Be The Next Association Superhero!

Be The Next Association Superhero!

Leslie… You’re the director of education here We need a way to attract new members and bring more value to our existing members… I’m looking to you for ideas for our board meeting tomorrow morning I’ll have this to you bright and early Mr. Jones There’s no need to fear! U-Dude is here. Oh my gosh, it’s U-Dude! You create superheroes for associations. You’re a legend! You’ve heard of me! Then you’ll know the famous superhero fist bump Leslie! Up-Up-UpAbility!!! U-Dude this superhero outfit is so awesome! Time to implement fresh ideas to attract new members and bring super value to existing members. You got it Leslie. Where are your “Upa” superpowers guiding you? I see… …an easy to use learning management software that empowers members with professional development while they also earn accreditation! We’ll be able to engage our members and save our staff time! You’re getting the hang of those “Upa” superpowers Leslie! That software can also increase your association’s non dues revenue. How can you make this work for your events? I see the power of UpAbility’s video capture and live streaming service helping to drive online and in-person attendance. Ah yes. You can post keynotes and breakout sessions as a webinar series on the LMS. Members can access content at any time and have the power of UpAbility right in the palms of their hands. Brilliant! You truly are an association Superhero Leslie! My work here is done. Now… I’m off to save the next association! Be the next Association superhero! Engage current members, attract new members, and increase your organization’s non-dues revenue. Contact UpAbility for a free demo today!

David Anderson

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