Basically Sonic the Hedgehog’s Redesign (Sonic Movie ANIMATION)

Basically Sonic the Hedgehog’s Redesign (Sonic Movie ANIMATION)

Doctor Jim Carr-Robonik did a thing & terrorized the city… So Sonic had to save the day and STOP him! After Jeff Fowler disapproved of Sonic’s atrocious redesign… He sent the Animation Team back to the Drawing Board! Will Mr. Fowler like Sonic’s new redesign? Will Paramount regain their losses? And will my wife Karen ever come back to me? ;u; Find out in this exciting conclusion! Jeff Fowler: Wow! This new design is GREAT, Mr. Hesse! I’m glad you like him, sir! Hey bud, how about you go and get an apple juice or something while I talk business with Mr. Fowler here? Sure thing Dad! Hiya Jim! I’m the New Sonic! *Jim spits out his coffee* WHAT!?! What happened to the OLD ONE with the handsome calve muscles? Uh…. *Old Movie Sonic flossing like the epic gamer he is* What is that THING!?! Stay BACK, Ma’am! Evacuate the premises! No one should THINK of going near THAT THING! *big police guy pulls an RKO from out of nowhere* *Sonic getting tased* What “Old One”? Hey! What do you think of my DESIGN? Pretty COOL, huh? Well… Sonic, I’m not really a FAN! In FACT, I think your redesign is UNNECESSARY, you silly blue porcupine! Well, I think the fans LOVE ME! Wait… What are you… doing? *pulls duct tape* Jim? *muffled scream* Hmm… Looks like we’ll need a NEW Sonic… Luckily, I am DEFINITELY qualified for THIS job! Gotta Accelerate QUICKLY!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Basically Sonic the Hedgehog’s Redesign (Sonic Movie ANIMATION)

  1. PatchToons says:

    ⬇️ BE SURE TO WATCH PART 1! 🔵💨

  2. Aidan Hernandez says:

    My Grandma: 1:52

  3. Bruno Sosa says:

    Poor old sonic

  4. Brianna Evans says:

    I like Sonic movie old and new

  5. mbo kashisha says:

    0:38 is a sonichu refrence

  6. mbo kashisha says:

    0:50 the sign says "will floss for foods" it's funny and sad at the same time XD

  7. W I L L S M I T H says:

    Uhhhhhh so jim carrey did a thing?

  8. Cosmo_RubyYT says:

    Wait a second so your telling me that a human is Sonics DAD?! That doesn’t make any sense the truth is Tyson is just his STEPFATHER

  9. Doodling Daydreamer says:

    Old movie sonic got arrested outside of Olive Garden XD

  10. ziggyjoker Something says:

    Sonic: “Sure thing, Dad!”

    Sonichu flashbacks

  11. Chris Begin says:

    On the car it has a chaos ermarld

  12. 20th century GoAnimate Kids says:


  13. Ahhaz Qhaleef Hasman says:

    Do basically the sonic the hedgehog movie and movie tails

    Movie tails would rescue redesign movie sonic and fight Jim Carrey

  14. Brian The Magic Minion says:

    Jim the Human…

    Worst. Movie Idea. Ever.

  15. Hugo Alberto Cortes Pimentel says:

    fuck jim

  16. sonic and pals says:

    Part 3 please I need to know what's ganna happened next

  17. Tails Miles says:

    Mostley more people don't give me likes in my comment because I don't have a picture 🙁

  18. sonic2792.0 sonic says:


  19. Julian _7w7 says:

    R I P old sonic 2019-2020

  20. Jamie Hunters Real Adventures! says:

    0:54 I feel sorry for the man AND 1:43 THATS JUST EVIL

  21. Dilan McMilan says:

    I’m a fan sonic!

  22. Maximo Fleitas Villagran says:


  23. SpinzTeam Studios says:

    What about the part with his wife? Also part 3 please.

  24. SpinDash 06 says:

    Please make a part 3 and what is the name of the song when sonic is dancing

  25. renan mani bloxBR Gamer says:

    nao gostei quando o primeirosonic ficou triste

  26. sonic and pals says:

    But jim was just all right then but this one he like what the hell



  28. ezekiel robinson says:

    Poor old movie sonic

  29. Patricia Dias Fernandes says:

    Jim human 💩 🙁 sonic 🙂

  30. monique perkins says:

    I really felt bad for redesigned movie sonic.

  31. Marcela Lopes says:

    Jim the human xixi

  32. きっぇkitten claw says:

    Movie Sonic please don't die in the part 3😭

  33. Conker Cueto says:

    Jim the evil

  34. Kendall Jackson says:

    The Old design Wasn’t it that Bad

  35. Alex_5000sub says:

    Jim Carrey:What happend to the old one with the Handsome Calve Muscles?! Sonic:What old one… Hey what do you think of my desing

  36. Kathleen Anne Mabagos says:


  37. Kathleen Anne Mabagos says:

    Thats is so bad

  38. Kathleen Anne Mabagos says:

    Jim is not the new sonic

  39. Breno Alexandre says:

    so if jim is the new sonic… WHO IS GONNA BE ROBOTNIK!??!?!?!

