Chota Birbal – Dadi Ki Aatma – दादी की आत्मा – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

Chota Birbal – Dadi Ki Aatma – दादी की आत्मा – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

Shivdutta, are you at home? Uncle Madhav, come. Come.
Come. Sit. No. I haven’t come here to sit. I’ve come to take you with me.
– To take me with you? But why? Aunt passed away last night. Aunt passed away? Listen, she had a heart of gold,
isn’t it? You’re right. Last year during the
construction of the lake.. ..she had donated 100 gold coins.
Her lifetime of savings. She was a really noble soul. She died due to a lighting
strike last night. She died due to lighting.
– What are you saying? I thought she has
been ill for a while now. And she was quite old as well. So… No. Accident is the cause of death. Moreover,
she died on the moonless night. Come on. Don’t waste time. We need to make arrangements
for her funeral. It will take time. Look, it’s approaching evening. But Mahesh is still
nowhere to be seen. Ramu, today Mahesh was supposed
to get tamarind pickle, isn’t it? I hope he didn’t get
caught while stealing. Maybe. No, Motu. No one caught me.
Here. Tamarind pickle. Wow. See. Tamarind pickle. Wow. It’s yummy.
– He’s so greedy. Okay. What took you
so long to come here? Were you caught while
stealing the tamarind pickle? Father had been to
the cremation ground. Why? Who died? Why? Didn’t you guys get the news? No. Why? What happened? The old aunt died due to
a lightning strike last night. That’s they went… Really? She passed away
due to a lightning strike. Death in an accident. I’ve heard that a person becomes
a ghost if he dies in an accident. Ghost? Oh God! Where is the Ghost? He’s looking for you. He’ll come to your house tonight. And he’ll suck your blood.
– No. You can be afraid later. First tell
me. Why did you throw the pickle away? Did I drop it on purpose? You scared me by talking about ghosts. And I… Okay. Okay. No. Now keep quiet. Tomorrow I’ll get lots
of tamarind pickle once again. And then you can eat
to your heart’s content. Okay. Okay. Now let’s go. Let’s go to our respective
homes by way of Sadhu’s orchard. Yes. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. It’s evening. Seriously.
I should’ve listened to my wife. I shouldn’t have come by way of the ground
while returning from the cremation ground. What’s the matter, Madhav?
Are you going home? Who? Who is it? It’s me. Your aunt. Just turn around. God. God. God. Oh God! She is after me. Oh God! God. God. God. What happened, Madhav?
Got scared so quickly. Stop. Stop. He ran away.
He turned out to be a real coward. Lord Krishna has
said in the holy book. Just as a human leaves his
old clothes and wears new ones.. ..similarly the soul leaves
the old body and enters a new body. Oh God! Oh God! I’m dead. I’m doomed. Ghost. Help. Help. Shivdutta, help. Priest, protect me. Priest. – Are you going
to keep shouting like that? Or are you going to calmly
tell us what happened? Wait. Wait. While returning from aunt’s funeral.. ..I thought of glancing at the field. My wife had told me not to. But I went there willingly. Some work was pending. It was evening by the
time I wrapped up things. And I was returning when…
– What happened? Did the dacoits chase you?
At evening time at that? No. No. It was aunt.
– What? It was aunt?
– Yes. It was aunt. That’s what I’m telling you.
– Oh. Madhav. What’s the matter? Tell us in detail.
– Wait. I was coming back home
hastily as it was getting dark. And as soon as I passed by aunt’s house…
– No. This must be your imagination. No. I saw very clearly. It was aunt. Listen. Listen, my brother.
Shivdutta is right. You went to the cremation
ground first. Then to the fields. And then you were
returning home exhausted. You often get disillusioned
when you’re tired. Look, go home.
Take proper shower. And rest. Then you won’t see these ghost or demons.
– Spot on. Come. I’ll drop you home.
– No. No. I’ll go by myself. Come on. Let us also go.
– Okay. I’ve to be ready early morning. I’ve received an invitation
from the village of Sanchi. I have to go to a gentleman’s
house to perform veneration. Of course. Let’s go. Believe me.
I’m still scared about last evening. Don’t be afraid. Fear will overwhelm
you the more you get scared. Listen.
– Harish. What happened? Father.
– What happened to him? Father has still not returned home.
– Wait. Your father had said that.. ..he’s going to Sanchi village
for veneration early morning. Yes. And he had even said
that he’ll wrap up things there.. ..and return by evening. But now it’s nightfall.
