Best Animation Software

Best Animation Software

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Best Animation Software

  1. Hard Hits says:

    How do you take videos of animations?

  2. Haq Nawaz says:

    Sir i want to learn animation making which course should i do?

  3. Gorilla Jones says:

    Hash Animation Master can't be beat, especially for the price. If you can master it you will have no problem getting a job.

  4. MrToastedBagel says:

    Can you do 2d on blender??

  5. some one says:

    How can I made Anime plz help me ?

  6. The Fashion Assistant says:

    Hello sir please help me I want to learn how to make animation I am really very interested in animation..

  7. Kunal Parbadia says:

    What did you use to make this video? @Bloop Animation

  8. Bangla Fanny says:


  9. Syntic_Frostii says:

    What software to you use?

  10. Joaquin León Velásquez says:

    I prefer my scaner and hand drawn animation table

  11. Pretty Fancypants says:

    Guys seriously having a poop day…. I HAVE KILLED EVERY ADVANCED SOFTWARE by accident… Moho and toonboom… Guys im so sad… And toon boom is 2k in money. Rofl… Glad its just the trial but heyyy… 🙁 this is seriously tanking my day.

  12. Pretty Fancypants says:

    Like Idk how i did it but the animation windows and saves are constantly not working for me… Blender is nice but not for 2D…. Hellllpppp… (Ps blender is the only one i didn't kill but its too hard to do 3-d at this time trying to do 2D software)…. 🙁 I want to do flat cartoons. W a separate software. Lol but each one i use breaks.

  13. Domagoj Čapko says:

    Do someone know any animation software that is completely safe?

  14. B U says:

    how could u forget modo my guy!

  15. Mafire says:

    este video me a ayudado muchas gracias

  16. Max Lx says:

    thanks sirr u had done a grate jobb.. love from INDIA to your YouTube channel

  17. Youtube Video Ranker says:

    Well done. For the keyword: 'animation program' you currently rank #4. You are almost there.

  18. Musab Nishati says:


  19. Purple Nerd says:

    welp, I have to start making this video game sometime soon…

  20. Mark Magorrian says:

    What’s said at the start about skill is true. A amazing animator in blender will put someone who knows nothing about animation using Maya to shame

  21. Ms. Zyra MMD says:

    Witch one of the programs are good for charecter development and animation? I want to bring my OCs to life but Blender gives me issues and all I have is MMD and I want to step it up.

  22. Yakoub Latreche says:

    You Should Remake This Video And mentioning Blender 2.8 !

  23. Janney says:

    wat is program name 2:41

  24. ArkYourSheep says:

    TupiTube 😀

  25. GamemanHD Johnny says:

    i enjoy ur classes thanks alot

  26. Learn with Sayeed says:

    Awesome and clear concept! Thanks friend

  27. Yolo says:

    Hmm…. All i know is Gmod

    used for funny videos

  28. tombobman10 says:

    I use flash only

  29. Nomaan Arshad says:

    I believe all of Good Animators are here and I want to start my Career as an animator, So, Need your help.

    From where to start and where to go?

  30. natraj kamboj says:

    If one has a brain than Opentoonz is the best 2D

  31. Kido pal says:

    premiere pro

  32. علي فلاح حسن says:

    ? the good Thanks for you

  33. Demond Devilz says:

    I would recommend source film maker. its cool but complicated. virus free

  34. Eseoghene Odudu says:

    Unity 3d is the best. easy to use

  35. Son of Rock says:

    You didn't answer the question, what software do you use? Or do you use a of them? Not clear

  36. Fathmath Rishmee says:

    I suggest that you use SFM!

  37. bhanugunish rana says:

    Muvizu is best

  38. Me and Bob says:

    Blender animation

  39. Frederick Dagogo Aseminaso says:

    Moho Pro (anime studio) my favorite 2D software.

  40. Frederick Dagogo Aseminaso says:

    Moho Pro (anime studio) my favorite 2D software.

  41. Omid R.G says:

    Blender: I'm free with a lot of cool stuff !

    Houdini: Hold my beer …

  42. LOLMan707 says:

    just fucking use windows movie maker

  43. M.Prabha Karan m says:

    Blender it's very cool

  44. Tin Dinh says:

    hey man, i am just a small business owner. I want to learn how to make animated video for my business. Which software would you recommend? thanks

  45. Vani Software says:

    Start your project tracking from just $231/- month. Vani software give start to end project tracking and management solution for animation and VFX studios. Vani expert team has 20 years plus experience in studio planning, tracking and MIS which makes you tracking system advance.

    Features of VANI

    Artist performance report in one click

    Management reports in one click.

    Attractive and user friendly user interface

    Production scheduling, staffing and budgeting

    International standard bidding

    High level reports: Artist performance, Time log, task status and may more reports to improve production efficiencies

    Assign Task to individual or multiple artists

    Create task checklist for easy tracking

    Transfer Tasks, Task status history, Review tasks and send comments

    HR, Creative, Production, Outsource and Finance will be on one page.

    Project tasks can be accessed by internal team, vendor (limited access) and client

    Cost effective as company will save time of production, MIS & software developer.

