Chaos Cafe – Sonic Revved Up!! Ep. 1 (Animation)

Chaos Cafe – Sonic Revved Up!! Ep. 1 (Animation)

Sonic: Hey Shadow! AW WHAT THE?! That should fix it. Sonic, I don’t think that’s- So what have you been up to shadow? If you must know, I’ve been planning on starting a cafe. Sonic: Oh, cool! Can I help? As annoying as you at least have somewhat of an understanding of how this world works. So, fine. First we’re gonna need a snazzy name for the place. So what’cha got? CHAOS CAFE! Alright, sweet! I’m gonna go get this approved, so I’ll be right back! Yes, hi Please stamp here, and here, and here, and Knuckles Oh no Kay sankue~ Usagi, Desmond… It’s time I tell you the truth OOOOOOOH MY OH MY GOD Twelve seasons for this? We’re approved! Shadow: Why do you have a key to my house? Never mind that; let’s go check out the place! Sonic, this looks disgusting. It just needs a little love, Shadow GOOD GREAT AWESOME OUTSTANDING MAAARIIIA Oh Yeah! This is ULTIMATE! Customers, I summon thee! I wanted to do the first ding. Heck you. Look, Shadow! It’s our first customer! Welcome. What can I get you? I’m noticing an extreme lack of bananas. That’s because we don’t serve them. How ABSURD! I am leaving a 1 STAR REVIEW- *Primitive screaming* So, how’d it go? I stopped him from breathing and stole his phone Hey, I’ve heard of him. He’s one of those restaurant critics. Can I see that really quick? And… done! What can I get you man? Anything that can fill the void… Sure. One assist sundae coming up! Hey Shad, we’ve got a ton of orders. You ready to make them? I already did. Oh cool. How’d you do that? I stole the time stones. Put those back. Welp, all the orders are filled! You seem happy. Heh, I poisoned them all. Uh oh, I don’t feel so good. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? It’s what Maria would have wanted. No, Shadow… What I want… is for you to join Smash. Sonic: Yo, Shadow! Could you get me some toilet paper?

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Chaos Cafe – Sonic Revved Up!! Ep. 1 (Animation)

  1. LJ says:

    Rest easy, Desmond.

  2. Zero Limits says:

    2:06 CUSTOMERS!!! I SUMMON THEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Detective Detective says:

    When ultimate life form has nothing to do in his life.

    He's open a cafe.

  4. Amelia Casey says:

    Groups gets angry-s
    Shadow:makes gorilla nosies-
    Puts bag over its head-

  5. Red PineappleE says:


  6. Carson Summers says:

    3:40 R.I.P headphones

  7. Seba says:

    Sound design 10/10

  8. edward muyekho says:


  9. •unikatty• says:

    T- POSE

  10. Misty Hillbourne says:

    This is funny

  11. Яσʋɢɛ💖тнɛ βღτ🦇💎 says:

    1:20–1:24 Everyone's reaction in a Nutshell when a mii gun fighter was Sans ALL THIS TIME!

  12. Kat Da Kow :D says:

    Omg I love this

  13. the green parrot says:

    Wait I thought chunky was already dead

  14. Tia Blanton says:

    1:18 to 1:23

  15. SonicgamerVSbendy 105 says:

    T-fall 0:14

  16. Alex Coppertone says:

    The lack of Chaos Swissroll jokes is unfortunate to say the least.

  17. Nokiaa Gacha says:


  18. Diego channel says:

    Kirby and waluigi

  19. Dylan Swarthout says:

    Sailormoon Garfield default

  20. Potato Cat says:

    I feel dumb. I thought the series was chaos cafe and the episode name was Sonic revved up

  21. Kai Playz1 says:

    I like the drawings I wish I could draw like that and sonic T-posed

  22. Kai Playz1 says:


  23. Brayden023 says:

    hecc you

  24. Nina Bel says:

    Did u drow it and make dis video in: Clipa Flip?

  25. Charlotte Allen says:

    Sonic: what you got?
    Shadow:…..CHAOS CAFE!!!
    Sonic: "snickers"

  26. The Good Choice says:

    Who else gets the Blend S ref?

  27. Sonic And the gang says:

    AND THEN THERE’s CHUNKY! He’s dead….

    Rip chunky
    Death by shadow

  28. SuperSans64 says:

    Why was a character, not even owned by SEGA mind you, the one thing they could think of?

  29. Vayda says:

    What's with the Kroger bags?

  30. Davin Suryadi says:

    U shouldnt named it cafe chaos

  31. Attila Iván says:

    in here, in here, in here,and knuckles XDDDD



  33. christian342879 ran says:

    3:20 is thanos food

  34. Lut Haqimi says:

    This is lot of meme. I think this is smash world since lot of Nintendo character in this animation. So why need shadow need to be a fighter even sakurai placed piranha plant instead?

  35. Kathy french says:

    Still Waiting For Sonic Revved Up 3.

  36. Uriah Wright says:

    I love this channel!

