BABY X | Animated Short Film

BABY X | Animated Short Film

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “BABY X | Animated Short Film

  1. demon queen says:

    I'm so mad 😡

  2. I want to Pepe on my parrot says:

  3. haha hoohoo says:

    the real sin of this is keeping half of the hilarious descriptions out of the captions

  4. drminecraftjr says:

    Except does X have a hot dog or buns?

  5. Shy Williams says:

    im not crying you're crying

  6. Cozy Gacha says:

    Isn’t this just non-binary

  7. Kat Andrews says:

    I'm X :^)

  8. Lesteryay Trippy says:

    Thank you Lois Gould and thank YOU, Brendan Bradley.

  9. Funtime Foxy Games says:

    This has been in my recommended for about 2 years and I'm only watching it now, in 2019

  10. Disappointed Studios says:

    My non binary self loves this

  11. maxentirunos says:

    Thanks for this recommandation youtube spam me for 6 month, now that I whatched itand left a red middle finger, could you please f..k of with your gendary bulls..t?

  12. flo says:

    am i the only one who said ‘it’s a y!’ before the line actually came lmao

  13. Damian Garza says:

    Wow did you just assume my gender

  14. KitkatKate says:

    damn, we didnt know how true this was gonna be

  15. Riley Høpeless says:

    The writer's couldn't just call X "they" instead of it?

  16. Miss Cupcake says:

    So… hes a transgender…???

  17. Taylor Khan says:

    X looks like a feminized man. Why do u hate masculinity

  18. Car Cook says:

    Fuckin beautiful

  19. Earl Edgardo Alonzo says:


  20. MooMoo says:

    Why don't you just ya know, look down there…

  21. Rose animates says:

    who else broke the like button <3

  22. Sally Cookies says:

    I forgot and only realized after 3 years that
    X is male
    and Y is the female chromosome-thingy

  23. PengUwU YT says:

    XY mean boy if some don't know XX is girl

  24. Gmail Cum on a cracker says:

    Fuck gender roles

  25. iamtungsten O says:


  26. nameless dork says:

    X was a cute kid. Now they'll grow up to be a decent human being.

  27. mbire says:

    there’s two genders. Suck it.

  28. Lily The official says:

    Did x pee out it’s butthole?

  29. Erynnallama says:

    3:10 x just brought an xbox to school

  30. Zachary Braley says:

    X gonna give it to you!

  31. Jacqueline Ladewig says:

    Whut we nead in the world

  32. Saffy • 30 years ago says:

    Aww, I love how the animators didn't make X win everything, because "nobody's perfect" indeed!

  33. Ray Esparath says:

    "A child raised without gender"

    The thing about this is, as shown in the film, X isn't worrying or thinking about how they should be acting or what they should be wearing or playing with, X is happy. Living their life. Not bound by anything gender related. It's an amazing way to live

  34. Miguel Marquez says:

    X, y computer people should know this

  35. Niyve Zacharias says:

    i like the message, i got from it how society associates gender with personality and the message was strong

  36. snail_mountain says:

    “They couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl”

  37. Kay Chan says:

    So…… Non binary kid?

  38. Nantawan paramapooti says:

    Love, really never picks genders, Nor do happiness.

  39. Its me Kaiaa says:

    xx and xy chromosomes

  40. Mr. Osmosis says:

    If you want to know X's gender, look down. Or accept it is a x-sexual

  41. Gabriel Dustin says:

    So…is it a futa?

  42. XxXxSweet _LemonXxXx says:

    X fell so gracefully off the chair.

  43. Tee Tee XD says:

    i mean one way to tell it apart is to see,

    does it have male parts?


    does it have female parts?

    eAsY wAy To TeLl

  44. Kate The lama says:

    It’s a Y

  45. Katalina Films says:

    how did I damn know the ending

  46. Mythicalgirl113 :3 says:

    Well puberty is going to be a whole 'nother issue.

  47. Joe And Bubba says:

    If they really wanted to find if X was a boy or a girl why didn’t they just pull his pants down?

  48. Kim Jung Un Very Official account says:

    Soooooo…. x=y?

  49. A living Microwave says:

    I can relate on this not the boy or girl thing but the kids at school they were a*sholes to me they would call me gay and f*get and once ganged up on me so if your going to middle don’t go to stingray middle school the kids are a*sholes

  50. audaxity.x says:

    That’s a weird way to spell nonbinary

  51. warteyeguy says:

    this is… uh… roll bad, propaganda wise. Idgaf about non binary, whatever, people should be what they want, but children ought to find that out for themselves, not have parents feed it to them when they're too young to understand what's going on.

