‘Circle of Life’ in 360º | THE LION KING on Broadway

‘Circle of Life’ in 360º | THE LION KING on Broadway

[singing in IsiZulu] ♪ From the day we arrive on this planet ♪ ♪ And blinking, step into the sun ♪ ♪ There’s more to see
Than can ever be seen ♪ ♪ More to do than can ever be done ♪ ♪ There’s far too much to take in here ♪ ♪ More to find than can ever be found ♪ ♪ But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky ♪ ♪ Keeps great and small
On the endless round ♪ ♪ It’s the Circle of Life ♪ ♪ And it moves us all ♪ ♪ Through despair and hope ♪ ♪ Through faith and love ♪ ♪ Till we find our place ♪ ♪ On the path unwinding ♪ ♪ In the Circle ♪ ♪ The Circle of Life ♪ Shoo! [chanting in foreign language] ♪ It’s the Circle of Life ♪ ♪ And it moves us all ♪ ♪ Through despair and hope ♪ ♪ Through faith and love ♪ ♪ Till we find our place ♪ ♪ On the path unwinding ♪ ♪ In the Circle ♪ ♪ The Circle of Life ♪ [audience cheering]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “‘Circle of Life’ in 360º | THE LION KING on Broadway

  1. TWDeadDaily aka Robbie Loves The Walking Dead says:

    I cried.

  2. Jaleesa Mcintyre says:

    I like 360 videos I really love them

  3. Sr TieŘeĐ says:

    Eis que vc compra um rei leao da dep web

  4. MythicalLiveable says:

    Spoiler alert
    simba is a teddy bear not a lion cub

  5. Hey it's Me Angel says:

    Who else watched the musical?

  6. Ernest Feivel says:

    Jadi kayak yang ngewe kucing yah:^^

  7. L A says:


  8. Bianca Mariz Borromeo says:

    Woah this is in a theater
    Look around you, and you will see the audiences at your back!

  9. Flower Power says:


  10. meden clavillas says:

    Im near the weird side of YouTube

  11. kAK says:

    I saw this on broadway about a year ago and I had chills the whole time.

  12. BRENO MBS says:


  13. Dumb Peach says:

    This was actually really cool but

    when the giraffes came out, i lost it

  14. PRECIOUSJIN says:

    I watched this in broadway it was amazing

  15. valende elise says:

    Ethan Salter we know that

  16. ZP Cubing says:

    This is the most magical vidieos youtube ever made.

  17. Lgr2407 Lg says:


  18. pawqrint says:

    How am i crying from a musical 😭

  19. Noob Sniperrr says:

    Wait I think im watching this upsde down XD

  20. yOINk says:

    I would enjoy this even more if the bird lady was like:
    And legit yeeted that thing in the crowd

  21. Roshane Fowler says:

    So cool!!!!!!!

  22. Wolf Playz says:


    (the part the woman's sing after "it's the circle of life)

  23. nicii179 says:

    ah geez, I remember sitting there in Hamburg (germany) and as soon as that first note hit I was ugly crying (I was 19 when I saw it), and when the animals walked past me I looked at them sobbing, I just couldn’t hold it together it was so magical and a childhood dream to be there one day and witness the magic, and damn it was overwhelming, and the video does come close to what I felt like back then

  24. Peachy Koko says:

    I remember going to this with my mom

  25. American Planes says:

    More like lion sing

  26. Oğuzhan Civa says:


  27. Victor Channel says:

    naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa vergonhaAAAAAAAAAAAAA eu sou o unico br aqui ou não? i'm the unic Brazillian or no?

  28. Kyle Choy says:

    3:29 What the hell is he saying?

  29. MAKE-O says:

    Why am i the only one in there? ;-;

  30. Feba Jacen says:

    I’m hearing BANANANA NANANANA NANA wats happening to me??

  31. Игорь Камалов says:

    Africa is amazing continent. There are people so free.



  33. CheeseyNachos says:

    I was kinda of waiting for her to drop Simba…oop-

  34. Caitmc05 says:

    Please tell me I wasn’t the only one moving it like I was singing

  35. YT 17 AG says:


  36. Diego martin Diaz de vivar sosa says:

    Meee encanta

  37. Salanieta S C Pickering says:

    Wwwwwooooowwwwww it's so nice

  38. Kinnie Lucas says:

    0:09 scared me a little coz I had my headphones 🎧 on full volume 😹😹😹

  39. Vala Harshil says:

    Haha 😂 hahaha hah

  40. pink_ roses says:

    Coool how did u even do this

  41. How to Gymnastics says:

    Made me shiver I loved it!!

  42. LAMSgames says:

    If you look closely pride rock is a stair case!

