BoBoiBoy Galaxy™ – Full Season 1 (Episode 1-24)

[♪ OP theme: Bunkface – Dunia Baru♪ ] ♪ Let everyone know♪ ♪ It’s a brave new world♪ ♪ Let’s fight for it together and win♪ ♪ Seeking this power♪ ♪ Across galaxies♪ ♪ This is our reality♪ ♪ Unleash the power inside♪ ♪ And let them see♪ ♪ This world that belongs to you and me♪ ♪ In battle we soar♪ ♪ With clouds in our wake♪ ♪ Unleash the power inside♪ ♪ And let them see♪ ♪ That this is our world…♪ ♪ Unleash the power inside♪ ♪ And let them see♪ ♪ This world that belongs to you and me♪ ♪ In battle we soar♪ ♪ With clouds in our wake♪ Power Spheras are high-tech robots carrying powers unimaginable. Coveted by many, These robots fled and hid themselves in various parts of the galaxy. One by one… Power Spheras have been hunted down and captured by those with ill intent. And now… Their powers are used to- -wreck havoc and destruction throughout the universe. This is the tale of Earth’s superhero… BoBoiBoy in his quest to save the Power Spheras and defend our galaxy. Oh no… What should we do, Commander? Fear not, MotoBot. As protector of Power Spheras, I will not let those pirates capture you. Not so fast! Defend the ship! Blast those rocks! [Target lost] Huh?! Where did he go? Begging your pardon, Captain! The ship cannot be detected. So you think you can hide from me?! What do we do now, Commander? We’re trapped! It looks like -we have to contact Earth’s mightiest superhero BoBoiBoy. It’s me, BoBoiBoy! Earth’s superhero! Bring it on! Lighting…. -Kick! GOAL! Goal! Goal! Goal! Haha. Awesome. Hmph. Everyone wants to be like you. No one ever wants to be me. Someone’s jealous. You should’ve given BoBoiBoy’s -Elemental powers to me instead, Ochobot. Huh? You’re really okay with trading your -Food Transformation powers for that? Huh? Err… Forget it! Gopal… What? Aren’t you bored? Bored of transforming things into food? No way, BoBoiBoy. Here, your drinks. Thanks, gramps. Thanks, Tok Aba. You’re welcome. It’s not that… It’s been so long since we’ve done any superhero stuff. Hey. What are you talking about? Last time I checked, I’m still pretty much a superhero! Ha! Check this out! Food Transformation! Hey! What do you think you’re doing to my shop? Eeek! Sorry, Tok Aba! This kid… Change it back! Okay, okay! Hehe. Hmm… You’re right, BoBoiBoy. It has been a while since your last superhero gig. Yeah. The last time I used my powers was 3 weeks ago. And that was just to save a cat. Not a person. Meow. Hey, you should be thankful -that things are calm. Hmm. Of course, I am. But… It’s just no fun if we can’t use these powers. If only there are people -who need our help right now. Hey, mister! Can you help us get our ball? I know you’re still here! Ha…. Hahaha. Bypass their communication signal! Yes, Captain. [Searching] [Transmission detected] [Incoming transmission] -Hahaha. There you are. Hand over the Power Sphera named MotoBot. Or else- Huh? You… You’re just the janitor. I demand to see your captain right now! Summon him immediately! [Signal lost] Huh?!
[Signal lost] Insolence! So the captain refuses to speak with me?! I’m going to pound him to dust! BoBoiBoy’s location has been identified. I must contact Ochobot now. Hey! Out of my way, Gopal! Let me get that ball! [Sigh] Are you guys that desperate? It’s okay, boys. I’ll get the ball! I don’t want you! I want BoBoiBoy! Erk…! Heh. Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning. Lightning Dash! Wait up, BoBoiBoy- ARGH! Lightning Dash! Candy Cane Transformation! Huh? Elemental Power BoBoiBoy Wind. Wind Sphere! Food Transformation Blasts! Hey, hey! That’s enough! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth. Earth Barrier! Give me the ball, BoBoiBoy! This is their ball, not yours! Here you go. Keep it safe, okay? Huh?! Hey, it turned into a cekodok. My ball! It’s okay, kid. We’ll get you a new ball. Hey, hey! Can I have some of that? This is all your fault. Me? You’re the one who changed it into a cekodok! Hey… You’re both at fault. Too desperate to use your powers. Argh! Huh?! Ochobot! He’s glitching, BoBoiBoy! Snap out of it, Ochobot! Come on! Hey!! I’m fine! BoBoiBoy! CiciKo? How’s it going, CiciKo? I don’t have much time. I need your help! Our help? What kind of help? You have to open a portal to Earth for me. Okay. Just give me the coordinates. Sending them to you right now. Eh? What kind of Power Sphera is that? I’ll explain later. [Coordinates sent] Opening Teleportal now. Huh? A teleportal? There they are! Full speed ahead! Huh? BoBoiBoy! Look! We made it! Huh? Huh?! Hahaha. You think you can get away that easily? Fire again! This ship is stuck! Board that ship -my loyal robotic crews! And get me the Power Sphera named MotoBot! We’ve got do something, Gopal! You wanna fight those? BoBoiBoy! Help! Heh. This is our chance to be superheroes, Gopal! Let’s go! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind. Wind Blast! Who is that brat?! Watch out, BoBoiBoy! Wind Spheres! Amazing! Heh. That there’s my friend, BoBoiBoy. He’s an Elemental Superhero. He can manipulate and change into -diffferent types of elements. Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning. Not bad! Hurry, BoBoiBoy! I can’t close the teleportal unless -CiciKo’s spaceship gets through it completely. Cut those cables, BoBoiBoy! Stop him! Ouch. Food Sniper, at your service. Food Transformation Blasts! Awesome, Gopal. Aim for those cables, Gopal! Huh? Okay! Spaghetti Transformation Barrage! You accidentally hit the ship -and it turned into food too! Oops. But it’s just a little bit? ‘Sides, the ship’s hull is thick. Nothing to worry about. Ah… Hehe. Sorry. I’ll handle this myself! You sure this BoBoiBoy kid can help? Heh. Don’t worry, MotoBot. He still hasn’t used… his Triple Split move yet. It’s time to end this. BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Whoa… Earth Punch! Lightning Blade! Wind Blast! Where do you think you’re going?! Huh?! You’re not getting away! Close the teleportal now, Ochobot! Right! Huh? Don’t you dare! Awesome, Ochobot! How dare you, BoBoiBoy! I will find you… and hunt you down! Yay! We did it! Huh?! What’s going on? Argh! I’m losing control! Hold on tight, everyone! Huh?! Argh! Please don’t run me over! Wha? Ouch! No!!! My thanks, friend. Don’t mention it. You were awesome! If it wasn’t for your help I would’ve been caught. Who were those guys? Space Pirates. Space Pirates? What do they want? As always, BoBoiBoy. they seek to capture and harness the power within Power Spheras like MotoBot here. MotoBot. What can you do? I’m able to create hi-tech vehicles. Argh, don’t run me over! Huh? He just woke up. Am I still alive? Relax, Gopal. You’re safe. Phew! I’m still alive. One hot chocolate, Tok Aba! Really. That’s what you’re going for? Hehe. Thanks, Tok- Ah! Hey. This isn’t for you. They’re for our special guests here. Eh? CiciKo! How are you? I’m good Gopal, my friend. And who’s this? I’m called MotoBot. A Power Sphera with the power over vehicles. The power over vehicles?! Yes. I can create magnificent vehicles instantly. Wow. Then, can you make me a car? Just look at your friend, BoBoiBoy. He doesn’t even have a license. Yet he wants a car. Oh, please, MotoBot? I’d like a motorbike! Err… Alas, BoBoiBoy. Power Spheras musn’t be used so frivolously. If not, we would be no different to the evils out there who seek the Power Spheras for their own gain. Huh? So there are more evil Power Sphera hunters like those Space Pirates we fought? Yes, BoBoiBoy. There are many Power Spheras scattered across the galaxy. And just as many who seek to use them for their own selfish needs. So… You’re like their protector or something? Yes. Such is my duty as the Commander… of… TAPOPS! TAPOPS? That’s right. Tracker and Protector of Power Spheras. What do you guys do? Allow me to me explain. [♪ TAPOPS theme song ♪] Hah. Get ready. KokoCi. ♪ TAPOPS traverses the entire galaxy ♪ ♪ Seeking Power Spheras that we must defend ♪ ♪ These Power Spheras must never fall ♪ ♪ into the hands of aliens ♪ ♪ with evil intent! ♪ ♪ TAPOPS traverses the entire galaxy ♪ ♪ Seeking Power Spheras that we must defend ♪ ♪ TAPOPS traverses the entire galaxy! ♪ Well? What say you? Would you like to join TAPOPS? Huh? Err… Haha… But we can’t dance… Uh. Right, Gopal? That I can train you in time. More importantly, you can help me find and protect other Power Spheras out there. Whoa… Being the defender of Power Spheras sounds cool, BoBoiBoy! We can travel the whole galaxy! What do you say, BoBoiBoy? I… I can’t. My place is here, on Earth. Protecting everyone. Hey. There are no baddies to wreak havoc here anymore. That’s true. It’s been so long since we’ve had a major attack. Hmm. I understand, BoBoiBoy. You need time. Give it some thought while I repair my damaged ship. Just who were those meddling brats -who stopped us from capturing MotoBot?! According to data They are BoBoiBoy – An Elemental superhero. and, Gopal A superhero with the power of Material Manipulation. Both of their powers came from a Power Sphera named Ochobot. How is it possible that a Power Sphera can grant 2 different powers while also carrying the Power of Teleportation? Unknown, Captain. Data regarding Ochobot is limited. It does not fit under any known classification of previously known Power Spheras. Excellent. Excellent…? Yes. Soon we will get our hands on both MotoBot and Ochobot Power Spheras! Hahaha. Onwards to their location! But, their location is unknown, Captain. Track the coordinates of the broken mechanical hook. Roger, Captain. Coordinates received. Heading to Earth now. Huh? Hahaha. Our time has come. Commander. How much longer are the repairs going to take? Hmm… A couple of days more. A couple of days? What if those Space Pirates manage to track us? Don’t you worry, MotoBot. We are under BoBoiboy’s protection. BoBoiBoy! Grab these drinks will you? Okay, Tok. BoBoiBoy. Clear up that table over there? Huh? You, boy. The cheque, please! Quick, BoBoiBoy. The ice is starting to melt. Err… I can’t handle this alone.BoBoiBoy Triple…-Split!Wind. You’ll help out Tok Aba. Lightning, give Ochobot a hand. And I’ll tally up the bills. Okay! Come one, come all! Take a photo with the spaceship! Three for ten! Really, Gopal? You’re still selling photos at this hour? Hey, of course! Time is money! Wow… That’s a lot of cash! Why of course! Tons wanted to check out this cool spaceship. All of them took me up on my offer! Selfie! Here you go!Gopal’s Photography Service.Whoa… This isn’t half bad! Huh? Want one? That’s 30 bucks For one. $30 for ONE?! Wasn’t it‘three for ten’just now? A special price among friends, BoBoiBoy! Tsk. Some friend you are! I’m gonna go send these drinks over. Hey, hey! Fine, I’ll give you a discount! A Bestfriend Special! 20 bucks! Hehhehheh… It’s bedtime…. Sweet dreams…! How about we just use my powers -to produce a brand new spaceship? There’s no need to waste your energy, MotoBot. This spaceship is still repairable. Hi, CiciKo! Tok Aba made you a drink. Thank you, BoBoiBoy. Huh? What kind of drink is this? That’s… Behold!
(-Ow!) Special Ice Chocolate Tok Aba! Made from cocoas handpicked -by Tok Aba himself! Mixed with fresh milk from Mr Din’s dairy farm And stirred with special ice cubes -from Mr. Maniam’s convenience store. Making it… Erk! The bestIced Chocolate DrinkEVER! Hey, Gopal! Why did you finish all of CiciKo’s drink? Huh? Err… Hehe. Huh? What… what’s happening? Don’t breathe-in the gas! Run… Run, everyone… Whuh…. what just happened… Huh? There’s some kind of gas, Ochobot! Come on, Tok! Run! Huh? Uhh…. Muahahaha! At long last. I’ll finally… -get my hands on aPower Sphera! Who… Who are you?! What? Who am I? Hahaha! I am… AduDu! The LegendaryPower Sphera….. …Hunt…er….. Ah…. I’m…. …….ssho shleep..y… Ugh…[Yawn]Mr. Boss! Mr. Boss! Wake up! Hey! Where do you think you’re going, huh?! Come here, you! D… Don’t! BoBoiBoy? Hey, BoBoiBoy? Wake up! Nngh…[Yawn]Morning, Tok Aba. Gopal! CiciKo! Wake up![Yawn]W-what happened? Why is my pillow talking to me…? Argh! CiciKo! Ow! Eh. CiciKo! Wh… Why were we sleeping outside? You guys were knocked out by sleeping gas last night! We’ve been attacked, BoBoiBoy! Huh?! We got attacked?! S-sorry, CiciKo! You okay? Ouch… Help me, MotoBot… Motobot! Come help out your Commander here. MotoBot’s been kidnapped, CiciKo! What?! K-kidnapped?! Yeah. Ochobot saw the spaceship -that kidnapped MotoBot last night. Let me go! Let me go! I… I must track him down. You think you can find him? AllPower Spherasthat I’ve saved -are equipped with tracking devices. If he’s not too faraway, We can still trace him! There he is! Where’s he now? Close. Sector: G-14. How is THIS‘close’?! Well, what are you waiting for, CiciKo? Let’s fly there right away! The ship’s repairs aren’t done. We have to find another way. Hmm. We can use yourPower of Teleportation, Ochobot! But isn’t that ship moving? So how are we supposed to teleport inside? Don’t worry. I’ve got an idea. Get ready for…OperationCloakAndSwagger!Operation Cloak and Swagger?!That’s right. Both of you will disguise yourselves as aliens. And teleport to a location where -the spaceship will make a pitstop. Hey. Why go through all that trouble? Yeah. Can’t we just teleport there -and fight them? Don’t be so hasty, BoBoiBoy. We still don’t know who took MotoBot. ThesePower Sphera Huntersmight be dangerous. Hahaha. It is I! The legendaryPower Sphera Hunter!Hahaha. Thank you. That’s right! Applaud! Hey! Ow! Not the face! Ow! Ow. Ouch! That hurts! Wake up, Mr. Boss! Wake up! Who DARES slap me?! Err… ah… Calm down, Mr. Boss! Uh. Hehe. You were having a nightmare. Ouch… Huh? MotoBot? Didn’t… Didn’t he escape? I thought we got knocked out? Silly, Mr. Boss. I’m a robot! The sleeping gas can’t affect me. You mean…YOUcaptured him? Hahaha! Brilliant, Probe! Well done! Re… Release me! Hahaha. Release you? Not a chance, MotoBot. Eh? What’s going on? This ship’s core energy is almost depleted, sir. Hmm. Locate the nearest refueling station! We’ll make a pit-stop there. We’ve arrived. Commencing undercover mission.Dey.No way anyone’s falling for this! Enough complaining. Come, follow me. What now, BoBoiBoy? Huh? Look! There’s a spaceship heading this way! Quick! Get in! Argh! We’re doomed! I don’t think our disguises are gonna work! They’re here! Get ready.Plush Toy Disguise!We’re done for! The kidnappers are here! Eh? They look exactly like us! I’m not detecting MotoBot’s signal from them. You got any toothpaste? Err… Oh. You mean that aisle over there? Thanks. Phew… How… How did you…? Huh? What? I’m detecting MotoBot’s signal! Huh? Where? That’s… That’s AduDu and Probe! They’ve got MotoBot! Hurry, Gopal! We have to- Huh? That will be $15.50 Here, keep the change. Sheesh! Come on, Gopal! So… So it wasyou, AduDu! Eh? You know who I am? Oh? You’re pretty famous, huh, Mr. Boss?Dey.Who doesn’t know you? The worstPower Sphera Hunterof them all. Not even ONEPower Spherato your name. Ha! See here! I… I’VE FINALLY MADE IT INTO THE ‘WANTED’ LIST! No need to get THAT pumped. Your bounty’s only worth $1. Enough. Give us back MotoBot! Erk! Come on! We’re going home! Argh! Stop pulling me! Gopal, help! Gopal…? Huh? Stop that! Let him go, you’ve got the wrong guy! Shoo! Hurry. We’re leaving already! Heeyah![Gasp]Err… Hehe. Oops. It’s an earthling! You… So it was YOU?! Let MotoBot go! Huh? Probe. Don’t let them get MotoBot! Don’t worry, Mr. Boss! MotoBot is safe with— Huh?! Faster, MotoBot! Faster! Stop right there! After them, Probe!MODE:Vehicular ProbeHurry, Probe! Ugh!Elemental Power!BoBoiBoy Lightning!W- Wait for me! Step on it, Probe!Lightning Blade!Stop, AduDu! Take this! Huh?! Heeyah! Turn around, Probe! Ok, Mr. Boss! Huh? FIRE![Gasp]Hahaha. Serves you right for challenging -the topPower Sphera Hunterof all time! Huh? Wait for me, BoBoiBoy…!Earth Hold!Transform, Probe! Got it!MODE:Mecha…-Probe!Ha! You guys are just asking for it! Very well. I will crush you first! Yargh! Huh?BoBoiBoy Wind!Wind Blast!Urgh! Huh? Just you wait! R- Run, Gopal!D-dey!I just got here! We have to help them. Let’s go, MotoBot! Yargh! Huh?Vehicular Materialization!Huh? What’s going on? Whoa! Success. Well done, MotoBot. How dare you?! Take this! Huh?! Ah! CiciKo!Food Transformation Blasts!What?! Awesome, Gopal! How- How did I manage to do that? They have powered vehicles too?! MotoBot is no ordinaryPower Sphera. The vehicles he creates… -can channel the power of its user. So… This car can actually use my powers as well? That’s right. Ohh! That’s awesome, CiciKo. Surrender MotoBot to me! Heeyargh! Huh? Don’t count on it!BoBoiBoy Triple Split!Earth Drift!Waargh! My turn!Cyclone Spin!Put us down!Lightning Dash.Heeyahh! Ugh….[Cough]Ow. It hurts… Huh…? You’ve lost, AduDu![Cough]Lost? Hahaha… Not yet, BoBoiBoy. Huh? Wha? Stop, AduDu! Haha. I’ll be back, BoboiBoy! I’LL BE BACK! AduDu escaped! It’s alright, BoBoiBoy. What’s more important… -is that MotoBot’s safe. Thanks, everyone. That was close. There’s alwayssomeonewho is after thesePower Spheras.That’s why I invited both of you to join TAPOPS. Hmm… Come now, BoBoiBoy. Aren’t you a superhero? There are many morePower Spheras-out there in need of our help. He’s right, BoBoiBoy. Anyway, We’ll get to travel around the galaxy too! Yup. Okay. I’ll join TAPOPS. Yup! Count me in too! Excellent. However… There is one condition. A condition? What is it?[♪ TAPOPS theme song ♪]Hah!♪ TAPOPS traverses the entire galaxy ♪Sheesh… Why did I agree to this again…? Just awesome… Run, Gopal! Run! Mommy! Daddy! Save me! I regret this, BoBoiBoy! I regret this! Too late for that now, Gopal! Focus on getting out alive! 5 hours ago… Gentlemen and… Power Spheras. We are gathered here this morning to inaugurate… two new cadets into TAPOPS. BoBoiBoy and Gopal. Their duty… -is to travel across the galaxy to seek and rescue Power Spheras. Hopefully they will… Hey!
Hopefully they will… Hey! Huh? Make it quick, CiciKo. No one’s got time for your blabbering. Huh? What did you say?! Ouch! That hurts! Moving on. MotoBot. Bring me their badges. Yes, Commander. Ouchh! Wow! This looks super cool! Eh?! Hmph. Enough. Give me those! We need them for the next batch of cadets. Sheeshh! You’re such a cheapskate, CiciKo! What did you just call me?! Huh?! Err… Commander CiciKo…? Wrong answer! In all official affairs, You DO NOT address me by my alias, ‘CiciKo’. Instead… Address me by my real name. KokoCi. Commander KokoCi. Yessir! Commander Coffee Beans, sir! It’s KOKOCI! NOT ‘Coffee Beans’! Wahh?! Forgive us, Commander KokoCi! Very well. Both of you are now officially members of TAPOPS. Congratulations, Cadet BoBoiBoy. And Cadet Gopal. Hurray! Yay! Hehe! Awesome. [Sniff] My grandson is now a cadet… [Sniff] Such a high rank too… [Sniff] [Sigh] ‘Cadet’ is the lowest rank, Tok. Oh, really? Well… You’ll need to work hard then, BoBoiBoy! If you’re always slacking off… You won’t move up the ranks! Sheesh… I’ve only JUST joined the team, Tok. Commander! Since we’re a part of TAPOPS now, -why don’t you give us our first mission? Hmm. Very well. Considering that you’re still fresh cadets… We’ll start with something safe and easy. Man, just give us the tough missions! We’ve beaten tons of powerful foes before! Right, BoBoiBoy? Err… yeah. Hmm. So you want something tough, huh? Waargh! [Panting] This is all your fault! Huh? My fault?! YOU were the one begging for a tough mission! Something HARDER, sure… But… I didn’t ask for something impossible- Umph! Shhh! It’s right behind us… This is Planet Gurunda. A dessert planet. A dessert planet… Don’t worry, BoBoiBoy. Where there’s sand… There’s gotta be a beach! A beach? THERE’S NO SUCH THING! Not only is water scarce on the planet… -its temperature can even reach up to 100°C! Err…. Can we pick a different mission? NEGATIVE! Erk! Mission data has already been keyed in. You WILL get yourselves onto that planet. Track down and retrieve this Power Sphera. Come, come! Everyone’s already here. Huh…? Hi, BoBoiBoy! Hi, Gopal! Yaya! Ying! Whoa… I haven’t seen you guys in ages! How’ve you guys been? We’re good! They just got back from a long holiday. Commander. Who are these girls? Ying and Yaya are BoBoiBoy’s superhero friends. In fact, they’re the BEST fighters in the team. Huh? The best fighters…? If that’s the case… We should recruit them into the team! HUH? Huh? What team? Team TAPOPS! TAPOPS? Yes. TAPOPS! ♪ TAPOPS traverses the entire galaxy ♪ Aah! Enough of this! Ain’t got no time to explain it to you two! We’ve got an IMPORTANT mission to settle! An important mission? Where to? Sorry. This mission’s top secret for members of TAPOPS only! Members of the Math and Library Club -kindly step aside, please. Sheesh! What a show-off! Come on, commander! Give us the order to start the mission! Huh? Didn’t you ask for a different mission? No need. We’re PROS! Unlike these kiddies… WHAT DID YOU SAY?! AaaH! Very well. All data for this mission can be found on that tablet. So study it carefully. Open the teleportal now, Ochobot! Yes, commander. Err… Ah, who even needs THIS? What a headache. Hey! What’d you do that for?! Heeyah! Wow…! Vehicular Materialisation. Huh?! Hey! Just a sec! Vehicles…. ONWARDS! WAIT….! Aaahh! Wargh! Phew… Whoa…! Huh? Mmm? What do you mean, ‘Whoa’? Without the data from that tablet -how are we even going to find the Power Sphera? Relax, man… We’re on a desert planet. Just look for something round and shiny. We’ll spot the Power Sphera, easy! Hmm… Hah! There it is! See? Learn from a pro. Let’s go! Huh? What’s this tablet doing here? What? WHY DID THEY LEAVE THE TABLET BEHIND? ‘Stay alert on rocky area’? There. One Power Sphera found! Easy peasy. Wasn’t all that tough after all! Hmm… Feels way too easy, though. Hey. Let me have a look at that Power Sphera. Huh? BoBoiBoy! Put that thing back! You guys are in danger! Hey! This line is for TAPOPS members only! Huh?! What in the world?! What… What WAS that thing? Where…? Where did it go? Ahh! I don’t wanna know! I wanna go home! Waaargh! Gopal, wait! Huh? Watch out! The creature is right behind him! Huh? Creature?! What KIND of creature? Arghhh! Please don’t eat me! I’m not food! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind! Wind-Surf! [Panting] Thanks so much, BoBoiBoy! Gopal! Counter-attack! Hah! Hmph! Cotton Candy Transformation Snipe! Ha! Eat this! Cheeky duck! Stop playing hide and seek! Huh?! Watch out, BoBoiBoy! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Lightning… Hey hey, I’m still here, dude! -Dash!
