Captain Marvel VS Shazam (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

Captain Marvel VS Shazam (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

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So you never miss the right moment to invest Robin Hood is giving viewers of DEATH BATTLE like you a free stock like Apple Ford or sprint to help build your portfolio Sign up at battle Robin Hood com battle dot Robin Hood calm Many with great power choose to take up the responsibility of beating a hero but for others it is thrust upon them when they least expect it like Captain Marvel the high-flying Avenger and Shazam the literal boy turned hero of the Justice League He’s Wiz and I’m boomstick and it’s our job to analyze their weapons armor and skills to find out who would win a death battle Before she would take up her superhero mantle Carole was an army brat raised by Jo and Marie Danvers inspired by her us may be dead Carroll joined the Air Force at 18 with the hopes of one day becoming an Astronaut which sounds really cool except, you know comic book outer space is who a more dangerous than real outer space Which is arty, you know pretty friggin dangerous Arnold. Don’t take off your oh You’re not far off after becoming a head of security at NASA Carroll was caught up in an alien struggle which resulted in an explosion Of a device called the psych magnetron. Oh, what’s it now? The psych magnetron was designed to bestow superhuman powers to the alien species known as the creep caught close to the explosion Carol seemed to be unaffected but not twist her mom was an alien Kree all along and so Carole’s half Kree half human genetics were fused and awakened forging her into a super heroine the likes of which the world had never seen Too bad. She didn’t even know about it for months. Yeah.. She’d black out sometimes and then wake up to hear of a new blonde superhero ladies saving the day It’s like keeping your own secret identity a secret from yourself. Eventually. She did figure it out and accepted her role as Miss Marvel. Oh, yeah. She’s had a bunch of names like that warbird and Captain whiz-bang None not kidding about that one until a certain Kree superhero and close friend passed on Upholding the legacy of her mentor. She took up his heroic name So Carol became known as Captain Marvel Captain Marvel possesses incredible superhuman strength speed stamina and durability She resists fatal poisons has a notable healing factor and doesn’t even need to eat or sleep for long periods of time She’s got a ton of experience fighting with the Avengers x-men and the spacefaring Starjammers. Oh and she can friggin fly and to top it off. She possesses incredible energy manipulation powers She can fire photon blast from her body alter matter at a molecular level and absorb enormous amounts of energy Which can augment her own power and when she absorbs enough energy She busts out the big guns by transforming into her ultimate form and tough. Tear fire type Pokemon Binary, thanks just weird experiments done to her by the creepy crawly brood aliens first against her human and Kree bitch smashed together and then she gets her genes brooded to become a Sun person as Binary she is extraordinarily powerful on a cosmic scale directly connected to the power of a white hole Binary can control all forms of energy fly through space move at the speed of light and even control gravity For you buddy. Oh wait, let’s move on While she has lost her binary powers before She still maintains an instilled connection to white halls nearby and can summon the form when necessary similar to another long dormant power of hers her hyper-awareness pair deja vu power she can automatically predict her opponent’s moves sort of like Spider-man’s really obese spider sense with her slew of abilities Marvel. Is that force to be reckoned with it? Wasn’t easy for her though, and she soon found herself wandering the universe in search of purpose But nobody got away with messin with her for Loan She’s tough enough to survive a nuclear blood A shot from a disintegrator beam which could destroy the Android vision in one shot and even a direct hit from a tachyon laser Tachyons are a theoretical class of particles that travel faster than the speed of light and are capable of slicing through nearly anything like an entire greece starship Yeah I wouldn’t want to be on the end of one of those Not only was Marvel able to take a hit from one of these she could dodge Subsequent shots as well what let’s take it up a notch as binary She survived attacks from both the Phoenix force and the a lifts both of which are known for blowing up entire planets hell she could wipe out planets on her own if she really wants to cuz She totally already has even without her binary powers Marvel could toss around and obliterate the remnants of this enormous asteroid Damn, that’s impressive. Hey Wiz, how come you’ve never mentioned how strong I am. I bet I could punch apart an asteroid I don’t know boomstick. I’d have to cooperate a new strength meter to accommodate you’ll Get up that doober squealing so she’s super powerful But she does reach some limits if she over uses her powers, you know after blowing up a couple planets or whatever That’s and absorbing magical energy can be a dangerous gamble though It doesn’t stop her from taking on mystic monstrosities whenever she needs to cuz Captain Marvel is one super hero who will never stop fighting No matter what. Oh good. Looks like I didn’t miss all the fun another combatant Yeah, right back at you After moving between foster families for most of his life 15 year-old Billy Batson didn’t know the meaning of home But one day after being chased by bullies into a subway car Billy was magicked away to the rock of eternity where he was granted bowers by a mysterious wizard Hey, wait, wait, that’s it. No, freaky alien jeans, no parents getting gunned down in an alley He just hopped on a train and shut off to meet some old dude. Where’s the tragedy? Where’s the drama? Boomstick he’s an orphan. Oh Right Oh Shucks it up. And the way the rock of eternity is no ordinary chunk of dirt floating across the cosmos It was the home of a wizardly hero who was in need of an heir and a claim his powers All Billy needed to do was speak aloud a single magic word Shazaam What kind of magic word is Shazam even abracadabra would be better than that boomstick? You have no room to talk. Your password is password And you don’t even spell it, right? exactly Wiz Genius hi. Oh, wait. Wait a minute. How do you know my password? Let’s move on Anyway, whenever Billy sounds his magic word with heroic intent He summons a bolt of lightning that ages him up to become Captain Marvel Till they change that shit cuz Marvel Comics Oh long story short Captain Marvel was originally conceived not by DC or marvel But by Fawcett comics as a competitor for Superman. Yeah, DC didn’t like that So they killed of the captain in the courtroom and took the