Best Bitty Sans Part 6 and Funny Undertale Compilation【 Undertale Comic Dubs 】

Best Bitty Sans Part 6 and Funny Undertale Compilation【 Undertale Comic Dubs 】

yeah yeah we’re even French the damper go ready for a whole minute nope now you’ve got to say it say what say you’re cute oh really then I said I don’t get the stomach for it just what a lifetime supply of tangerines you only gave me one tangerine I know so you’re me but you never wow that must suck but let me help you here hold out your hand he should last a little use them wisely duh I didn’t mean tell them all in one go but it’s up to you I guess you’ve got a deal with the consequences geez [Music] just a little hey phones look at this it’s okay bro blue what are you doing but nothing don’t lie to me okay can I at least give you a hug before you get really mad no I said no mad hey Hans spaghetti is almost 300 bitch that what are your wedding no this nobody yesterday it’s cool how much did it cost [Music] I’m in love with this son stop yeah give me that cold stare pant I’m sure you’ll warm up to it soon stop [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so this is what they’ve been talking about a star thanks for showing them to me well they are pretty but they’re not as pretty as you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey ace I know your bday was a few months ago but I wanted to give you a present oh you shouldn’t have Thank You octi it’s okay I haven’t celebrated my birthday in a while now what you got for me I don’t a hoe was custom-made [Music] [Music] because I’ve got to set this right amen the auction now had agreed a new pal yes in fact I do [Music] the old whoopee cushion in the hand trick classic yeah always funny anyways you’re a human right I’m sense Suns the skeleton it’s a pleasure to meet you sides did I’m fine well we better get going there’s down to be plenty of puzzles to solve yes these sons where are we going I’m gonna be okay yeah yeah of course I am I know you want me to care you know it’s okay if you say so papyrus come back here come on come on come on come on papyrus oh my god what were you thinking just cuz we’re skeletons doesn’t mean we’re invincible man come here you okay now bro you sure up break I just didn’t want to lose mom skull-like mom and dad right I don’t want to lose my big of course bro I’m here till the end but you have to make the same promise – together till the end I promise [Music]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Best Bitty Sans Part 6 and Funny Undertale Compilation【 Undertale Comic Dubs 】

  1. Sans Comic TV says:

    Do you like Bitty Sans and Funny Undertale?

  2. 松Girlsーfrom真美 says:


  3. fluffy g123 Barraza says:

    A Sans I think I know why you were here jacket and a hoodie it's cuz you're cool to the bones

  4. Emelyn Sofia says:

    Ha ha ha ha so funny and very cool

  5. Gatcha Gamer says:

    1:23 IS FUNNY

  6. dead meme king says:

    Who was hugging fell

  7. underfell sans says:

    W.h.a.t the Shit

  8. midnights hart 666 says:

    Onahole ? OMGOSH!!!!!!

  9. Random Undertale Fan says:



  10. Casey Chachere says:

    The mythic " Bob " 0:09

  11. ObeyPandasBro says:

    Me looks up onahole in safari…..

  12. Nau Caldera says:

    In the beginning fell that says I'LL NEVER SAY IT! Sounds like a pirate

  13. semih Satı says:

    Sans bttiy sans

  14. Gacha Sans says:

    Jeez ink…
    Edit:THX SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kathy Reed says:

    Stop using bad words like shit

  16. Kathy Reed says:

  17. duy bùi says:

    Awwwwwwwwww sans is so cuteeeeee

  18. todoroki shoto says:

    Oof de hug

  19. Jacob McVey says:

    you showed one video agein

  20. abrahamjuarez06 says:

    Does sans ever stop smiling

  21. Aiden Yabandith says:

    Is there a "SANSwich" anywhere?

  22. zulaik irizarry says:

    How come when someone dose not want to say it why do they say it twice?

  23. IronCX says:

    Wanna hug nope hugs and * right now*

  24. The Beginning of pairadise says:

    Omg I’m about to cry I live baby papyrus so much!

  25. Amanda Torrez says:

    Sans: But they're as not as pretty as you…

    Me: has a heart attack

  26. Emmie uwu says:

    Nononnononono I’m
    Never having honey again

  27. Gotcha Life says:

    When you said he’s not as pretty as you I’m offended cause I’m really ugly

  28. Alexa/Alex Plays says:


    Sans:just a little


    sans:OH SHI-


    My fav part is when he said oh shi it was kinda funny

  29. AIKO WIJAYA says:

    SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Annamals animates says:

    m 12. I learned whjat a onahole is now

  31. Fixx Bih says:

    O:14 kill youuuuu

  32. I love Undertale UwU says:

    2:28 The face of displeasure


    So you can pay for a new jacket BUT NOT YOUR FUCKING TAB AT GRILLBY

  34. Human soul says:

    But sans can see timelines

  35. L S says:

    5:10 papyrus:peek a boo!
    Me:peek a boo!
    (A creepy person stare at us)
    Papyrus would giggle
    I would start getting off the bed
    Papyrus:peek a boo!
    (A nother figure pops up)
    Me:papyrus if you do that again I'm leaving you…(calls for sans)
    Papyrus:peek a boo!
    me:nope nope see ya (walks out the room)