    YouTube Page:

  46. Rohan Keerthi says:

    Pls subscribe our ksr kitty show

  47. Christian Couture says:

    2D animation , Moho and Clip Studio Paint. 😉

  48. soda chemust says:


  49. Suhan Darious says:

    Thanks a lot , I downloaded blender, it's awsome……

  50. Musa The Fairy of Music! says:

    Cinema 4D is good

  51. My Educational Channel says:

    Hey buddy can animation is easy or difficult can you make full lesson on this how to create animation and do you know can we use another software like animaker for free please clear my doubt

  52. J B B STUDIO COMEDY says:

    You're right

  53. Neko Katsumi_150 says:

    How about sony vegas pro?

  54. Nicolette Nolan says:

    Guys i found a best software that helps you to create UNLIMITED stunning motion animation videos in minutes. Visit here

  55. Wan Adlan Rahman says:

    i have ae but i hate it. it can’t even do a simple bounce. BUT I WANT TO LEARN SO DAMN MUCH.


    adobe illustrator
    I use it and it's actually pretty good

  57. TS Tech Talk says:

    This is great

  58. JustActing says:

    Cartoon Animator (CTA4), Any good?

  59. Risa USA says:

    Hi! Can you also use these software to animate text?

  60. Khufu Editor says:

    Synfig and vectorian

  61. Kea Clebsch says:

    What about Adobe Animate?

  62. a best archie Dawson says:

    I think tupitube is good for beiners im not a beiner eny more so im looking for new apps I am looking for esy 3d animtion apps can eny of you send me some apps that you recomed for me thanks evry one is special and were your seat belts byeeeee

  63. ਅਨਮੋਲ ਸਿੰਘ says:

    Thanks I also use this software to start YouTube animation carrier

  64. Raya Mc says:

    Moho Pro 13. Well any version back to Anime Studio. But 13 has frame by frame and a bitmap engine as well as vector. It's smart bones are a joy to use and a very flexible with its customisable actions. Big omission IMHO. Big feature list, good pricing and no subscription.

  65. belly button says:

    Best software

  66. Y 7654321 says:

    If youy reading this from over a year from now tell me so i could remember this

  67. Last Scorpion says:

    krita is very good too

  68. Uday Kiran says:

    But it's 4 years ago doesn't that matter

  69. deborshi kashyap says:

    Is there any online animation software where i can practice without downloading

  70. Beauty & the beast says:

    Get the best animize software

  71. richard barrett says:

    Youtube uses the starting song in their (help advertisers) ads. Almost immediately clicked the next vdeo

  72. Neil Liyanage says:

    u forgot pivot its ok tho its just a bit bad

  73. Shawn .S says:

    What's Houdini used for?

  74. Present Mind says:

    Good sir

  75. Parmar Lakhaman says:

    R Studio

  76. Star Light_ says:

    Is it only for pc

  77. LemFurLemonz says:

    im using krita right now and im fine with it but hopefully one of these softwares will help me get something better!

  78. אדריאנ אמאזיר says:

    I want to make a 2D short film
    Any help ?

  79. MrPukey says:

    You forgot roblox studio

  80. guruphiji says:

    Ai am not looking for something super fancy. Your video style will be just perfect for what I want to do. Which software did you use ? Thanks

  81. Nocturnal Entertainment says:

    now since a recent update to blender, it became pretty much a professional software for CG, and in that same update, they also made it so you can do 2D animation, so i recommend blender for both CG and 2D.

  82. Philip Amann says:


  83. dalekdrummer says:

    Pixar uses Presto

  84. Sumit Chavan says:

    Crazy talk

  85. DarkKnight2037 says:

    Can i use Unreal Engine 4 for animation?

  86. Inuka Kannangara says:

    Blender 2.8 is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. alexander marchand says:

    i'm sorry… but where is 'pen and paper' ?

  88. Kaal UG says:

    Hello Bloop Animation Thanks for video, I need your suggestion i have startup company which require to design animations for their product . Could you suggest us a software which is free of cost ,effective and can be use foe business purpose.

  89. Tiana Roberge says:


  90. shrutika9990 says:

    blender is hard to learn

  91. Dennis Tamayo says:

    I think the best 2D animation softwares out there are Toon Boom Harmony & Adobe Animate, which I'll choose next year when the animation of the Animaniacs reboot for Hulu starts.

  92. Solange Sepúlveda says:

    Hi, which one did you use for making this video?

  93. santosh kumar says:

    Useless information, what he is saying is not in screen ( you can not read) then how you can know what he is saying (Pronunciation is too bad)

  94. Larshan Adhithya says:

    I don't know about any animation.
    Which software easy to use.
    Help me bro.

  95. Gacha Galaxy says:

    Flipaclip is underrated, I use it

  96. BAZ skills says:

    that is such a stupid video so many dislikes

  97. super sonic cloud says:

    Hahaha flash

  98. Vibe Martel says:

    which one do u use

  99. raphael rawzay says:

    Please I need link to your blender animation course

  100. Mohd Saif says: watch this video how TO make this animated video

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