Hey hey, I’m still here, dude! -Dash! Huh? Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth! Earth Smash! Huh?! Aaargh! This is all your fault! Huh? MY fault? YOU were the one begging for a tough mission! Something HARDER, sure… But… I didn’t ask for something impossible- Umph! Shhh! It’s right behind us… Hah…! Huh?! Huh? Eee! [Whimpers] It can’t see me…. It can’t see me….! Aargh! Elemental Power! Urgh! BoBoiBoy! BoBoiBoy! Where did you go?! [Growling] [Gasp] Mommy! Gravitational Lift! Huh?! Wha-? She’s able to levitate and lift the creature? Yes. Yaya’s ability is Gravity Manipulation. Thanks, Yaya. Huh? Hehe. You’re welcome. Eh? [Gasp] Waaargh!! Woops! Heeyah! Slow-mo Speed! Hurry, Yaya! Stop that monster! She… She can slow down objects around her? Yes. But her Speed Manipulation powers… -consumes a vast amount of energy. Urgh! Heeyah! Huh? Eh? I’m really sorry, ma’am. I can’t let you gobble up my friend. BoBoiBoy! Gopal! Are you guys okay? We’re okay. Thanks. No problem! Good thing Ochobot opened up the portal just in time! Yup! If we didn’t show up just now… Gopal would’ve been the monster’s snack. Right, Gopal? Sheesh! Whatever. Let’s go beat it up. Hey! That’s not very nice! Dey! It attacked and chased after us FIRST, you know! Is that true, ma’am…? THEY were the ones who stole from me first! It… IT TALKS! Gosh… This is exactly why… You should’ve read the mission tablet! Of course it talks! Return the egg that you stole from me! …Egg? That’s right. The thing you took isn’t a Power Sphera… That’s her egg. What nonsense are you- HUH?! What’s happening?! Awww! It’s so cute! Oh my! There’s my little baby! Y-your baby? Er… but… Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! ‘Mommy’….?! How dare you trick my baby! Hey, hey! It’s not like that! Ishh! I’m not your mommy, kid! Aaaargh! Ow ow ow ow!! You ungrateful child! Gopal! Hey! Let go of my hand! Haah?! You DARE hit my child?! [Roar] Oh no! Your mommy’s angry! Wargh! Help me! We’ve got to go save Gopal! Let’s go! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind! Heeyah! Huh? She’s gonna start shooting those spikes again! Hehe. Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Lightning Blade! Heeyah! [Gasp] Urgh! Ugh! Uhh… Huh? [Gasp] Look out, BoBoiBoy! Please don’t do this, ma’am! I don’t want to hurt you! First you kidnapped my baby… And now you want to stop me from getting him back?! [Roar] Huh? Run! Ow, that hurts! Stop biting my hand! Gopal! Transform those cacti down there into bubblegum! Hey. Can’t you see my hand’s a bit busy right now? Hmm? Seriously? You have TWO hands, don’t you? It might be this hand… But my left hand feels the pain too! Sheesh! Just do it already! Erk! Bubblegum Transformation Blasts! Wow! Way to go, Gopal! Foo! Heh. Did that one-handed too! Huh? Didn’t you say your hands hurt? Huh? Huuh…? Erk… Ouch!!! Of course it still hurts! Let go of my hand! Waaaargh! Stop her, Yaya! Ugh! I can’t! I’m running out of energy! Super speed! Follow my lead! Push her over the ravine! Throw her down there? Isn’t that dangerous? Gosh! What’s with all these questions?! Just trust me! Erk! BoBoiBoy Elemental… -Split! Earth Wall! Lightning Slash! Do it NOW! Wind Blast! Hurray! We did it! Ughh! Let go of me! Where’s my baby?! Please stop struggling, ma’am! You might hurt yourself! Eh? How did it get like this? That would be Gopal’s work. Let… Let go of my hand! Ugh! Eee… yah! Waaaa! Huh?! Hah?! Oh no! Eek! Mommy! Gopal! Aaargh! Huh?! Huh?! My baby!!! Gravitational Lift! Eek! You… You saved my baby! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! T-thank you… Heh! Don’t sweat it! It’s what we do as members of TAPOPS. Aargh! Ow, my hands!!! Hmph! That was only a nibble. You’re lucky you saved my baby’s life. [Sobbing] My hands…… Hehe. Awesome! [Gulp] Reckless behavior. Insubordination. Ignoring mission details. Disrupting wildlife and… FAILING to retrieve the Power Sphera! We’re sorry, commander! As punishment… Cadet Gopal and Cadet BoBoiBoy… Both of you are NOT allowed to return -until the mission is completed. Huh?! What?! I wanna go home! Please open the portal back to Earth, Ochobot! My mom’s making curry today! Hmph! Don’t be ridiculous. I sent Ochobot over… -so that he can help track down the Power Sphera we’re looking for. Let’s just finish this mission. Besides… I’ll need time to recharge -before I can use my Teleportation Power again. It’s alright. Let’s just call it a day. We’ll continue with the mission first thing tomorrow. Hehheh. Do not worry. I’m sure Ying and Yaya will aid you…. -as the newly appointed members of TAPOPS! Huh? Yay! We’re now members of TAPOPS too! Hey! They can’t just get in as easy as that! We had to fight SPACE PIRATES to join- Congratulations! Lance Corporal Ying. And Lance Corporal Yaya. Hmm! What?! Their ranks are HIGHER than us?! Hehe. Awesome! Yay! Thanks so much! Sheeshhh.. Do you need this long to locate the Power Spheras?! I’m sorry boss.. I need more time to analyze Planet Gurunda What do you mean “more time”??!! Eh? What’s going on? I was talking about The Computer! It’s taking too long to locate the Power Spheras! Don’t worry Mr Boss. There’s BaGoGo Shop Haaaaaaa How’s everyone doing? Here we are again.. In… BaGoGo Shop!!!! Haaa Today, I have a special promotion -for all of you.. Huh? Special promotion? You interested? Of course you do right? Haaaa This is.. Special BaGoGo Power Spheras locator Or also known as.. POSFERON GO BAGOGO X9 GO! That’s so cool!! Call now.. And get with a spcial price of…. Free of charge… Free?? Are you serious? Yes I’m serious -it’s free of charge But it’s only free if -you call right away! So quickly! Do you want it or not? Quick call hi- Yes yes.. I’ll take 1 Ahh yes correct Thank you Okay Probe I’ve already ordered it So you’ve ordered it? Congratulation.. You’re now officially owns a Posferon Go Haaa so now.. -all you need to do is to buy a special type battery -to power up the Posferon Go Special type battery? Yeahhhh BaGoGo Special Battery! -with the price of…. 80 Million and 80 cent each What just happened? Eh? Where in the world is this place? We’re just following the signal from the Posferon Go Since when did you bought the special type battery? Oh… About that…. Err…. Hehehe… When you were unconcious.. -i took your credit card.. WHAT????! My money…. Chocolate “Cekodok” Transformation! Haaa You want some? Ewww.. No thanks We brought our own food Suit your self then.. -it’s your lost.. Sheeshh… We’ve been trying to search for this Power Sphera for 2 days Why can’t we find it Just take it easy BoBoiBoy It’s not our fault Everytime we managed to tracked it down -It just disappear. Yeahh Ochobot’s energy is running out since he keep been using his Teleport Power You need to be patient This is our 1st mission But supposedly we should do better for our 1st mission We need to- Huh? What’s that sound? Huh? Huh? Since when there’s a cactus over there? Cat? Awwwwww So cute!! Huh? Ooooo You thirsty? Here.. Drink this Dei! What do you think you’re doing BoBoiBoy!? We have a limited supply of water Huh? Just let it drink It must be real thirsty How about… -we adopt this kitten? We can’t do that It already got an owner Take a look There’s a collar around his neck Yeah you’re right There’s even a bell Awwwwwwwww You’re so cute!! Hmmpph! Yeah sure cute First you begged for food I bet you want some food aswell right? That’s not nice Gopal Go away! Shooohhh Shoohhhh eh? Gopal, don’t! That hurts! It hurts… everywhere.. Hehehe Awesome Eh? What’s happening to my watch? There’s goes all my money My debts keep piling up Mr Boss We can settle the debts What matters is.. This Power Spheras locator works Yeah right How do you know it works? Eh? Haa, I told you so Posferon Go it really works Woahhhh Good job Probe! Hahaha! Grab all the Power Spheras hunting equipment -and move in! Affirmative Mr Boss Let’s go urgh? What is that ?!! Shoot!! The Power Sphera’s signal getting weaker Maybe it already fled from this area Sheeshh We missed it again But.. What happened here? This cave gave me the chills I don’t want be eaten by a Desert Bear Ishhh There’s no such thing Huh? Eh? Eh? What is this thing? This looks like an Energy Net And this.. -looks like there’s been a shootout This is a Desert Bear with laser blaster Aiyaaa What are you blabering about? Eh? What’s that sound? That’s the DESERT BEAR!! Help~ Huh? Eh? A fallen cactus? Help!! The cactus is alive!! Water~ He’s thirsty here u go Drink this It looks like.. -he’s a native of Planet Gurunda Much better! Thank you little saplings Who are you? What are you doing here? I’m a hunter from the Kaktoi tribe My name is… Waibi, The Thorn One, Popogan -the son of Papago -and the son Gopogo -and the son of Pusgato -and the son of Gogopa -and the son of Pagogo So long.. When is it going to end -and the son of Pogogo Who are you little saplings? Errr… I’m BoBoiBoy -and this is OchoBot Gopal, Yaya and Ying What are you doing here anyway? I was sent to seek outside help My village was under attacked huh? Attacked? Please help me little saplings Please help my village! That hurts! Yeah,yeah sure We’ll help you Huh? That’s great Little saplings is going to help my village Let’s go We need to move out now -so that we’ll be there before the sun sets Let’s go everyone Is is far? Very far Haaa here we are! Welcom to my village It’s not that far I thought you said we’ll be there before the sun sets? Yes, you’re right The sun still up right? It looks like a ghost town Where’s everybody? All of them.. -has fled to that mountain to avoid being attacked from the monster Father! Another house just got attacked What?! Quickly little saplings! Follow me Eh? What happened here? This.. -this is the work of Gurunda Monster Gurunda Monster!? What monster are you talking about? Legend has said.. Long time ago.. There was an animal.. Dei.. Why did you ask him? -and now.. -the Gurunda Monster often attacked our village.. -to seek some water.. [Yawn] So that monster is just thirsty Hmmm Can’t you just say the monster was looking for water? Wouldn’t that be easier? Yes… Long ago.. The Gurunda Monster was able to get water from the cacti behind our village -but now.. -those cacti has transform into weird rubber like thingy Errrr…. Gopal Transform those cacti down there into bubblegum! Bubblegum Transformation Blasts! I wonder who did that You’re the one who did this right? Eh? You’re the one who asked me to right? Eh? What are you two arguing about? Hehehe Nothing Hehehe Don’t worry We’ll defeat the Gurunda Monster -and chase him out of this village Yeahhhhh Thank you! Errrr you’re welcome… But.. How are we supposed to find that monster? Hmmmm I got an idea! I can’t believe that we got beaten so badly That’s enough Mr Boss Let’s go back home Go back? Do you really think i’m going to give up? We need to go back there with new weapons Computer, contact Bagogo now! There’s no need to do that I already know that you will find me Very well then.. What’s the best weapon to capture a wild beast? The best weapon to capture a wild beast is….. Bravery Ehh?? Bravery?? That’s right.. So that’s why.. -you must eat Bravery Raisins of Bagogo!! -and it also good for aches and pains Arghhhh I want a weapon! -not bravery raisins! Why didn’t you say that earlier.. No problem But it’s quite expensive That’s not a problem For the sake of Power Spheras -I’m willing to be in debt Dei.. Are you sure this will work? Of course With the water we have gathered -it will attract the monster to come here Dei It’s not a monster It’s a bear with laser blaster Yeah sure When the bear comes.. BoBoiBoy is going to trap it with earth elemental power What if it fight back? Don’t worry Me and Yaya is going to stop it, if it fights back Then what am I supposed to do? You go transform back all those cacti It’s your fault that this village got attacked Huh? What is it? Nothing! This plan is going to work! Eh? That’s the cat from last night Eh? What is it doing there? If the monster comes, the cat will be in danger I need to save it Eh? Wait! Get away from there! Shooh Shooh It’s not safe here Run BoBoiBoy! That’s the monster! Huh? Monster? Where is it? Ooohhh this little sapling That cat is the monster! This cat? I’ve missed Adudu? What are you doing here? That Power Sphera is mine! Power Sphera? You’re asking for it Kuasa Elemen- Arghhh! What’s wrong with my watch? BoBoiBoy is unable to use his power Take this! Tranquilizer Dart! Watch out! Urghhh Hehehe Huh? We’re doomed The monster is raging Now I get it Yaya, Ying Protect the cat! Yes Don’t interfere with our business Mode : Mecha Probe! Run!! Bubblegum Transformation Blasts! So it was you who did all this!! Thousands Speed Force! Mighty Punch! Energy Binds! Energy Binds! Hahaha Good Job Probe! Don’t play with that! Oh my God Hehehe Exactly like a cat Cat? That hurts Oh no The cat is playing with the laser Just a little bit more Get over here little kitten Come here Get to the trap! Huh? Hahaha I got you now! Huh? I- I need to save the cat Come on Haaa Got it! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Come to me Wind Blasts! Huh? Get him Probe! Pedang Petir! Energy Binds! Earth Barrier! Don’t you dare touch that cat! Earth Punch! Again and again! Okay I’ve transform all the cacti back to normal arghhhhh Thank you little sapling We are in your debt But.. Don’t do it again Why Adudu said something about Power Sphera? Try look closely What’s that thing on it’s neck hmm A bell? Not just an ordinary bell That’s a Power Sphera Power Sphera? I’m BellBot Power Sphera of Enlargement Power Why didn’t you tell us earlier I’m sorry I thought you were one of the bad guys How did you give your powers to this cat? This cat was the first creature I’ve bumped into when arrived on this planet This cat took care of me all this while But since I always being hunted down I gave the Enlargment Power to Cattus -so that it can protect me from the Power Spheras hunter Isn’t Cattus great? Wahhh It’s name is Cattus? That’s so cute! So that means Our mission is complete Yeah, you’re right Let’s go BellBot, follow us back I’m sorry I can’t follow you guys I need to be with Cattus I need this cat, and this cat needs me I’m sure the commander will not be happy to hear this Because we didn’t bring BellBot back it’s okay I’m sure that he’ll understand What matter is.. Our mission is complete Let’s go back home! Let’s go! Bye Cattus! Bye Everyone! Bye! Do come visit next time There’s still a lot of story i need to tell Errrr…. Okay, Bye Yeahhh, we’re back! Finally I don’t have to look at the furious cat anymore Oi You call it furious cat? Eh? You guys followed us back? Heheh I’m sorry It seems like Cattus really likes you guys Congratulations young cadets Finally you guys managed to get the Power Sphera What kind of monster you guys brought back!!! What’s the status of our ship? Are the repairs done, Commander? Just a couple more tweaks, MotoBot. The engine is still not fully charged. Yay! We can finally return to the TAPOPS space station. That’s right. I can’t wait for BoBoiBoy to meet the rest of our members. I’m sure they’ll be impressed with his spirit and abilities. Don’t you have any new missions for him? Hmm… Let them take a breather -before we need to head back to the TAPOPS space station. We will reach Planet Earth very soon, Captain. Excellent! There was a use for that broken hook after all. Because of it, -we’re able to identify their location. Hahaha! We’re stuck! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Earth Punch! Wind Blast! Close the teleportal now, Ochobot! Don’t you dare! Aargh! Just you wait, BoBoiBoy… Did you really think, -you can get away after interfering with my plans?! I will hunt you down… -and all those Power Spheras -even if it’s the last thing I do! Full speed ahead! Sheeshh… What is happening to my Power Watch? I’m not sure, either. Ever since you got back from Planet Gurunda, -your Power Watch has been acting odd. Just give him a new one. What’s the big deal? Easy for you to say. You need to help me fix it! If not, -how am I supposed to do my missions? Don’t worry about that. You’ve still got us both! That’s right! With both of us, any mission’s a walk in the park. Right… Sheesh. Well then, if you’re so great, -try to take BellBot from Cattus! Hey, are you out of your mind? What if it goes crazy? Didn’t you say you were so great? Huh? Err… Cattus…? What’s wrong? I think it’s hungry. Huh? Hungry? No problemo! Cat Food Transformation! Hey! Tok Aba isn’t gonna like that! Shhhhh! He won’t notice. Well? Go on! Eat up! Eh? It doesn’t like them? Tch. Choosy lil’ fella. Eh? Why are YOU eating those? I’m starving. Eww. BellBot. What does it usually eat? Hmm. Well, actually… It likes to eat… Beats me. I’ve no idea. Haiya. How come? Weren’t you with him all this time? Well, yeah! But… I’m usually… -facing the other side. For real…? I think… Maybe it wants fresh fish. It’s a cat after all? Hmm… You may be right. Let’s head to the jetty and find some fresh fish. Let’s! You guys go ahead. I need to help out Tok Aba. Picky little thing! So troublesome! Get lost. [Gasp] Argh! W-what?! [Sigh] Why aren’t they taking my bait? Hey. Do not blame the bait. When the fault is in the fishing hook! Heyyyyy!? What? What?? Haa! Behold! The Great! Fishing Hook of Justice! Heeyah! Using alien tech doesn’t count! Hahaha! You’re just jealous. Selfie! Mr. Papa! Eh? That voice sounds familliar… Eh?! My Disciples of Justice! Well, well… You kids sure have grown… Oh? What sort of trend is THIS? It was our new cat. It messed with Gopal because it’s hungry. Aww, the poor thing. Hungry, huh? Hmmph. Sir… Can’t you give it some of those fresh fish? Ohh… you want some fresh fish? Sure, sure… IF YOU CATCH THEM YOURSELVES! Here! Take this fishing rod! But, sir! How’s a cat gonna know how to fish? That is where you’re wrong. If I just feed it my fish… That’ll only last it for a day. BUT! If I teach it how to fish, It can surely survive on its own! Eh? Hey! Hey! Stop that cat! Huh? My fish! Hehehe. Serve you right. Its… It’s eating the basket instead? I’m pretty sure this cat’s gone cuckoo! Seriously, the basket? Seems like… It likes to eat wood! But only rattan wood. There goes all my hard work…. Ehhhh? Wow, it really likes you! If that’s the case… Since there’s no more fish… I’ll ACCEPT THIS CAT! INTRODUCING! THE NEWLY APPOINTED KITTY-CAT OF JUSTICE! Huh…? But, sir. You can’t just take our cat! Hey, pssst! Just let him have it! Awww, so cute! Cutie-pie! Snuggle-bubble! Muah! That’s it, come on! Go on! Chase after it! Eh? Where did you get that hook? Oh… somewhere near your grandpa’s shop. Where else? Isn’t… Isn’t that the Space Pirate’s hook?! Eh? What Space Pirate are you talking about? This is my property! [Gasp] Huh?! That’s… That’s the Space Pirate’s ship! I really hate pirates! There’s my old hook! Who dares take what’s MINE? Captain Separo’s Hook! HUH?! Ah, err…. My deepest apologies, Captain Separo! It was my student who took it! WHAT? When did I-? It’s was you who- Ta-ta ti-ti tu-tu Gotta go! Commander! The Space Pirate’s ship signal has just been detected! WHAT? OCHOBOT! Huh? The Space Pirates have returned! What?! We need to find a place to hide! Follow me! I know where we’ll be safe! What do you want from us?! Huh? You DARE ask me that? Where is Power Sphera MotoBot -and that yellow bot of yours, huh?! Captain, captain! I’ve detected MotoBot’s and OchoBot’s signal over there! Huh? Only Power Sphera BellBot is here. Good, good…. Go and retrieve BellBot. I’ll go after MotoBot and OchoBot myself. Muahahahaha! GO! Attack! We need to stop that pirate! But… the space robots are attacking! You guys, protect BellBot. I’ll protect OchoBot and MotoBot! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind! Heeyah! I must help BoBoiBoy! Dey! Yaya! BoBoiboy! Wait up! Aaaa!!! Slo-Mo Speed! This time, Those Power Spheras will be mine! Huh? What’s that? Wind Sphere! Powerful Punch! Arghhh!! Counter Attack! We need to board that ship! Step aside! Hahaha, get a load of THIS! [Gasp] Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth! Earth Sphere Barrier! You okay, Yaya? I-‘m fine. Thanks, BoBoiBoy. Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Huh?! Lightning Blade Slash! Hey! What are you doing?! Just fight them! Relax…. Calm yourself, young one. Wanna know what’s in store for messing with me? I’ll turn you all into this morning’s breakfast! Huh? Breakfast? One egg paratha, please! But…. I’m kinda feeling like some Nasi Lemak right now! Ugh! Hey! Hurry up! Nasi Lemak? Sure I’ll take that too, young man. Turn this one into spicy squid chilli! And that one into spicy clam chilli! Mmmm! Yum! Very well! Get ready to turn into Nasi Lema- Eh?? Want to turn us into food, huh? See what happens when you talk too much? You need to help them, Cattus! Get over here! Oh! Cattus! Buckets of Fish Transformation! Oh dear… This cat’s not pet material… THIS is your safest hiding spot? Err… It’s the only place I could think of. We’re doomed. The Space Pirates are here! Gravitational Smash! Enough! You lost. Yay! We won! Haha! Just give it up, alien scum! Phew. It’s safe to come out now… Huh? All the Power Spheras are HERE? Excellent. Hahaha. Time get all THREE at once! Huh? Power Sphera HookaBot! GO! What? He’s got a Power Sphera too? Ha. Did you really think you’ve beaten me? Hook of Destruction! Huh? Heeyah! [Gasp] Watch out, Yaya! Heh. You’re finished. Heeyah! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth! Oh no! Not now…! Huh?! Arghhhhhhhh!! BoBoiBoy! Hahaha! That’s what you’ll get for challenging me! Huh?! BoBoiBoy has been defeated. Surrender those Power Spheras now -if you don’t want to end up the same way! Not on my watch! You came with no warning… -and DARE demand things?! Go through us first! Hahaha. Not a problem. Ah…. I mean, err… You’ll have to go through my disciples first!
I mean, err… You’ll have to go through my disciples first! Haha… Not me! What are you doing, sir?! Power Sphera HookaBot! Transform! Huh? You’ll get your wish! Wait! Huh? Huh? BoBoiBoy? Eh? Huh? A NEW elemental power? I am… BoBoiBoy Leaf! Wow! So you’re still alive. You better watch it!! Eh? Watch me? Why would you want to watch out for me? I’m not even your kid. Err…. Is he being serious? What nonsense are you talking about? Err… My bad… I fell just now. Kinda hit my head a lil’ bit. Oh, is that why he’s a bit of a simpleton? Haha. Good job, young simpleton. GOOD JOB! You should reflect on your actions. Reflect on my actions?! I will not leave until I get -my hands on those Power Spheras! Heeyah! Leaf Shuriken! Ugh. Wha… What’s this…? Heh. That’s a stunning Shuriken Leaf! Ohh! A stunning Shuriken Leaf. Uhhh….. Oh no! Erk! Did you guys get hit too? Oh my… Please throw those more carefully next time… Umm… Err… Sorry everyone! Uh… Hehe! Excellent! You just made my job easier. Huh? Ensnaring Hook! Get over here! Huh? Vine Whips! Heeyah! Hahaha! I’ve got you now! Heeyaah! Itchy Leaf Blade! That itches! Run, everyone! Quickly! HookaBot Cannon Transformation Whuh?! Hehe! Leaves Whirlwind! Dey! Are you trying to hit us on purpose?! Hehe… Woops. [Gasp] Hah. Here! Take this! Woven Leaves Barrier! Huh? Hi, mister! How d’you do? That’s impossible! It was a point-blank shot! Woven Leaves Trap! Arghhh! Wh- What’s this?! Hahaha! Who ordered this ‘Ketupat Palas’? Are we celebrating something? Awesome, BoBoiBoy! Re- Release me! Give it up, mister! You’ve lost. There’s no way you can get out of those binds! RELEASE ME!!!! Please…! Help me! PLEASE! Help you? In your dreams! I’m not asking you to release me. Just loosen these binds! IT ITCHES! I can’t reach it! [Sobbing] Serves you right…! Trying to steal the Power Spheras from us! Now suffer the itch! Ughh! This is TORTURE! [Sobbing] Hehe. Awesome… Thank you, BoBoiBoy. Hehe! You’re welcome. Whoa! Your new abilities are amazing! BoBoiBoy. How did you manage to summon a new element? Hmm. I’m not sure! My Power Watch has been glitchy lately. And now it’s got the Nature Element all of a sudden! Hmm…. It wasn’t a glitch then. But… Your Power Watch is actually… -absorbing and adapting itself -to your newly awakened power. Eh? According to this latest data… You awakened this new element while you were on Planet Gurunda. From the cacti. Hehe. Guess it wasn’t a waste of time helping out- -those villagers and Cattus that day. Err.. It’s hungry! Huh? Again? Dey! What’s your tummy made out of? [Growling] Heee! [Hissing] Argh! Oww! Oww, that hurts! Good morning, everyone. On this historic day… I, as the commander of TAPOPS, -am pleased to announce that this spaceship… -has been fully RESTORED! Hurray! Therefore… It is time for all members of TAPOPS -to head back to the TAPOPS space station! Err… Can’t we just stay here on Earth? Negative! We need to deliver the Power Spheras
that we’ve rescued so far. Not to mention, we must lock-up Captain Separo. But before we head off… I’d like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Tok Aba -for looking after us while we are on Earth. TAPOPS will forever be in your debt. Haha. No need for all that! I’ll be sure to send you the bill! Erk! Very well. Get ready, everyone!