character for themselves Then Marvel comics showed up 20 years later and had a similar legal battle with MF enterprises father it enterprises Damn it. Beat me to it Well good news because apparently they forgot how copyright works and tried to make their own Captain Marvel peers have the power to puppy’s head off and that’s about it. He’s stupid Let’s move on with that Captain Marvel had two owners Marvel owned the name But DC owned the character and so began a cold legal war with both companies silently daring the other to cross the line Fill DC decided – screw it. Let’s call him jizz am as Shazam Billy gains a wide variety of impressive powers including the wisdom of Solomon the strength of Hercules the stamina of Atlas the lightning of Zeus the courage of Achilles and the speed of mercury and the body of legal drinking age each of these ancient beings granted their own capabilities to Shazam the wisdom of Solomon gave him a perfect memory and the ability to Magically gain any knowledge he needs to know so it’s like a smartphone with internet access. I Sure, the strength of Hercules makes him super strong obviously and with the Lightning of Zeus He got awesome electric powers Zeus himself once channeled the power to defeat the shattered God, Abbi only previously slain by the Big Bang a schlager mom with the Big Bang Shazam also gained accelerated healing a shortcut to the rock of eternity and the ability to share his powers with anyone He considers family like his adoptive sister. I suppose he eventually found himself a home after all, huh That’s touching but back to cool super powers with the courage of Achilles He became tough enough to survive in space and even take on Superman himself and with the speed of mercury He can fly as well as move faster than light Hey, no, wait a minute Solomon Hercules analyst the first letters come together to smell Shazam Yep, and you say don’t pay attention to stuff. Despite Billy’s often sour attitude Thanks to well the homelessness He always dreamed of rising up and becoming a hero as Shazam he wound up being so good at hero work He joined the Justice League though he did keep the truth of his powers a secret as Superman would probably think twice about Sending a 15 year old into an active combat zone. Yeah, you gotta learn sometime, right? Plus he’s super powerful able to stand up against all sorts of aliens monsters And gods he’s fast enough to transform and dodge a bullet all in one move and even outran the flash Racing around the world at speeds. Even Superman doubted he could match. That’s right Shazam is faster than frickin Superman Superman can perceive time and react down to the femtosecond For flash and Shazam to exceed this in one run around the earth They must be moving more than a hundred and thirty three trillion times faster than light. Yeah, that’s cool enough But how about the timey punch so hard he started a black hole out of nowhere He’s coming up the struggle Superman’s Punches survive planet bursting chefs from the void hound and even a bomb that turned his whole body inside, huh? That’s the tesseract bomb and Shazam’s magic was powerful enough to pull himself back together without much issue So technically not a straight durability feat but still a device that turns things inside out Delightful, it’s so fascinating. I had to replicate it for myself The hell is that if my calculations are correct? This should mimic the spaced bending reversal effects of the tesseract bomb turning any object inside Oh Yeah, that makes sense however Even with all Shazam’s miked he is still 15 year-old Billy fats his time and experience hardly compares to other members of the Justice League and his headstrong immaturity can’t help but slip out every now and Which it’s gotta be super hard going back and forth and that hormone hurricane yet Distractions and adversaries aren’t enough to stop this caped crusader He may be the ultimate power fantasy incarnate. But he’s also exactly what he’d hoped. 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It’s pretty nice coming home knowing I’ll have a delicious meal I can whip up with these to start making delicious brag worthy meals at home without the hassle Try blue apron check out this week’s menu and get $60 of it blue apron dot-com slash metal that’s blue apron calm slash battle blue apron a better way to cook but right now it’s Deborah death better Oh Geez stop stop right there You really think you can get away with something so petty oh I didn’t mean that this isn’t right Boy When in doubt About this surprise Okay, time to go No Hey now is nothing like a firework Dan the night this battle certainly pushed both Marvel and Shazam to their limits But while Carol’s experiences with the Phoenix force and Alice proved she could hold up to Suzanne’s strength of Atlas She unfortunately fell a bit short in most other categories Even her energy absorption powers could only take so much magic before reaching a limit But hey, Carol got one over and with her hyper-awareness super senses, right? Not really Well binary could move past like speed we’ve already established that Shazam can move much faster over one hundred and thirty three quadrillion times more in fact And let’s be honest having wise old Solomon telling you any information you need at any point is pretty overpowered Speaking of which carol had enough power to obliterate a planet but Shazam could punch a black hole into existence Whoever does then going off this building’s height in the horizon. We determine the size of Shazam and the black hole He was giant size at the time with the estimated SWAT shield radius of the black hole being 526 feet its mass must be about 238 octillion pounds the energy to create a singularity of that size would have to be 97 foe Win, what does PO mean as good were friend? It’s simple one unit of foe is approximately equal to the energy output of a supernova. Oh Hell are you serious? Who decided this guy can punch with the power of 97 supernovas that can’t be right well
We can support this by comparing Shazam to Zeus one of the six beings he draws power from at one point zeus channeled enough energy To defeat the shattered god who had only previously been defeated by the original Big Bang Okay But Zeus is drawing power from a bunch of other gods we can see at least 34 here, and there’s probably more Even if there were a thousand gods involved this still means Zeus is responsible for one one thousandth of something comparable to the Big Bang a universal scale event Yeah, I don’t think binary had anything like that up her sleeve Carroll was certainly no pushover But Shazam had the speed strength and versatility to take this battle in the long run That was one marvelous fight. The winner is Shazam Hey don’t go away. We’re about to announce the next death battle But if you want the battle music from this one for yourself You can get it by clicking the link below or check out one of those other videos right over there

