Best Friend – Animation Short Film 2018 – GOBELINS

Best Friend – Animation Short Film 2018 – GOBELINS

[Music] [Applause] what are you looking at come on make a wish oh sorry okay okay thank you guys that’s amazing Thank You Kimmy you’re so silly were your friends and that’s what friends are for right you can all [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] down when hope is lost we will be the blue Tilly [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey Arthur is it everything about it okay are you still looking for a better friend now we can give you the best the frenemy you can see best friend never be alone [Music] we just need to wait Dendi but would you like me I need another machine coming sure follow me [Music] hey Arthur daddy Oh got your back what come on I’m not going where we are your friends and that’s what friends are for right she’s fine Hey hey Arthur [Music]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Best Friend – Animation Short Film 2018 – GOBELINS

  1. AmazinG Gamer says:

    que mierda

  2. Aidan Calderon says:

    Yeay no thanks I don't need friends so fuck your head chip

  3. Neo Ainassaari says:

    thats what we all call fake friend right??

  4. Boo Pickle says:

    Did anyone ever notice the guy that attacked him had the same scarring on his face as Arthur did after the film?

  5. Kenny says:

    What if Kimmy is Arthur's childhood best friend but died when they were kids, and the reason he's so attached to the tech is cause he misses her, and wishes she was still around? Hmmm…

  6. Wild Zubat says:

    Why does that guy look so sick?

  7. Scott Pickering says:

    The technology to create friends in your mind is a nightmare should never come fruition.

  8. darryl says:

    we live in a society

  9. Hotpancake says:

    Hi, my name is Connor I'm the android sent by Cyberlife.

  10. victor alfonso carrero pulido says:

    1:16 what is this song? please

  11. Der_Konig says:

    Ah, yes, enslaved schizophrenia.

  12. Fabrizzio gameplays awa says:

    Que berga

  13. Shalvi Gurav says:

    This could be an excellent Black Mirror episode !

  14. Deku2Mash GT says:

    I somehow Find This Short Story Soooo Scaryyyyyy Idk About U Guys

  15. sarah Zahir says:

    Feels like an episode of black mirror.

  16. Devon Hodges says:

    Black Mirror episode animated. Truly amazing.

  17. Manuel Ferrer says:

    Ah, dripping pure THC into your eyes… That's the life.

  18. Arthur Callahan says:

    An episode of black mirror animated

  19. Ved Lem says:

    Where place for re-found this work by team ?! Film feeling it's very good i love you, again!

  20. 멍뭉이 says:


  21. Nizam Jamil says:

    It got that Paprika vibe and i like it~

  22. Aldo Rascon says:

    Like si viniste por el profe de francés:v

  23. Quéren Oliver says:

    this is so black mirror

  24. Maddie Taylor says:

    this is some black mirror type shit!

  25. Mr. Mann. says:

    I would love a sequel, it’s just like Zabatsu or Neon District. But this is actually really cool.

    Especially the dude in the helmet that was in the beginning. HES COOL!

  26. go jeth says:

    I feel bad for him, he's a loner

  27. Nugget bất tử says:

    what ?
    He can time stop ?
    Oh shit her-
    The world
    To be continued

  28. myles fang says:

    she runs away like the double image in perfect blue

  29. jhoel rodriguez says:


  30. Papa Chungus says:

    people in the comments: wow this is what technology is coming to!

    Me: well you’re on a device typing this so

  31. Natan33988 says:

    2:56 time to buy bitcoin

  32. Natan33988 says:

    this giving me the schills what the fuck

  33. Taesa Hyung says:

    I think they just represent us, we always play phone or games that means we are always running from reality, we became addicted to it and without it you feel anxious, lost, and feel like you cant live without it

    Well maybe if you arent like that but that's just represent our generation

  34. Michael Laffey says:

    I never want to be this type of person! Overall amazing animation!

  35. YuanViv Silvalara says:

    descpues de ver esto tuve que ir a terapia 🙁

  36. What a catch! says:

    amazing world of gumball shit right here

  37. Anthony Echevarria says:

    This is terrifying for me 😳😳😳

  38. Maya You says:

    that's what we call imaginary friends not best friends

  39. Zombe killer says:

    Lmao I need that 😂😭😭

  40. Galaxy diamon wolf says:

    I'm not Anterstend

  41. Hell Witch says:

    Why the fuck do I relate to this so much?😔

  42. Sunny 176 says:

    I feel like the start of it is kinda like maladaptive daydreaming pretty cool 😆

  43. dude bro says:

    This was like an episode of Black Mirror condensed down to 5 minutes

  44. sweta :) says:

    Is this so hard to understand 🤔🤔🙄🙄? Please somebody explain me

  45. Doctor_Death says:

    Wow. When i've watched this at first time , i thought this guy is loser im not totally like him. And now i found out that my 18th birthday is the same . (2 months ago)

  46. 林噢! says:

    Does anyone know what music in this anime end (only music)

  47. yoga anugrah.p says:

    Don't give your son name Arthur,

  48. Ranto Jhafriel says:

    like drugs?

