CGI 3D Animated Short “The Albatross”  – by Joel Best, Alex Jeremy, and Alex Karonis | TheCGBros

CGI 3D Animated Short “The Albatross” – by Joel Best, Alex Jeremy, and Alex Karonis | TheCGBros

Iceman: ‘Beautiful sight, isn’t it? Hmm? Iceman: We should open one, shouldn’t we? Iceman: Hey? Iceman:Why not, huh? Iceman:A toast to you, hey? Hmm? Iceman: Ah damn, that’s nice! Iceman: Yeah! Huh? Huh? Huh? Iceman: Ow! Iceman: Huh? Iceman: Christ… Iceman: Here we go, baby! Go, huh? Go, huh? Iceman: Go, huh? Go, huh? Go, huh? Iceman: HUH? Iceman: Try it! Iceman: TRY IT, HUH?!! TRY I- Iceman: Hey? Hmm? Iceman: Yeah, you old fart. Hmm? Iceman: That’s you. Hmm? Hmm? Iceman: Go ‘head. Let ‘er rip. Huh? Iceman: Let ‘er rip.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “CGI 3D Animated Short “The Albatross” – by Joel Best, Alex Jeremy, and Alex Karonis | TheCGBros

  1. Hairul Hazzar says:


  2. BLACK GISSAR says:


  3. Marena Rubin says:

    Бутылка упала на дно пустой. Так какой же он сделал выбор?

  4. Asadullo Masharipov says:


  5. Tình Văn says:

    Có ai xem mà k hiểu ý nghĩa của clip này giống mình k

  6. عبد المؤمن _صالحي says:

    Halo I'm Adam from Algeria

  7. 好粗啊老王 says:


  8. Icy. says:

    So is he just high af or is that an actual walking glass dude that appears out of nowhere?

  9. i. k says:


  10. nelson irungu says:

    2019 but still relevant….

  11. Ingolf Sturm says:


  12. Jean Pabo says:

    hi sir, what apps u use to animate video? please tell me sir

  13. Слава Украине! says:

    Мой случай. Но я выбрал семейное благополучие.

  14. frengki hermawan says:

    Ga paham gwe

  15. Siti Anisah says:


  16. Akmal Wangsa says:

    Kebanyakan yanh nonton pasti pemabuk, atau pernah jadi pemabuk

  17. Geovanny Araujo Santos says:

    So eu falo em português

  18. Gabriel Hazbun Guajardo says:

    Me hizo emocionarme su profundo significado … y a demás agradecido por los subtítulos en español

  19. Green Life says:

    I promise I'll stop drinking

  20. just_call_ me_peter says:

    Movies name plz

  21. trung cun says:

    I felt sad for the glasss dude even when he was hit he is still very nice i am crying 🙁

  22. دمآإأر شآإمل says:

    وش ذا هل هو ريد ام شيفاز

  23. Capitao Pea says:

    Valeu pela legenda em pt br

  24. ֆծփձ ԺճՑէնթհՊխմ says:

    The animation is great, but please don’t throw the bottles in the sea.

  25. BlocksMatters MCPE says:

    Um where is logic glass man that has three billion holes in him can drink? It’s magiiiiiiiiiiiiic

  26. Mukhlis Pratama says:

    You guys can tel me what the masage of this animation?

  27. Никита Ивасько says:

    Кто не понял суть ролика в том что алкоголь – зло , оно разрушает организм как у того чудища

  28. bob ebinger says:


  29. matakaputra says:

    Why is it called albatross??

  30. Ryder Crisostomo says:

    maby he was jrunk and he just saw that monster

  31. Ducky Momo says:

    We need to pick up trash at the ocean or something like this will happen

  32. Ronnie Thomas says:

    It's a good flick seen it before makes you think about life

  33. Ramiify Flicks says:
    Subscribe for movie clips and cool songs tributed to celebrities

  34. Manol Glishev says:

    A favourite 🙂

  35. Валентина Ульянова says:

    А в чем смысл?


    Γιατη γραφη ελληνικα πανω

  37. Howard Luken says:

    The story of how aging makes you gassy. Let 'er rip! Our precious bodily fluids, Sterling.

  38. GAME DROID says:

    Alguém br

  39. ナッキー says:


  40. الادعم says:

    هذا الجانب السلبي من الرجل يرشدك الى فعل الخطاء حتى تهلك في غيك

  41. Oleg Grusdev says:


  42. Humbel Humbel says:

    Is good ♥♥♥

  43. almahmomy online says:


  44. я Я says:

    Тип синька чмо? И по синьке все убицства

  45. Supun Tharaka says:


  46. King crimson As a memer says:

    How friendly he are even that old man hit him but he still friendly and try to get the last drink how friendly he are OMG it make me sad slot he so friendly but he just hit a chicken sandwich oh wait what oh right the bird but he still friendly EEEEEEEEEEE ????? gimme a like. ?? ? ?