Time to head off… -into SPACE! Let’s go! Open the teleportal now, Ochobot. Affirmative. I’ll get going then, Tok. With your blessing. Mmm. Wuu…. Huh? Justice’s heart is filled with sorrow! Hmm? It’s MY grandson who’s leaving
yet YOU’RE the one crying? I… I weep not for your grandson… But… -for my Kitty-cat of Justice! Why is Cattus going away too?! Bye-bye, Cattus…! Don’t forget to write! Make sure to call often! -and don’t forget to text Papa, okay? Hey, sir! How would a cat know how to text? Erk! Hehe. Awesome. Okay, sir. Tokaba. We’ll be going now. Come on, Ochobot. Bye, everyone! Goodbye! Have a safe trip! Woah. Oh man… I’m exhausted. How are you exhausted? You didn’t even teleport us THAT far. Haiya. This is more than enough! Yeah. If we teleport all the way to the TAPOPS space station -we might burn out all of Ochobot’s energy. Hmm. You need to rest, Ochobot. And recharge your energy. Come. Follow me. Hmm? Huh? Wow! What IS this place? After you, Ochobot. This is where all Power Spheras
can rest and recharge. Hi, guys! Hey, MotoBot! Ahh…. It feels really nice. Oh! Cattus… BellBot… Why don’t you join them? Hehe! Don’t mind if I do. Ochobot’s so lucky to have a place like this to rest. Commander. Don’t WE get rooms as well? But of course! Woah! I bet our room is gonna to the bestI bet ours are the BEST! Erk! THIS is our room?! Yes. Huh? What do you think? Do you like it? This is the STORAGE area! Not a bedroom! This is what you get as
lower-class cadets. If you want a nicer room, -work harder to get promoted as
Lance Corporals like Yaya and Ying. Huh? Wow! Our room is gorgeous! There’s even a nice view We’ll be able to lie down and look at the stars. Mmhmm! Tch. Thanks for giving us such a spacious and awesome room! My pleasure. Come on, commander. It’s our turn now. I bet ours is WAY better than theirs! Why did it turn out this way?! Haha. Just be grateful Gopal, At least we’ve still got a place to rest. Haha. That’s true. If not, both of you’ll be sleeping in the… Ugh! What’s happening? BoBoiBoy! Commander! Come to the control room, quick! What’s the matter? Let’s go! Hurry, cadets! What just happened? Are we under-attack? No, commander. Look! Sir Papa?! What… Just WHAT are you doing here, huh!? Nothing much. Justice… -merely misses his beloved Cattus, is all. Now where’s that kitty, huh? Cattus is resting, sir. Didn’t you already say your farewells just now? Haha! Justice… -NEVER says bye-bye! But…! Hi-hi! HELP!!! Hi-hi! HELP ME! Eh? Sir Papa? That’s what happened. I tried to hitch-hike onto this spaceship. And found myself stranded outside
the window of a very nice room. Hehe! Sheesh! Please stop talking about their room. Now, come on! Let’s continue the journey -with your NEW captain. Captain Justice! PAPAZOLA! WHAT??!! Whose jurisdiction was it to name you ‘Captain’?! Justice requires no….. JUSTIFICATION! What are you blabering about? I’M the captain here! Now move! Yeesh! You’re just the commander! YOU move! Urgh! Calm down! Stop fighting! This…! This is MY spaceship! Eh? What’s happening? Wake up, everyone! Oh no… They’re in deep hibernation! Ugh… Ow… What did we hit? Looks like… An abandoned ship. Huh? I wonder who left their spaceship here? Look! There’s more of them! Eh? What happened, commander? This place…. Impossible! WHY did we pass through here? I’ve already set the safest coordinates
towards TAPOPS space station. Hahaha! That’s where you’re wrong! What’s the point of being a commander -when you don’t even know the Pythagoras Theorem! See here? Wouldn’t it be quicker if we just go
in a straight line like this? Huh? I’m right, right?! You’ve never done math before? What… WHAT have you done?! This place.. IS FORBIDDEN!!! Huh??! A forbidden area?! Hahaha! Forbidden, because…? Because you’re bad at math? Huh? What’s that sound? They’re here! WHO’S here? Those! THE SPACE BUGS! Huh?! Whoa! It’s a giant alien mosquito! We’re gonna get sucked dry! Those things will drain the energy of any
ship that dare pass through this region. Drain their energy…? Yes. They will continue until there’s no power left
and the ship is as good as dead. We’re doomed! If this ship loses all energy… -its life support system will run out of oxygen too! Hey! It hasn’t even started yet. Oh, really? Hehe. But… What do you mean by “them”? I only see one. Huh? Because… They’re never alone.. Arghhh there’s so many of them D- do something quick! How do I reverse this thing? We’re stuck! Let me do it! It’s- It’s too late.. They’ve already start draining the ship’s energy Huh? What are we going to now? Where’s Ochobot? Get him quick! He needs to teleport us back! He can’t -Ochobot still haven’t complete recharging his energy back We need to go and stop all those space bugs We can’t let them drain all of this ship’s energy Dey! How do we even breath out there? Don’t worry! Motobot, give them space vehicle! Affirmative! Space Vehicle Materialization! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Lightning Blade! Food Transformation Blast! Acceleration Dash! Gravity Force! Take that! Commander, the space bugs has been taken care of Your commander is at the engine room Huh? Watch out my beloved students!! You got company!! Everybody run!! How’s the status? We’ve lost most of the energy I’ve activated the solar panel to charge the engine reactor Huh? How’s the situation in the control room? It’s gotten worse! We’ve lost the air conditioner Feels so hot You’re more concern about the air conditioner? We’ve already gain some energy Launch the S.O.S signal! S.O.S? Sauce? Yes sir! Which sauce do you want? Chilli or tomato? S.O.S signal Save Our Ship! I wasn’t talking about chilli or tomato sauce! Press the red button quick!! Can’t you say it nicely? There’s no reason to be angry Slow-Mo Power! Gravity Pull!! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth! Asteroid Boulder! Asteroid Strike! That’s awesome BoBoiBoy! Huh? They kept on coming! Huh? They’re getting more and more What are we going to do now? Huh? Help has arrived! Eh? That’s.. That’s Fang!! How dare you to attacked my friends.. Shadow Grasp! How’s everybody doing? You guys in danger? Hahaha What’s wrong? You have a funny looking helmet Err.. There’s nothing funny about it! This is the latest trend! So the latest trend will make you become a living mushroom? What mushroom!!? This is a safety helmet! What are doing, Commander? Fang was formerly a member of BoBoiBoy’s team. He is able to manipulate shadows. They’re probably discussing about their past Is your helmet edible? Hahaha That’s not funny! Eh Fang, You were flying that spaceship alone? Sheeshhh actually, -currently I’m in training to fly the spaceship -that is why I have to wear this helmet! Yeah sure “training” It’s the truth! I was in my training session before receiving your S.O.S signal Enough This is not the time for an argument Oh no! Here they come again! -now it’s orange color! And they got bigger this time!! Gopal, Yaya.. We defend the spaceship Don’t let them drain all of its energy Let’s go Fang, we can take them Err.. BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Shadow Eagle! Attack!!! The spaceship are now able to move with it’s minimum power Good work!! Heading to my beloved students!! Why are we heading towards them? We should conserve the energy Hey!! Just listen to me I got an idea of justice!! You better make sure your idea will work The spaceship is moving Shadow Attack! This is not going to work Merge in! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Leaf! New power? You better watc- Eh? Fashion tragedy.. What did you just say!!?? Pitcher Plants Trap! Hahaha Catch them all! Can’t let him have all the fun Insectivorous Shadow! Yeahhhh We did it Huh? Tha- That’s humongous! Watch out BoBoiBoy! Catch him! Catch him! Errr.. BoBoiBoy!! huh? Huh?? Hahaha Again! Hahaha Finish it!! Very well!! Get a taste of… SMACK OF JUSTICE!!! Yeahhhh we’ve won!! Hehe Awesome Congratulations -you’ve successfully protected this spaceship Thank you commander. Good job my beloved student!! You’re so awesome sir That giant bug got smacked real hard Hahaha Theres a saying for this… When in doubts, ask yourself -but smack a bug if you ran out of idea For your bravery and creativity in solving problems in crisis times -hereby you’ve elected as captain! Woahhhh Congratulation Captain Papazola! Please do not use pythagoras theorem next time Thank you commander! We should say thank you to Fang aswell Thank you Fang! You’re welcome And thank you for towing our spaceship We’re lucky that you came I don’t know what will happen to us if you didn’t Hahaha It will be less funnier for sure Right mushroom boy? You’re all the same!! Take this!! I’m getting dizzy!!! How much further is the TAPOPS Space Station? We’re almost there. Yeah, right… So you’ve said, everytime we asked. Just keep playing! We’re sick of it. We kept losing to Mr. Papa. Haha….. Justice will never lose…! Zzzzzzzz…. Can’t we just use Ochobot’s Teleportation power? Give Ochobot a break. He’s not fully charged yet. [Sigh] Can’t this thing go any faster? You sure we’re not lost, CiciKo? HOW DARE YOU IMPLY THAT WE’RE LOST, CADET?! Apologies, Commander! It’s just a bit of waiting… -and you’re already complaining. Fang. Yes, Commander! Tell them the longest time you’ve been in orbit -whilst on a mission. 1 month, 10 days and 10 hours, Commander. Until we ran out of supplies… -and were forced to survive on pillows and blankets. Bla bla bla… ‘Had to survive on pillows and blankets~’ Bet you were just sleeping, right? You guys don’t believe me?! Huh? HELP!! TAPOPS Space Station is under attack! What?! Under attack?! Send help now! Huh? Hold on! What’s happening, Commander? TAPOPS Space Station was attacked! Get Ochobot now! Ye- Yes, Commander! Wake up! Wake up, Captain Papa Zola! Wake up!!! Sheesh! Sleeping like the dead! Hmph! Fang. Prepare to enter the portal. Roger that, Commander. But… Will Ochobot’s energy be enough? He’s still charging. The bare minimum. But based on my calculations It should be enough to teleport us
to the TAPOPS Space Station. We just heard from BoBoiBoy… The TAPOPS Space Station was attacked? Is it true, Commander? Yes. We’ve just received an emergency transmission. Hey! What’s going on, BoBoiBoy? Ochobot, reporting for duty! Open a portal to these coordinates now, Ochobot! Understood. Teleportation Power! We’ve arrived at TAPOPS Space Station. Wh- Why is it so dark? We need to get in and investigate. You three. Follow me! Yessir! Yaya, Ying, and Ochobot. Watch the ship. Roger, Commander! Where is everyone…? I’m scared, BoBoiBoy! Shhhh! Quiet! Usually… -this area would be packed. But now… I’m pretty sure a space bear did this! Enough with your space bears. Huh? Check this out. All the food’s still here. But there’s no one. Hahaha! Huh? What was that? It came from the top floor. Follow me! Haiya. Are we just gonna wait here? Patience, Ying. There’s a reason why Commander ordered us to stay on the ship. That’s right. Should something happen out here… -we’ll be able to warn them. [Yawning] Good morning, everyon- Eh? Where’s BoBoiBoy and CiciKo? They’re at TAPOPS Space Station. Eh? We’ve arrived? Yeah! TAPOPS Space Station was under attack. WHAT?! Attacked??!! Yeah. We received an emergency transmission. Why didn’t you guys wake me up? [Sigh] We already tried. You slept like the dead. How dare you let Justice fall asleep! Let’s go! -to the TAPOPS Sta- Ehhhhhhhh?? Hahaha! Uh, nevermind! Let’s just watch TV or something. Hand me the remote. Eh? What drama is this? Sheesh, Mr. Papa! This is the emergency transmission! This? This mop commercial? Eh? Play it back again. Hehe… Hahaha! Excellent. Prepare yourselves. That voice came from this level. Huh? Huh? Hmmm? Eh? What’s all this? What’s with all these cards? Huh? Not way… Follow those card trails! Huh? Rewind it. Just a little bit more Stop right there! What’s that? Can you access it, Commander? Got it. Huh? Hehe…. Huh? A ghost!! What is THAT…? It’s too dark. I can’t see a thing. Huh? Hmmm? What do you think you’re doing?! Whuh? You SAID it was dark. Hahaha! Huh? Muahahaha! So it’s you, CiciKo… Huh? Jokertu…?! Oh, yeah! That’s Joe! Huh? How’d you know that’s Joe? Not ‘Joe’! He’s called Jokertu! Ahaha! His name is Jokertu? You think that’s so funny?! GET IN THE CARD! What?! Arghhhh! Fang has turned into a card! Hmm? Just 1 star? Hah. Pathetic. Fang…! Come out, Fang! Come out! Hehe! Out of the way! What are we gonna do now, Commander? We must be careful. He’s able to capture us into his cards. Hehehe… Escape is futile. I will turn all of you into cards -just like the others. Distract him! Go! Let’s do it, Gopal! Huh?! Why are WE the distractions- Hi…! Were you hiding from me? Argh! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Lightning Blade! Card Toss! Whuh?! Even our powers can be turned into cards?! We need Yaya and Ying! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth! Mwhaha….. Your powers aren’t too shabby! Show me what else you’ve got! Hahaha! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Leaf! Leaf Shuriken! Hehe! You missed. Creeping Vines! Yaya, Ying! HELP! Huh?! What’s wrong, Commander? There’s a clown that can turn people into cards! Haha! Turn them into cards? What about credit cards? Jelly Strips Blasts! You changed my staff… -into a JELLY STRIPS??!! Do something, BoBoiBoy! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind! Cyclone Whirlwind! Run! Haha! You think you can run?! Huh? Yaya! Ying? What are you guys doing here? Saving you, of course! What else?! Great… Those powers are GREAT! Hahaha! Oh no. He’s losing it… I must have ALL of it! Card Bot. Give me more cards! Yes, master. Come! Gravitational Pull! Huh? Awesome, Yaya! Help… Help me… Erk! Commander! Cards Spiral! Slow-mo Powe- Ugh! Ying! Run! Huh? Everyone’s turned into cards! Justice is done for! You’re HERE? Yeah! Like I’d stay behind in the spaceship all alone! That place gets creepy. Everyone’s been turned… -into rare cards. Hmph. Looks like I missed one. You need to distract him for me. Do something! What sort of distraction? Get out there! When did the little guy get this big? Er… Hehe! Excuse me. Do you know where I can find the teacher’s lounge? Eh! Hold on! Don’t be so hasty, Mr. Circus Clown! You called me a circus clown?! Uh, what should I call you then? A Buff Clown? Hehe! Uh… I-I’m sorry. That was lame. You’ll just be a waste of my cards. Hah! Why don’t we…. HAVE A CARD DUEL! A card duel…? What’s the matter? You scared? Huh, scared?! ME, scared? Hehehe! I’m not just a mere card collector. I am also… Muhahaha! Galaxy Nusagima’s reigning card dueling CHAMPION! Who cares about some galaxy… Behold this Kampung Champion! Kampung Champion? Which galaxy is that? Hah! So what will it be? Got the guts to challenge me? The winner… -takes all! But if you lose… You need to change all those cards -back to normal. Having second thoughts? Are you scared? Pshh! I’m not scared! Let’s duel. Okay. So we have a deal? Don’t cry when you lose! You ready to rumble, clown? Heh heh… You dare… I will take pleasure in crushing you. Behold! My Deck of… The Dragon’s Fury! Master is using his strongest deck already?! Scared yet? Hah! Who cares about some dragon! Behold! The Disciples of Justice Deck! Well? What are you waiting for? Your move. Take this! The… Bone Dragon! Woah. What’re you gonna do with that skinny fossil? Behold! ‘Gopal the Food Lover’! Food Transformation! How… How did such a weak card…. It might be weak… But… Justice CAN’T BE DEFEATED! Now get a taste of this! ‘Y & Y Combo Attack’! Huh? Haha! Now you see it. Now you don’t. Ugh! You’re getting on my nerves. Behold!! The ‘Twin Copper Dragons’! Oh no…! Go on. What are you waiting for? Here! ‘The Shadow Kid’! That weakling again? Attack! Shadow Dance! You missed! You missed! Just you wait! Bullseye. Hmph. You took the bait. You didn’t realize that- I’ve already summoned my favourite disciple! When did you…?! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Attack!! That’s what you get for summoning a COPPER dragon. Did you think this is over?! Combination Card! Twin Headed Dragon! Huh? Woah. It’s huge! Two heads? Nothing to brag about. My Disciple of Justice…. -has THREE heads! BoBoiBoy Triple Split!! Urgh. What a lame pose. Eh? CiciKo? Attack! Counter attack! BoBoiBoy Triple Head! Nooooo!!! It seems like… The circus clown… -has been defeated. Now… Change all of them back! Dream on! Card Bot! Give me more cards! YOU get in the card! Noooooo! Seal that card now! Huh? Justice Smackdown! Now… Change these cards back to normal. Yessir! What- What happened? I- I dreamt I was eating some dragon cookies. You’ve just been released from the cards. Jokertu has been defeated. Huh? Defeated? By who? Haha! Who else? This totally awesome teacher of yours, of course! Hmph! You’re full of it. Where’s Jokertu, anyway? Haha! He’s right here under my belly. Get off me! Awesome. Hmm… That BoBoiBoy brat… His always getting in my way. From the beginning. He keeps interfering with my plans! Aww calm down, Mr. Boss. We get defeated ALL the time. You want me to be calm?! Just look at this?! All my clothes get so dirty,
everytime we got beat up. Wuu… You’re right, Mr. Boss! That happens to me too! Look! Err… Since when do you even wear clothes? Huh…? Sheesh, Mr.Boss… That’s ‘robotist’ of you. Enough! Don’t start with me. Just send these clothes to the laundromat! NOW! Ye- yes, Mr.Boss! How’s it going, Commander? Everything’s safe for now. There’s no damage. But TAPOPS Space Station isn’t out of danger yet. Huh? In danger? What’s wrong? The identity of TAPOPS Space Station may have been compromised. And we don’t have enough manpower -to defend it. Dey. What’s all the fuss? Just tell CardBot to change everyone that got
turned into cards back to normal again. [Sigh] CardBot doesn’t have enough energy for that. He’s just changed us back to normal after all. Hold on. What do you mean by, ‘TAPOPS Space Station’s identity’? Come see for yourself. Huh? Woah! Why are there so many washing machines? This looks like a laundromat. That’s because IT IS. Huh? It is? You little kiddies know nothing. A galactic laundromat is the space station’s cover identity. A laundromat? A cover? Why do we need a cover? [Sigh] TAPOPS is an organization that tracks down Power Sphera. If we don’t keep up a good cover -it’ll be too easy for others to come after the space station. It’s a brilliant idea. But why must it be a laundromat? Why not something else? A laundromat is the BEST cover. Many who travel the galaxies… -don’t have the time to do their laundry. And thus, they require the services of a galactic laundromat -in order to clean their dirty clothes. Eeek! So stinky! In the guise of chatting with the customers… -we’re able to glean useful intel… And… by using these laundry receipts -we can communicate with other TAPOPS members
on various covert missions out there. Whoa! That’s real clever! Let’s send our clothes to the laundromat~♪ 9 E-err… hello? I’m here to drop some dirty laundry. Hmm? Where is everyone? Did I forget a holiday? Hmm… Strange… It’s unclear how much of TAPOPS’ identity has been compromised. I’LL handle the investigation.
The rest of you can carry on with the mission. A mission? Hurray! Not you two! Aww… but why not? The two of you need to be out here to defend the space station. Haiya! Don’t we have Captain Papa for that? You want to rely on HIM? Hmph. He made Ochobot teleport him back to Earth. ‘Homesick’, he said. Muah! Muah! Oooh! Tok Aba’s Ice Blended Chocolate,
HOW I’VE MISSED YOU! Wow, I’ve missed this table! This pillar! And these chairs too! Wuuu…! What’s the matter with you? Eh, Ochobot? You’re here too? [Sigh] Mr. Papa made me teleport him back, Tok. After this you’re gonna teleport me back to my place, okay? Honestly… Eh?! BoBoiBoy…! Gopal too…! So what’s our mission, Commander? The three of your must deliver… -these bundles of LAUNDRY! What? Laundry delivery?! Where should we deliver them, Commander? You’ll send them here. Huh?! Planet Dargha’ya? That planet’s dangerous. Dey. Let’s just NOT go if it’s so dangerous. I bet the Commander’s just lazy and needs an errand boy. WHAT did you say?! You DARE accuse your Commander?! Begging your pardon, Commander! This… this isn’t a galactic laundromat. Hehe! This is TAPOPS’ headquarters! I must report this to Mr. Boss! All set. Where should we send these to, Commander? THAT, you don’t need to know. Just go to the designated location -and leave them there. Understood, Commander! Oh, right. One more thing. DON’T let these bundles get dirty… NOT EVEN A LITTLE. Why did the Commander insist that we mustn’t let these get dirty? Hey. Just follow his orders. Don’t ask questions. What’s so dangerous about Planet Dargha’ya, Fang? Sheesh. I just SAID not to ask questions! Are there evil spirits? Is the atmosphere unbreathable? Are there space bears?! Is it filled with poisonous gas?! Ughh! NONE OF THOSE THINGS! That planet’s as good as dead. THAT’s why it’s so dangerous. Its forests are barren and it reeks of death and decay. Huh?! Death and decay…? Who the heck would willingly live in such a place?! It’s got to be GHOSTS, Fang! You coward…! Just let BoBoiBoy and me…. Huh?! Let’s just go home, Fang! There are ghosts! Let’s go home! Come on! For god’s sake… How did I get stuck with babysitting these two…? Why are you tailing them, Mr. Boss? Shouldn’t we be attacking the TAPOPS Space Station? Heh. From what you’ve told me… Seems like that BoBoiBoy kid is there looking for help. THAT’S why CiciKo sent him on this delivery trip. Oooh! I see… If BoBoiBoy succeeds in delivering those laundry bundles… Help will arrive… -and TAPOPS’ defense will return to normal. I’m so proud I’ve got such a brilliant master like you, Mr. Boss! Sheesh. There’s no suitable spot to land this thing. Listen up, crew! Your Captain wants you to find him a good landing spot. Huh? Since when are YOU the Captain? I’M the one piloting this ship, aren’t I? That makes ME the Captain. Don’t get ahead of yourself. You’re just the chauffeur. There! Over there! We can land there, Captain! Excellent. Well done, Ensign! Hehe…! Thanks, Captain! Hey! What’s up with you? What…? The Captain praised me.
What about it? Let’s go! On my lead. Hmm. Behold! My latest weapon! Whoah! So handsome and cool! Hahaha! Transform yourself, Probe! We’ve got a mission to mess with! Understood, Mr. Boss! Mode: Vehicle Probe! Eeek! This place gives me the creeps, BoBoiBoy! How much further, Fang? Hmm… I think it’s just beyond this forest- Huh?! What was that?! It’s probably nothing…. Come on. Let’s just finish this mission. You’re done for, BoBoiBoy…! You’re done for! Onwards, Mr. Boss! Onwards! W-wait! Where exactly are we headed to, Mr. Boss? Huh? Just follow the GPS you brought. Huh… GPS? I thought YOU were bringing it. Me?! I never said that! I’m the boss!
Why would I need to bring anything?! Aah…. sorry. I left it behind, Mr. Boss. Huh? Sheesh. We’re way off path. This is all your fault! Ouch! Ow! Mercy, Mr. Boss! Woaah! Are you ok, Mr. Boss? Urgh… My handsome face is ruined. Computer! Come pick us up. Huh? Computer…? Looks like it’s jammed because of the mud, Mr. Boss! What do you mean, it’s JAMMED?! How the heck are we going to get back to the ship -or even track down BoBoiBoy now, huh?! Come here, you! -You’re useless!
