Chhota Bheem and SantaπŸŽ… – Christmas in DholakpurπŸŽ„

Chhota Bheem and SantaπŸŽ… – Christmas in DholakpurπŸŽ„

bheem and santa claus *bells ringing* It’s Christmas πŸ™‚ *bells ringing* fields with cows children running and playing at last christmas came which means its the day santa claus will come. i was waiting for this day ages ago I have already decided what i want from santa me too ok then chutki what have you asked to santa i asked a baby doll for me !!!!! ok then raju what about you? my toys have became old. so i have asked toys which are better Bheem what have you asked i have asked that : tuntun aunty should get less angry at me and not restrict me at eating more ladoos hmmm yeah then there wont be any need for you to steal ladoos *laughter* say what you want but asking for ladoo and eating it is not as fun as stealing it look there!!! kalia, dholu and bolu are coming this way. come on!! playing games wow!! what a aim kalia you have throwed some many stones but none of them hit but bheem has throwed them*gets intrupted* if you dont chase him now you will get some beatings bheemmm this is not fair hahaha look! he is so exhausted !! we lost him did we really lose him?? enough, enough!! bheem stop!!!! alright! look i stopped hah! atlast you have surrendered to me you are the one who surendered look behind you kalia *laughter and celebrtion dont think that you boys are better than us! look boss, we have lost again alright! so this is my fault huh!? no, no, no, no not at all! just leave it kalia, its just a game and it was a game which has reward for everybody;) ladooooo!!!!!! so delicious i have a idea which can the children of this village double happines what is that? why dont we go to everybody’s house and give them gifts like ladoo, fruits, toys, just something. wow! what a awesome idea. like this we can even make the people who didnt ask anything for christmas also haapy then come on lets go. lets gather the provisions for it lets start *happiness* *happiness* there is so much happiness if we help others right? yes!! truly what happend raju? hello my children… its so fortunate that I found you here.. are you really santa claus??? we are not dreaming this right?? here raju!! this is for you thank you santa welcome children we will also help you distribute the gifts come on then!!! If you children havent helped me with distributing these gifts, i wouldnt have able to deliver these gifts on time we had a lot of fun.. i will always remember you kids open this only after i have left the sun is rising…I have to go now children…BYE,BYE!!!! bye,bye santa we will meet again… *celebration* These 3 are never going to learn it will be more fun if dont learn wow! what a beautiful place I do like to fall on ice but…. dont worry jaguu there are different types on mountain if you children are skieing for the first time , i would recommend that you go to that mountain hah!! that is such a short mountain..who will do skeiing on that ill do it…ill do it will you come with me raju? wait jaguu even we will come that mountain is only right for small children but for that is the perfect mountain alright boss but if you break your bones, no one will plaster you for free alright then, you 2 stay here

David Anderson

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    Beautiful and cute chutki

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    I love bheem cartoon nice nd you carry on

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    So Nice

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    I love cartoonπŸŽ„

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    Wow nice πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ‘‘β€

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    I also want gift

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    Wish you Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

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