    As a matter of production, not bad, not bad at all.

  52. Jakiyah Wright says:

    No one:

    Not even a vegan:

    No one:


  53. Bruh Sound Effect #3 says:

    Pokémon Baby X

  54. Funny Firefly says:

    But Y

  55. Roselovesyt says:

    X is a girl. Convince me otherwise. Lol

  56. Napstablook Plays says:

    The only thing I have to say about that ending is


  57. CAT says:

    So no xx or xy, just x?


  58. Mythic DoesGacha says:

    This is pretty much the best cartoon I've ever seen XD WHY DOES IT X-PLAIN ME SO WELL TvT

  59. efenty FNT says:

    "human experimentation"

  60. The Spanish Armada says:

    "What kind o-" "INCORRECT! IT'S X!"

  61. Chris K. says:

    Man fuck that X dude thinking they can't follow the rules. Fingered my girlfriend then fucked my boyfriend. Asshole.

  62. Paraschiva Avakin says:

    ¿The Powerpuff girls?

  63. AtlantisStarz •-• says:

    X is non bianary— that’s it.

  64. I can’t think of a name so hi says:

    Uhhh what happens when X hits puberty 😬
    There gonna be able to tell

  65. Lids X says:

    At 1:30 at the story he says "On HIS first shopping trip.."

  66. Bella Mastin says:

    Did you use chemical X?

  67. XxSunset ValleyxX says:

    I assume it will matter when in bed with their lover

  68. Rogue Sengoku says:


  69. ANNIE'S CLIPS says:

    Pokemon XY

  70. Diamond Block Gaming says:


  71. Ivymawmow Kinder says:

    Can X be my BFF

  72. Epic Gamer says:

    or instead of making this video we can agree that their are 2 biological genders, and no one is born with out one

  73. Pizarro says:

    Wait…what's its nudes is it a d or a p

  74. Lin’s World says:

    This was obviously exactly made to have us realize how much we use the letter x.

  75. Kylie B says:

    This is a really nice concept but all I could think about "X GON' GIVE IT TO YA"

  76. Julle Hycan says:

    Theory: it’s a girl bc (I might’ve mixed it up) I’m pretty sure the x gene is for females, and plus its lips were drawn in what can be considered a feminine style. It doesn’t matter either way but it’s just a thought

  77. Umazi says:

    This is gonna trigger a lot of people but…

    The human race is not gonna fall by global warming or ruining the environment, but because we won't be able to reproduce due to the abnormal amount of trans and gays

  78. Exira the Otaku says:

    I want to be friends with Y then I could make so many name puns-

  79. dakion academia says:

    Its a deformed y

  80. Guravity says:

    welp no z

  81. •mintettedokette• ;} says:

    maybe X has a venis

  82. lonely_traveler says:

    X because its a boy and Y because its a girl? idfk

  83. sup bro says:

    Baby X is nonbinary that simple
    X's pronouns are: they/them

  84. Youngnam Kim says:

    Why so many X puns

  85. MicroNaught says:

    "nobody could tell if it was a boy or a girl"
    James Charles: are you challenging me

  86. Blues Pictures says:

    Yall just sexist 😑

  87. Oofu playz The dog person says:

    the only way to fix this is JUMPSUITS, LOTS AND LOTS OF JUMPSUITS

  88. jam maam says:

    “By the time it matters what sex X is, it won’t be a secret anymore!” I LOVE THIS LINE SO MUCH

  89. jam maam says:

    “By the time it matters which sex X is, it won’t be a secret anymore!” I LOVE THIS LINE SO MUCH

  90. stroke says:

    so.. does it have 2 genitals?? im confused

  91. Rhiann Zulfer says:

    Those damn boomers 😂

  92. you almost dropped your hydroflasksksk sis! :0 says:

    activate turner’s syndrome

  93. Morgan Bekkala says:

    Why it and not they

  94. Peyton Gacha says:

    it’s called bi

  95. Zeldian Francois says:

    sooooo…. x is basically transgender


  96. Vinqou says:


  97. JuDoll says:

    Reminds me a bit of chromosome X which is female an chromosome Y, which is male

  98. The Luminous Yellow Diamond says:

    young shhhhhh

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