  47. Santos Ramos says:

    What's the name of that bottle? Someone?

  48. Mcoy Leicam says:

    Alguém pode me dar uma explicação convivente quanto ao que quer dizer essa animação??!

  49. Nghĩa Lữ says:

    Phim ý nghĩa..thói quen vức chai thủy tinh xuống biển và một ngày nào đó nó sẽ là quái vật giết chết môi trường và con người

  50. Владимир Шутов says:

    veru good,прикольный мульт…

  51. Sethawut Noijad says:

    He drunk and kill bird

  52. My blood type is MEMES says:


  53. Shahzaib Bhatti says:

    Nice video

  54. Numan All says:

    Eluminati baster

  55. ХПК ХПК says:

    Что тут скажешь – жизненно. В общем – хватит пить, займитесь спортом.

  56. Dr. Pyro TF2, Etc. says:

    That bird is a POOTIS BIRD

  57. Katrina Katrina says:

    Lucy new trailer is on fire ?

  58. Mangalraj Singh says:

    I'm like a story

  59. nasa mars says:

    алкаши больше тягу отбивают

  60. Boris Davidov says:

    "…Он просто любитель жидкости с номером ноль"

  61. Maschera Duale says:


  62. Jose Correa-baca Jr. says:

    My mother told me that the glass man was showing him that the thing he was doing was bad

  63. Valery algaval says:

    Молоко и гантели.

  64. William Perry says:

    I wish I can have one of this and if all human are sensitive

  65. Daniel and Jacks fishing adventure - with friends says:

    4:15 anyone find this part like a song?

  66. Rick Gano says:

    Sterling Hayden played col. Jack D Ripper in Dr Strangelove, his drink was pure grain alcohol and branch water.

  67. titeuf Ninja says:

    Best ?

  68. باسم احمد هيكل نديم كرم says:

    I'm arabic I want jop

  69. Scott Miller says:

    This hit pretty hard for me. Absolutely incredible. True art. Inspired me to make some lifestyle changes.

  70. Jack Daniel says:

    Never drink when you're in depression, in the end destroy your self

  71. panda cerdas says:


  72. Steam Punker Fox says:

  73. Ahmad Khair says:

    Keren sangad:v

  74. Константин Панфилов says:

    Алкоголь это страшная сила ?. Медленно и верно человек погибает.

  75. Richard Grajeda says:

    It's not glass man is Iceman
    Put the caption on and you'll see it

  76. Volkan BİÇER says:

    Cam adam adamın nefsi sanırım

  77. RP LEO says:

  78. Mr Octopus dumplings says:


  79. Anis Khan says:

    Yah kaun sa movie hai is cartoon movie ka naam kya hai

  80. Chill Boi says:

    I saw the meaning to it now

  81. C S says:

    I felt bad for that glass man when he was trying to get back on the boat and was still trying to drink from the bottle and what he fell apart and died?????????

  82. Don’t Spill the milk says:

    So powerful, yes I’ve battled that demon

  83. Bryan Galloway says:


  84. Trash standoff 2 says:

    Этот ютубе шайтанская машина

  85. Brito Puto says:


  86. Aaron Kuzniewicz says:

    why call it albatross, that isn't even the bird in the story

  87. sammie Canana says:

    The creature is himself, struggling with addiction
    I understand to well.
    The broken shattered Phantasm leaves after attacking the albatross, it can not drink more. Then, he can see the beautiful bird.
    Sadly, wrecking one's own life is when one learns, and the ones that learn are the fortunate few.
    His drunken self wants nothing to do with the bird, which could be family friends job home what ever important
    And he finally sees himself attack the bird, or destroy his life, and he figured it out. When the Phantasm dies, the bird comes to him, or you can recover some parts of your Life

  88. Rex T-Rex says:


  89. Osama Azhar says:

    I never drink. But i think i should try once .It may balance my mind 😉

  90. dragare slayer says:

    Addiction is one hell of a thing

  91. Константин Крапивин says:

    В каждом есть частичка светлого.

  92. Aaron Jones says:

    The bird symbolizes so much in this. It's what you miss as an alcoholic. Friends, family, lovers, good times, and EVEN bad times, you drown those out too. You can miss your whole life.

  93. Hytro mad says:

    Alkohol ist das gift das uns das Leben nimmt

  94. Skylar Williams says:


  95. إبِنِ حٌمَأّةّ says:

    شو نوع وسكي بلاك

  96. Murtada Sabri says:

    فهمت الفكرة الخمر يدمر الأنسان

  97. Axel Faure says:

    Why is Hugh Laurie drinking too much on a boat ?

  98. Matt gaming says:

    Point is. I need a bird.

  99. Randomness says:

    I am recovering drinking addict myself. I do see a better world without it but always afraid of the relapes.

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