And he has still not come. And the road that leads to the
Sanchi village passes by aunt’s house. What are you trying to say? I’m trying to say that I’m afraid
aunt might have killed the priest. What rubbish.
Let’s go find out what the matter is. Priest.
– Priest. Priest.
– Priest. Priest.
– Father. Priest.
– There’s my father. Father. Father. Looks like your father
has passed out due to fear. Come on. Let’s take him home first. Yes. Let’s go. Let’s go pick him up.
– Pick him up. Quick. Mahesh, I’ve heard that
a ghost is seen in our village. Yes. You’ve heard it right. That old aunt has become
a ghost after death. And she chases away anyone who
passes by her house by scaring them. The path in and out of
the village passes by her house. Oh God! She died in an accident,
isn’t it? That’s why.
– Okay. Tell me. Whom has she scared? Uncle Madhav and the priest. So now what’s the solution to this? I’ve heard the shaman is going to perform
an oblation to drive aunt’s ghost away. Now we need not worry.
– What do you mean? This shaman is quite famous. I’ve heard he has 10-12
ghosts tied up in his house. And if the shaman gets
hold of that old woman.. ..she won’t find any way to escape. Now that’s going to be fun. Wake up. Wake up. Listen. shaman. Who is that?
– It’s me. The ghost. Listen, even I’ve the mantra
of that sacred fire of yours. Villagers. You fools. I gave my lifelong savings
to you guys while I was alive. And you’re not letting
me rest in peace. You guys are so selfish. Now I won’t leave any of you. Wait. I’ll teach you
guys a lesson right now. I’ll thrash all of
you with this bamboo stick. Run. Run. Run. Ghost. Run. Ghost. Mahesh, the old man drove the shaman
away by beating him with a stick. And she has also declared that
whenever anyone passes by her house.. ..she’ll beat him
with the bamboo stick. Listen. I’ve a plan to teach
that old aunt’s ghost a lesson. What plan?
– Listen. Listen carefully. Oh God! No. I’ll not be able to do it. She’ll strangle me.
– Don’t be afraid. I’m the ghostbuster. And since I’m with you,
all of you need not be afraid. So it’s final.
This evening. As you have planned. Who’s passing by? It’s Shivdutta’s son Mahesh, isn’t it? Mahesh. Keep quiet. Keep quiet. It’s me Mahesh, aunt.
But where are you? I just can’t see you. Here I am. Right in front of you. But tell me. Where are
you guys going at evening time? Well, we’re going to the river banks. Mahesh, ask her quickly.
– No. Tell me. What is it? Look, Hari is insisting
that I get sweets for him. And now that he has seen
you he wants you to get it for him. Yes. I told him. From where will grandma
get so much money to get sweets for you? Do you know?
I’ve become a ghost after death. And there is nothing
a ghost cannot do. Here. Eat all of this. Wow. It’s yummy. Okay. You told us that
a ghost can do everything. So can you shrink in
size and get into this? Let us also see whether
you can get into this or no? I’ll show you right away. So now you’ll remain trapped in this.
– What are you doing? Hey…Let’s go. Come with me.
– Let me go. Yes. Let’s go. Father, look, who I’ve caught. What is this? Shivdutta, your son has
trapped me in this bottle. Now you let me go. I will. For sure. I’ll take you
to the shaman and release you there. No, son. No. I promise you. I’ll never come into
this village again. I will live in the cremation ground which
is near the far off banks of the river. But don’t take me
to that shaman again. I see. Let me go. Let me go, son. Okay. I’ll definitely let you go.
But mind you. You’ll never go anywhere
leaving that cremation ground. Okay. I promise. I beg you. I’ll never go anywhere
leaving that cremation ground. I promise you. Let me go. I must say. Even the ghost had
to accept defeat to Mahesh’s brains. Yes. This was Mahesh’s plan. No one else’s. But I’m unable to understand something.
– What’s that? The holy book thing where
Lord Krishna has said that.. ..a person gives up his
old clothes and wears new ones. And the soul too leaves
the old body and enters a new one. But nothing of that
sort happened in her case. So is the preaching
of the holy book wrong? No. Not at all.
It is not wrong at all. Just as a human is
naked during the period.. ..when he gives up old clothes
and before wearing new clothes. Similarly souls too roam around as
ghosts once they leave the old body.. ..and before entering a new body. Lord Krishna had imagined
that you’re priest.. you would understand
these things on your own. So he didn’t take the
trouble to say these things.

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