I’m so sorry, Mr. Boss! FORGIVE ME! What was that sound, BoBoiBoy?! Sheesh! Nothing to be scared about. That’s probably just the wind. [Low growling] Huh?! [Roar] Eek! It’s a tree demon! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Oi, Fang! Wait for us! “Nothing to be scared about,” huh? Where’s all that bravado now?! Huh? Aarghh! How come a TREE’s chasing after us?! Over here! Let’s hide back here! Where is it?! Shhh! It’s right behind us! Huh…. what are we gonna do now? Just wait til it leaves. And then… We’ll make a run for it! Wha…? Err! [Whimpering] Shhh! Keep it down, Gopal! Why’s everyone telling me to be quiet? Huh?! Huh……?! HUH?! Aargh! GOPAL! Help! HELP ME! There’s another one coming! BoBoiBoy! We gotta fight back! Mmm! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! We need to get these to a safe place! Mmm! Leaf! Keep that thing occupied! Okay! Shadow Bear! Stop that thing! Binding Vines! Urghh! Heeyah! Oh no….! Hehe… er…. Sorry! Went a little overboard there! Creeping Vines! Haha!! Can’t catch me… OWW! Aargh! Huh…? Ouuch! Let me go! Don’t eat me! Shadow Koala! ATTACK! Shadow Whips! Earth Grasp! Lightning Blade! Heeyah! Yess! We’ve won! Awesome! Hey! What do you mean, ‘Awesome’? Did you forget you tossed Gopal just now? Ohh! That’s right! Gopal! Ouuch…! There you are! Eh? Adu Du…? Probe? What are you two doing here? We… We came… …to… …to make sure you FAIL your mission! Ugh… Gosh, I’m beat. Urgh. Uhh…. give us a sec. Let us catch a break. We’ll continue after this. After 10 minutes… Prepare yourself, BoBoiBoy! Tch. Not even a ‘thank you’? Yeah! We let you two rest, didn’t we? Hah! Who cares. I’m still gonna sabotage your mission! Behold…! My super high-tech weapon! Huh?! Here! Take this! Urgh! What’s wrong with this thing?! Pshh. Where’d you get that little toy gun? The back alleys? Heh! My weapon may be damaged…. But! I can still make sure your mission’s a failure! Heeyah! Huh?! Shadow Arm! Shoot at those bundles, Probe! Okay! Mud blasts! Dodge! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth! Earth Barrier! Get those away from here, Fang! Okay! Shadow Falcon! Urgh! Transform, Probe! Right! Mode: Mecha Probe! Hahah! Get a load of this! Mega Mud Blasts! Heeyah! Huh?! Sheesh! Make sure you get him! Hey, Adu Du! Huh? What’s WITH you?! Why’re you always messing with us? Did you think… -that I won’t find out? That you’re delivering a covert request for help -on behalf of the TAPOPS Space Station? A request for help? What are you on about? We’re just delivering laundry. Laundry, eh? The receipts on those laundry bundles… -carry a secret SOS code for TAPOPS! Huh?! What did you say? Sheesh. You know nothing! Did you really think this was just a simple delivery mission? Why’re you telling me this? Because I want you to know… Exactly WHAT you’ll be failing at so spectacularly. Experience the bitter taste of defeat! Becareful, Fang! Don’t let those get dirty! Just where do you think you’re going, huh?! Mecha Cannon…. Huh?! Eh? What’s going on?! Hahaha! Food Transformation Sniper Blasts! Pew! Pew! Hey hey! Stop! Yaargh! Arghh! Shadow Falcon Dive! Huh…? Oh no! [Gasp] Just a little bit more! Hah! BoBoiBoy Leaf! Creeping Vines! Heh! Too slow! How dare you! [Gasp] Ehh? Urgh… Oh… Oh noo! Mr. Boss! Get up, Mr. Boss! Hah! Serves you right! Trying to mess with us. You reap what you sow! Are the laundry bundles safe? Yep! They’re safe! Phew! They’re still clean! Now… It’s time we take Adu Du and Probe… Eh?! Hang in there, Mr. Boss! I’m taking you to the nearest hospital! Wuuhuhu! We have to go after them, BoBoiBoy! No need. They can’t do anything to us anymore. That’s true. We should just carry on with the mission. Eh? The location is right around here! Let’s go! We’ve arrived at the drop-off location, Commander. Excellent. Did everything go as planned? As if! Commander! We had to deal with Adu Du and Probe just now! What?! Why were they THERE of all places?! Commander. Adu Du told us our delivery mission is actually -a request for help, is that true? Err… Hmm… It’s true. I’ve told you guys before, right? We communicate among TAPOPS members
via the laundry receipts. You’ve known from the start? Why didn’t you tell us?! Hmph. I DID tell you guys! Not my problem if you didn’t pay attention! Enough! Quit your squabbling! Erk! Your mission has been compromised. So now… You must deliver those laundry bundles
to its target IN PERSON. We have to deliver them in person?! You mean we’ve got to stay even longer in this spooky place?! Nooooo! Where are we, Probe? We’re lost, Mr. Boss. W-where’s BoBoiBoy and the rest of his friends? [Sigh] They beat us, Mr Boss. We lost?! Turn back now! We have to- Wargh! Oww! What in the world did you just hit? Huh…? HUH?! TREE DEMONS!!!!!! Faster, Probe! Faster! Roger, Mr. Boss! Huh? Oh no! Why did you stop?! That… Look at that, Mr. Boss! What in the world is that…? Stick it there. Sheesh… So you’re gonna just boss us around? Give us a hand here! Pssh. The captain only gives out orders. Still delusional I see. Get over yourself! It’s alright, Gopal. We’re nearly done here anyway. Relax… I’m actually planning out the rest of our mission. Planning our mission? After two days’ walk… We’ve reached HERE. We need to go around this swamp. And after a day’s walk,
we’ll arrive at the delivery point. We gotta carry those things one MORE day? No way… My poor back! Hang in there, Gopal. Remember Commander’s words. Did you receive the info I sent you? Yessir! Good. Don’t you dare return before the mission is complete! We can’t return?! Make sure the receipts and laundry packages are received. Huh?! How could you, Commander? Don’t you know there are tree demons here?! Do you think I’m daft?! Ugh! How does a hologram even do that?! Hehe… Awesome…! This mission is crucial to us! No help will ever come to TAPOPS Station if you failed to deliver the laundry along with the receipt! Understood?! Understood, Commander! We need to complete this mission! Or else, TAPOPS Station will further be in danger! But the Commander didn’t even tell us to whom we should deliver these laundry. Who do you think the recipient is, Fang? I’m not so sure myself… Why won’t the Commander call the recipient directly? He can collect the laundry himself. I think this is the only way to contact him. Even so, he should tell us who the recipient is. I’m sure that the Commander has his reasons. And we should follow his orders—Eh? Asleep already? Look at your friend here, Fang– You too? Very well then. Good night y’all. Let’s go! Let’s go-lululu! Huh? What’s that sound? Wake up, Gopal! Wake up! Urghh… What’s the matter with you, BoBoiBoy WARGHHH!!! WHAT’S THAT?!! A..ARE THEY ROCKS?!! WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?! Protect the bags first!!! SHADOW FINGERS!!!! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth! Earth Barrier! Wh..what were those things?! Transform ’em, Gopal. Urgh… Food Transformation Shot! HYAH! Oh no!! That thing’s alive! I can’t change it into something else! Get ready to fight! No! We have to retreat! Else the bags will get dirty, or even damaged! This place is even creepier, BoBoiBoy… Shhhh…cut the chatter! Hurry up, Gopal! They’re not on our tail anymore! Forward! Safe at last… Eh? Do…do you hear that? Adu Du…? What are you doing here, Adu Du?! Adu Du? I’m no Adu Du! I’m.. Olu Lulu! Olululu…? How dare you trespass into my territory-lululu! What’s the matter with you? Erk! My hand! I…I can’t move it! BoBoiBoy Wind! Whirlwind Blast! We need to go! Take my hand, Gopal! You’re joking, right? I can’t feel my hand! Then use the other one! Ouch! Help! Now I can’t move both my hands! How can this be possible?! Oh gosh… Ouch! Oww! Ouch! Fang! Wait! BoBoiBoy Earth! Eh! Wait!!! Earth Swing! Huhuhu… I won’t be eating no more… Stop moving around, Gopal! Come here! Shadow Tiger!! ATTACK!!! No one can escape me-lululu! GET DOWN, FANG!!! You again-lululu?! Urgh… Since when you’re this good? Hahahaha… You’re done! Where’s the other one-lululu? Wuhuhuhu.. My hands… Look at my hands—urgh! Waaaahhhhh Gopal!!! Help! Help meeeeeee!!!! Urgh! Urgh! I…I can’t move! Mueheheheh. Look what I got! That’s our laundry bags! Hehehe… Very good, Probululu…! Urgh! Let us go, Adu Du! HOW MANY TIMES SHOULD I TELL YOU?! I’M NOT ADU DU-LULULU!!! Fine, fine -lu lu lu lu~ He’s really out of his mind! How can these guys forgot who they were? Mr. Boss is the only one who’s not himself! Eh…? You’re still you, Probe? Of course! That is why I tried to stop you earlier! I tried to explain to you, but got knocked out instead! Ish! Explain about what? Mr. Boss has been hypnotized by a frog! Hypnotized…by a frog…? So how come you’re still you? I’m a robot, silly. How can I be hypnotized? What’s the ruckus back there?!! Aaaa..nothing! SHUT YOUR TRAPS! Enough! We’re here! Wh..WHAT KIND OF FROG IS THIS?!!! Behold my master, Katakululu! What does it want from me?! Don’t look, Gopal! What are you doing here? We’re in the middle of a mission, to send some laundry… Why’d Gopal reveal our mission? I… I think he’s been hypnotized! Where are you supposed to deliver those bags? We do not know. The recipient is still a mystery. Although I think that there’s a connection between the bags and its recipient… He really can talk, can he? I…I know who are you going to send this bags to! What’s happening? Shhh… Help me rescue Mr. Boss! Are you his posse? I don’t know what you’re talking about… Don’t lie to me! A hypnotized person can’t lie… I guess you’re right.. Gopal! Are you okay?! Answer me!! They’ve escaped! How come?! Huh? It’s you, Probululu?! So…sorry, Mr. Boss! I just wanted to rescue you! How dare you-lululu!! Shadow Hawk! Attack!! Are you okay, Mister Boss?! Go! Go and get Gopal! Now you are my warrior, my protector… GOPALULU! As you wish, Master Katakululu! What have you done to my friend?! Attack them, Gopalululu!!! BoBoiBoy TRIPLE SPLIT!!! Foodie Shot!!! Earth Barrier! Roasted Frog Shot— Erk! I mean Roasted Snake Shot!!! Creeping Vines! YOU CAN’T ESCAPE-LULULU!!! SNAKEEEE!!! Snakeeee!!! Don’t throw it at me! Take it back! What’s wrong with you?! It is the end for all of you! FOOODIE– EARTH SHACKLER! Urgh! LET ME GO-LULULU!! Give me back my friend! Olu Lulu, come and save your master! Step aside!! I’m coming, Master-lulu!! Wait, Mr. Boss!! SHADOW BIND!!! STOP, MR. BOSS!!! Wake up! Snap out of it, Mr. Boss!!! Ouch! Ouch! Stop! Owww-lululu!! Let him go, now! THEY’RE HERE ALREADY?! Looks like they’re his goons! DON’T LOOK!!! Look into my eyes… Now both of you are my warriors— STOP!!! Eh…? Who’s that? What is happening? Shhhhhhh HUH! VICTORIOUS!!! They were hypnotized too? Wh..what happened? How come I’m lodged in the ground? Uhhh… My head… Are you okay, Mister Boss? Okay… Eh? Katakululu. the hypnotic frog that I’ve been searching all these time. Thank you for helping me captured this frog! Who is he, Fang? Thats… THAT’S ADMIRAL TARUNG! ADMIRAL TARUNG…?! Yes? Who is he, Mr. Boss? TRANSFORM! WE SHOULD GET AWAY FROM HERE, PROBE!!! Affirmative!! What are those bags? That’s our mission…! Hey! Why would you told him about the mission? Oh, the laundry bags are from TAPOPS, am I right? Thank you for bringing my clothes back to me! Eh? You’re the mysterious recipient? Of course! Who else but me? How can we verify that he is indeed the recipient? Only a TAPOPS member can read the message on the receipt—Eh? A message from Kokoci? TAPOPS Station is in danger?!! Yes… That’s why we’re here. We don’t have much time! Let’s go! Yes sir!! Why were you panicking just now, Mr. Boss? U know nothing Probe.. Tarung was an former admiral at TAPOPS. He’s famous for his awesomeness and temper! Temper? He seems like a nice guy back there… What is he doing here? I’m not so sure… He has been gone for quite a while, but now, he is back… Can I ask a question, Admiral? Go on.. Why do you send your laundry to TAPOPS? After I’ve retired, I’ve seized all communications, except through TAPOPS. It was the only way for me to connect with the outside world. I see… And I still need clean suits! But what were you doing on Planet Dar’ghaya? It’s my hobby, researching exotic and mystical species like Katakululu over here. What for? To rescue them, of course! We’ve arrived! Yayyyyy!! Wakey-wakey, cadets. Uhh? What time is it? A couple of minutes to 7. Hurry up and get ready, the test will begin soon. I’m soooo sleeepyy.. 5 more minutes please… Awwww. look at you, Okey-dokey.. I’ll wake you up later. Ouch!! STILL SLEEPY?!!! Erk! No, no. Not anymore! YOUR TESTS WILL BEGIN IN 10 MINUTES! GET READY! Yes, Admiral! I totally forgot that he’s strict… Finally, we’ve arrived! That laundry bags looks heavy. Let me carry them for you. It’s okay, Admiral—erk! Waaaahhh! So strong! After you.. Oh, thank you. Hehehe. He’s really polite, you know. Not like Commander Ciciko. We’re back, Commander. Hah?! YOU’RE HERE?! Where’s– ERK! I bid you welcome, Admiral Tarung! Why, thank you! Do you know about TAPOPS’ current condition? Yes, these laundry boys here have already told me… Actually, we’re not laundry boys. We’re TAPOPS’ cadets. WHAAATT?!! THEY’RE TAPOPS’ MEMBERS? Ah, yes Admiral… YOU MUST BE JOKING! HUWARGH! Hah?! Oh my gosh!–OUCH!!! What are their ranks? Err, yes. BoBoiBoy and Gopal are Cadets. Ying and Yaya are Lance Corporals. You can’t even protect yourselves at Planet Dar’ghaya, AND YOU DARE CALL YOURSELVES TAPOPS’ CADETS? HOW CAN WEAKLINGS LIKE THEM PASSED THE TAPOPS’ TOUGHNESS EXAM? My apologies, Admiral. The Toughness Exam has no longer been implemented as the rate of failure were too high. WHAT?!! No wonder TAPOPS has become an easy target!! ALL OF YOU!! NEED TO TAKE THE TOUGHNESS EXAM IMMEDIATELY!!! Phew. Lucky for me that I’ve already taken the exam. You already did the exam? Ah. Yes, Admiral. Heh! Well done! Please guide those freshies let them know how hard it is to become a TAPOPS member. Hehe. Understood, Admiral… ENOUGH!! You’re dismissed! The exam will commence at 0730 hours tomorrow! You guys are really pumped-up, aren’t ya? Heh, the first place shall be mine! Yeah. First from behind. WHAT DID YOU SAY?! I SAID, I WILL BE IN THE FIRST PLACE! NO, I AM!!! Hmmm, every time there’s an exam they will become rivals.. Good morning, Cadets. Here comes Fang. Come and join us for a warm-up session. Warm-up? I’ve taken the exam a long time ago, with flying colors too! Well, you don’t need to rub it in! The Admiral is here.. Are you ready for the first part of the exam; EASY-PEASY TEST!!! Yes, Admiral! Easy-Peasy? Should be no problem. NO PROBLEM, YOU SAY?! The test was named as such because it’s so easy to fail! Gasp! Easy to fail…?! Get ready for a written test! WHAT?! WRITTEN TEST?! They got written test here too? It’s like being in school again… You have 30 minutes to answer all the questions!!! What kind of questions are these? Who is TAPOPS’ neighbors? How many kinds of Power Spheras?, and the total of Power Spheras in the galaxy?! How should I know that—eh? SUPER-SPEED ANSWERS!!! TEST PAPERS LEVITATION!!! How come they can answer it easily? Because we studied them, of course! Don’t you dare copy my answers! Heh! In your dreams! Urgh… If that’s the case, I need to use my power too. THE POWER OF…RANDOM ANSWERS!!! Hmmm, Ochobot once taught me about the history of Power Spheras. I think I can answer the questions regarding that topic. PUT DOWN YOUR PENS!!! THE TEST IS OVER!!! PASS FORWARD YOUR PAPERS NOW! Gopal, why on Earth did you answered subjective questions with objective answers?! Errr… I’m sorry, Commander! THERE’S NO ROOM FOR SORRY!! IF YOU FAILED, YOU WILL BE THROWN OUT FROM THIS STATION!!! Do you understand what will happen if you fail? Un..understood, Admiral… Excellent.. NOW IT’S TIME FOOORRRR… LUNCH!!! Lunch? Go ahead and eat. Enjoy your meals! I apologize if the test was too hard. Err…it’s okay, Admiral. We…really love tests. Hmph, no one else but you. That’s the spirit. Uhm, excuse me for a second. I need to wet my throat after blasting my voice out just now. Sure, Admiral. Fang, how come the Admiral suddenly becomes so nice? Isn’t he always so fierce? Observe, the Admiral is fierce and strict during working hours only! During working hours…? Yep, from 7 in the morning till 7 at night, except during lunch breaks… Oh, that’s why he’s so nice waking us up today.. Uh-huh! But once the clock striked 7, he became a lion! Who’s like a lion?! WARRGHHHH!! Nobody, Admiral! Hehehe. I apologize again for being so strict. It’s because I see the potential in all of you. You guys want to be the best, right? Get up! Lunch’s over! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? OFF TO THE ARENA NOW!!!! Yes…yes, Admiral! The second test is a survival test, COOKING WITH PAIRS! What’s the connection between survival and these ingredients? Huh! These ingredients will save you if you’re stranded on an alien planet! BEGIN NOW! How can we cook with these? They look so strange! Heh, not a problem…! FOOD TRANSFORMATION!!! Hey! You can’t use your powers! Yes, you can! Powers are allowed in this test. As long as you don’t change the ingredients into actual food! BoBoiBoy TRIPLE SPLIT!!! Alright, Gopal. Tell us what to do! Okay! Go and wash that! Lightning, start the fire! Leaf, cut that thing! Roger that! It’s okay, Ying. We have powers too! Let’s start cooking!! Gravitational Levitation! Super-speed slice and dice!!! But, what are going to cook? We can do a special soup! Soup? What for? Let’s bake some cookies instead! NO! YOUR COOKIES ARE HORRIBLE!!! WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!! Let’s continue, BoBoiBoy. Leave that quarreling bunch to themselves! Let go of this bowl! I need it to mix my ingredients! I want to use it to serve my soup! It’s done! Smell’s good. What kind of dish is this? This is noodles, where art thou, noodles! What?! Err, the name of the dish is ‘Where Art Thou’, Admiral. WHAT ARE YOU BABBLING ABOUT?!!! This… it’s like my mom’s cooking! 100 POINTS!!! We will proceed to Yaya and Ying’s table. What’s this? 2 dishes?! They didn’t follow the rules… Looks weird— WHAT KIND OF COOKIE IS THIS?! Oh gosh! Drink this soup to wash down the cookie! TOO SPICY!!! WHAT INGREDIENTS DID YOU PUT IN IT?!!! Gosh, is it so? Are they that bad? Let me try them. No, Admiral! Eh, nothing happens? So…what’s the verdict, Admiral? They were okay, I guess… Okay…? Is his tongue made from steel or something? How much points did we get, Admiral? POINTS?! ZERO!!! Zero.. I’ve instructed you to work in pair, not one dish each! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND A SIMPLE ORDER? We are way behind, Ying… We need to ace the next test Enough! ARE YOU READY FOR THE FOCUS TEST?!!! Yes we are, Admiral! RELEASE THE TAPOPS’ GORILLA! Gasp! TAPOPS’ Gorilla?! Do…do we need to fight that thing?! What’s the connection between a gorilla and focus? Fang! Show them how it’s done! Yes, Commander! Be careful, Fang! Eeee, it’s so scary… Huh, begin! Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. This test is to determine your focus. You need to sing the rhymes without your powers and without fail! Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Roll it, and pat it, and mark it with a ‘B’. And put it in the oven for BoBoiBoy and me! Waaahhh! So cool, Fang! Good. Now it’s your turn! The points will be given according to how far the song managed to be sang… It’s pat-a-cake, how hard can it be? Eh! Gopal, wait! Allow me to teach this gorilla. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man. Eat me a cake— It’s ‘bake me’, not ‘eat me’! Gopal!!! Be careful! If you screw up, the gorilla will get angry! Ouch… I wish you told me that earlier. Only 5% of the song managed to be sang. 5 points for Gopal! NEXT! What if we screw up? Errr, can we sit on this test together? Hmmm. Yes you can, but I will deduct 30 points later. Agree? Ermm, okay! Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Roll it, and pat it, and mark it with a ‘B’. And put it in the oven for BoBoiBoy and me! Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Roll it, and pat it, and mark it with a ‘B’. And put it in the oven for BoBoiBoy and me! Yay!! Awesome, guys! Hmph, satisfying 100 points! Deducted by 30, leaving 70 points! Now it’s BoBoiBoy’s turn. Are you ready? I got it! LET’S GO, GORILLA!!! BEGIN! Sat-a-cake, WARGHHHHH! It’s pat-a-cake, not sat-a-cake.. ZERO POINTS!!! Ouch! I remember Tok Aba taught me as sat-a-cake… THE TESTS ARE OVER!! Let see if your points are enough to pass! Commander! Here are your overall points. WHAT?! WE ONLY GOT 53 POINTS?!! I got 56 points! Awesome—erk! Your points were higher than us…? Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose! I…got an E…? YAY, I PASSED! PASSED?!! SINCE WHEN?! Isn’t above 40% considered as pass, Admiral? IT’S ABOVE 80%!!! WHAT?!!! Heh, in your dreams… So all of us failed? What happens next? Such a disappointment.. ALL OF YOU WILL BE… …passed! Ha? What?! Am I dreaming? It’s true! Congratulations to all of you! Oh, it’s already passed 7 o’clock! Phew… Lucky us if not I don’t think we can make it through the Toughness Exam.. Eh? What do you mean by Toughness Exam? You said that all of us passed the tests, right…? Yes, but the tests just now are not the Toughness Exam! What? Those were just to qualify yourselves to sit on the Toughness Exam. Those were just to qualify yourselves to sit on the Toughness Exam. Of course not! The Toughness Exam will begin tomorrow morning! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Here we go again… So you really want to take the TAPOPS Toughness Test? Err… Yes, Admiral! Do you understand the consequences should you fail? We will be punished. AND?! Uh… And we’ll be expelled from TAPOPS. Hmph. I see you’re clear on that. Hmm… I wish you luck. Don’t worry, Commander. We’ll give it our best! You think your best will be good enough?! Huh?! The test will be done on this planet? Correct. Planet Volcania. A planet that’s filled with active volcanoes… -and rivers of molten lava. What EXACTLY is this Toughness Test all about? It’s a simulation test. Your task is to retrieve a Power Sphera
hidden in Planet Volcania… Phew…! Thank god it’s only a simulation! Where exactly is the Power Sphera that we need to recover? There. On the peak of that volcano! It’s on top of the volcano?! Yes. So you should save your energy til you’ve reached the top. And… TWO teams will be involved. Team A and B! Huh? Two teams? Correct. Team B will consist of… All of you. We’re on the same team? Awesome! Eh, what about the other team? Team A is already on Planet Volcania! They’re already there? Whoa… They’re definitely after that Power Sphera too! Enough! Time to begin the Toughness Test! Ochobot! Yes, Admiral. Ochobot!? BEGIN NOW! Affirmative! TELEPORTATION POWER!!! Why are you still standing there ogling?! The test begins NOW! GO! What a beautiful planet…! Hey! That’s the volcano the Commander was telling us about! Huh? Gosh…. So we need to go there to get the Power Sphera? Heh! Don’t sweat it! It’s all just a simulation, right? Wargh! IT’S HOT! [Gasp] Run, guys! How could a simulation be this REAL?! Haha! Let’s see how far BoBoiBoy and his team are willing to go to pass this test. We’ve arrived at the volcano’s base! But how will we cross this lava river? Easy! Super-speed Jumps! Hey! You’re just crossing alone?! Help us out too! Gravitational Lift! Cross the river, quick! Awesome, Yaya! Let’s go, Gopal! Hey, wait for me, BoBoiBoy! Uhh… wait up, BoBoiBoy! Wait! Hurry and jump! Watch out, Gopal! BoBoiBoy! BoBoiBoy! Hey, are you okay?! Ugh. I’m good. But… how come a simulation hurts this bad? Hahaha! That’s because it’s NOT a simulation. What?! My apologies. It’s true that these tests are usually conducted via simulation. However… OWW! No buts! With our situation as desperate as it is now… It’s better for this test to be conducted in a real-life environment! A real-life environment?! Isn’t that too dangerous, Admiral? Hmph. If you think all of this is too much for you… You’re welcome to withdraw. Oooh, so we can do that? Shall we, BoBoiBoy? Hey, we can’t quit now! We must keep going! Fang, you need to— Huh? Where’s Fang? Eek! Did he fall into the lava river? Farewell, Fang… You left us before you could become popular… -Hahaha! What nonsense are you talking about?! Fang’s already up ahead without you! Continue with the test NOW! Eeep! Yessir! Why did Fang go ahead without us? Yeah… He should’ve lend us a hand! Come, BoBoiBoy! Let’s go! I’m not seeing Fang anywhere. Just bit more, Gopal… I’ve told you… should’ve used your powers…. But you won’t listen! The Commander told us to conserve our energy, Remember? Yeah… but…. it’s tiring! Finally…we’re here. BoBoiBoy! Look over there! Huh? Geez… let me catch my breath. I just got here. Huh?! A Power Sphera? Yay! We made it! Let’s go. This whole test wasn’t all that bad after all… Shadow Pierce! BoBoiBoy! You, Fang?! Hey! What’s the matter with you?! Forgive me. But I can’t let you take this Power Sphera! Why not? I thought we’re a team?! Says who?!
I’m on the OTHER team! Huh?! What?! Commander! What the heck is Fang talking about?! It’s true. Fang and Team A were tasked to stop you! Heh! If you want to pass this exam… You’ll need to defeat Team A and recover that Power Sphera! But… Fang is only one guy. He can’t be counted as a team. Who said I was on my own? Team A! ASSEMBLE! Understood! Introducing… Sai and Shielda. These… are our opponents? Hehe… Hey there, how are you? Err… I’m BoBoiBoy. What are you doing?!
They’re our enemies, you know! Pshh.. what enemies? They’re just doing their jobs. SO COOL!
