Chutki’s Wish – Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Hindi

Chutki’s Wish – Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Hindi

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ready Out Jaggu out…got you….it’s your turn now. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ready Out chutki out….hey…chutki why didn’t you hide Look Jaggu this butterfly is so cute and beautiful. I wanted to save it from the spider and set it free. you are so kind hearted chutki. Just to save the butterfly from the spider you got yourself out. That was so sweet and kind of you chutki, you have saved such a beautiful butterfly. Yes my dear, you are really very generous and kind hearted. Hey hey ah This butterfly can talk am not an ordinary butterfly my dear friends since chutki has saved my life i can grant her any wish she wants and it will come true . chutki,i want to be the strongest man in the world. Ask her to grant me this wish. I want to be the most powerful and strongest warrior in the army and the best swordsman and the warrior ever. No no no chutki,I want to be like Tarzan, King of the jungle…so that i protect all the animals in the jungle You Kids are so sweet and generous in your thoughts….but i can only grant Chutki her wish. Make a wish for yourself dear, anything you want. I do not want anything. Never mind. Whenever you need anything just ask me for it and you will have it.Okay. Why don’t you stay at my home with me. You could be in danger will be safer there Yes, it is very dangerous here. Please come and stay with us. okay, lets go come let’s go. No you don’t have to get angry ,just keep practising. Just concentrate on your target and aim it. Come on try one more time Hey Raju,stop this everyday nonsense….You can never get it. Even a blind man is a better marksman than you…atleast we do not get hurt… keep your mouth shut Bholu…or else i will ask chutki to turn you into a pig for our target practice sessions. call your mom too.You need help from all women. Shut up ! You don’t know anything…chutki has a fairy magical butterfly. She can grant her any wish she wants Fairy Butterfly and magic Ha ha Blind man playing Bluff if you don’t believe me see for yourself Ha ha we will see for sure Why Butterfly why not spiderman Spidermaaan spidermaan Idiots.. Where have you been wandering around like jungle dogs Boss we have a special news for you what is it put me down first Boss,chutki has a butterfly with magical powers,She makes all Your wishes come true You guys are day dreaming again… need one tight slap to bring back your sense Oh oh boss raju himself told us the secret in anger Quite! Magical butterfly ! You guys have gone completely mad Oh oh boss what is the harm in just checking it out ok Boss there is the butterfly Wow i have never seen anything beautiful like this before dear Chutki where are you coming mom Aa…aah…i got hurt where did it disappear Ah ha got the butterfly at last.Now grant me my wishes ,come on. please let me go. I can fullfill wishes only of people who save my life, not those who hurt me. don’t talk rubbish. Make me the most powerful and wealthy and famous boy in the world. I am sorry i cannot do it. No .if you do not grant me my wishes,then i will feed you to some hungry spider or lizard Thank you my dear.You have saved my life again,ask me anything you want and you will have it I think i know what i want to ask you. Iam very happy for you. Ask what you want in life I only wish that you live long happily forever and nobody can cause you any harm or trouble ever in future my dear i was a cursed Fairy. A witch had cursed me and turned me into a butterfly. I was to remain cursed until someone generous like you would have wished good for me … and you have done that chutki. You are really generous. I will leave now . Whenever you need me you have to think about me with folded hands and i will be there for you. Thank you very much beautiful fairy Chutki you really are generous We all want to be kind and generous like you chutki Yes kind and generous.

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