Bumper Car Betsy | Doc McStuffins Baby | Disney Junior

Bumper Car Betsy | Doc McStuffins Baby | Disney Junior

[lullaby music] [Doc]
Bumper Car Betsy.
[Doc] The Rattle Road Race
is a Babyland tradition. [Hallie]
It’s time to get movin’
and zoomin’, everyone! [all cheer] Vroom! Vroom, vroom! Oh, hi, Betsy.
The race is this way. You don’t
wanna go backwards. On your mark,
get set… race! -[crowd cheering]
-[babies cooing] -[baby toy squeals]
-[Lambie] Oh, no! We’ve got an off-road baby! [chuckles] Little one, that’s a pillow,
not a flag! The race is this way! [crowd cheering] [Chilly] She’s like
a baby bumper car! [Hallie] We’re gonna have to
start the race all over again. But first, I think it’s time
for a quick baby check-up. Let’s do a baby doll
eye test. This is Lambie. Lambie!
[laughing] Now, let’s see if
you can find Lambie in this pile of toys. [Betsy cooing] I have a diagnosis. Betsy has a case
of squinty-itis. There are some baby dolls
that come with accessories that make them
extra special, and Betsy must be a doll that came with her
very own glasses. We better find those glasses
before the race starts again. -Got it!
-Thanks, Stuffy. -[relieved sighs]
-[Doc] That’s better! Vroom, vroom, vroom! I don’t speak baby,
but I’m guessing Betsy says she’s ready
for the race now! [Hallie]
On your mark, get set, race! [Betsy cooing] -[Doc] Look at her go!
-[Chilly] Go, go! [all cheering] [cheering continues] [Betsy]
Vroom, vroom! -[toys cheering]
-[Stuffy] Betsy! -[Lambie] Oh!
-[Doc] And the winner of the Baby Land
Rattle Road Race is… -[Doc] Betsy!
-[Betsy laughing]

David Anderson

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