  40. The Internet traveller says:

    Poor lil hedgehog
    1 like = 1 Ring

  41. J Garcia167 says:

    1:19 Sonic Unleashed "Pretty cool, huh?" Line

  42. sans undertale gamer says:

    Did enyone notice sonic 2016 in the dump

  43. Chomas says:

    Gotta accelerate quickly

  44. S U P E R N O V A says:


  45. Sonic The Human says:

    And tails? Part 3 PLZ

  46. Jerson Morales says:

    This video was uploaded after my birthday

  47. vicente quintana says:

    basically sonic movie part 3

  48. Dylan Spicer says:

    My idea was when paramount and tails found sonic, he tell them Jim did this to me then after that they beat him up and arrested and spent life in jail

  49. sonic gamer says:

    Jim fuck you

  50. Abimael Cruz George says:

    Bla bla bla bla bla bla sólo dices puras burradas tonto tonto tonto tonto

  51. Abimael Cruz George says:

    Hyunjin tu canal es un tonto callate

  52. ReccebyDeath says:

    the old sonic ( in this animation) looks like a baby a little bit!!!!!! No offence!!!

  53. Nathan Morales says:

    Hate that guy who kidnapped the good Sonic I will punch him in the nuts

  54. Martha Rivera says:

    Sonic the movie 3?

  55. Daniel gaming says:

    Part 3?

  56. ultimate brony says:

    -dont fuck with sonic 2020
    -just kill the 2019 sonic

  57. Super Sonic Laser says:

    Jim the Human

    Rated [R]

    Releasing to a theater near you on


  58. SONIC 5564 says:

    Sorry but, ur too late for this


    Can you make a part 3 where tails introduce himself and help sonic defeating Jim who put him in a janitors room? pls?

  60. Jacob Andrews says:

    1:14 We all wish we could say that.

  61. CSX_Coast says:

    Sanic is in that dumpster

  62. Manoel Neto says:

    Poor old and new design sonic

  63. Enzo Vaz says:

    Jim Carey sonic: gotta accelerate quickly Me: Wait that’s illegal

  64. Eimee Galeano says:

    Make sure to watch part 3Not 4

  65. Eimee Galeano says:

    Just kidding Watch Part 4 ITS Coming soon

  66. Mr.NuclearBlade 07 says:

    Plz tell me the name of the beginning song

  67. princess unicorn fluffy Cinderela says:

    Old one was better

  68. Diddy The husky54 says:

    Me Trying To Be Sonic To Escape 101 Dalmatians Street

  69. Gui e joão says:

    Sonic movie 2019 no its prise🥺🥺🥺🥺

  70. Uncle Pause says:

    Dude. You got soo much talent. Keep it up.

  71. Sonic unboxing The Hedgehog says:

    This movie look good so far Jim the huan I hope it’s a goood one

  72. Blue Bee says:


  73. SEGATENDO productions says:

    I don't like this Jim Carrey at all and if that was a movie I would not watch it

  74. Jerome McCalla says:

    the floss animation isn't right, Thats not how you floss lol.

  75. Wong leh ting says:


  76. Jairo Held says:


  77. Blue Bee says:

    Will Floss for Food

  78. bryan Meza says:

    I feel so bad for orionil Sonic at 0:57

  79. Joshua Garcia says:

    I HATE U MONSTER !!!!!!!

  80. Eugenio Rogerio says:

    0:55 sanic

  81. •IDoStuff Productions• says:

    Me: Mom, can we have Movie Sonic?
    Mom: No, we have Movie Sonic at home.
    Movie Sonic at home: 0:48

  82. Ethan the hedgehog says:

    I’m confused how did Jim catch sonic? Isn’t sonic the fastest thing alive???????? HMMMM????? :/

  83. Dr HER0BRINE says:

    0:48 No one wanted this to be ever put to screen, but you did it anyway..

  84. Tails The Fox. says:

    Did somebody noticed that in 0:56 there is the worst sonic games? Like if you saw them

  85. William jr Flores Diaz says:

    2:29 How Sanic Is here HOW WAIT FRO.M GAME

  86. William jr Flores Diaz says:

    0:53 Sanic IS HERE HAPPY 2020 COWBOYS DAYS

  87. AndrewGacha says:

    Jim The Carry '-'

  88. Little Jack rabbit says:

    what The F**k do you like hate this why do you make it that way

  89. Steve Velasco says:

    why are people so mean to the old sonic

  90. Mac Established says:

    this is gaming.

  91. Wong leh ting says:

    sonic is old and sonic fanmade new

  92. Clement The smart kid says:

    I love the new sonic

  93. sonic the hedgehog says:

    That police was mario

  94. Pastel blossom says:

    Then who's the villain???

  95. Sanskiller2789 Bat and man says:


  96. TailsDoller says:

    Lumpy: You're weak.
    Jim: I'm you.

  97. TailsDoller says:

    Therapist: Old Sonic flossing isnt real, he cant hurt you.
    Old Sonic flossing:
    Me: Therapist, why did you pull out a gu-

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