  36. HeyImAmazed 123 says:

    Underfell sans said nani

  37. HeyImAmazed 123 says:

    Underfell sa

  38. Chan Kit Ying says:

    Lol I love see someone shining with other lol xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  39. Chan Kit Ying says:

    Robert and I have Roblox

  40. Squid Gaming says:


  41. Carter Runk says:

    Plz do a bitty papyrus

  42. Zara_Gacha 214 says:

    I blushed so hard when Sans said…not as pretty as you…I just couldn’t stop blushing

  43. gamerxwolfie says:

    Cool to the bone

  44. Carly H says:

    2:17 and that kids is how Gaster died

  45. Ana B. says:

    I also wanna hug red sana

  46. Cumulo Nimbus says:

    Red: TIDDIE

  47. summhard Davis says:

    in snowdin
    frisk us:flirt flirty flirt
    sans us:frisk your making me blush
    frisk us::3

  48. Weird / Entertaining Video Channel says:

    I regret searching what an ona hole is….

    Please dont either.

  49. lil Sans friend :3 says:

    Undertale bitty sans is sooooo cute💙

  50. LOL boi says:

    Im so late on everything but I'm still going to comment incase my 2026 self sees this 2019 comment =w= future me incase you lost your memory – You were a huge Ut fan and a weeb and a furry and you have a loving family and hopefully still have your boyfriend whispers you also have a slight crush on fell for some reason….idk why I told u that future me BUT I DID SO TO LATE NOW

  51. Tams undertale says:

    They are so cute omg

  52. Tayton Holder says:

    Im like normal sans

  53. Dancetale Frisk From Amino says:

    LOL how does ink know the consequences 😂😂🤣

  54. Belinda Dejesus says:

    Red: N_NANI! me: LOL!! XD

  55. galent 4 says:


  56. James Carmody says:

    Where are the bitty people

  57. Anne Belo says:


    When Sans looked behind him


  58. Bella Geer says:


  59. eyeless jace says:

    Itty bitty sans is so cute

  60. Pedro Arthur Freitas Dutra says:

    Baby papayrus is so cute!

  61. Pedro Arthur Freitas Dutra says:


  62. Pedro Arthur Freitas Dutra says:

    Sans + ketchup =sanschup

  63. Just A Star says:


  64. Meme addicted girl Girl says:

    Oml I wish a guy did this to me but they won’t 4:41 😩 oh well imma be a single Pringle forever 😂 keep up the great work tho👍🏻❤️

  65. Cutiekat chan says:


    I lokey need to chill lol

  66. The cool show says:

    You should make Try Not To Laugh At Sans Puns

  67. TheClaw850 says:

    Anybody know what comic 6:17 is?

  68. SoulOfJustice 101 says:


  69. Smile Lucero says:

    So damn cute im lesiben

  70. Jane Mirano says:

    S-scary b-but f-funny

  71. TheBestOfBat says:

    Is undertale bad influence? I love it, but ever since I started watching it…..


  72. Star Thelight_274 says:

    Hey gaster or sans………. I think paps is not your real paps… U need to help… Paps!

  73. Seth Clay says:

    Cuz ur a skeleton if sans

  74. Seth Clay says:

    Ur already dead

  75. Wolf Lovegamer says:

    Man why can’t I have an interesting life TwT

  76. ぬこぬこ says:


  77. Lynda Long says:

    So my heart shattered at the last comic……………………………………………… Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  78. Withered Warrior says:

    0:11 one of the pros about dating taller women… xD

  79. Withered Warrior says:

    1:07 baby sans!!! So cutteee!!!!!

  80. Demon Slayer says:

    Sans and Red are my favorite SO CUTE!
    Tell me who’s ur favorite ;V;

  81. Quentin Steelman says:

    Did I just got clickbaited? FRICK!!!

  82. Gamergod88 says:


  83. Forever Lives says:

    0:59 bitty sans's laugh is cuuuttteee

  84. overqualified toe sucker says:

    Bitty meets the tiddy

  85. JD KITTY LOVER 1413 says:

    4:21 my friend coming in my room

  86. JD KITTY LOVER 1413 says:

    I'm watching this at 3am

  87. athena stolmeier says:

    Ink what is that black spot on your face is look like u are error and u painted your self white

  88. JD KITTY LOVER 1413 says:

    0:55 the most cute thing in my life

  89. FellSans wolf says:

    anyone end up like fell?
    no? just me? well feck

  90. Khloe Moore says:

    Is it weird that I'm okay with fresh being my bro XD. I LOVE YOU FRESH ❤!?

  91. The Weirdo :/ says:

    2:13– 2:21. Literally me when I make tiny mistakes

  92. underfell sans says:

    Uh waaaaaait why the fuck would i grovel to some gi- im to tierd for this im goin to take a 9 hour nap and thoes fuckin puns im tierd of thoes

  93. Hường Nguyễn says:


  94. Deb1000faces says:

    kill fresh ples

  95. Annamals animates says:

    7:44 goth girl

  96. Pheonix McKenzie says:

    Lol Sans is a boob pervert XD

  97. Keaeaeaede Akamatsu says:

    Ik im 11 months late but did anyone just realize wtf Octi gave him 5:55

    I’m screaming

  98. Tyler Sauls says:


    What's and onahole? I forgot.

  99. Nabila plays says:

    Did fell say Nani?

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