His hat flew right back like a boomerang! So THESE are the Earthlings we’re supposed to stop? Heh. Easy. I told you, they’re just a bunch of weaklings. What did you say?! Get over here! Mighty Punch! Super-speed Kicks! Reflect! That shield has powers?! Be careful! Shielda’s shield can absorb and reflect all- – UGH! QUIET! You don’t need to tell them that! I beg your pardon, Admiral. It can reflect anything? No way. Heh. Did it hurt? You think you’re so great?! Fine… I know I’m nothing… It can reflect insults too? C’mon, Gopal! Let’s hit them again—ARGH! Ying! Bullseye. How dare you! Gravitational Force! Defensive Shield! BoBoiBoy! Go get that Power Sphera quick! But will you be okay- Don’t worry about me! Just grab that Power Sphera and this test will be over! Okay! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind! Gust Sprint! Hey! Don’t leave me! You think you can escape?! Shadow Falcon! Onwards! Shadow Hands! She’s gaining on us! Shield Smash! Are you okay, Yaya? Zig-Zag Shield Throw! Slow-mo Speed! It’s still fast?! YAYA! YING! Just surrender, BoboiBoy! BoBoiBoy! We need to stop the test, Admiral! They’re getting out of hand! Stop? Hmph. Absolutely not! Back away! I won’t let you hurt my friends! Are these really the Earthlings they kept saying were so great? Heh. Easy. Food Transformation Blast! BoBoiBoy! HELP! BoBoiBoy! Are… are you okay? Why are you doing this, Fang? I’m sorry. I’m… I’m under orders. Don’t apologize, Fang. Where’s Gopal? Heh, there…! My friends! And now it’s your turn, BoBoiBoy! Enough! We’ve already defeated them! You’re feeling sorry for them? Since when did you become weak like them, Fang? W… weak? You think we’re WEAK?! I’ll show you just who’s the weaker ones here! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Fire! A new Elemental Power?! Haha! This is what I was waiting for! Superb! Let’s play with fire! Flaming Punch! Shadow Hand! Flaming Kick! Urghhh… So hot… Heh, did it hurt? Shield Throw! Heh, you missed! Shield Slam! Enough! Enough, you say…? NO IT’S NOT. Rapid-fire Attack! Huh? BoBoiBoy’s awakened a new power? Red-hot Flaming Punch! DODGE! Take that! Now’s YOUR turn to taste defeat! Haha! Come on! Let’s go! What…? The volcano has become unstable after BoBoiBoy’s attack! Help! Please abort this test, Admiral! The volcano’s gonna erupt! WE’RE IN DANGER! Who’s the weakling now? Calm down, BoBoiBoy! Remember who you are! Y… you’ve won! Hmph! Not yet! Maximum Spin! You thought such a pathetic move would fool me?! Flaming Shield! NOW TAKE THIS BACK! Admiral?! STOP! The test is over! But… They’ve crossed the line! Enough! Calm down, BoBoiBoy… Deep breaths. Relax, BoBoiBoy. Don’t be angry. It’s all over. Gopal, Yaya, Ying! Where are you? Over here! Quick! We need to leave now! I’m sorry, guys. I failed to control my emotions before. It’s okay, BoBoiBoy. What matters is that we made it safe and sound! We… apologize too. Yes. We… went too far. Outstanding You were truly outstanding. Really?! All of you failed to retrieve the Power Sphera. Therefore, you will be expelled! Hey now! Just sec, Admiral! What do you mean wait— Huh? When did you… Heh, it was actually Ying’s plan. Hurry! Remove the Power Sphera, Yaya! Mighty… Punch! This… Now THIS is truly astounding! Hehe. Thanks, Admiral! All of you have PASSED the TAPOPS Toughness Test! Yay! We did it! Awesome! Jokertu has been captured?! Muahahaha! No matter. He’s already fulfilled his mission. What was that?! Did you say I FAILED?! I didn’t say a thing, master! I’m innocent! Muahahaha! Very good! They have yet to notice… The stowaway aboard their little space station. Muahaha! Release him now! Affirmative! What do you want from me?! Slow-mo Speed! Tell me, why did you attack TAPOPS Space Station?! I woooooooooon’t tellllllll yooooooooouuuuuu– Hey! Let him talk faster! Alright, alright! –anything! You won’t tell us anything? How did you find out about our cover? So you want to play around, eh? Fang. Yes, Commander. Do your thing. Okay. Shadow Fingers! I will tell you…. nothing…! Hahaha! 1 hour later… We’ve been at it for an hour already… Maybe we should stop, Commander. I don’t think he’s gonna tell us anything. Huh? That sounds like Admiral Tarung! Erk! We’re done for! He ordered me to obtain the information before 7AM! Good morning! How are you guys today? Err… So that’s why… It’s not 7 yet. Phew… So how’s the progress so far? Find anything? N…not yet, Admiral. That’s alright! Try again, eh? Whoa…! You okay there? Want a drink? A drink…? Th… thanks. Oh no! It’s 7AM! What ELSE aren’t you telling us, huh?! Do you want to end up like this wall?! Erk! I was sent here as a distraction! Huh? A distraction? From what? From… From someone who’s going to steal your Power Spheras! HUH? There’s a thief?! Where are they?! Do you really think Jokertu’s telling the truth? That there’s a thief here who’s
coming for the Power Spheras? He could be lying for all we know! He might be. I’m not seeing any suspicious movements on any of the security cameras. Forget the cameras. Use the scanners instead. Verify how many Power Spheras are onboard. Yes, Admiral. Hmm. All Power Spheras are accounted for. Huh? But there’s one extra Power Sphera! So Jokertu was telling the truth. There’s a thief aboard! Split up! Fang. Take your team. You’ll be in charge of Jokertu. Understood, Admiral. Yaya, Ying. Find our stowaway. Yessir! So I guess BoBoiBoy and I can just chill in our room? Hmph. Your room?! Follow Cici Ko to the Power Sphera vault now! Power Sphera Vault? What’s that? Enough questions! Just follow me quick! How are we going to find the thief? Hehe! No worries! I’ve already memorized this whole place! Follow me! Wait up, Ying! Over here! How come we never knew about this place, Commander? Your rank isn’t high enough. But you’re not even tall, Commander. Hmmph. Sorry…! Wow! This place is so cool! Whoaa… What’s that? Here’s where we keep all valuable Power Spheras. Don’t worry. They’re not active. They’re all in dormant mode. Dormant mode? Yes. Like this one over here—HUH?! It’s empty?! The Power Sphera’s are missing? Impossible! They’re all gone! But we detected their signals before, right? Correct. Their signals are still onboard. But they’re very weak. They must be quite far from this place! We must alert all members of TAPOPS! Attention all TAPOPS members! All Power Spheras have been stolen! Search the whole station and find them! Now! We’ve got to help them find the thief! No! We must guard Jokertu so he doesn’t escape! What’s the matter? Lost something…? What was that sound? Is that a Power Sphera? A pale goblin?! [Scream] What’s going on?! Who was the girl screaming?! Huh? A screaming girl? Err… haha… ahh… Who else could it be…. It was just this little kitty! Isn’t that cat a HE? Err… haha! Ahh… doesn’t matter! I’ve got something to report! I just saw a little goblin running off with Power Spheras… -that way! A goblin?! Where could that thief be? Papa Zola said he was running towards this place. But this place is huge! So? You guys found anything? Nothing. My gosh… I’m beat. Where could they be hiding? Don’t we have a device that can track the Power Spheras, Commander? There are anti-trackers installed on this station. So we can only know how many Power Spheras are around… But not their exact location. What about that additional Power Sphera we detected? It must belong to the thief! What was that? Power Sphera?! How did you let the Power Spheras get away?! They got away?! I got it. They were in the pod we saw! Oh no! What do we do now? We’ve failed! We must find the thief! He’s gotta be here. BoBoiBoy! What’s with you?! Look! The thief! What’s he doing? It’s just a little kid…? Hey, don’t be fooled, Commander. You’re little too! I don’t care if you’re little or not, kid! Come here! Erk! Ouch… my head…. What happened? It’s like there’s a wall in front of us… Yeah! There’s a wall! What do we do now? What…? After him! BoBoiBoy Lightning! What in the world…?! Is the kid using some kind of magic trick or what? I don’t think so. This must be the work of a Power Sphera! Let’s go! Follow them! Get him!!! Are you alright? His power… It’s the power to conjure invisible things! He can conjure invisible things…? What’s he doing? It’s a bazooka! BoBoiBoy Earth! Earth Barrier! BoBoiBoy! Are you okay? Hey, kid! What did you do to my friend? BoBoiBoy Wind! Whirwind! Take cover! Food Transformation Blasts! Yeah! Bullseye! Gopal’s attack didn’t work! BoBoiBoy… Fire! Fireball attack! This kid ain’t half bad. Super-massive Fireball! You lost! Now tell us where you sent the Power Spheras! There! That’s the little goblin I saw earlier! This is the thief? Yes, Admiral. He is indeed the thief- He’s sealed us off! We… we’re trapped! Let me go! Mighty Punches! It’s so tough! Step aside. Let me handle this. Fist of- Oh, it’s breaktime! Let’s eat first! Oh no… Guess it’s already lunchtime… Well, please carry on! Stay away from me! Ouch! We’re trapped! Invisible Barrier! Huh? What happened? Gopal managed to block his attack! Wow! I can conjure invisible things too! How is he doing that? Now I remember! During the test, there was a question about
Power Spheras under the ‘Proximity’ category. A Power Sphera under the ‘Proximity’ category? So the kid’s Power Sphera must be nearby
in order to share its powers. Ohh… so that’s why Gopal was able to use the same power. They must be very close to the source! What… What’s he climbing? He’s riding a giant robot! The kid’s pretty good… Get in here, BoBoiBoy! Where am I? Invisible Tank! Fire! Awesome tank, Gopal! Load another bullet, BoBoiBoy! Okay! Hey! Not that one! The other one! Uh… Okay! Go, Gopal! Now feel the firepower of… Gopal’s Mighty Tank! Kaboom! Yaay! We did it! That’s my disciple! Well done. BoBoiBoy! Gopal! There’s an invisible Power Sphera near you! That’s how you were able to use those powers! Ohh… so that’s why. Locate and capture the Power Sphera to defeat that kid! Hey! How are we gonna find
something we can’t see? I’ve got an idea! Behold! Goggles that can detect invisible Power Spheras! Ha! I see it! -Oh no! Huh, what was that? Catch it! Huh?! Nooo! Let go of me! Well done, my disciple! Well done! Huh? Oww… Oww! All the invisible stuff are gone! We’ve won! Help me, Panto! Panto…? Don’t worry. Your Power Sphera is in safe hands. Poor thing… Congratulations all of you. Thanks, Admiral! Now… We must get those stolen Power Spheras back. Ochobot. I’ve obtained the information from InviBot. Location has been identified. Prepare yourselves… Hahaha… Rise and shine, my Power Spheras… Come to me! Are we there yet, Commander? We’re halfway there. Halfway?! Why won’t we let Ochobot teleport us instead? Isn’t it much easier? Nonsense! We need to conserve Ochobot’s energy! Correct. In case if anything happened, I can teleport all of us to safety. …or you can teleport me back to Earth! It’s almost lunchtime, you know! Sheesh, Mr. Papa! You ALWAYS say you wanna go back! You don’t get it, do you? Justice… … is always homesick! Huh, what’re you doing, Ying? Studying, of course! What for? I’m looking up on the powers of each
of the stolen Power Spheras. Shouldn’t you be researching about the culprit
behind all of this instead? … not about those Power Spheras! But that’s all the info we have, no? Commander. Who do you think was behind the kidnapping? It’s still uncertain. That just means you have no idea. And if you don’t know a person…. How can there ever be love…? Guess it’s time to teleport you back to Earth, Mr. Papa. Your sense of humour is as dry as always, Ochobot. But what if the kidnapper is a dangerous person? Don’t worry. I have a fail-safe in place. I must hurry…! We’re here! [Yawn] So sleepy~ All hands, prepare for landing! What a small planet… Woah, Mr. Papa is so skillful! I’m so tired… Can we take a nap first? PREPARE FOR LANDING! HYAH! WHY, Mr. Papa…? Why…? Haha! Well, you’re all wide-awake now, aren’t you? Welcome… members of TAPOPS! Huh! Is that a Power Sphera?! Affirmative, boss! Indeed it is. Good! Another one for my collection! Eeek! This place is really creepy… Stay close! And beware of your surroundings! What is this place, Commander? This place used to be an entertainment hub,
with crowds lining up for its circus shows. But now… Now all the kids are into tech gadgets! They don’t care about circuses no more! Hey! Why did you snatch my Power Sphera tracker? Erk, I’m sorry, Commander! It just happened. Huh? What’s going on? There’s a Power Sphera up ahead! Follow me! Hey, wait! Give me back the tracker! Uh… hello? Anybody here? Helloooooo….? How come you’re so brave all of a sudden? Dey! A protector of Power Spheras HAS to be brave- –WARGHH! MOMMYYYYY!!! Gopal! Wait! HAH?! WHO’S THERE?! DON’T EAT ME! WARGHHH!!! We need to rescue Gopal! HURRY! Wait! Geez! Why are they so hasty?! Take a look at this, Commander! Huh? Seems like they’re closing in
on that Power Sphera! Where are you, Gopal? What do you think happened to him?
It’s all quiet now. Gopal! Huh?! That Power Sphera is fast! Wh… what was that? Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Fire! Boo! Super-speed Kicks! Mighty Punch! You missed! What kind of Power Sphera is that?! Heh, is that all you’ve got? FIREBALL ATTACK! Hahahaha! Missed again! And again! Ugh, he’s getting on my nerves! Slo-mo Speed! Gravitational Pull! Errrrrk! Whaaaaaaat’ss happpeeeniiiing tooooo meeeeeeeee?! Now, BoBoiBoy! Heh, TAKE THIS! FIREBALL ATTACK!! Iiiiiittttt’s noooooottttt faaaairrrrrrr…. Oh, no! TargetBot has been defeated! Good! Good? Of course! We now know what their powers are. Oww…. it hurts…. What did you do to my friend?! I, I do not know… BoBoiBoy! How could you do this to a Power Sphera? Err… But… he’s taken Gopal. I did not! I’m innocent! Who are you actually? Look! There’s Gopal! GOPAL…?! Wow…! This structure sure is something! Gopal! Where were you?! Weren’t you attacked just now? Huh? Attacked…? Not really? So why were you screaming just now? Err… About that… Gopal! Wait! HUH?! Who’s there?! Don’t eat me! WARGHH! Oh… it was just a ball… hehheh! Woah! Sorry, I was so stunned, I didn’t hear you guys! What had you so stunned— Huh?! Woaah! What kind of building is this? This is Circus Maxima! A famous venue that used to house grand
performances and battles once upon a time. It’s an amazing structure! That’s why I got distracted! Sheesh! You really had us worried there. We thought you were attacked by a Power Sphera! What Power Sphera? That one. Huh?! Where is he? What?! He’s gone? There’s another Power Sphera signature over there!
Follow me! For… forgive me… You dare fail me?! But…I managed to make them revealed all their powers! Even so, you still failed to stop them! INCOMPETENT! Spare your pity, all of you. Get ready! Those brats have entered the arena. GO! Y… yes, Boss! Where did the Power Sphera go? There must be a connection between it
and the kidnapped ones! Shhh! Their signal is getting stronger! Woaaah! The inside is much cooler! Who… Who’s there?!! Stay alert, everyone! There’s so many Power Spheras! Welcome to Circus Maxima! He’s… he’s huge! WHO ARE YOU?! Hahaha! You don’t know who I am? I am Jugglenaut! The Great Clowndiator! Jugglenaut? Who exactly is he, sir? Err… I don’t have a clue. You’ve never heard of me?! Do you know a guy named Jugglenaut? Hmm? Whose son is he? Don’t know him! I am also the ringleader of BAD DUDES! Hmm… sorry. Never heard of it. Maybe he’s from the class next door? How dare you NOT know who I am?! Those are the Power Spheras that were taken! Give us back those Power Spheras! Come and get ’em! Before I take YOURS from you! Don’t you dare! Brat. You think you can stop me? Allow me to show you. Power Sphera… BebelonBot! What kind of power does it have? Told ya, you should’ve studied! Be careful! He can weaponize the balloons! Balloon Power! TAKE THIS! Woah, it’s pretty! Don’t touch it! Hurts, doesn’t it? Commander! Take Ochobot to safety! Urgh. Will do! Come, Ochobot! Wait! Wait for me! You think you can escape me?! What kind of balloons are these? Don’t step on them! No stepping? No problem! BoBoiBoy Lightning! LIGHTNING SWORD SLASH! Are you okay, BoBoiBoy? I’m fine. You should get yourself somewhere safe. Over here, Ochobot! Hey, where the heck are you? You want to hide from me? Dream on! Eww, spiders! Get away! SLO-MO SPEED! GRAVITATIONAL PULL! Food Transformation Snipe! Pew! Pew! Pew! There’s too many! Don’t let the spiders get close or they’ll explode! This is getting out of hand. BoBoiBoy TRIPLE SPLIT! Earth Barrier! Wind Blast! Pitcher-plant Attack! Gobble ’em up! Woooo Amazing! *whistles* Wohooooo! Hey! Sit down! Sit down! Awesome, BoBoiBoy! You think this is over?! Heh! Come on, make some more balloons! I want a butterfly-shaped one! I want a dinosaur! Grrr! No more balloons! Behold…. Power Sphera SimenBot! Oh no! What kind of power will he use now?! ROCK HARD CEMENT! Earth Barrier- Aaargh! This cement is getting harder! We have to escape! Super-Speed—ERKKKK!! Ugh, we’re trapped! Hahaha! You’re too slow. Please come! We are in dire need of help! What should we do? Ughh! Are you done? COOKIE-CRUMBLE BLAST! How dare you?! MOMMYYYY! HELPPPP! Gopal! BoBoiBoy Lightning! How dare you stand in my way! MOVE ASIDE! BoBoiBoy! That’s what you get for standing in my way! Where do you think you’re going?! I will end you! Wargh! Let us go! Looks like it’s just you and me now…
O’Power Sphera of mine. Help… Nobody can help you now. Stop! Stay away from him! You want another go? Just surrender! I… I’ll never give up! Help is here! I’ve arrived, Captain. Meet me at the secret location. Why did you contact me? What if my cover’s blown? Apologies, Captain. We need your help. What could possibly be so important? Here, this is a recorded transmission from the Commander. Captain Kaizo. This is Commander Koko Ci. I am aware that you’re currently on an important undercover mission. However, your assistance is required. Several days ago -TAPOPS Space Station was under attack! Three Power Spheras were kidnapped and brought to this planet. The situation might be dangerous. Proceed to Mini Circus Planet as soon as you’ve acknowledged this transmission. We’ll be waiting. Who’s with the Commander? BoBoiBoy. BoBoiBoy? Yes. We need to hurry, Captain. We still don’t know who the kidnapper is. Hmph. Fine, let’s go. You still want to fight? Just surrender already! I… I won’t surrender! Captain Kaizo! That’s my disciple’s ship! Who are you?! Defeat him, Captain Kaizo. How dare you ignore me- Enough talk! Energy Blade! Wow…! Petrifying Cement! You okay, BoBoiBoy? I’m okay. Don’t worry. Just leave the rest to us! You’re done for. Petrifying Cement! Shadow Grasp! Brace yourself! Why did you interfere?! Let me fight one-on-one with this clown. Wow, so dashing! He’s so cool! Go, Boss! Mr Boss Forever! Hmph, show off. You think you can defeat me?! Power Sphera ApiBot! The third Power Sphera! Be careful! Its firepower is dangerous! Let’s see… -if you can escape this! What is he doing? Something stinks. It’s gas! Energy Barrier! How many Power Spheras does he actually have? Try scanning him, Ochobot! My scanners are detecting… -four Power Spheras near him. Four…? Where’s the other one? Now you’ve met your match! Not bad. Persistent little…! Flaming Breath! This fire is so intense! How long are you planning to hide? Hey! Don’t just spit anywhere you like! What…. Maximum Blast! Captain! He’s trapped! That’s what you get for going against me! Energy Blade Slash! No!!! ApiBot is free! Energy Blade Slash! Heh. Easy. Yay! Way to go! We’ve won! H… how did the Captain dodge that attack? He drilled into the ground beneath -right before the flames started engulfing the energy barrier. Awesome! Come and free me, Fang! Let me at that darn clown! Right! Shadow Fingers! Come here, you! I’m gonna teach you a lesson! No, no! Spare me, please! Free us too, Fang! Retrieve all the Power Spheras -and arrest the criminal, Jugglenaut! Please don’t arrest me! It’s too late for all that, don’t you think? Why is he laughing now? What the… He gets bigger when he presses his nose? That’s not fair! His nose is actually a Power Sphera! How did I miss that? Ooh, I can see his muscles and veins! You naive weaklings! Did you really think you’ve got me cornered? Put me back in here! Dodge! Energy Blade Slash! What was that, a mosquito bite? Gigantic Punch! Energy Barrier! Oh no, he’s done for! Go, boss! Go! Enough of that. You’re going to be next! Come here! I will squish you flat! You need to help your brother, Fang! Uhh, but… Energy Blade Cyclone! It’s not working! What are you waiting for, Fang? Gigantic Twin Punches! Layered Energy Barrier! This is what you get for opposing me. We… we have to do something! Get out from there! Shadow Fingers! Wh…why did you…? Little bugger! Come here! Take this! Energy Barrier Transference! Fang! Fang! Are… are you all right, Fang? It hurts. I told you. Stay out of the way! A useless effort. You’re only delaying your inevitable doom. How dare you hurt my friends! You’re mad? Then let me just finish them once and for all! No! Now it’s their turn! I… I can’t just let this go on! No, BoBoiBoy! Your Power Watch is still unstable! I’ve got no other choice! Elemental Power! Enough! You’ve crossed the line! BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm?! Thunderstorm Vortex! He’s using his Secondary Tier powers? You mustn’t use those powers at all, BoBoiBoy! That hurts! Heh, impressive. Thunderstorm Slash! Lost your powers? BoBoiBoy! What’s wrong with BoBoiBoy? His power is becoming unstable! Just when I thought I’ve met my match! That’s enough, BoBoiBoy! Stop before it’s too late! That’s it. Amber Mask! EH?! Captain Kaizo has a new mask?! He’s using his Amber Power…? Amber Energy Blade! This is the end! You’re still here?! Amber Energy Barrier! So you’re still going to hide in that pesky ball? Woah! So strong. Energy Spikes! That hurts! Energy Shift! Amber Energy Binds! What is this?! Finish him, BoBoiBoy! Right! BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm! No! Mega Thunder Strike! More! Stop, BoBoiBoy! Splendid. Eh?! He’s so tiny! Don’t hurt me! How adorable! Oh, it’s this kid. Do you know him, Commander? Too well. He used to visit TAPOPS all time -to perform his tricks. Lo and behold! No, wait! Don’t go! How dare you…! Just you wait! I’m really sorry… Enough! Gather all the Power Spheras, Gopal! Yes, Commander! Shadow Fingers! Thanks, Fang! You okay, BoBoiBoy? A little tired. But I’m fine. Come here.
A little tired. But I’m fine. Come here. Let me check your Power Watch. How is it, Ochobot? Hmm… It’s fine. But you mustn’t use your Secondary Tier powers anymore. Otherwise, this Power Watch may get damaged like before. But what if I’m forced to… No buts! You need to complete all your First Tier powers first. Only then will you be able to safely use your Secondary Tier powers. You fought well, BoBoiBoy. Captain Kaizo. Thank you for your help. You’re thanking me? You’re the one who defeated that clown. But without your help… Enough of that. What’s important is that he’s defeated. Yeah! You guys managed to rescue the kidnapped Power Spheras! Not just the kidnapped ones! We’ve been rescued too! Weren’t you guys avid supporters of that ‘Juniornaut’? Only when he was big! Now he’s tiny. Yup! We need a new boss now! No problem! Behold, your new boss! (-No, thanks.) (-Why not?) Awesome! Return them to TAPOPS Space Station. I need to return to my mission. Eh? Captain Kaizo’s leaving already? Yes. He needs to continue with his undercover mission. Fang, come. Roger, Captain! Bye! See ya! Alright. Yaya. Take Jugglenaut to our ship. Okay! Gravitational Lift! Let me go! All Power Spheras have been collected, Commander! Good. Mission Accomplished. Let’s head back. Yessir! Knock him out! [gibberish talk] So violent! This is your next mission. The Nova Prix Space Race…?! Why are you so scared? What sort of race is this? Don’t you know? Nova Prix is the most dangerous space race ever. It’s held every 10 years. What’s so dangerous about it? Looks okay to me. The track is super difficult, and racers can do anything at all just to win the race! What do you want us to do, Admiral? Easy! Win the race and bring back the Power Sphera TrophyBot! The prize is a Power Sphera?! Yes. This is why so many have joined this race. To win the Power Sphera and other lucrative prizes! But we don’t have any experience in racing. How are we going to win? Oh, simple… -that’s NOT my problem! Win that race! Understood?! Crystal, Admiral! Oh no, we’re doomed! How are we gonna win such a dangerous race?! All of you are lucky. Since the registration fee is too expensive -our sponsor will only bring in two racers! If that’s the case, let me be the support crew! I can do everything super fast! Count me in! Let me take care of the food! Err… me too! I can prepare uh… MORE FOOD! That settles it! Yaya, Ying, and Gopal will be the support crew. BoBoiBoy and Fang will join as racers! Roger that, Commander! Phew, I’m saved… But who could be rich enough to sponsor us? Who else if not me, kids! BAGO GO?! Something smells fishy…. I knew it. What did I get myself into? You sure that’s not flour? Haha! You put on too much! Why do we have to use Bago Go’s face cream? Hey, I’m the sponsor for this team, am I not? You’re the ambassadors for my products! Now look at the camera! Yes, ladies and gentlemen! I have this special product that will make you fairer… -greener, or even pinkier! I guess there’s a market for these things. It’s all good, ladies! If you don’t believe me, -just take a look at my ambassadors! Aren’t they fabulous?! Go ahead, smile! Wave! Wave! Aren’t you two just the cutest! Probe? Adudu? Ready to lose? How did you get into this race?! You think you’re the only one with money? Quit interrupting our mission! Those are The Bikembars! Their vicious racers! [gibberish talk] What is he saying…? My brother was saying, ‘This race is child’s play!’. How dare you! What?!! You amateurs think you can defeat the likes of us? Don’t get ahead of yourselves. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the long-awaited Nova Prix Space Race! Allow me to introduce… In the first position, Pok Pok Tus from Planet Gurunda! Heely Wheely from Planet Kasuta! In the third and forth positions, Nova Prix’s Defending Champions! The Bikembars! It’s gonna be a peace of cake! [gibberish talk] And beside them… An unknown racer. And… The Earthlings! BoBoiBoy and Fang! Hey! I’m not from Earth! ‘Unknown’, he said?! Calm down, Mr. Boss! Keep calm! Focus…! You’re right. We’ve got to win that Power Sphera! Racers! Start your engines! 3 2 1 GO!!! Heely Wheely is taking the lead, -followed closely by Pok Pok Tus! Don’t think you can escape! Take this! Huh? It’s that junkheap! Ram ’em!!! Dodge! Pok Pok Tus is out of the race! And looks like the Earthling’s faces are now squeaky clean! Seems like this ‘Cosmic Cosmetic X9000′ is not… -not applied enough, you mean! So that’s your cue to buy more, ladies and gents! You’ll regret missing this chance! Get ready, Fang! Ready to lose, you mean? Give me back my mic! No need to trouble yourself, bro! From now on
I’m sponsoring myself as the commentator. Take these and go play somewhere else! Money!
Take these and go play somewhere else! Money! You think you can win?! Go ahead! Let me handle him! Alright! Be careful, Fang! Shadow Spikes! Dodge ’em, Probe! Heh, you sure dream big, Earth boys! [gibberish talk] Oh dear, BoBoiBoy is in a pinch! But he still seems confident, -all because he is using the Cosmic Cosmetic X9000! Be confident, BeYOUtiful. Ram ’em again!!! Use your wind power, BoBoiBoy! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind! Whirlwind Blast! Thanks, Ying! Don’t let him escape! [gibberish talk] Fang? I’ve managed to hold Adu Du back! Let’s speed up, BoBoiBoy! Eh, why are they slowing down? A meteor shower! DODGE! Those Earth brats didn’t even realise that
they’ve entered the meteor zone! BoBoiBoy Fire! Fireball Attack! See ya, boys~ They’re ahead! Let’s rip through the meteors! [gibberish talk] What the…? Oh boy, seems like Heely and The Bikembars have broken through the meteor shower! What to do? I may have sponsored the wrong team! Look out! A big one is coming! Urgh, too late! Shadow Shade! Awesome, Fang! Our thanks! How kind of you for shielding us, hehe. Hurry, BoBoiBoy! The pitstop is just around the corner! The Bikembar twins! Let’s hurry! Where are you, Dashbot?! Hey! They have a Power Sphera too?! [gibberish talk] Hhmmm… Can he even understand what the guy’s saying? Sorry Boss, I don’t understand. Repair and upgrade our bikes now! Mechano-Repair Power! His power is so cool! BoBoiBoy, Fang! Where are you guys? We’re close, get ready to receive us! Hurry up, I’ve prepared some cookies for you guys! On second thought, I think our rides are still good! That’s right! We still need to catch up with Adu Du! Let’s go! But I went through all that trouble making these… Thanks for the treat, kid! Huh! Heely Wheely is out cold! Why did you eat that cookie, sis?! And now, we have entered the last leg of the race, ladies and gents! We’re still in the last spot! Use your lightning power! Shadow Binds! Good idea! Hold on tight! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Lightning Dash! Oh no! We’re losing the race, Mr. Boss! Don’t worry, Probe. I always have a way! Time for us to fuse! [gibberish talk] They can fuse?! Attack them before- Fang! No one can escape me! He’s coming in fast! He’s using banned fuel! Cocoa Nitro! Are you okay, Fang?! My ride’s a bust! Watch out, BoBoiBoy! Where are you gonna run now…? Fire! Good! Let’s join them! That’s enough! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Oh no! Elemental Exhaust! Wind Exhaust! Fire Exhaust! Lightning Exhaust! I’m afraid that Budu Du dude has been knocked out of the track! Don’t be like him, guys. And be sure to buy the Cosmic Cosmetic X9000 and
you won’t ever be disgracefully thrown out. Yay! We did it! You think you’ll win by splitting up? Split up? -We can fuse too! Ready! ELEMENTAL BIKE FUSION! Wow! So cool! You think that’s enough to win?! Fire now! Fire, with all we’ve got! Lightning Evasion! Confuse them, Wind! Okay! Whirwind Blast! I can’t see! Maximum Sphere Combo Strike! NO!!! Yes! Victory! Why did you use the Cocoa Nitro again, Mr. Boss?! And we have a winner, ladies and gents!
