Catch Up On SHOOK! | SHOOK | Disney Channel

Catch Up On SHOOK! | SHOOK | Disney Channel

( music playing )No one will know
you’re the next Beyoncé… – Or Misty Copeland.
…if you only dancein your house
for your little sister.
But I haven’t performed in,
like, a year. Liberty:
Mia Brooks, you’re up next.
♪ Whoo, we light the fire ♪♪ Got you burning up ♪♪ Hey, hey, you can’t deny
you feel the– ♪
– So?
– I made the team. – Yes, yes!
– They cost, like, $200. And by 200, I mean 800. – Mia, you know
if we could afford–
– Yes, I know. Mom:It won’t always be
like this, okay?
♪ Stop, wait,
back it up now ♪
♪ Give me the grand prize ♪♪ I like to keep it
up close and personal ♪
♪ If I got to jump,
you know I got the vertical ♪
♪ Riding in the whip,
top down with the drip ♪
♪ Working hard for my money ♪♪ Trying to move the decimal ♪♪ I’m making moves right now ♪You’re a dope dancer.You should come back tomorrow
and perform with us.
I’m done with dance. Clearly dance
isn’t done with you. These dancers were so good. So, Liberty just, like,
never responded? – Nope.
– Why pay a thousand dollars
to be on a dance team?You can dance with this crew
and make money.
♪ I’m so fast,
catch me if you can ♪
♪ Gotta do it on the double,
never stopping ’cause I can’t ♪
I’m Claire.
I am a talent agent. Why do you dance?
Who is Mia? – I don’t know.
– Next time I see you, know. Does this mean you’re, like,
for real dancing again? – ( car horn honks )
– Mia! Now! In what world do you think
it’s okay to lie so you can hang out with dancers
on the street corner? – I mean–
– I just thought I could make
some money to help out. The dance crew is done.
You are grounded. – For how long?
– Until I say you’re not. She never responded
to my text. Is she mad?Yeah, she’s definitely mad.( music playing )

David Anderson

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    My Disney channel in spanish

    Any body else😮

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    Play this on Disney channel!!! Not just on YouTube, this is great representation

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    The episodes r so smalllllll

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    This is so fun

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    I watched episodes 1-5 yesterday of Shook!

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    I love this show

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    The next Beyoncé? Nope
    The next Misty Copeland? Nah
    The first Mia Brooks? Yes

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    Love this show

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    I love Sofia

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    Good episode

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    These are great Clips of Shook and I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode of Shook

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    I literally love and am now absoluuuuuutely am ABSESED with this show and I literally just started watching 👀 this show

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