  43. andrewgangmaxx x says:

    why does the woman have fries on her head

  44. Smiffy Playz says:

    Who else went to this before

  45. Nia Hampton says:

    I’m confused

  46. Team Cyclops says:

    What The

  47. Josephine Su says:

    I got shivers when the chorus came in when dumbs was lifted up into the air! It was so magicl

  48. Derpy Person says:

    "The 360 degrees of life"

  49. Estefany meu amores says:


  50. Shahzad Shokat says:

    I was on pride rock lol

  51. 《 SugarBeest 》 says:

    This felt so awkward

  52. Annapple Goldfinch says:

    The video quality gets really bad after the pause begins. Is there anyway to shut off the 360 degree camera so we can just watch the show properly?

  53. Rosa Sedan says:

    Muchísimas gracias por haberlo compartido

  54. Aldo Perez says:


  55. Ella Saberlight says:

    As a theater kid, I am very impressed with the power of her voice. And I love like I feel like I’m on stage! I love it

  56. M W says:


  57. RarestQuartz says:

    My cheeks hurt from smiling so wide and I’m in tears!!! This was beautiful!!!

    I saw this on broadway in NYC 10 years ago… just bought a vr headset for the first time today and when I tell you this video alone made the headset feel worth every penny!!! I am in awe! Loved it!!!

  58. Vsco Flask says:

    The 360 circle of life

  59. Cam Skids says:


  60. Vsco Flask says:

    *looks at fingers*

    I’m going to ruin this lady’s whole career

    If you listen closely, she is actually singing

  61. Justin Moh says:

    I'm DiZzy

  62. Water Slimez says:

    Why was it that I went there and trying to find myself

  63. Ava Elmore says:

    Just stunning

  64. AnimalGaming playz says:

    O-O full shock with 360
    Iv whent there and seen the show

  65. Rosie says:

    ???who is that guy???

  66. aliyaknightrises says:

    NOW this is how you open a Broadway show!

  67. H o n e y S u n f l o w e r says:

    i waste my time being a theater kid

  68. I See YOU says:

    Wow I really enjoyed this, I was going around and around looking at my phone like an idiot but I really did enjoy it
    Thanks for bringing out the child in me😊 and no Im not pregnant and Im a male

  69. poot. says:

    soo cool

  70. That meme person says:

    I'm trying to find my VR set to watch this!

  71. Вика Кирюхина says:


  72. Rehan Chaudhry says:

    I was on pride rock

  73. Nathaniel Tan says:


  74. KEIGOティービー says:


  75. Jackie Kennedy says:

    What was the cheetah doing eww

  76. CAMILA REVEL says:

    Interesting!!! 👍🏻✨

  77. hazel my pet :D says:


  78. Los Kerry says:

    I was bad at this that the giraffes almost trampled me😂😬

  79. pw99ec Srisawad says:


  80. Bakugou Katsuki says:

    This is sick

  81. Sebastian Nielsen says:

    Wait I cant see anything

  82. Sebastian Nielsen says:


  83. ary wildcat says:

    Cool but lil bit confusing

  84. Zaynah Ramzan says:

    Lol I went to watch the actual show for a skl trip no lie promise it was so good

  85. spill huh says:

    this is so cool omg 🤯

  86. CJ Blazers says:

    I was actually there at that moment

  87. Margarida Faria says:

    I cried a lot with this video! Thank you so much!

  88. Lottie Gates says:

    Saw this in London theatre with my school now I’m in love with watching the opening scene

  89. tom shongwe says:

    South Africa with the beat jealous down

  90. R L says:

    I can’t go there to reply to the person that made the comment “if you look closely, you can see they are not real animals”? Really? I’m being very kind with my reply?

  91. Ralph Lopez says:


  92. Abieyuwa Okuoimose says:

    3:04 Just look at the younger elehant ;-; xd

  93. Shiloh Johnson says:

    Why is everyone crying over furries singing

    All jokes aside this is great

  94. Nguyên Phương Bùi Thị says:

    I feel a little bit dizzy😳

  95. たけば says:

    I have seen this show twice, and I remember that I cried in both of them.

  96. Thalaissé Gilbert says:

    In 2:16 those who make antelopes have a nice ass

  97. Vishesh Jaisi says:

    I guess the hyenas disliked this

  98. Cindy Jines says:

    I’m seeing this play next week

  99. Cindy Jines says:

    Dope costumes

  100. RandMan612 says:

    This video would be so much better if it didn’t keep jumping around every 3 seconds. I realize that there’s a lot going on, but part of the appeal of the 360 videos is being able to rewatch the same video from a new perspective in subsequent viewings not get yourself oriented only to have it change on you again

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