sigo esperando :v

  57. Lemon HD says:

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  58. Any says:

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  59. srl 077 says:

    So…No episode 2 huh?

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    This is actually really good

  61. KAKTUS KP says:

    It is wonderful. Please continue!!!!!!!! The spider is the best!!

  62. NEXUS says:


  63. F.H.C._286 gaming says:

    More series! We need more

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    the animation is so smooth and beautiful and also the scipt is cool I love every part of it <3.

  65. Сайтама Ванпанчман says:

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    This is a good idea with a perfect plot!

  72. Blue Bird Bryce says:

    Dear YouTube: stop recommending this to me

  73. MinuteMade Animations says:

    Finally an animation YouTubed who makes a series. How could I learn from you?


    My god , this is epic

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    3:55 Omg idk why but that's the cutest thing. That lil noise "nomph!"

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    Their teamwork and personality reminds me of Marco and star😂

  77. Nameless says:

    Montages are dangerous

  78. 苔むす says:


  79. Nathanael C.S says:

    I like cordie

  80. Remy Parker says:

    When do we get a new video

  81. Kindel Scrimsher says:

    Make more of these please! There really funny and I love them 😀

  82. Александр Заябуза says:

    Я не Додин от содерлинка

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    who else thinks the guy in this looks like Marco from Star vs The forces of evil ;-;

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    HalfLife 3 vs cliffside 2
    The race of the year

    A lot of years

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