Cartoons and Anime Portrayed by The Amazing World of Gumball

Cartoons and Anime Portrayed by The Amazing World of Gumball

Dude, you’re gonna make me late. I know. Dude, they started. I’m going to be late for my solo. See? We weren’t here that long. [music] [fight sounds] [slaps] See what happens when you let yourself be an instrument of violence, everyone gets hurt! You don’t understand! I’m the one who’s getting picked on! Then forget everything I said. LET’S NAIL THIS GUY!! Come on man, we both know this is just posturing. Yeah, but I thought you might buy it if I went big. Let’s just try and find an actual solution. Maybe we should just forget about Molly and Janice and stuff. I don’t remember Molly anyway, and if the world decided that she was a mistake and who are we to- [Slaps] Darwin! It wasn’t very nice of you to push your brother in such a way, people [throws] I just wanted to see if you were using this chair. You mean this chair? You know what? Don’t worry about it. You can take this table if you like. Yah.. uh, never mind. Is this boring!? Or this!? Anyone think I’m boring!? Call me boring now! [footsteps] [Gasp] I don’t know what that secret ingredient is, but the customers just love your burgers! The secret ingredient is love! [Both kiss burger] Yahoo! [bell rings] Let’sa go! [excited] HEY, MAN! Oh, hey dude. This is my uncle Hey, it’s me, Mario Oh, chill you, do you need a tissue, or a bucket? [screams] ♫ Well I cheated on a math test; Teacher says I gotta pay. Doin’ time at the schoolhouse And it gets worse every day! ♫ [beat of this music makes hm] ♫ I’ve done a lot of bad things, as freedom wilted away I’ve seen a lot of sad things, And it gets worse every day! ♫ [Noises] [Laughter] Look what you’ve done, you’ve
completely turned into ghosts! Which means, I can finally do this! [kiss] They have history – Once upon a time, Nicole and my mother were friends, studying karate under my grandfather. Separately they were strong, but together, there was nothing they could not do. Until the Elmore kumite of ruthless martial arts tournament, Nicole was mother’s kohai, her protege but as the tournament progressed, they had to face each other, in the final fight, my mother should have won easily. But your mother’s fighting spirit allowed her to try [punch] Ready? Was he talking about all the inmates dug a hole through. Fight! [dramatic music] [punch] [crowd gets scary by punch] [screams] [sigh] Well, on the plus side, we still get the money to save the school. [touch] Aw. By the power of cheese! [‘cheese’ echo] By the power of bacon! [also makes echo] By the power of processed meat! [echo] By the power of carbs and deep fat frying! I give you… The “Sluzzleworst”! ♫ What is the love? Does it fall from above? ♫ ♫ Listen Bobert to the words we sing, we are love, and love is everything~~ ♫ Warning. Circular reference detected. ♫ I love my boyfriend, I love my toys, I love my mother, And I love making noise, I love my television, Darling, I love you, Love is as old as time~~, And love is always new, [both] Do we love each other? I guess we sorta do. ♫ ♫ [everyone] Love is everywhere and love is in you! ♫ Okay, we just have to set the clock back to zero, and everything will be fine. SPIN IT! Uh, dude, I think you spit it too far Uh, let’s go back a little. [gasp] [making gestures] [breath] [monkey making noises] [monkey making noises more louder] [monkey making noises] Ah! [flys] [song is playing in background and everyone breaths] [fight noises] [angry groans] Go to… bathroom attic bedroom [BATHROOM]
[BEDROOM] [afraid screams] [low scream] Dude, what is going on? So how do you feel about your success it’s cool, but it’s kind of hard to communicate with each other See accent now last week. I mean these guys have their own TV show and they’re ripping us off Oh, did this the kids you decided to have These guys you’re making money out of our lives while we’re broke come on we’re not that broke mom We’re so broke that we give you all nice to charity. No. You’re right We should sue them guys a lawyer would cost way too much dough how much dough like thousands of dollars I mean how much in cookie dough millions of tons Wait a minute how could they copy that it literally just happened it literally just happened Forget it. We don’t watch that

David Anderson

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41 thoughts on “Cartoons and Anime Portrayed by The Amazing World of Gumball

  1. a thing says:

    Since people keep asking about it, there are two JoJo references in Cartoons and Anime Portrayed by The Amazing World of Gumball 2

  2. brooke james says:


  3. Hans Fritz says:

    No Jojo?