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    you guys should add undertale characters

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    Wally West: I am the fastest boy alive!
    Billy: Hold my root beer.

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    Does anyone realize that captain marvel from msrvel originaly a man was

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    Shazam is my favourite DC Superhero dunno why like this guy somehow.

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    I NEVER NEW shazam can be funny and strong at the same time

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    If the comic book versions of these heroes fought, Shazam instantly kills her. Mcu and dceu versions would be close with I think either being able to win imo.

  9. Aouwy Yang says:

    Binary? And here I thought there was more than 2 genders!! Ba-dum-pshh

  10. arman kapoor says:

    I think you are DC fan. Always win DC 😠😠😠😠😠

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    this is more like " A Big Woman vs a little boy" lol

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    She should have stayed in the kitchen

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    You guy's are great keep being awesome

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    Isn’t this technically Captain Marvel VS Captain Marvel

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    I like how people are calling captain marvel feminist propaganda are proving they know nothing about the comics. Like where were these people at during the captain marvel vs Android 18 video saying this?

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    What's this? Match of the bad movies? She got killed by Android 18, forget about Captain Marvel.

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    It would be out of character for either of them to battle to the death. A staged battle with proceeds from ticket sales split evenly between a veterans' charity and a foster kids' charity is more like it for both.

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    Only death battle thus far that I don't like.

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    Anyone still miss when it used to say FIGHT!

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    Shazam would win anyways no need of pulling ridiculous silver age feats… And death battle scalings are always way off. Using feats of kingdom come Shazam speed feats lol. This is like composite captain marvel silver age, kingdom come etc all alt reality version vs base carol denvers.

  29. Traveling JazzMan says:

    I won't spoil this fight. I'll just say, I'm glad to see the result!

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