It’s none other than—eh? Those aren’t my ambassadors! Where are you, BoBoiBoy?! Hurry! He’s gonna reach the finish line! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Maximum Dash! Just a bit more, Probe! Oh my word, I feel like a heart-attack coming. Just who will be crowned the champion? Introducing… -the champion of this Nova Prix! It’s….. NOT BoBoiBoy! But, Adu Du! I’m the champion! Take that, BoBoiBoy! In your face! I’m sorry, guys. I failed. Judging from the replay, Adu Du won
with only an inch of his antenna! Saved by the antenna. That’s not fair. And here’s the first prize! Come to me, my Power Sphera! Come to me! Here it is…! The first prize! A year’s supply of Bago Go’s beauty product,
The Cosmetic Cosmic X9000! What do I need cosmetics for?! Hey, why are you throwing them away? After I went through all that trouble to sponsor the first prize! What about the Power Sphera?! And for the runner-up… Power Sphera TrophyBot -goes to the racer from Earth, BoBoiBoy! Yay! We made it! I can’t believe we actually did it! What kind of karma is this… Hey, sir! Are you interested in becoming
the ambassador for my products? You little…! Who cares about that?!
I want the Power Sphera! Awesome! You think you can escape?! After him, Mr. Boss! Don’t let LoopBot get away! Hurry, Mr. Boss! Or we’re gonna regret it! Shut it! Get ready kids! We’re almost there! Yay! Finally! Commander! Have you arrived? Yes we have, Admiral! Uh… Thanks for granting us leave, Admiral! You’re welcome. You all deserve it. Have a good rest. But is it okay for us to be away from TAPOPS? Yeah, what if TAPOPS get attacked or something? Attacked? We are already under attack! What?! We need to turn back, Commander! Heh, no need! Battle Suit Mode! The Admiral is using his power?! What kind of power is that? That is one powerful move.. Prepare to land! Aww… Yay! They’re here! Oh Gopal, my son! Grandpa! Appa! Mom! Mama! Yaya! Ying! Gopal! BoBoiBoy! I haven’t seen you in a long time. I missed you, Grandpa… Oh, darling! Where…where is my darling of justice? Your darling’s at home! What kind of darling is this?! Here, your darling asked you to get these. Prawn paste, chili powder, and a bag of rice. Huh! She’s not even here! -yet she dares ask Justice to buy groceries? IN YOUR DREAMS! Yes, he’s here. He said, “In your dreams!”. Oh, did he…? Prawn paste, chili powder, a bag of rice! Prawn paste, chili powder, a bag of rice! Awesome. See you tomorrow. Don’t forget, Gopal. Dey, you don’t have to remind me. It’s BoBoiBoy we should be worried about. I know! See you guys at the beach tomorrow! Come, Yaya! I made some delicious fried rice for you! I made an even better one. Chicken rice! Chicken rice? I made sweet and sour cookies too. Sweet and sour cookies? Nasty! You think your chicken rice is so good? You want a cook off? Sure, if you have the guts for it! You think I’m scared of your cooking? Huh. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Just ignore them. Like mother, like daughter! Here you go! Thank you, Tok Aba. It’s so good! It’s heading towards Earth? I found him! BoBoiBoy! Its going to ask BoBoiBoy for help! Help from BoBoiBoy? Not on my watch! What a strange shooting star. Still awake? You’re going for a picnic tomorrow, aren’t you? That’s right, BoBoiBoy. Or else you’ll forget again. Hey, I never forget things! I seem to recall that one time… Okay, okay. I’m going to bed now! He’s never letting that one go, huh? Where is it? Its signal is gone, Mr. Boss! Keep looking! Yes, Mr. Boss! Save me, BoBoiBoy… My power is almost gone! Save me, BoBoiBoy! What’s wrong, BoBoiBoy? Nothing. I just had a really weird dream. If it’s nothing, then get ready! We’re going for a picnic! Gimme a break! Good morning, Grandpa! That’s what you get for sleeping in. You’re late! Eh, I’m not that late, Grandpa. Not that late? We’ve been waiting for you, you know! You guys are really into this! Good morning, BoBoiBoy! Morning! Give me a minute! I’m coming! We’ll be on our way now, Grandpa. Okay. Have a safe trip! Thanks, Grandpa. Let’s go, Ochobot! Cattus! Let’s go! What do you have in there, Yaya? Oh, nothing much. Just my cookies. Your cookies?! What’s wrong? Err, nothing… C’mon, hurry up! There’s BoBoiBoy! Did someone call my name? We’re here! Yay!! Dodge, BoBoiBoy! Dey, BoBoiBoy! Why didn’t you dodge? Yellow Card! Head injury! No way! It was an accident! BoBoiBoy! Are you okay? Silence! Good thing BoBoiBoy didn’t notice us. [A few minutes ago…] There’s BoBoiBoy! Did someone call my name? Ouch… My head hurts… Don’t be such a baby. It’s not that bad! Not that bad, eh? Take this! The ball is in the air! Continue the match! BoBoiBoy will team up with Ying, Yaya with Gopal! Yay!! Take this! Super Smash! Sorry, I guess I went overboard. One point for Yaya and Gopal! Yayy!! If we’re gonna be using our powers… Super Speed! Speedy Smash! Gravitational Bounce! Eat this, BoBoiBoy! BoBoiBoy Wind! Wind Blast! I can’t see anything! Speedy Smash! Gravitational Pull! I got it! I got it! It’s so heavy! Are you okay, Gopal? Ow… My poor hands… You’re tied! One point for Ying and BoBoiBoy! Yay! Continue the match! Stop right now! Adu Du? Probe?! You dare tell Justice to stop?! What are you doing here, huh? Oh, nothing. I just wanna kick your behind over and over again. Using only this ball! You caught a green fever or something? A fever, eh? Behold! LOOP BRACELET! What is that? Eh, eh? Pretty fashionable now, eh? Kecha kecha kecha! “Kecha kecha” you say?! Mr. Papa! Oh, my stomach… You think I’m done? I’m just getting started! Loopa Loopa Loop Power! Eh, eh? Pretty fashionable now, eh? Kecha kecha kecha! He can put us all in a loop! That simple attack has become much more dangerous! You’re finished! Mighty Punch! Super-Speed Kick! Loopa Loopa Loop Power! Mighty Punch! Super-Speed Kick! You missed! What are we gonna do? You scared? It’s your turn now! Catch, Mr. Boss! Take this! And this! My head.. How does it feel? You want some more? Let’s see the replay now, Mr. Boss! No problem! Loopa Loopa Loop Power! S…Stop! Let go of me! Mega Loopa Loopa Loop Power! What’s wrong, BoBoiBoy? Ouch… My head hurts. Serves you right for waking up late! Go and get ready now! Catch it, Mr. Boss! Catch it! I… I need to find him! Didn’t I already catch that LoopBot? There’s BoBoiBoy! Continue the match! Stop right now! You dare tell Justice to stop?! Catch, Mr. Boss! Take this! And this! Let’s see the replay now, Mr. Boss! Loopa Loopa Loop Power! S…Stop! Re..remember, BoBoiBoy! Mega Loopa Loopa Loop Power! What’s wrong, BoBoiBoy? I… I dreamt… that Adu Du attacked us! What are you talking about? Go and get ready! Something is definitely wrong here! Please remember this time, BoBoiBoy. I think it used its power on us! There’s BoBoiBoy! You used your power on us?! That sounds like Adu Du! Oh no, Mr. Boss! BoBoiBoy’s coming! Give me your power, now! Let… Let me go! You?! I knew I heard your voice, Adu Du! Eh? Is that a Power Sphera?! I am… Loopbot! He… Help me! Shut up! Give me your power! I will not!! Save me, BoBoiBoy! N… No! Me… Mega Loopa Loopa Loop Power!!! Come on, Ochobot! What’s going on?! Excuse me, Grandpa! You haven’t even bathed yet! My power is nearly depleted! He really did use his power to loop us back after all! Help me, BoBoiBoy! Don’t let him get to BoBoiBoy! Help! BoBoiBoy is not here, Mr. Boss! He’s not? Even better! Hurry and take its power, Mr. Boss! And then we will attack BoBoiBoy! We can’t attack BoBoiBoy. We will retreat first- Leaving already? Do stay and have some food first. You… You’re already here! What’s going on?! You’re trapped. Release us! Don’t worry. You’re safe now. Thank you! Don’t fret, Mr. Boss. I’ll cut us loose! Felt good? How did you… How did I get here first? BoBoiBoy noticed earlier on… Are you for real, BoBoiBoy? BoBoiBoy Leaf! For real, real! Hurry up and help me! You sure there’s a Power Sphera being chased by Adu Du? Yeah! Its name is LoopBot! LoopBot? A Power Sphera that can loop any situation? Right! C’mon, we gotta set some traps right here! Tch, a trap? So that was it? There’s more… Oh no! Bye! Serves you right! Loopa Loopa Loop Power! A trap? That’s it? Loopa Loopa Loop Power! Loopa Loop! Awesome! Eh? And who is this little robot? I… I’m Loopbot! Now what’s your story? How did you get here? Errr, it’s kind of a long and looping story.
(-Dodge, BoBoiBoy!) Ouch! Dey, BoBoiBoy! Why didn’t you dodge that? Oh… My head… Ouch! Ouch! Owww! This is nothing, Mr. Boss. Stop being a baby. You call this nothing?! Didn’t you see how I got beaten up by that BoBoiBoy yesterday?! Eh? What’s that? It’s a flaming asteroid! Dodge it!! Too late! Where is he?!! What the heck is that?! It’s really busy today, Gramps. Hey, this is nothing. I handled all of this by myself while you were gone. BoBoiBoy. Come help me tidy up this table! Boss Aba! The usual! Done! Take these over there. And then go help Ochobot. Okay, Gramps! Hi, BoBoiBoy! Good morning! Hi, guys! Morning… This early, and you’re already tired? You’d be too. Look at how many customers we have today. That’s not a problem. Just use your Triple Split Power then! Already did that this morning. I’m recharging right now. Ever since you went off-planet, Tok Aba’s business has really boomed. Just what are you trying to say? Eh? Why did it get so dark? Adu Du’s spaceship?! But what’s that behind it? It’s an asteroid! Everybody, run! Welcome… Welcome to Planet Earth! Welcome? You’ve always made yourselves welcome, anyway. We don’t mean us… Mr. Boss is welcoming our new friend. That’s not an asteroid, it’s a rock monster! Introducing the Lava Rock Monster ROKTAROKA! Thank you! I’m Roktaroka. Nice to meet you. And now! Where’s that naughty boy Roktaroka has been looking for?! There he is! BoBoiBoy! The little brat you’re looking for! So this is that naughty boy, eh? Hold on just a minute. Mr. Roktaroka, why don’t you explain to us what you’re so angry about. Huh, we don’t have time for that- No problem at all, little miss. Here’s my story. There he goes again… Roktaroka came from the Planet Volkania. A planet that is hot, peaceful, and serene. Uhh… Wasn’t that the planet where we had our final test? Roktaroka lived happily at the foot of a volcano. However… One fateful day… Roktaroka went to the market for a bit… -but when Roktaroka returned -the volcano had suddenly erupted and destroyed Roktaroka’s home! What could have caused such a horrible thing, Mr. Roktaroka? Roktaroka does not know… But Roktaroka did see a boy wearing a weird cap at the scene of the eruption! Roktaroka is sure… he’s the one responsible for everything! Good luck, buddy. Since then, Roktaroka has been traveling all over the galaxy -in search of the Boy In The Weird Cap! Fortune favoured Roktaroka, for Roktaroka stumbled upon these two kind souls. Or that boy would never be— Eh? Is this really the boy who destroyed Roktaroka’s home? Of course! No doubt about that! But that boy wore his cap to the front, not like this. Oh, you mean like this? YES! This is him! Be careful, BoBoiBoy! Your time is up, Weird Cap Boy! BoBoiBoy Earth! Earth Barrier! Hahahaha! He thinks he can block Roktaroka’s attack! He destroyed the Earth Barrier like it was nothing! This won’t do! Counter-attack! Super-Speed Kick! Mighty Punch! Owwww it’s hot! Avoid close contact! Or he’ll burn you! If we can’t get close, we’ll just have to attack from a distance! Food Sniper Shots! Oh no! It didn’t work! Now it’s my turn! Lava Spit! Stop! Leave my friends alone! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Lightning Dash! Lightning Sword Slash! A rock cannot be affected by lightning! Come here! Vine Whip! Oh no… How can your weak little vines ever defeat his flames? Wind Gust! This boy… That wind is only going to make the flames bigger. So hot… Strange. How can you be the one who destroyed Roktaroka’s home -when all your attacks are so lame? Lame, you said?? BoBoiBoy Fire! Huh! You’re the boy I saw back then! Calm down, BoBoiBoy! Get ready! Haha! Come at me if you dare! Fireball Attack! Take this! And this! AND THIS! What a cozy sauna… It didn’t work?! Of course not! You don’t fight fire with fire! Think before you act, BoBoiBoy! Too late for thinking! You should have done that before destroying Roktaroka’s home! Who splashed water on Roktaroka?! Definitely not Gopalroka! Hahaha! Finish off that nasty BoBoiBoy, Roktaroka! Don’t! BoBoiBoy didn’t mean to hurt you or destroy your home! It was an accident! Oh? An accident eh, little miss? Calm down, let’s sit down and talk about this. You want to talk? Sure, sure. NOT! If this brat destroyed Roktaroka’s home, -then Roktaroka will return the favour by destroying HIS! What?!
-then Roktaroka will return the favour by destroying HIS! What?! Buddy! Show Roktaroka the way to that boy’s home! Uh, okay! Follow me! Hey! That house is mine, not my grandson’s! What’s the difference? Roktaroka will be back after the destruction of your home! We need to find a way to defeat him, or Grandpa’s house will be gone for sure! We need water to put out his fire! Dey, look at his size, how are we gonna find such a large amount of water? I know! You need to use your Water power, BoBoiBoy! The power of BoBoiBoy Water?! But since I got this new watch, I’ve never used my Water Elemental Power yet. Don’t worry. If Fire comes out when you’re angry, that means Water should appear when you’re calm. Don’t worry, I will help you. You guys go and stall that monster! Alright! Let’s go, Ying, Gopal! Let’s go! I think I’d rather stay here and accompany BoBoiBoy. That’s ridiculous! Come on! Don’t drag me into this, Ying! We’re close! BoBoiBoy’s house is just around the corner! Hahahaha! Good… Time to avenge—Huh?! Super-Speed Splash! It hurts! Oh no, all gone. You meddling kids again! How dare you hit my friend! Eat these water barrels! Stop ’em, Probe! Yes, Mr Boss! Mode: Mega Probe! Are you okay, buddy? I am okay. You think it’s over? Have a taste of this! Please stop splashing me with water! Water pistol! NOT FUNNY LAH! Fiery Kick! It hurts! And it’s hot! Empty your mind, BoBoiBoy. Peace. Be at peace. Help us, BoBoiBoy! This fire rock monster is out of control! This Gopal! So loud! Continue, BoBoiBoy! Don’t think about Gopal. It’s hot , BoBoiBoy! Too hot! Help! This won’t do! They need my help! Wait, BoBoiBoy! What about your Water power? Wait for me! I’m not good at running! HELP, BOBOIBOY! HELP! You don’t need to ask him for help—AAHHHH Yaya! Ha! Care to change your mind?! Are you okay, Yaya? Stop! BoBoiBoy! Don’t you dare hurt my friends! You’re done for! BoBoiBoy’s mastered his Water power! Water power? Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy!!! Earth!!! Earth Punch! Oh, it’s just his Earth Power. That’s all you’ve got for Roktaroka? BoBoiBoy Wind! Hurry up, Grandpa! I’m out of my breath here! What a calm, lovely wind. There he is! Go and help him, let me catch my breath… BoBoiBoy Fire! Fire Ball! BoBoiBoy! He’s immune to each element! BoBoiBoy! Tok Aba? Calm down, BoBoiBoy! You need to call out your Water power. I…I don’t think I can. It’s too chaotic! Hmm. I know! Come here, BoBoiBoy! I want to have a word with you. What are they discussing over there, Mr. Boss? Maybe he’s gonna bring out his Water power! Attack that nasty boy, Roktaroka! Lava Smash! I got it, Grandpa! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Water! Whoa, his new power… That’s not-so-new! He did it! Yay! He did nothing! How cute… What’s up with him? Hey! Look at Roktaroka! Lava Punch! Dodge it, BoBoiBoy!! What on earth did Tok Aba say to him? Look over there, Mr. Boss! Wave Surf! Woah, he’s riding a wave! Lava Blast! Stop him, BoBoiBoy! He’s destroying everything! Alright, Gramps! Water Stream! The fires are out! HOW DARE YOU!!! Now I can counter all your attacks! As if! ROKTAROKA WILL DESTROY YOUR HOME! Hey, hey! You need to destroy BoBoiBoy, not his home! Why is buddy angry with Roktaroka? I am not your buddy! You weakling! How could you say such a thing to Roktaroka?! You know, you should think carefully before you say anything. Roktaroka needs no fake friends to take HIS REVENGE! Rolling Fiery Rock! My house! Giant Wave Slam! Geyser Blast! Yay! BoBoiBoy won! Phew. Safe at last. M… my flame! Have mercy on Roktaroka! I’m sorry for destroying your house by mistake… You… You’re apologizing? Of course! It was our fault after all. So we should apologize for it. Such kindhearted kids! Don’t be sad. We’ll all go to Planet Volkania and fix Rokataroka’s home. Re… Really? Thank you, my new buddies! What did you tell BoBoiBoy that made him calm down enough to call out his Water power? Nothing much. Just that, true peace does not come from your surroundings… but from within yourself. What do you mean by that? What he’s saying is, if you wanna be calm, you must focus within yourself! That’s correct! You saw how hectic my shop could be, but I can manage it with ease! That’s what I told BoBoiBoy! Thanks, Grandpa! You’re the best! You’re welcome. So do we have an understanding, Roktaroka? Roktaroka’s cool, Tok Aba. Awesome! Don’t get cheeky with me! Go and fix all the mess you made. What have I done?! I am back. Perfect! TAPOPS traverses the entire galaxy! Seeking Power Spheras that we must defend! These Power Spheras must never fall into the hands of aliens… -of aliens -with evil intent! Perfect! TAPOPS traverses the entire galaxy! Yeah! Stage Clear! Wow! Why, thank you… thank you. That was awesome, Gopal! Wow, I had no idea you could dance so well! Eh, it’s nothing. I used to tag along on my mom’s aerobic sessions! Next stage! Oh, I know this one! It’s Grandpa’s song What are you waiting for, then? Ready? Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Grandpa’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can– CADETS!!!! Golly gosh, Ochobot! Yes, Admiral! What’s happened to his face? What happened to my face?! See for yourselves! Cattus?! Don’t bite, Justice, oy! What’s wrong with your cat?! He’s messing up the station! Oh no, we have to get to Cattus fast, BoBoiBoy! Come and deal with your cat right now! Ro… roger that, Admiral! I think Cattus is in here. Be careful, BoBoiBoy. He’s gone berserk. No, Cattus isn’t like that. There must be something wrong. Please… Help Justice! Mr. Papa! BellBot, what’s going on? Forgive Cattus, Yaya.
He’s got a bad feeling about something. Bad feelings don’t justify biting other people willy-nilly! Owww! Forgive me, my cute kitty! What could be troubling Cattus? Cattus senses something bad happening to his family back on Planet Gurunda. Cattus… has a family? When we found him back then, wasn’t he alone? It’s a long story. Oh dear, looks like I’ll be up here a while… On that day, I was trying to escape from a Power Sphera hunter -and crash-landed on Planet Gurunda. Cattus was the first creature I encountered, and he was the one who helped me… He brought me back to his home, -but the hunter managed to track me down. In desperation, I granted my Power of Enlargement to Cattus -so that he could defend himself and his family. He protected me… But because of his transformation, the others started to fear him and he was ostracized. In the end, Cattus left his own village, for the sake of everyone. So that’s the story, Admiral. I didn’t expect it to be so tragic, poor Cattus… What are you looking at, huh?! Nothing, sir! It’s like they’ve never seen a little kitty before,
isn’t that right~? So… will you let us visit Cattus’ village? Of course! You should have gone yesterday! Yes, Admiral, sir! It’s so hot. I can’t take it anymore. No problem, Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Water! Water Wave! It’s too hot. Tch. Looks like we can’t count on you after all! Are we there yet? Please say yes, we’ve been walking for ages! It’s just up ahead! Are you kidding me?! There’s nothing out there— What’s the matter, Mr. Papa? Woah! How gorgeous is this place?! Who would’ve guessed that there would be such an oasis in the middle of this desert! We’re here! Follow Cattus! Seems like this place has been abandoned… Isn’t there anyone here to welcome Justice? Hold on, Cattus! Where are you, BoBoiBoy? Justice can’t see anything! What’s going on? Scan this place, Ochobot! I can’t! My scanner isn’t working in this smoke! BoBoiBoy Wind! Whirlwind Blast! Who’s there? Welcome back, Cattus. It’s… it’s B.R.R.O! BellBot’s big bro? His bro…? But they don’t even look alike? This bro-bot is a feisty one! I am… B.R.R.O! Ballistic Ranged Robot Offense. B.R.R.O! So where’s your sis? Sis? I cannot compute your query! What do you want from us, then? I want BellBot! Give him to me and I will let you go alive! So you’re the robot that tried to capture BellBot back then! That’s right. I was defeated by that green cat! But now, I have returned with new upgrades and firepower! Why are you hiding, O Cat of Justice? Transform now and attack! I think he’s remembering the time when he was ostracized. So he won’t transform? That makes it easy then. Get away from Cattus! Super Speed Kick! Mighty Punch! Threat detected! Dodging attacks! Get Cattus away from here! Okay! Run! Calculating trajectory, target acquired! Explosive Arrows! BoBoiBoy Leaf! Woven Leaves! Go and help your friends, Gopal! It’s okay, let BoBoiBoy fight him first! Gravitational Lift! Kick them now, Ying! Speedy Momentum Kick! Analyzing attack! Homing Arrow chosen! Huh?! He got them all?! Mighty Punch! Flash Grenades! What is this light? My eyes! I can read all your moves. I can’t see! Help! Time to finish you off! Stop! Binding Vine! Trajectory detected! Slicing Arrow! What the…? I told you, I can see through all your attacks. And my aim is perfect. What do I do? Oh! Itchy Leaf Blades! Evasive maneuvers not necessary. Weak. What’s wrong with BoBoiBoy? That robot’s made of metal! Obviously he won’t feel a thing! A metal body…? You sure your attacks are always on target? Affirmative! So how did this arrow miss me? Because… I was aiming for this! Alright, you’re good.
I’m doomed… I can see again… Take this! Freezing Arrows! No! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Time to play! C’mon Oh no… Heh, easy. What are you guys up to? H… help! Don’t worry! I’m coming! Fire Power! Melt, ice. Melt! Make it bigger! What… kind of maneuver is this? Oh no… BoBoiBoy shouldn’t have split into these three. I… I do not understand. What kind of technique is this?! Looks like my disciple is useless—eh? Where are you, Gopal son of Kumaran? Where did he go? There he is! Enough playing! Fireball Attack! Wind Sphere Attack! Analyzing attack pattern. Breaking Arrow! He stopped all our attacks that easily?! We’re done for! Playtime is over! Explosive Arrows! Veggie Transformation Blasts! What?! All myarrows have turned into vegetables?! Time to turn YOU into salad. Why is Gopal being so brave all of a sudden? Farewell, Gopal. Your sacrifice will be remembered. Healthy Salad Shots! Heh, you think it’ll be that easy?! I missed! All this salad… We mustn’t waste food! My turn! Flaming Arrows! Warghh! Don’t shoot me! Analayzing movements! Looks like… he’s dancing? What kind of evasive maneuver is this?! Gopal’s movements are too random!
B.R.O can’t make sense of them! If that’s the case… BoBoiBoy! Go do something crazy! Something crazy?! THAT’S EASY! TAPOPS traverses the entire galaxy! A new technique?! Previous record not found. F… freezing A.. Arow! His attacks are losing accuracy! DANCE, DISCIPLES OF JUSTICE! DANCE! These Power Spheras must never fall into the hands! Of the robot! The robot! With evil intent! ANALYSIS FAILED. TAPOPS traverses the entire galaxy! FINISH HIM NOW, GOPAL! And now… Basket Transformation! N… NOOOOO—AGH! Here you go, Cattus. You like rattan, don’t you? Don’t mind them. Think about your own stomach for once!
Go on, my feline friend! S… STOP! STOP! S… system critical. Error. Error. Err– Yay! We won! Look how happy he is! He can finally be together with his family! Hmm, but what about the others—eh? Oh? They’re all on good terms now? Yes. They’re thanking Cattus and apologizing to him. Cattus says, his friends aren’t afraid of him anymore, because none of you are. Haa. That’s much better. That’s right You know what they say… Life’s too short to hold a grudge. So let’s all cleanse our hearts, and forgive and forget. Hey hey! What is this?!