  4. Diky Candrq says:

    I can't say ajything :v

  5. Marshmallow Cloud says:

    The amazing world of gumball as the cartoon version of Gintama.

  6. Redclif says:

    5:59 gumball finds sao

  7. Peanut Gaming and Animations! says:

    Fact: Gumball went SSJ2

  8. IINotOk ;-; says:

    But my hero academia was never Made When they made that episode

  9. IINotOk ;-; says:

    and Gumball never Copied ChiChi

  10. Jacqueline Andrade says:

    5:55 episode name??

  11. Savage Cube says:

    U watch all of the anime?

  12. Dj inz Croitoriu says:

    *insert danny phantom theme here*Gumball phantom

  13. GD GenePlayzYT says:

    Add Inazuma in there because I didnt watch the whole video.

  14. Ojdndidjdj Ndjdndjdj says:

    A thing 5:57 was final fantasy so you shouldn’t have added that clip.

  15. Pro Edg says:

    E bragut😕

  16. Renai Support says:

    Richard should be Jojo reference

  17. Panji Q.A says:

    Kids when see anime be like
    Wtf is that

  18. AGENT 27 says:

    Gumball also has the whisker thing going on,wonder if he knows shadow clone jutsu

  19. Ghazi Yacoub says:

    this is not one piece

  20. Ghazi Yacoub says:

    there is more references to naruto in gumball

  21. Shadow PvP says:

    1:15 Nicole Raiding Area 51 2019 (Colorized)

  22. Dylan Matthew Aquilet says:

    1:14–1:24 Haha naruto my favorite anime show

    Well even pokemon I only watch 2 anime XD

  23. Gadil Girard says:

    By the power of homework, tests, studying i give you depression

  24. Mariocat99 says:

    Portrayed by movies. Jurassic Park, Terminator, and some others

  25. ItsPrinceRavenPlayz Hero Academy United says:

    1:07 Eren:Guess I'll quit then😐

  26. 金田正太郎 says:

    The Blue cats voice in Japanese is same as NARUTO

  27. Przemyslaw Sucharkiewicz says:

    Spongebob is a anime??😂 😂

  28. pedro erykles says:


  29. ¡doh says:

    how the fck there is no a JOJO REFERENCE? AAAAAA

  30. sorry about my name says:

    3:10 that is literally a reference of dragon ball right there, the dragon is right there!!!

  31. Simple LG says:

    amazing world of gumball is A cartoon

  32. LHP Official says:

    1:00 and i thought that was jojo

  33. TwTv SinisterKat says:

    Ok 5:56 that has nothing to do with SAO, first it’s not VR, second it’s a 2D RPG game kinda like Shantae for example

  34. Lukas hallo says:

    Fucking weaboo

  35. demetrius thomas says:

    0:16 oh I get it all might vs all for one

  36. Crockduck Noob says:

    OK KO is my hero and naruto combined into a kids cartoon

  37. Mr.TheGreat says:

    Naruto run actually works if you get the positioning right

  38. Coolgamer 1300 says:

    Where’s samurai jack

  39. The Noob of Roblox YellowNoob says:

    Error: u didn't potrayed the cartoon "The Amamzing World of Gumball"

    Btw in the potrayed of mario u can put a little clip of sonic (look the end of that episode of super mario 😛

  40. Yo Tengo says:

    Uh ambulance from jojo?

  41. Exotic Eymotion says:

    0:15 that’s Batman

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