Behind the Scenes – Animation vs. Minecraft

Behind the Scenes – Animation vs. Minecraft

Hey guys, so I’m gonna give you a behind-the-scenes
look at my latest animation, “Animation vs. Minecraft.” So this was a fun challenge, recreating the 3-D
world of Minecraft on a 2-dimensional desktop. As all of my previous animations, this one was animated entirely in Adobe Flash. So I started by gathering the textures
from a default Minecraft resource pack. I picked out the ones I would need, doubled their size, and then put them into Flash. I built the structures by starting with a grid of blocks, and replacing blocks until I was done. And that’s how I made the house, the windmill, and the trees. But then later, I discovered the pixel brush tool plugin. That made my life so much easier, because I could literally paint with Minecraft blocks. And that’s how I was able to animate the
giant cobblestone and obsidian stick figure. I recorded myself playing Minecraft and went through the footage frame by frame so I could accurately animate all the effects, like the TNT explosion, the zombies dying, skeletons getting hit, creepers exploding, etc. The block breaking animation was accomplished by cutting up
the texture into 3 different pieces and then animating 16 of them going in
different directions frame by frame. And then for each type of block that got destroyed, I would replace the 3 pieces with 3 new pieces, with a different texture. In order to make 3-D characters using a 2-D program, I had to cheat a little bit. So all the things that look 3-D, like the zombies, the creepers, and the spinning cube at the beginning, are just an illusion. Adding diamond armor to every single frame would have taken me an additional month or 2, if I didn’t hire some helpers to add it for me. They spent a combined 150 hours
just on adding diamond armor. Each piece of the armor set
was made to fit multiple angles. The most tedious scene was the skeleton scene, every single arrow had to be accounted for. The longer the scene dragged
on, the more arrows built up. So by the end, when the creeper blows them up, each of the hundred arrows had to be animated to fly in a slightly different direction and land in a slightly different place. So this animation took over 800 hours, even longer than the 738 hours that it
took to make “Animator vs. Animation IV”, and not including the 150 hours spent
by my diamond armor helpers. I never expected it to take THIS long. And for the next animation, I hope to put a lot less food on my plate, so I could get it done much more quickly. So thanks for watching, and if this
kind of stuff is interesting to you, then you can come check out my tutorial channel here. And if you want to help me get these
animations done more quickly, please visit my Patreon page by clicking here. So thanks for watching, and I’ll see you later.

David Anderson

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  1. Pragatom Gaming says:

    You are creative and hardworking

  2. Jomel TheGreat says:

    Wow most hard work😂

  3. Junyoung Park says:

    your efforts are worth billions of subscribers

  4. Aetherskye says:

    Wow. You even went through the time to put cheeky file names

  5. charlene samoy says:

    Alan,what program did you use? 1:12

  6. OSMAN ÇAKMAK says:

    Very hard but perfect.

  7. Blue Moon says:

    YOU DONT DESERVE 7 MILLION SUBS …. but you do deserve 9999999 million subs 🙂

  8. sebastian hjelde says:

    This is harder then its looks.. i cant even do eanythinmg with the files xD

  9. AmazeUsNow says:

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    oh god

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  13. Shiroko Chan says:

    Wait. So the second coming doesn’t really help you animate? Omg. (I’m only jk, lol)
    Anyway, i really like your animation. I first saw your animation when i was in junior high school. (I’m 22 now, so) and they’re really great. I’m really glad to be ablr to find your channel rn. Keep creating!!

  14. Dark Gamer 340 says:

    you dont need to do somting like this you need to take a brake

  15. Nickl Channel says:

    I can't download plugin!

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    which "program" you used to make the mobs?

  17. alan pasa says:

    That is too easy to watch 😁 but about making is looks like to hard and long time.

  18. KmlYslrmk says:

    I can't do this!!!!!

  19. GamingShapeShifter says:

    i want to do simple animations with stick figures to so thank you and also you are one dedicated man

  20. AccEOC says:

    I'm….. shocked but also impressed that you put soo many hours in making just a single video of several minutes. Keep up the good work man.

  21. 飲料 says:

    I am real like you video

  22. AssaultOPS says:

    This looks even more difficult than the whole making of minecraft

  23. Tripix Steve says:

    800 Hours!!!!! OMG

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    I would never do a hardwork like this.

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