Justice is no good with all this touchy-feely stuff! Awesome! Here’s the payment. I’ve brought the good stuff. Woah… This is what I wanted… Come again next time. Heh heh heh. Congratulations, BoBoiBoy! You have successfully completed yet another TAPOPS mission! Looks like your popularity index is increasing! The new TAPOPS recruits will certainly emulate your good example! Thank you. Actually, it’s all thanks to our team effort. Hmph. Team, he says. But he’s stealing all the limelight. Keep up the good work! We will, Admiral! Congratulations, congratulations! Making Justice your idol has truly paid off, yes? Idol…? Since when? Hmmm… But if Captain Papa is here, who’s piloting the space ship? Eh, the right-hand cat of Justice, of course-EH?! What is that?! An Asteroid! Dodge it, Captain Papa! Ouch… my head hurts… What just happened? We hit an asteroid! There’s a huge damage to our engine. We can’t go far! Huh? Damaged engine?! What should we do now? That’s right, o great leader. What should we do? What’s the big deal? Let’s just use Ochobot’s teleportation power. We can’t! I’ve used up too much energy on our last mission! Well then, there is only one way forward, my dear students of Justice! What could it be, Captain Papa? We ask for help, of course! Help! Heeeeelp!!! Heeeeeellllp!!! Captain Papa, wait for me! Help! Heeeellllp!!! Guys, check this out! What planet is that? Planet Junkberg! According to data, this planet is a dump site! Oh! There must be a market place for used stuff on that planet! We can fix our spaceship! Yay! We’ll be safe! Safe? What are you waiting for? Let’s go to that planet now! Huh, weren’t you the one panicking? Oh dear! Our engine’s totally busted. We can’t move an inch! We have to find the spare part quickly! Roger! Ochobot, Gopal, Fang, come with me! Yaya, Ying, Cattus, with me! Huh? Where to? Oh nowhere, we’re just gonna relax here. Let those kids search for the spare part. Ugh, we knew it. Of course! Dcan’t you see where we are? What if an alien comes to steal our spaceship and turn it into scrap metal?! Hmmm… He’s right! Ok, Captain Papa stay here and guard the spaceship. We’ll go look for the spare part. Let’s go! Uhh… Let’s go! Phew, that was close… we’re safe. What are you waiting for, Fang? Come on! Yeah yeah, great leader sir. What’s up with Fang? He looks like he swallowed a cactus. Hmm… I don’t know. This place is huge. How in the world are we gonna find the spare parts for the spaceship? Guys, over here! Here! Did you find the spare part, Gopal? Much better than that. I found… Food! Looks delicious. Am i right? Right? Eee… Do you even know what you’re eating? What? Space lizard! What?!! Ewww!! EEE!! YEK YEK YEK!!! Hehehe gotcha. Huh, what a bunch of clowns I’ve got the good stuff right here. Looks familiar. Huh? Gijimo?! TAPOPS Most Wanted! Fang? are you okay? I… I’m okay. Why do you ask? I don’t know, is there something you want to tell us? Uh, nothing… I… I was just tired. Tired? Whatever, you guys continue searching here. I’ll look over there! Hey wait! We can’t just split up- Eh? Where is Fang going? Shadow Fingers! Eh eh, what’s this?! Let me go! Who… Who are you? Tell me, where can I find Gijimo?! Gijimo? Who’s Gijimo? Hey! that’s mine! A fake Power Sphera…? Tell me, where is Gijimo?! Alright! I’ll talk! Once I capture Gijimo by myself, all members of TAPOPS will praise me and I will become more popular than BoBoiBoy!! Okay, back to TAPOPS most wanted mission. Over here.. Monkey climbs car. Uh, car falls sick and catches a cold. Password accepted. How could a car catch a cold? Huh, BoBoiBoy?! What are you guys doing here? Dey, you think we didn’t see what you were up to? Once I capture Gijimo by myself, all members of TAPOPS will praise me and I will become more popular than BoBoiBoy! What a popularity-maniac… Come on Fang, this isn’t a popularity competition. As a team, we have to work together! Complete missions together! Right. Get away before this door opens-Huh! This place gives me the creeps.. APPAAAA!! What were you trying to do here, Fang? I tracked down a criminal named Gijimo earlier. This is his secret base. Gijimo is listed in TAPOPS Most Wanted! He’s a piracy and smuggling criminal! Piracy and smuggling criminal? Who are you people?! I’ve never seen your mugs around here before. Uhh, we’re new customers! I was told to find you if I’m looking for something. Huh! Go find what you want in Kerat Market! He’s right, Fang! Let’s go look around in the market- I am looking for something particularly special, with a hefty price tag. Oh. Hehehehe. If that’s the case, welcome to Gijimo’s Emporium! How can I help you, sir? I need… Power Sphera. Huh? Power Sphera? Oh, sure. But it’ll be a little expensive. It’s hot stuff, you know? I told you, I can pay! Ehehehee. Apologies. I just wanted to make sure. Feast your eyes, good sirs! Choose whichever you want. All these Power Spheras look strange. These… These are not genuine Power Sphera! Hey, don’t say that! Not genuine, but original copies! All their powers are real, I guarantee! Can we test them? How long’s the warranty? Ugh, do you have to ask so many questions? Dey, you wanna buy stuff, you gotta ask the right stuff! We’re not really going to buy these stuff. What?! Hehehehe! You think you can fool Gijimo, TAPOPS kid?! You knew we were from TAPOPS? Guess we’re famous now! Eh? You’re TAPOPS members too? I meant this BoBoiBoy here… Fine. Of course I’m a TAPOPS member! My rank is higher than his, you know that?! Oh really? Don’t know you, sorry. Enough! You’re a most wanted criminal in TAPOPS! Surrender yourself! Oh? Did you think it’d be that easy, BoBoiBoy? He’s using the fake Power Spheras to attack! Attack them! Shadow Hand! That… That looks like ApiBot! Hahahaha! Attack them all! Out of the way, Ochobot! Fried Banana Transformation! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Wave Slam! These Power Spheras really are fakes! They’re useless! Urgh. Attack them all! NO MERCY! Earth Punch! Fire Ball! This BoBoiBoy’s powers are amazing! Shadow Thrust! Don’t run away! Eh, GigiBot? What are you doing- Argh!!! This is BiteBot, not GigiBot! You dare bite me with your fake teeth?! Fish Ball Transformation! Water Pressure! Yay! We won! Eh? Where’s Fang? Here, BoBoiBoy! Gijimo’s barricaded himself! Just give it up, Gijimo! You’re trapped! All your fake Power Spheras are finished! Step aside, let me change this door into a biscuit-Eh? Give up, you say…? Ehehehe. You may have defeated the fake Power Spheras. But you haven’t seen these Power Spheras. What are those?! They’re huge! Come out, my Power Spheras! Those… those are real Power Spheras! Twin Power Sphera CopyBot and PasteBot! Dey! How could Power Spheras like these exist?! Hehehe of course! Copy that BoBoiBoy kid now! Roger! Copy! Paste! It can lay eggs? Pirated BoBoiBoy?! Attack them! Shadow Umbrella! Shadow Panther! Serves you right, BoBoiBoy! Bite him more! Bite him! You having fun attacking fake BoBoiBoy? Uh… bite more? Huh, still holding a grudge against me? Food Transformation Blast! Pew! Pew! Pew! Take this! Gopal Punch! Eh, there’s more?! Oh no!! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Lightning Sword Slash! There’s too many of them! Hahaha! They may be fakes, but with this many of them, you will lose! Hahaha! What do we do? There’s no end to these guys! Gopal Pancake Slap! Are you the real BoBoiBoy?! You little…! Sorry! You look exactly like the fakes! What are you talking about?! No way! Don’t fight! Focus! We have to stop that Power Sphera! Follow me! Okay! Thousand Shadow Fingers! Food Machinegun Shot! Ratatatatata! Your turn, BoBoiBoy! Multi Lightning Blades! Wa…Wait! Hahahaa, you missed. Missed, huh? Lightning Strike! Yeah! We did it! Congratulations once again, BoBoiBoy! This time you succeeded in capturing one of TAPOPS’ most wanted criminal! Well done! Hehehe. Thank you, Admiral. But actually… Fang was the one who tracked down and captured Gijimo. Fang? The name sounds familiar. S…Sounds familiar? Just kidding. Congratulations Fang! A very popularizing performance! Ehehehe. Thank you, Admiral. I know I’m popular. Hehehehe. He’s still going on about that? Leave him alone, as long as he’s happy. What’s the status of your spaceship? All damaged parts have been repaired! Huh? How did you repair the spaceship? Easy peasy. We used Copy-PasteBot’s powers to create spare parts for the spaceship. We’re nearing TAPOPS Station! Ma-ma-mayday! All the pirated parts have exploded! We-we’re going to crash! Awful-some! Th-this is why we shouldn’t use pirated stuff, guys! These are all the fake Power Spheras, -we confiscated from Kerat Market. Hmm… This one doesn’t look fake. Hmmm… It’s inactive. Its energy source may be depleted. Nothing’s happening. Huh? BoBoiBoy, wake up! You guys are late! Wake up! Five minutes… Five more minutes… Five more minutes?! It’s nearly 7 o’clock, BoBoiBoy! 7… o’clock? Waaaah! Gopal, wake up! It’s already 7! Wake up! Huh?! What? 7?! Owww!!! Huh, huh, huh! Let’s get ready! Forget the shower, BoBoiBoy! Ad… Ad… Admiral Tarung? Ple… Please forgive our lateness, Admiral! Late? Hehehe. You’re not that late. Eh? Go get ready, okay? Your Commander’s waiting
for you on the Main Deck. See you later. The Admiral wasn’t angry…? Hmmm… Maybe it’s his birthday today? He was all smiley…
-Enough, enough! Go take a shower and get ready! Wasn’t the Admiral acting weirdly? Normally by 7 sharp, he’d be roaring at us. Yeah! Normally he’s a lion, -but earlier he was like a cat! Good morning, Commander! Morning. Why were you two late?! Sorry Commander, we overslept… You overslept?! What are you trying to do, huh?! Aww, relax, Commander. The Admiral didn’t even scold us. Yeah yeah, I’m not like your beloved Admiral… Uhh… Commander, are you okay? It’s not like I care if you guys don’t listen to me. I mean, I’m a nobody, -just a tiny, -and insignificant Commander… Psst. What’s up with the Commander? Don’t know. The Admiral was unusually happy. Now the Commander is all emotional. You see! I’m speaking here, -but none of you are listening! Eh, we’re not NOT listening. Huh! Talking back to me, now? Sorry, Commander, -we didn’t mean to – Enough! You ungrateful lot! Get out!! Erk! Ro.. .Roger that, Commander! Where did I go wrong,
for these kids to be like this… Huh… We got scolded for no reason. Yeah. He even said we were ungrateful. Hmmm… Something’s wrong here. I think so too-
-BoBoiBoy! Eh? Fang? What’s wrong Fang? Why are you so tired? I, I was- Hey, where are you going?! He, he’s telling us to go there! Ewww! It stinks in there! Let’s get outta here! Huh? Sounds like someone’s singing. Be careful Be careful Of your emotions, emotions Be wary Be wary Of Emoti, Emoti, -Emotibottt! What in the world… We’re doomed- Yaya, Ying! Stop! They can’t stop themselves! you’re back? What’s up with you guys? We, -we were all – You were what, Fang? Fang! Do you see anything, Ochobot? There’s an unknown Power Sphera in this room! What? Where is it? I see it! There it is! Do… Don’t come any closer! Isn’t that a fake Power Sphera
from Planet Junkberg? You’re the one responsible
for all this weirdness? Uhh… Don’t come any closer! Or else! Hold on! Let me analyze his data first! That’s EmotiBot, -a real Power Sphera! Oh, EmotiBot, eh? Come here you! Wait! It can manipulate emoti! Emoti Manipulation Power!!! Oh no! You got hit, you got hit! Coz you weren’t careful! Serves you right! Gopal! Are you okay?! Yes, BoBoiBoy? What’s up with your eyes?! Hmm, I dunno either. What on earth happened to me? He’s done it now… Don’t come near or else you’ll be turned into that! Eh! You guys found it?! Found what? Found me? I’m really gonna throw up! I don’t think that’s because of EmotiBot… Is it because of me? Why’d you go and turn my friend into a bimbo? BoBoiBoy Wind! Blowing Gust! Oooh… so cool… Owwie! Huh?! What was I doing? I lost control of myself! It’s you! Don’t catch me! Emoti Manipulation Stop! BoBoiBoy Fire! Fireball Attack! Phew, I’m alright. Admiral? I’m sorry! Oh, it’s alright, just a scratch. Stop them! Emoti Manipulation Power! That’s… That’s the anger emoti! Oh no, he’s gonna blow… Tarung Suit… Tigerbear! Admiral’s going to use his battle suit? Behold! That’s… That’s Admiral Tarung’s power! Fierce face, -cute suit! What did you say? Tigerbear Slash! It was a compliment! BoBoiBoy Earth! Earth Barrier! Get rid of them! Stop laughing like that! It’s creeping me out! Here! Follow me! We need to get out of here! BoBoiBoy Lightning! Lightning Dash! You think you can escape? Tigerbear Rush! I was so close to becoming his victim! We told you, -told you that it’s, -dangerous, dangerous. It’s better for you, -to run and hide, -hide from EmotiBoooottt. Run! What should we do? All of them are affected by EmotiBot’s power! Open this door! That door’s too thick! You think this door can stop me? Tarung Suit Molezard! We have to retreat! You can’t win against him! Let’s go! What should we do now? Can’t we just hide until it blows over? We can’t do that! The longer we wait, -the worse it’ll be! So what’s next? We can’t fight Admiral Tarung head to head! Yup! And he’s using that awful mascot costume too! A mascot costume? It’s a battle suit! Hey, you guys! Eh? Fang? You okay? Still feeling queasy? I’m fine.. Tell us what really happened, Fang! Hmmm… This morning… Yaya, Ying and I… Went to the evidence room, -to assist the Commander
with the fake Power Spheras… But when we arrived, there was nobody there. Except for a yellow Power Sphera. When we approached him, -suddenly he became active. We were manipulated. I felt like throwing up. Yaya and Ying became dance-freaks! Hmmm… Something is definitely
wrong with that EmotiBot. Phew, thank goodness I was
released from EmotiBot’s influence! Or else, -I would beat him to a pulp! Talking big, huh? It’s true, you know! What happened to your nose? My nose got long! Looks like you’ve been affected
by the liar’s nose emoti! I’m not a liar, -i’m straight as a stick! It’s getting longer! There goes my handsome face! Awesome! Eh? What’s happening?! You think you can hide from me? Admiral Tarung? What kind of costume is this? Costume? How dare you insult my Tarung Suit! Molezard Drill Attack! Forgive me! Dodge, Gopal! Ouch! Uh, where is he? Now you’re finished! Shadow Finger! Quit vanishing and appearing out of nowhere! The Admiral is getting more vicious! What should we do? He can appear anywhere! I know! Follow me! Let’s go! Huh? Where are those kids? What are we doing in this hole, Ochobot? Just follow my lead! Move faster! You think you can escape me? Hurry up, hurry! Quick, Ochobot! Quick! Molezard Drill! Eh? Kamu semua kat sini? We are back in this room? Hey, why did you bring us back here? Quit yapping! Pull that cable out quick! Huh? No! That’s right! Without that cable, -he’ll shut down for sure! Let’s go, Fang! BoBoiBoy Leaf! Vine Whip! Shadow Finger! Shutdown this instance! Help! Let me go! Stop! The Admiral’s back! Hurry! Tarung Suit Katakululu! Eh? Katakululu? Hypnosis Glare Katakulululululu! Close your ey- Oh no! They’ve been hynotized! Now get rid of the enemy! Yes sir. Come here, enemy of mine. Hey! I’m your friend! Now that’s what you get! Please don’t harm me! I would never harm you guys! You still have time for another lie. Eh? I know! Gopal! There it is! What are you doing? Lie away, Gopal! Faster! I don’t like eating! I always wake up early! I don’t miss my Appa! Stop him now! Oh no! Come here you. Lagi! I always get 100 marks! Yaya’s cookies are delicious! And I love to eat them! Now, Gopal! Liar Nose Slam! What happened? When did I use my suit? Yay! We did it! You guys managed to stop EmotiBot? That’s right! His charging cable has been disconnected! You guys are awesome! You manipulated me? Please… Don’t do anything… To me… He’s going out! Hey! Why did you connect the cable back? You want him to attack us again? Err, actually Admiral, – i think EmotiBot didn’t mean to attack us… You were afraid of us, weren’t you? You thought that we were the bad guys
who would capture and misuse you. How..did you know? From your reaction, – I can sense the trauma that you’re feeling… You’re right. Truthfully, -I have been passed around. From one bad alien to another so many times… That’s so sad… They always misuse my power… It’s okay. For your info, -we’re members of TAPOPS! TAPOPS? Yes! Tracker and Protector of Power Spheras! Our job is to rescue Power Spheras just like you. Thank you! Thank goodness I found you guys! Thank you! No problem at all! As a member of TAPOPS, I would do anything for the
sake of all Power Spheras! Eh? My nose! It seems you still have some
lingering emoti effect on you. Turn my nose back to normal! Awesome! Yay! Time to study! It’s been a while since we last came here huh? That’s right – Eh? What’s with all this mess? You hear that? Is there someone else in here? This place is a mess. Eh? Gopal? BoBoiBoy? Uhh… Yaya, Ying. Good morning… Did you guys sleep here? Yeah… We spent the whole night studying here! Huh? Study?! In here? You guys? For real?! You don’t believe us? Here! I was looking for any information on the Light Elemental Power, but… But nada! We looked all over… but found nothing! You looked? You fell asleep after 5 minutes! Right! Mission to help BoBoiBoy.. What, what? This is the biggest achievement in my life, you know? Huh? Why is that? You’re a useless best friend, BoBoiBoy. Didn’t you know?! This is the first time I have ever stepped foot
into a library in my WHOLE life! For real?! Each step was torture… Each second ticking by while I’m here filled with torment. I’m so proud of you Gopal.. This book should have listed all the Power Spheras and their powers. But it’s incomplete. It doesn’t even have Ochobot in the list. Dey! Didn’t you hear what i’ve said just now? Man… If I can’t even find it here, where else can
I get information on the Light Elemental Power? I know! There is one Power Sphera that might be able to help you! When did you get here Commander? What Power Sphera, Commander? Power Sphera… DataBot! What is DataBot’s power, Commander? It doesn’t have any powers! But DataBot has all the data and record on
all the Power Spheras in existence! It must know about the Light Elemental Power! Of course! But DataBot has been missing for a long time. Rumour has it that it was captured, and some say it has been destroyed… If that’s the case, you should have said so. What did you say?! Yes Commander? Did you ask for me? Why did you take my glasses? I need to find it! Where was DataBot’s last known location? I’m not sure myself… But I do! DataBot’s last known location was on Planet Junkberg, 20 years ago! 20 years ago? We once sent TAPOPS members on a DataBot retrieval mission, -but it didn’t work. It may have been a case of doppelgänger, or just a rumour. Nobody knows. If that’s the case, can we get permission to look for DataBot? Maybe it’s still there! Hmm… Sure But your efforts may be in vain. That’s alright, Admiral. As long as we try. That’s right, young ones! Justice loves those who try. Allow Justice to bring you there! Can you stop surprising us?! Why is Justice getting scolded? Where should we start looking? What information do we have on DataBot? According to TAPOPS data… It is a Power Sphera that enjoys gathering data and information. Maybe it’s in some kind of information storage area! Yeah! Like old archives! Let’s ask the aliens here. Well done, young one! You guys go look for that BotBot Power Sphera. Papa will go find food. Hahaha tata titi tutu! Eat? Hey, wait for me Captain Papa- Uh! Hey! You’re coming with us! Let me go BoBoiBoy! I’m starving! Space archives? Never heard of that. Go away! Do you know where is it? Sorry, we don’t know. Mister, do you know if there’s any old archives around this planet? Old archives? Never heard of it. Oh, no? How about kebabs? Kebabs, yes I do! Nice! Give me 10 sticks. BoBoiBoy, we heard something useful. Huh? What is it? North of the Kerat Market, -there’s a huge spaceship that crashed 20 years ago. 20 years ago? That’s the same as DataBot! Let’s go check it out! Hey BoBoiBoy! Wait for me! Wait for me! Woah, it’s huge! This… This is the Space Archive Ship! Space Archive Ship? Correct. The Space Archive Ship was a ship that carried all sorts of data and information -to be shared with people who live on planets that are too far from civilization. Oh, like a mobile library! The ship didn’t crash, -but it stopped operation when a newer spaceship was sent out 20 years ago. Can’t be a coincidence! The Space Archive must have something to do with DataBot! There’s an entrance over there! Ok, let’s go! This place is so quiet.. Eh? What kind of robot statue is this? Huh… Robots read books too? Don’t touch anything Gopal! Touch what? Touch this? What’s happening? I didn’t do anything! Leave this place immediately! Uh, I’m sorry guard robot… Guard robot, say you?! I am the guardian robot of the Space Archive! My name is.. JAGARA!!! It’s the same isn’t it? Guard…Guardian. It is not the same! One has “Ian”… The other does not have “ian”! Excuse us, Robot Jagara… We just wanted to enter the Space Archive Ship. You shall not pass! Only those who have proven their mettle shall
enter this Space Archive Ship! How do we prove our mettle then? A brilliant question, There are three ways! What is it? One… We contend in strength! Two… we contend in intellect! Third…? Third, you create a time machine and go back
in time to when I have not been created! You’re a funny robot. Funny, it is not! All these choices are but logic! Hmm, strength or intellect? Alright, I say we fight with strength! Hey, who asked you to choose? Oh come on. I’m not good at intellectual stuff. Plus what could he do, there’s four of us! Your choice is accepted! Weapon calibration! Can we change that to intellect? You may not! Please, oh awesome, handsome and fashionable robot. You think a robot such as I will fall for your fake compliments? It’s not a compliment, it’s a fact. Do you agree? Logical, your words are. Alright, I accept! You can do that? Prepare yourselves for these three questions! Answer all correctly! Don’t you have like, a lifeline or something? No such thing! Please, can we have a lifeline? You’re a kind and generous robot. You are playing tricks on me, feel I! Are you saying you’re NOT a kind and generous robot? Of course not! Kind and generous, always willing to help those in need, am I! That’s what he said… Alright! 3 lifelines! Answer correctly or… Su… Sure. What’s the first question? First question: I have skin, but no hair. I have a spine, but no bones. I have a tale, but no mouth. What am I? A bald horse? Horses have mouth! Hmm… I have skin, but no hair. I have a spine, but no bones. I have a tale, but no mouth? This is so hard! I want to use the first lifeline! Hey! Wait! Alright. The first lifeline! You may contact anyone you wish! Hello hello, Appa! This is Gopal! Haa Gopal? What is it? What is it, that has skin but no mouth. Has a spine, but no brains. Has a nose- Dey! Dey! I’m not done asking yet! You couldn’t even get the question right! The question may be wrong! But the answer may be right… Where is the logic in that?! Aha! I know! Here, here! Yes, what is it? A book! Am I right, Robot Jagara? A book has skin, but no hair. Has a spine, but no bones. A book has a tale, but no mouth. Hahaha! Correct! “A book” is the answer! Way to go, Yaya! Thanks! How’d you know the answer is a book? At first I was confused too, -but after I looked at it from a different point of view,
I understood the question. Ready for the second question?! Ready! Don’t be too happy. He was the one jumping around happily… Ridiculous! Robots do not feel happiness! He doesn’t seem right, you know what I mean? What did you say? Not right?! Uh, I said… Right… Right on sir, can’t wait for the second question! Alright, you listen carefully! Ahmad’s mother has 5 children. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.. What is the name of the fifth child?! Easy. Fri- Dey! Hold your tongue Gopal! Why are you covering my mouth?! Don’t answer Gopal! It’s a trick question! It’s not ‘Friday’.. Robot Jagara, can you repeat that question? I will repeat. Ahmad’s mother has 5 children. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. What is the name of the fifth child? There’s a catch to this question. Should we use the second lifeline? Agreed! We want to use the second lifeline! Alright! Your second lifeline is a multiple choice answer! Choose between A. Friday B. Saturday C. Sunday and D. Ahmad Dey! There’s no day called ‘Ahmad’! The question was… ‘Ahmad’s mother’. The mother to Ahmad… So… The fifth child must be Ahmad! Right?! Are you sure?! Yes, sure! D. Ahmad! Yes! You are absolutely correct! D. Ahmad! Whoa, awesome Ying! Hehehe. Good thing I noticed the first word. I don’t get it. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.. it should be Friday, right? Please sit quietly in the peanut gallery. One more question! And then we’re in! Ahem. Alright. Ready for the final question? Ready! What are we supposed to do? By moving only 3 rods, turn the 4 squares into 3 squares! This looks hard. We still have the last lifeline. Let’s just use it! We want to use the final lifeline! Alright! The final lifeline… You may ask anyone passing by here. Dey. There’s nobody here… My problem, it is not! Hey! There, over there! So there you are, young disciples of justice! You may ask this old man! Old man?! With this hunk of a bod?! Watch your mouth! Calm down, Captain Papa! Captain Papa, you have to help us solve this problem! What are these boxes for? We need to move 3 rods to turn 4 squares into 3. You can’t even answer this?! Are you the students of justice,
or the students of failure?! Please solve it, if smart you truly are. Justice is never, not smart! Girls, help Papa! On it! Move this one over there. That one goes there. More! Move it a bit more! Bring the one down here up… More, more! Ta-daaaah! Easy peasy! Next time, think outside the box. Not think LIKE a certain box-head! Think outside the box…? Outside the box, say you!? I said to move 3, not 30 metal rods! 3 or 30, same difference! Didn’t you learn mathematics in your robotic elementary school? When you add ‘0’, there’s no difference! Stubborn old man! Take this- Wait! I know the solution! What is it? Watch this! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Listen carefully! Put the rods back to their original positions. On it! Ok, now move that one over there, -this one goes here, -and push this one to the side. Looks right! Awesome! So how was it? You are absolutely correct! Congratulations! Congratulations! We did it! Awesome! How did you come up with the solution? I followed what you and Captain Papa said. Look at it from a different point of view,
and think outside the box. Congratulations! You have answered all of the questions! This is your reward! Welcome to the Space Archive Ship! Please, enter! Please do. Woah! There’s a lot of stuff in the archive! There must be some information on the Light Element! What is this thing? Kids these days! You don’t even know that?! This is a frisbee! Catch! Still fooling around huh… Take it Captain Papa! What. Are. You all doing here? Is that the child of that robot earlier? That’s… That’s DataBot! Yes. I am… DataBot! Who. Might you be? We are members of TAPOPS. I’m BoBoiBoy. This is Gopal, Yaya, Ying, Captain Papa, and Ochobot. Oh. Ochobot. The last Power Sphera. Nice to. Meet you! Hi! I can’t believe it… We finally found DataBot. I am. Surprised. You got past. Robot. Jagara. You know? So many people tried to look for you, but failed! Of course. I hid here. On purpose. To study. More data. And gain more. Knowledge. So young, and already so hardworking! Young? He looks antique, Captain Papa. Yes. I am old. I am one of the. What’s wrong with him? -First Power Spheras. Created. That means you must know about the elemental powers right? Indeed. I have. Information. On all Power Spheras. That means you can help me! Of course. What do. You wish. To know? I want to know about the Light Elemental Power! How do I activate my Light Elemental Power? Very well. Please give me some time. I can’t wait to find out! 5 Minutes Later… When are we getting the answer? He’s still processing your question. That’s alright. Let’s give him some time. 5 Hours Later… Dey! DataBot! Dey! You still there? 5 Days Later… I can’t believe you really found DataBot. Hmm. He may be broken. Maybe his system is too full. It’s your fault! Your question was too heavy! Heavy? I only asked one easy question! So what do we do now? Leave him here. There are more important tasks at hand. Looks like I’m not going to get my answer on the Light Elemental Power… Data processing complete!
