CHOR AAYA – Short Movie | Hindi Moral Story for Kids | Ft. Chhota Bheem & Aayu and Pihu Show

CHOR AAYA – Short Movie | Hindi Moral Story for Kids | Ft. Chhota Bheem & Aayu and Pihu Show

Do you know? A Thief entered our house. But Aayu and me together….. You will see that in the story and yes To watch our new video every Thursday Please subscribe Come watch the story. We will enjoy a lot. Aayu Pihu Aayu Pihu Kids, I am going to market. You are alone at home Do not open the gate, if anyone come You will open the gate only when I come. Lock the gate properly. OK, come I am going Bye Mummy. Bye Kids Bye Lock the gate Yes Aayu, I am doing homework Please lock the gate. Wow Mumma is gone Means, I can eat chocolates Yes…. Here it is Sister You are studying the whole day I have to complete my home work I have finished my home work Only 3 questions are remaining. What was this sound? Yes Sister Have you closed the door? Yes sister, I have closed the door. Why did the sound came? Might be a rat Just check it once When I went there then…… Then ? I ate chocolate that time I forgot to lock the door What have you done Aayu? What if someone would have entered our home? Might be a rat? But, some one else can also come. Let us go and check Sister, don’t worry, I am here Yes I know You are a fool Look door is still open. Let us check the rooms. I am scared aayu Oho sister Don’t worry, I am here We were in this room, how could someone enter here ? Let us check the kitchen Let us check mummy’s room Oh, all these bags are lying outside…. They are open Aayu – This means someone is inside our home. I am scared Oho sister Don’t worry, I am here Sister, these are fathers Shoes. Look at the legs above that. Yes sister Sister You go and check, who is that Aayu you ckeck You always say – I am here Yes sister I am here But behind you…. Who is there? Aayu you also try Who is there? Who is there? Who is there? Sister, no one is there. Some one is there No one See here No one is here Quiet boy Silent Quiet girl Who are you? Sister can’t you see. Black mask guy is a Thief. Quiet Both of you Go outside Both of you It happened because of you Sister you only told me to open the curtain. I have asked to open the curtain I have also asked to close the door Oho These kids are very loud I have to close the door. You speak a lot I don’t speak. My sister speak No you speak a lot You you You small kid, why are you so loud Thief Uncle My name is Aayu What? Aaloo – Potato Not Aaloo – Aayu Aayu – Yes She is my sister – Pihu Sister Hi Friends !!! Both silent I am Aayu I am Pihu I came to steal things Not came for your interview Then do your job But If you will touch my dresses. Then please take care Also do not touch my chocolates Then take care of your self You will not understand I have to tie you DO I speak more? Look sister I speak less I am a very gentle boy Yes everybody knows, that you are very gentle Sit here Do not move from here Thief Uncle What is moving? Moving like this is moving I can move my hand, is this moving I can move my leg, is this moving ? I can stand, is this moving ? I can stand on chair, is this moving ? Moving means moving Now you will not even move your finger. Thief uncle Can’t we move finger like this I have to tie Thief uncle Sister is naughty I am tying both hahaha You are making so much fun Tie very slowly Stay quiet Quiet Thief uncle It is very hot in summers Turn the fan on. Yes Turn the fan ON – Quiet Yes What kind of home is this? Fan is on now. Now sit silently No more noise Thief Uncle What happened? I am having itching on my cheeks. Which side? Here No here Here – OK Thief Uncle What happened? I am thirsty Then what can I do? Don’t you know, when thirsty we drink water. Then? Then bring water for us. Yes OK, I am bringing It would have been better – If we were free. We could have done, these things ourselves. Here is water for you How will I drink? Means? I am tied Here I also want to drink. Here I don’t drink from sister’s glass Then? Bring water in fresh glass. Ok Here Happy Now sit quietly Do not shout Thief uncle Now what? Bring some biscuit for me. I want salty biscuit I am a thief So what? What is there? Sister, mumma had made Halwa (Sweet) Yes Yes Thief Uncle Bring those sweets, kept beside microwave. What kind of home is this? Ooooo Thief Uncle What happened? Do not blame our house. Our home is very nice Yes, but you ….. Keep Quiet Please I had enough Bring fast I am bringing halwa for you. I have bought separate spoons for you. Laughing This is cold Warm it in microwave. I will not warm it I came here to steal I am not servant. Thief Uncle I will not microwave it But Why? Thief Uncle I have to go to toilet. I will do it here Untie my hands Please be quiet I am saying please Where did I came? Then Thief uncle Call our mother and take her permission To do the stealing If mother will allow, then OK If she says no? Then we will not allow you. Quiet Do you think I am a fool? Yes Now wait Do not make any noise Quiet No noise Quiet I must close kitchen gate, so they wont ask anything What will we do now? I am here sister What will you do ? My friend will come. Which friend ? Chhota Bheem Chhota bheem? How will he come here? Chhota Bheem is very helpful. How will he come here? He will surely come Chhota Bheem Look sister, I said my friend came Yes he came in real. Tell me what is the problem. There is a thief in our home. He is there in the room Wait, I will ckeck. Why are you shouting? Who are you? Bye Bye Chhota Bheem my friend. Bye Bye Chhota Bheem my friend. Bye Bye Chhota Bheem my friend. What happened Aayu? Bye Bye Chhota Bheem my friend. Bye Bye Chhota Bheem my friend. Aayu Aayu Good Morning What happened You must have seen a dream. Yes I was sleeping

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