Become A Superhero In Your Own Life!

Become A Superhero In Your Own Life!

– Hey guys, Katie here
from Somerville Academy and in this week’s Masterclass, we have a very special one planned, it is all around Halloween, it is called how to be a superhero. So, if you have any women in your life I hope you show it to them, I hope it inspires them to dress up as Captain Marvel or Princess
Shuri or Wonder Woman and I hope you like it. So, I’m just gonna
share my screen with you because we have slides for this one and this is a talk that
I got to give in Paris not too long ago and I got to give it to a bunch of high school students who were living in sort
of around the Paris area in partnership with the US Embassy there and it got presented beside some wonderful Australian entrepreneurs and some wonderful scientists from NASA. So, very cool opportunity for me and I hope you enjoy it. So, to get started, this
is what it’s called, How to be a superhero. So, this is me, my name is Katie, I am Canadian, I live in Australia now and I am the Founder and Lead Instructor of Somerville Academy. Today I want to talk about
this brand of superhero, these are The Avengers, they
are from the Marvel universe and they are very, very cool in case you haven’t heard of them, I invite you to come
out from under the rock you’ve been living in and check ’em out. I’m sure you all know,
these are The Avengers but I don’t wanna talk to
you about all of The Avengers ’cause A, we don’t have time and B, some of them
are cooler than others. I want to talk to you
about these four Avengers. These four superheroes, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Black
Panther and Iron Man and what is so special about
these four superheroes? What makes them super? Nothing, they are regular humans, or at least they start
out as regular humans. Captain Marvel was Carol Danvers and Black Panther is
Prince A-K-A King T’Challa, Iron man is Tony Stark, none of them are special at the beginning. What makes them super? Science! Science and technology make them super, that is what powers their
superhuman abilities, STEM. How did that happen? Well, they had four great scientists turn them into superheroes. Doctor Wendy Lawson is
a Aerospace Engineer and she created the technology that sort of blasted into Carol Danvers and turned her into Captain Marvel and Doctor Abraham Erskine is the Chemical and Biomedical Engineer that pioneered the idea of a super soldier in World War One, I wanna say, that turned Captain America
into Captain America. Princess Shuri is King
T’Challa’s little sister. She is good at every form
of science and technology, particularly Aerospace, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. She created Black Panther’s suit, she made silent shoes
called Sneakers (laughing) I love her but she’s also created most of the Kingdom of
Wakanda’s transportation, weapons, everything and
then Tony Stark is Iron Man, we all know that and he
did a double P-H-D at M-I-T in Electrical Engineering and Physics and that is how A, he
crawled out of a cave and fixed his heart with
the little glow thing and also built his suit and his ship and all of the things. So, to be a superhero you must
first be a great scientist and to be a great scientist,
you gotta go to school. So, Doctor Erskine went
to Augsburg University in Germany and Tony Stark went
to M-I-T in his double P-H-D. So, to get a great
education, what do you need? How do you do that? You need three things, three things. You need the time, you
need at least four years, probably closer to nine if
you wanna do your P-H-D, you need at least 50 grand,
probably up in the hundreds if you wanna be a P-H-D
doctor or a regular doctor and you need to live somewhere close to a university, close to a great school, if you don’t live there you can’t go. So, bummer, right? We’re excluding new people,
not based on their skills, their talents, their abilities, just on the amount of time commitments they’re currently balancing, the amount of disposable income they have and the geographic location
which is ridiculous. So, that is why we have
Somerville and places like it. In case you don’t know,
I feel like you know but just in case, Somerville
is a technology school for women, everything is online, we have students from all over the world and we help women transition into careers in technology in 16 weeks. So, we have a global classroom, we have students from New Zealand, Australia, The UK, America, Canada, hopefully lots more countries in the not too distant future but you can live anywhere in the world as long as you have reasonable internet and this is what a classroom looks like. You don’t have to commute anywhere. So, this is Kerry, she is
one of our original students and she is holding a baby monitor and that’s her son almost
sleeping in another room and for folks like moms who are in charge of keeping not only themselves alive but their children and their families it can be really hard
to carve out the time to go to school to study,
to commute to school and so, with places like Somerville, they don’t have to worry about that part. They can organize around their lives, they don’t have to organize
around their education. So, this is what one of our very fancy global classrooms looks like. Now, you still need time,
money and a geographic location to go to Somerville but
instead of five to nine years, four to nine years, you need 16 weeks. Instead of 50K plus,
you need less than 10K and instead of living beside Harvard or Yale or Cambridge or Oxford, you can live anywhere in the world with reasonable internet. So, the barriers are still there but they’re as low as we
can possible make them to get as many brilliant people into this field as possible. Now, why is that important? Well, ’cause right now in the tech field, in technology, media
and telecommunications, we have something called a labor deficit which means we have way
more jobs than people which means we have the technology, we have the ability, we
have everything we need to innovate like crazy and take on the world’s biggest problems, we just don’t have enough people that know what order to push the buttons on a computer to make it work. That is literally the problem. So, in 2020 we’re gonna be
1.1 million people short which means 112 billion dollars of unrealized output, which
means they could generate that kind of income for all
kinds of big, global issues but they can’t because we
just don’t have the people and in 2025 we’re gonna be
2.1 million people short which means we’re gonna
have 213 billion dollars of unrealized output and in
2030 we’ll be 4.2 million people short which means we’ll
be 450 billion dollars short, it won’t happen, you won’t make that and if you look at that
in terms of Taxable Income and things that we can
create for every level of society and the
problems that we can fix, generating that kind of revenue? It’s massive. So, this is why we need so many people in this space, right now. Our lives literally depend on it. So, we are taking on
the biggest challenges we have every faced as a planet and the only thing we’re missing is more skilled people in this field. So, things like melting icebergs and the icecaps melting, things like most of
the northern hemisphere burning to a crisp each summer now. All of these huge issues
related to global warming and climate change and maternal health and economic dispersity
and all of these things, we can use science and technology to help fix them, we
can use our superpowers to make things better. We just don’t have enough
people with superpowers, we just don’t have enough
people with the right education. So, our lives literally depend on it which is why this is so important and I’m gonna leave you guys with this, “With great power comes
great responsibility” Voltaire said it first and
then Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said it to him, it is,
at Somerville at least, we take it to mean that we have
this incredible opportunity to make things better, we
have everything we need, we just need to use our powers for good. That is how to become a superhero, I hope you found it helpful. As always, if you liked this video please like it, if you know someone that needs to see it,
please send it their way and make sure to send us photos of your awesome Halloween costumes if you are a Marvel superhero or you know, D-C or X-Men or whatever. But yeah, make sure to subscribe, we’ve got new videos each week. Okay, bye!

David Anderson

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  1. Somerville Academy says:

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