The Light Element. From SinarBot. Has three levels. To activate. Users need to increase. Their intellect. To a higher level. Eh? Where did they go? What kind of a joke is this?! The Light power comes from Ochobot, not SinarBot! Incorrect! Actually… Actually, what? This isn’t DataBot, this is RidiculousBot! What a waste of justice’s time! Come, Cattus! Follow Papa! What is this RidiculousBot talking about. Right Cattus? How much longer will it take?! Just a little longer, Boss. We have many ships in queue today… Hurry up! The Grand Captain wants all of them clean! They will be clean before we depart for Sunnova Station. They are heading to Sunnova Station? So sleepy~ Go to sleep, BoBoiBoy… Turn the lights off already! What are you doing down there? I’m reading up on Power Spheras! Did you know that MotoBot and DashBot
were made in the same place? Look at my face… Do you think I care? Sheesh. You call yourself the protector of Power Spheras, but– BOBOIBOY, GOPAL! WAKE UP!!! Commander?! Come down to the main hangar! Bring Ochobot with you! Roger that, Commander… We’ll bring him tommorow… TOMORROW?!! COME DOWN RIGHT NOW!!! Why would the Commander need us at this hour? How should I know Yaya, Ying. You were summoned too? I wonder why the Commander called us to the hanger.
Shouldn’t we— What’s with all the ruckus? There! Load the weapons in that spaceship! Why are all the spaceships being prepared? We’ve just received intel from Captain Kaizo! Sunnova Station will be attacked by the space pirates! Hah?! Attacked by space pirates?! Show them, Ciciko! As you know… Sunnova Station is the center of accumulation and distribution of solar energy to distant planets!
As you know… Sunnova Station is the center of accumulation and distribution of solar energy to distant planets! If the station falls, the energy supply
to those planets will be cut off! Yes, and the people of those planets will freeze and they’ll be in danger! So what are we waiting for? Let’s head to that station! Hmmm… I don’t think we’re going to Sunnova Station… Heh, how perceptive… All of you will depart to the Pirate Colony to join Captain Kaizo on an undercover mission! Undercover mission? We need to join Captain Kaizo to investigate claims that those space pirates have a dangerous Power Sphera! A dangerous Power Sphera? Which one? We’re not sure, -but we expect that the space pirates can
attack easily using that Power Sphera! Your mission is to infiltrate and retrieve that Power Sphera! Understood? Yes, Admiral! Wait! What are we going undercover as? As spaceship cleaners?! Ahhhhhh… This is way below my standard! Do you even have one? Do you want me to change your
hairpiece into a codfish? Quit arguing! Focus on the mission! Get ready! We’re approaching the Pirate Colony! Identify yourself! Eh! This clever birdie can talk! YOUR IDENTITY, OR WE WILL SHOOT YOU DOWN! So now that you can talk, you want to shoot everyone down? DESTROY THAT SPACESHIP! Wait! We’re the extra spaceship cleaners that you’ve requested! Check your logs! Identity confirmed! Proceed to hangar number 5! We’re saved! Why are they so serious? Hey, bro! You want us to clean your ship?! It’s cheap, bro! I have a special ‘Got Grime? What A Crime!’ package! Complete with washing, -polishing… -and inside-outside vacuuming! Only for today! Interested? So this is Captain Kaizo’s cover? Uhh… Actually we’re the additional cleaners that you requested. Totally forgot that I did that! Come now, help me with the ships! Good, we have plenty of cleaners now! Make sure all of them are clean! No problem at all, bro! See ya later! And don’t forget, “Got Grime? What A Crime!
Clean 5 times and get 1 free!” “Clean 5 times and get 1 free, offer of a lifetime!” Wow, you even have a jingle! Whatever. He’s new, boss… Woahh, whose spaceship is that?! That spaceship belongs to the Grand Captain. Grand Captain? Is that him? Yes. He is Grand Captain Vargoba, leader of the space pirates! You guys stay away from him! So scary… Don’t worry, our cover as ship cleaners is airtight! What’s next, Captain Kaizo? We need to infiltrate that ship! Infiltrate that?! Because the Power Sphera is inside the ship’s vault. We need to split up and— Hey, Brother Kassim! Brother Kassim? Hahaha! That’s me! Long time no see! When are you bringing your ship for a wash? My ship’s still clean. Eh, who are these guys? They are all my assistants. They just arrived. Oooh, so business is booming now, eh? With the assistants and all. Alright, gotta split now. See ya later, Kassim! You got it! See ya later. And don’t forget… “Wash 5 times, and get another 1 for free~!” Hahaha! Later! Hurry up, we’re gonna be late! What’s so funny?! No, nothing Captain! Let’s proceed with the mission! BoBoiBoy, Fang. You guys are with me! We will infiltrate that spaceship!
BoBoiBoy, Fang. You guys are with me! We will infiltrate that spaceship! Aye, Captain! Gopal, Yaya and Ying. You guys are on watch. Yay, I don’t have to go in! We will retrieve the Power Sphera, and bring him here! No problem, Captain! Captain Papa will wait in the ship. The moment we embark, Ochobot
will open a teleportal for us to escape! He’s so clever! I want to be just like him when I grow up! Clean over here and here! Yes, boss! The coast is clear! Let’s go! They’re in! Urghh, I don’t feel so safe! Quit yapping! Hurry up and start cleaning! Hurry, and be careful! Halt!! This is a restricted area! Really? We didn’t know that, we’re just- SHADOW THRUST!!! How do we open this door? I know! Slip your shadow under it! Shadow Power! Shadow Panther! What kind of Power Sphera is this?! It’s huge… This… This is the Power Sphera… …StealthBot! StealthBot…? Yes, this Power Sphera can cloak
any target to make it invisible! But the size of StealthBot is larger than indicated in our data.. Maybe the pirates made some modifications so that he can cloak multiple targets… Huh! So they can hide their entire armada and ambush us easily! We need to find a way to remove this humongous StealthBot! Urrrgh… Why are we doing this for real? Can’t we just fake it? Do you want those pirates to notice us? What’s wrong, Gopal? I.. I need to go to the toilet! Where is it?!! Hey! We need to stay here! I can’t hold it anymore! Don’t go, Gopal! We should use his power! The moment StealthBot is activated, the alarm will sound off -and the pirates will rush to our location!
The moment StealthBot is activated, the alarm will sound off -and the pirates will rush to our location! But we should be invisible to them, right? We still have another problem. How do we carry StealthBot through that small door?! I have an idea! Call Cattus here quick! Why on earth was Justice asked to bring this kitty in? I’m a nasty pirate.. I plunder and I riot… From the young, the old, or even a parrot… Whoever crosses my way should keep quiet!
From the young, the old, or even a parrot… Whoever crosses my way should keep quiet! Huh? Who are you? I’m Papa Pirate, the enemy of justice, the darling of evil! Papa Pirate? Never heard of you! The darling of evil? Surround him! This Papa Pirate seems suspicious… Ughhh, now Cattus! Awww look at him! | Awwwww~ | His fur is so cute! Just look at him!! Awww! He’s so cute! Makes me want to bite him! See ya later! Bye-bye! Aww…! Good job, Kitty of Justice! Onwards! Where is that toilet?! Over there! I’M SORRY!! They’re here! Safe at last! HE’S HUGE! Is this the Power Sphera that we need to capture? Cattus, come here! What are you gonna do with him? Not Cattus, but BellBot… Why did you take me off? Don’t worry, I’m going to borrow BellBot for a while. I need him to shrink StealthBot! Are you kidding? He can only make things big! Actually… BellBot’s power works both ways,
shrinking and magnifying.
Actually… BellBot’s power works both ways,
shrinking and magnifying. Am I right, BellBot? Yup! That’s true! I see… My disciple has become so smart now. It’s good that you learnt it all from me… But I studied by myself… Do you want to go home by yourself, ungrateful boy? Hehe… Thank you for all your wisdom, Mr. Papa.. You’re welcome. Don’t mention it. Enough! Get ready to escape with StealthBot! Now, BellBot! Shrinking Power! There goes the alarm! Hurry! WE HAVE INTRUDERS?!! Get ready for cloaking! Move slowly! Good luck! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Search every corner of this ship! It’s gone…? Grand Captain! StealthBot has been stolen! WHAT?! SEARCH FOR THE THIEF IMMEDIATELY!!! Wha..what’s that? It’s Captain Vargoba. stop! There are pirates ahead! The stairs are not that far! We have something here! Where?! Go and investigate!! Over there! Quick! Not there! Here! Here, here! Which one is it? There are no more pirates! Hurry on to the deck! Be careful not to step on those leaves! Let’s go! Faster! There’s two of them?! Oh no! THEY ARE THE INTRUDERS!! CAPTURE THEM!!! RUNNN!!!! We’ve arrived at the deck! First there were two, then 3, and now 1…? JUST CHASE THEM ALREADY! Yes, boss! BoBoiBoy! Over here! Let’s go back to our spaceship! Who’s there! Don’t move! He can’t see us! now that’s a relief. Who are YOU?!! Nobody! You… YOU STOLE MY POWER SPHERA!!! I’m not a thief! Wuhuhuhu! I only used your toilet without permission! TELL ME, WHERE DID YOU HIDE STEALTHBOT?! I don’t know anything about StealthBot!!! So you wanna play hard ball eh?! Run run run! Why am I floating? Am I dead?! Am I a ghost now?! Don’t be silly, Gopal! You’re dead too, BoBoiBoy? YOU STOLE AND USED STEALTHBOT’S POWER! SHOW YOURSELF! MULTI-ENERGY BARRIER!!! So it seems there’s more than one… I WILL DESTROY ALL OF YOU!!! Forgive me, I was influenced by peer pressure! Come here, my StealthBot… Magnetic power? This is what you’ll get for stealing from me! Gravitational Pull! What is this?! YAYA!!! I have StealthBot! Let’s go! Run! Did you think you can stop me?! We won’t make it, he’s gaining on us! Jump now! Gravitational Lift! Everybody’s here! Let’s boost out of here! You cannot run from me! Get over here! Use all the engines! Full power! ENGINES TO THE MAX!! Open the teleportal now, Ochobot!! Okay! Teleportation Power! Huh?! What power is that?! Engines are at maximum! Yay! We’re safe! Mission accomplished! Awesome!! What an intriguing power.. We have arrived at Sunnova Station! Mission accomplished! Awesome! Have you all arrived? Yes, commander! We have retrieved the Power Sphera! Eh? Is that the Power Sphera StealthBot? Why does it look different? It has been modified. Earlier, it was much bigger… -but BoBoiBoy came up with the idea to shrink
its size using BellBot’s power. Well done, BoBoiBoy! Congratulations to all of you! Awesome! Way to go, BoBoiBoy! Hey, guys! Look over there! What is it? So many! Those spaceships look weird! Have Justice’s eyes been deceived? Is that a spaceship or a space dish? It really does look like a dish! My tummy’s getting hungry just looking at them! Huh! Do we really have to ask for TEMPUR-A’s help? Indeed we do! We must not underestimate those space pirates! Who’s TEMPUR-A? Didn’t we foil their plans already? Yeah! We got StealthBot, didn’t we? Without StealthBot their forces are diminished.. But that does not mean they won’t attack. Looks like we’ll have to defend Sunnova Station! No need. Only Kaizo will join in the defense. The rest of you, go and keep StealthBot in TAPOPS Station! Later. But, commander! No buts. StealthBot isn’t safe here! OchoBot, open the teleportal to TAPOPS Station. Uh, my teleportation power’s all gone commander.. If that’s the case… full speed ahead! There they are. Hi, guys! Move, move! Step aside, Justice wants to eat! Fried rice please! Huh, what’s the rush? Where are they going? They must be starving Woah! Is this… Is this StealthBot? So awesome! You’re excited! Of course Nut is excited! StealthBot is one of the most awesome and sought after Power Spheras ever! It was bigger earlier but- Hang on! Nut has read all about it from the Commander’s report! StealthBot has been modified, -magnified, then minimized by BellBot’s power, right? He knows all about it… Don’t worry! Engineer Nut has prepared a space for StealthBot! We’re gonna take off BellBot and give it back to Cattus! Can you change StealthBot back to normal? Of course! With Nut, Nut-a-problem! Whoa! He even has a tagline! Come on, let’s send StealthBot back to the Power Sphera Vault. Let’s go! Cattus would love to wear BellBot again. Just a bit more okay, Cattus? Attack! Don’t let them through! Roger that, Admiral! Attack!! Take this! Huh? Is that you, Kassim!? TEMPUR-A team, to the right wing! More and more ships are coming. -but where is Captain Vargoba’s spaceship? We have arrived! Jam their communications! Roger that, grand captain! Size Reversion Power! Done! StealthBot is in its rightful place- Eh? What’s that? Nut isn’t sure, but it looks like a tracking device. A tracking device? Who would put… It must be the pirates! How could you not notice that, BoBoiBoy? The device had shrunk along with StealthBot… We didn’t- Weak! You put us all at risk!
We didn’t- Weak! You put us all at risk! We need to contact the commander! No use! I can’t get through! What’s wrong Cattus? Huh? What’s that? That’s… That’s Captain Vargoba’s Spaceship! What?! Listen up, pirates. The Power Sphera is in this space station… Move out! And find it! Destroy all their fleet! Open fire! Why can’t I get through to BoBoiBoy? Who are all these people? Who’s getting married? Married?! They’re the space pirates! What?! The pirates are inside… What do we do? Our spaceship is… destroyed. This is all your fault! Hey! It’s not his fault. None of us noticed it! Why can’t we contact anyone?! Maybe that devide outside is a communication jamming device! What should we do? Use your teleportation power! We have to get away! We can’t, I need time to charge up my power. We have no other choice. We have to fight! Defend TAPOPS and the Power Spheras! Don’t you remember? My brother said we can’t face Captain Vargoba directly! He’s too dangerous! But we can’t just sit here and do nothing! We have thwarted their attack! Hold your horses, Admiral. We have not won. Captain Vargoba could appear any minute now… Maybe he’s scared now! And even if he comes now, all his armada has been destroyed!
Maybe he’s scared now! And even if he comes now, all his armada has been destroyed! We should just hide in here! This vault was built to withstand any attack! And in the meantime we find a way to contact the commander! Help!!! Ahhh! BoBoiBoy! That sounds like Gopal and Captain Papa! They’ve been captured! We have to help them! Hold up, BoBoiBoy! Open the door. This door is too tough. We need the password. Hahaha. Not tough enough for my force… But why use force… -when I already know the password? Captain, you know the password? Yes… Listen well. Stop!! The door is open. It seems my password was correct. BoBoiBoy… Please help, it hurts… Let them go! Of course. They’re unconscious! You’ve gone too far! YOU have gone too far! You came into my ship… you stole StealthBot… And now.. You accuse me of going too far? But it’s fine. Because of you, I was led here. Where the Power Spheras are gathered.. Thank you, BoBoiBoy. I will take these Power Spheras and give them all away! Don’t think we’re going to give you back StealthBot! StealthBot? Oh no, it isn’t StealthBot that I want.. but the Power Sphera that can teleport! Ochobot?! Oh, so he’s called Ochobot… Why did you go out!? Don’t.. Don’t you dare lay your hands on him! You know, I should be attacking Sunnova Station. It would make me rich and powerful. But after witnessing Ochobot’s teleportation power… He is much more valuable! Don’t move Ochobot! With that teleportation power, -my pirate armada will be able to attack, appear and disappear throughout the galaxy! Greedy. Greedy?! Wrong! Greedy and evil! I rather sacrificed my whole armada just to distract your admiral! How despicable. What did you just say? Come here! Magnetic Pull! Let go of me! Zig-Zag Shield Throw! Why did you move it? Scared of hitting her? He can pull Shielda because of her steel armour! Not just pull… Magnetic Push! Sai! Shielda! Puny children… Attack them all! Gravitational Force! Super Speed Attack! My turn! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Fiery Kick! Lightning Sword Slash! Water Geyser! Rapid Fiery Punch! Lightning Cleave! Insufferable! Steel Spiral! Don’t go near, it’s dangerous! Why so far? Come closer! Dodge it! Astounding, but.. Not good enough, BoBoiBoy! Gravitational Pull! There’s more eh… Take this! YAYA!!! Such graceful agility! But you’re trapped! Don’t think you can get away! Stay there! Stop hurting my friends! No Fang! You have to protect us! Still have some fight in you? Fighting in steel armour? You are asking for it! Let my friends go! Oh I will… But only if you surrender your Power Sphera
Ochobot without any fight. No way! No way? Alright. I will give you two choices. Ochobot or… watch as I hurt these friends of yours! So painful! STOP! Choose, BoBoiBoy… Choose… 10 9 I… 8 I can’t choose! 6 5 4 3 2 I’m not ready… 1 0 Since you cannot choose, I will make the choice for you. I will take Ochobot and destroy your friends! No!!! I’m ready, BoBoiBoy. Fang? Tier 2 Shadow Power? There’s still one more? Sorry I’m late BoBoiBoy. Now, leave it to me! Shadow Tiger Strike! Come, you puny kid! Take this! Shadow Claw! How dare you scratch me! BoBoiBoy’s plan worked… Help!! BoBoiBoy! We have to help them! Wait, BoBoiBoy! We can’t win against Captain Vargoba, BoBoiBoy. Don’t just rush in. We have to think up the best strategy! Nut, is there a way to charge Ochobot quickly? There is. Nut can divert all the energy from the
other Power Spheras into Ochobot. We’ll buy you some time. Fang, block Captain Vargoba’s vision with yout shadows. Don’t let him see through our plan! But I want to fight too! Save your energy. We’re going to need you with your Level 2 Shadow Power! Very well. Shadow Fang Chomp! Nut! What’s Ochobot’s energy status? Just a little more! Teleportation distance still not enough! You want to teleport? Don’t even think about it! Today is your lucky day! He has four arms?! You have forced my hand… to show my full power! Shadow Bear Fusion! I will flatten all of you! Full Force! Push back Fang! He’s too strong! Just teleport, Ochobot! As long as we get away from the communication jammer! Okay! Teleportation Power! Don’t you dare! We can get the emergency signal out now! Huh? Emergency signal from TAPOPS? But why is it near Sunnova Station? What is it? Station TAPOPS is here? We’ve teleported near Sunnova Station! Rescue’s coming! I will have destroyed all of you, -even before your reinforcements have arrived! Take this! I can’t hold it much longer! What…? They’re desperate! Fight on! Good! We’re almost through-! Huh? Huh? From TAPOPS Space Station? Why is the signal nearby…? What is it? That’s Vargoba’s Spaceship! Energy Blade Slash! How could you, Kassim?! Take this…! Admiral! TAPOPS Station is under attack! What?! Kaizo! Take over! Roger, Admiral! Make sure all the pirates are captured! Looks like we’ll be working together again. Did you think by transforming, you could win?! Light Shot! Steel Smash! Light Burst! My eyes! Shadow Bear Slam! Where do you think you’re going?! Light Force! This is what you get for going too far! How dare you! Steel Magnetic Pull! Optical Light Shot! You made a grave mistake, coming here! Finish him, BoBoiBoy! Not yet! I want him to regret ever coming here! You could have taken off the suit first, Admiral…. I’m being crushed in here! Nonsense! I need to be ready at all times! Seriously… We better get there soon… What Power Sphera are you abusing in there?! Who are you to question me, kid? Let me scan the Power Sphera! BoBoiBoy! All the pirates have been tied up. Finish him now, BoBoiBoy! Not yet! He needs to answer my questions! I answer to no one! What is BoBoiBoy waiting for? Fine! If you’re not going to answer… I will take this Power Sphera off you! What’s that? A new BoBoiBoy…? A NEWER one?! Activate it now! Don’t give him a chance, BoBoiBoy! Don’t worry. I’ve cleaved his wings. Got it! That’s the Power Sphera MagnetBot! Stop him now, BoBoiBoy! Too late! Come here, my invincible armour! Don’t you move! Shadow Bear Fusion! Steel Punch! Fang! With just one hit…? Use your triple split, BoBoiBoy! No need! I can take him on by myself! Are you sure? What is he doing?! Releasing the Grand Captain’s weapon! He’s got all his weapons? We’re done for! Oh, my. Guess that’s Justice’s cue! Optical Light Shot! He managed to deflect BoBoiBoy’s attack? Your attacks no longer work. Move, Yaya! Don’t just shoot randomly! Oh, dear. Justice can’t even faint in peace. Steel Anchor Smash! What kind of attack is that?! Initiate landing! You talk big. Where’s your confidence now, kid?! I have to use the Triple Split! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Steel Anchor Throw! BoBoiBoy! Heh! What’s up, Pirate Vargoba? Tarung…? Are you all okay? Commander! Finally. Only diamond can cut diamond. No need, Admiral. I can take him. Silence!
I can take him. Silence! This fight is mine! I will teach him a lesson! Do not interfere, understood? Prove it! Prove it? Your magnetic force won’t work on my battle suit! Are you sure? Steel Magnetic Pull! Don’t think you can get your hammer back- Eh? That is not what I was aiming for! Oh, no! Ugh… Please don’t drop! What in the world?? Steel Anchor Push! Admiral! Kaizo! We need back-up! Get over here quick! What’s wrong, Commander? The Admiral lost?! My loyal pirates! To me! The Grand Captain is here! Converge with the Grand Captain! You’re done for, Kassim! After them! My pirate armada will come… -and plunder all the Power Spheras here. None of you can stop me! We won’t let you lay your hands on these Power Spheras! That’s right. Let’s stop him together, BoBoiBoy. We can do this. We’re stronger together. Do we really have to…? Hey, what are you waiting for?! There’s an empty spot! Get in! I am impressed by your fighting spirit. Alas, the weak… -will always remain weak! I… I have to redeem myself! Don’t go by yourself, BoBoiBoy! Help him now! Hurry up, Gopal! Insolent kid! Taste your end! Biscuit Snipe! Defensive Shield! Shield Throw! Go, BoBoiBoy! You think you can win?! Gravitational Lift! Steel Magnetic Pull! Shadow Strike! You again?! Now, BoBoiBoy! BoBoiBoy… Triple Split! Slo-Mo Speed! Lightning Sword! Shadow Claw! Get smashed! Fiery Punch! Mighty Punch! Look at that! Optical Shot!!! Magnetic Pull! Maximum Power! Dodge it! It missed….? You truly test my patience. Magnetic Field Swing! Be careful, guys! The pull of the magnet is too strong! Sai! Shielda! Faster! Coconut Rice Sniper Shot! It’s time to end this game! Magnetic Field Explosion! It hurts… Not nearly enough, kid. BoBoiBoy… THIS is true pain! BoBoiBoy! We gotta help BoBoiBoy- Don’t even dream about it! BoBoiBoy… Weakling! This is what you get for going against me! Just in time. Time for us to leave… -my new Power Sphera. Don’t take me! Come here! No!!! What is that light? BoBoiBoy SOLAR?! This kid is still kicking?! I will not make the same mistake twice. Solar Eclipse Blast! Come at me! What kind of attack is that?! Hot! It’s over! Solar Leap! Multifold Solar Eclipse Blast!!! That’s enough, BoBoiBoy!!! Finally! Captain Vargoba is defeated! BoBoiBoy’s attack was amazing… Amazing, sure, but… This station is going to collapse! Aaah! We have to save BoBoiBoy! Hurry! Get in! Get in! It hurts… He’s awake! What happened…? You shouldn’t get up yet, BoBoiBoy! You were unconscious for a while! Unconscious…? How long was I out…? Not unconscious, BoBoiBoy… You were in a coma! It’s been 50 years…! What?! 50 YEARS?! But I’m still-! GOTCHA! Haha! Really, boys! What kind of a friend… We’ve waited 5 days to pull that prank on you! I was out for 5 WHOLE days?! Where are we now?! You are at our headquarters. The TEMPUR-A Headquarters! But what happened to Captain Vargoba?! You don’t remember? You defeated Captain Vargoba! I…. I destroyed TAPOPS Space Station! Worry not, young one! As the saying goes, Just like Gopal’s jiggly tummy… TAPOPS has a lot of money! Since when?! What about the Power Spheras? Don’t worry, BoBoiBoy. They’re all safe. That’s right. Just rest easy, BoBoiBoy. We won. Admiral Tarung? The Admiral is still unconscious… He’s waking up! Hehehe! Another victim…! Would you look at your friends, BoBoiBoy? Eh?! DUDE! Give me a beard too! Sure! Shadow Beard-Mustache! Seriously… You guys are awful! Haha! Awful, sure! But… awesome! Haha! Hey, hey! Papa wants to join too! Eh! You already have a beard and mustache! You don’t need more! Oh, come on! Justice is too young-looking! Awesome! Ochobot. Is not. The original.
Elemental Power Sphera. The truth is. The 7 Elemental Powers. Originated from. 7 Different.
Power Spheras.

David Anderson

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