  49. Apasih Bucin says:

    Sad boi

  50. :v ps says:

    Me gustó pero cuál es el mensaje?

  51. Mapster says:

    lol the eyedrops look like bullets. Nice symbolism.

  52. William Barth says:

    Very Black Mirror. And I love it.

  53. 天の川Galaxy says:

    Summary of the video: Drugs can get you addicted and make you crazy

  54. Jolie K says:

    peak capitalism is when companies profit off of paranoia and schizophrenia

  55. Laureano marco Sango ayetebe says:

    Que pena ma da el final

  56. Etona says:

    The tech implant reminds me of a black mirror episode

  57. OR Refaeli says:

    Damn, 6k dislikes, you really scared some poeple.

  58. Barış Başol says:

    O7 Unutulmayacaksın Arthur Kardeşim. O7

  59. Royal Oreo says:

    3019 kids be like I just got married with my best friend

  60. WhiteScarf says:

    it's crazy what you can do for a friend :S

  61. shadyizzi says:

    This feels like a Black Mirror episode, and I'd love to watch it in the actual series

  62. Miss Ulia says:

    Кто от МистериФорса?

  63. No Name says:

    Are you still looking for a better friends?Now,we can give you the best.The friend that only you can see."Best friend,never be alone"

  64. Maya Mata says:

    This is a sad reflection on our future

  65. •[̲̅•S̲̅α̲̅я̲̅α̲̅•]• says:

    é muito estranho saber que isso pode acontecer daqui alguns anos

  66. CRAZY BOMB says:

    4:34 I liked how his tears turned into yellow tears to make us see how much he used that best friend thing

  67. Toiub hossen says:

    Hey what that is ?

  68. 24 says:

    Damn…this look like the drugs :/

  69. Rusty Muffin says:

    December 12th 2032 is the date in the animation….huh

  70. Luna Eclipsed says:

    interesting concept but….I feel REALLY REALLY Sad for him….cause he doesn't have any REAL friends. BEST FRIENDS take time to make, and when you do you're glad you have them.

  71. chewygam says:


  72. EASY ANDROID says:


  73. ignat Magnat says:

    Я один русский?

  74. ashton vickers says:

    Omg that perfect blue reference 😍

  75. The Queen J says:

    I think at the end it means that somtimes even if we know that our friends or our relationships are fake with people, we can not just let is go. Not because we can't do it, because we are afraid to be alone

  76. one one 2345 says:

    Já vi várias vezes, é incrível

  77. La Lo says:

    so complicated and so amzing…

  78. Наталья Карпенко says:

    Где руские

  79. muramaru says:

    Как яощица,я требую яоя(и продолжения)💘💘💘✨

  80. Squibbledog says:

    Honestly, these people could just get real friends

  81. The Unitron says:

    It's need to be 3D Animation.

  82. Mary Jane says:

    This is honestly really sad

  83. Black Side says:

    so sad 😢😭

  84. BurntToast says:


  85. Noor Hassan says:

    nice thinking

  86. Person Who Does Things says:

    I… I don’t even know what to say… I’m… I’m completely speechless…

  87. literallytrash % says:

    I want a link to the music at the end

  88. Rems Elpoulpo says:


  89. Ace Hardy says:


  90. Артур Генерал says:

    My name arthur

  91. Lakshit Patel says:

    What the hell was this story? I don't understand…no conclusion 🤦💢

  92. Diana Ochoa says:

    Que alguien me explique

  93. ЯЗРОН says:

    I would like to ask, can I translate your video and upload it to my channel?

  94. Lunar Eclipse says:

    That creepy guy I don’t think he is smart enough to even switch his button thingy

  95. ArcSpartan009 says:

    1:13 Well this is already depressing. Let’s continue… hits play

  96. ArcSpartan009 says:

    2:33 Okay LOL it gets worse.

  97. ArcSpartan009 says:

    5:24 Yup. Figured as much.

  98. blackheart456 says:


  99. Nan_so says:


  100. Bob Mckys says:

    This basically sums up Juuling. "Bestfriend" lmaooo

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