CGI 3D Animated Short: “Les Rouages De La Reserve” – by  Team LRDLR

CGI 3D Animated Short: “Les Rouages De La Reserve” – by Team LRDLR

Ahh… The Camargue! A place of peace and serenity. A perfect mix of teeming fauna and luxurious flora where humans and nature have found a balance. This small paradise exists within the protected domain of the reserve. Its conservation is possible thanks to our three sectors. Our police care for this territory making sure certain rules are respected. If we don’t follow them there are sanctions. But just imagine what the reserve would look like without them. Graffiti, camping, plant smuggling pollution, poaching, fire, ANARCHY! Excuse me. The riches of the reserve would disappear without proper management. Researchers come throughout the year to study our invertebrae reptiles amphibians mammals and hundreds of thousands of birds! The salinity and purity of the water have a direct impact on biodiversity. Our scientists must examine its fluctuations in order to preserve this habitat as best as possible. As well as monitoring, our teams take care of this territory. It’s a lot of work! Pulling out malicious weeds, maintaining spaces open to the public. It’s hard to keep an eye on everything… and that’s why, to help us out, volunteer workshops are often offered to Camargue enthusiasts. Because instead of having this… isn’t this much better? But if nobody’s here to admire it, what’s the point? Our three sites are open in order to organise conferences, visits and outings, to help you discover our little paradise in Provence.

David Anderson

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