  37. Roblox Gamer901 says:

    Maria: No shadow, what I want, is for you to join smash…
    Of course we all do lol

  38. contacto041 says:

    cool meme stuff

  39. Sorrow Awakening says:

    (_/,.,_) <—– depressed bois
    /_(°^°,)_ <—– me trying to cure them
    6(^vv^)9 <—– LJ curing me and a depressed boi

  40. Ringo 27 says:

    Chaos Chaos Jevil

  41. Alexander Cruz Garcia says:

    This is how good It is ☹️🙂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉😗😛😁😋😋😁😘😆😛😌😛😗😌😍🙂😆😍😌😘😁

  42. Avery Barkman says:

    sonic is the best

  43. Dr.Gaster says:

    They predicted sans reactions

  44. Kamal Hossam says:

    Sans, senpai, fortnite


  45. Mike Zellmer says:

    sh:HOLY CRAP
    s:%[email protected]$#*&)90

  46. chaman Bano says:


  47. chaman Bano says:

    Bruh this is weird sonic and shadow

  48. sonics unfortunate events says:

    Hey who ever did shadows voice you should change the drawing of it.

  49. Golden sonic says:

    Waiting for ep3

  50. just thinken studios says:

    Garfield: It’s about time I tell you the truth…
    *Reveals to be Sans*
    *default dance music*

  51. javierprisco123 the pro :v says:

    i dont feel so good…. AAAAAAAAA

  52. TkWorldNetwork says:

    R.I.P Desmond "Etika" Amofah

  53. Gage vic Who is this says:

    T pose!

  54. Tiger Vi says:


  55. Micaela Lopez says:

    1:14 O H N O

  56. LEON YT says:

    I love it

  57. ЖЕНЯ says:


  58. Joona Miettinen says:

    your animations is so cool and funny!

  59. Ke'Monei Sherman says:

    This Was the best Show ever 😇😇😇🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🥬🍐🍄🥯🥒🥝🍏🍄🍐🍏🥬🍅🌭🌭🌭🌭🍲🥪🍚🥪🍚🥪🍙🌭🍘🍘🍙🍤🍗🥣🍚🌮🍙🥪🍳🥣🍤🍲🎮🎮🥒🍅🍏🥬🥤🥒🍑🍆🥥🍆🍗🍣🍙🍙🍤🍙🍤🥪🥤🌮🍲🍄🍤🍤🍤🍅🥪🥣🌭🍴🥪🌭🥣🍅🍲🍐🍱🍙🍣🍏🍴

  60. Ricky Jensen says:

    stap here stap here and knuckles oh no

  61. Avian perez says:

    Oh so that's how Chunky died. And then there's Chunky he's ded

  62. Matias Angarita says:


  63. sonic The hedgehog says:

    I like when sonic says Shadow Can You Get Me Tollet Paper? And shadow just stands their like No

  64. Goksel Peduk says:

    Put a Kroger's bag on it and you're done poof all your problems are done

  65. Кирюха Любитель Видео Игр says:

    Can i dub this animation with my freind on russian ? Please 🙁

  66. Red Op says:


  67. Antonio Key says:

    you are awesome

  68. CheesyQuokka YT says:

    This is bloody amazing

  69. Master Max ! says:

    s o c k s

  70. Where's the Cheese says:

    When’s the third one coming

  71. Cindy Rivera says:

    Wrong with you I dream son care so yeah but what are you doing today I don’t know why you poison all the food😓

  72. SuperSonicGabe says:


  73. ken lester caboral says:

    1:52 hahahaha

  74. ken lester caboral says:

    Oh yeah!!!1:53

  75. ken lester caboral says:

    1:47oh yeah!!!

  76. tarik gaming go! says:


  77. Pubg mobile Gamer says:

    What the anime song hehe -,-

  78. Splash Ent. says:

    O H N O

  79. Silver Fang709 says:


  80. Jorge Cruz says:

    Lol I'm Garfield now I'm sans hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😁😁😁

  81. Falique Sulaiman says:

    1:22 SANS

  82. Akura X says:

    Is This a new anime o.o?

  83. Ello there nugget says:

    oh god the blend s reference

  84. Abbigail White says:

    Anybody else noticed that sonic t-posed when he landed?

  85. t baby says:


  86. t baby says:

    You are soooooooo cool

  87. O Incrível Mundo da Yasmin says:

    EU amo sonic

  88. Juan Garcia says:

    Yo Shadow can you give me some toilet paper


  89. Arthur Compton says:


  90. Alber Reyes says:

    Uh oh i dont fell so gud (i think thats areference)

  91. thaddeus john galia says:


  92. Retro Boy 12 says:

    Chunky really acting like royalty

  93. enuggz says:


  94. Alexander Cruz Garcia says:

    Sonic in the air: HEY SHADOW shadow:What the?! Sonic:*makes the place on fire and slaps fire haudtrent* Dat should fix it Shadow:Sonic I don't think that fire haudtrent:*blows up*

  95. PIXEL Plays says:

    OH NO

  96. Cyberbrickmaster1986 says:

    Shadow should go to prison for all this!

  97. Kaylove Gachatubers says:

    2:39 😐now I don’t see that these

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