Baby Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🤛👶🤜

Baby Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🤛👶🤜

Aw so coot HATCH THOSE EGGS BOY Just another normal day at the Pokemon Daycare. Pichu!>:( (Screams) (Screams better) Oof Oof oof Oof oof oof (Many Oofs) Oh you wanna FIGHT? Give me that apple of the PINE. Why? I require it’s sustenance. Naut! (Clinical depression) Wy! The pinpapple wants me to consume it! WHY NOT? (Sitcom laughter) OMG !?!?! Chu!! Let me heal you up. Pi! Piii CHUUUUUU!!!! hElP mEEEEeEe! KamehameHA!! Honk! Oh my God he can’t hear us he’s got Air Pads in! Victory! Victory!!! WY! Wy wy wy! NOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! VICTORY!! Aww, the way they play is so cute! Oh! You’re here to pick up Sableye right? Sorry I didn’t see you, I was watching the baby Pokemon play. It really is fascinating how they do all that. There’s a load of Pokemon facts and Pokedex entries that explain everything that just happened. So if you’re interested you can click here to see my detailed explanation. Ye? Where’s my Sableye?

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Baby Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🤛👶🤜

  1. That one Shuppet says:

    Everyone:how about mega evolutions
    Terminal:that’s a funny way to say baby

  2. x Hale says:

    From where is the "Let me heal you up" clip

  3. Shadow Coll says:

    realizes riolu punched a baby

  4. Shibe says:

    Where's my Sableye?

  5. Raymond Jones says:

    Help me😭😭 2:22

  6. Tania Arredondo says:


  7. Sparky says:

    0:45 WTF Pichu was poopin'!?😂

  8. Demonetized gang Does roblox says:

    Something about untitled goose game?

  9. Paperboy TJ says:

    2:43 I’m going to stay here

  10. Metal two face 99 says:

    Dude had a box of jelly filled donuts

  11. Sebastian Reynolds says:

    can you make pokemon starter royale pls?

  12. Laurențiu Chiricheș says:

    The end is so cute :3

  13. Mario Vázquez says:

    I really enjoy your videos man. So funny, and the animation is amazing, and when riolu does the force palm, the way he does… Giga Drill Breaker maybe ;] ?? I put my comment here because is the last I've seen but I've seen the legendary video (mewtwo teleport with shunkanido sound… Simply perfect, and the end of the video totally unexpected and epic), and speedrun Mario vs melee fox many times, also Zelda, starfox 64… All of them fantastic. I love your videos man, lot of work and time for sure.

  14. hape says:

    More pokemon battles plsss its so good

  15. Isabella Cheveres says:


  16. Anthony Vaughan says:

    0:48 Same as Pokémon Battle!

  17. Colin Red bird says:

    So what he means by loud sound is earrape

  18. andre aquino says:

    so happy they were just playing and didn’t actually annihilate eachother ;-;

  19. Alphe Rodriguez says:

    1:57 diarrhea in 2 – 3 seconds

  20. Alieu Komma says:

    Something about undertale?

  21. Oliver Peterson says:

    the best thing ever!

  22. Gordy Skymop says:


  23. Emeiko 08 says:

    2:12 Pause: in the corner there is a Pokémon.

  24. luca lebro2 says:

    Pokemon: OOH Dies

  25. LA Anonymous says:

    Who else found the Bird Up reference?

  26. Game Bean says:

    Legendary royale: epic simulation of cosmic proportions

    Baby royale: recess

  27. Caio Henrique says:

    5:22 Arceus bless Igglypuff.

  28. Blake Wagner says:

    2:12 Does this mean mallow is coming to smash? Why not geno?

  29. Nicholas Waldron says:

    Please do one about mega evolutions & find a way to do one about megaman

  30. Inkling Luigi says:

    2:27 Who got the last sprite cranberry

  31. Jason Reburn says:


  32. TheBiggestMc says:

    This channel is either going to get extra violent or COPPA is gonna kill it.

  33. Arkan NOA says:

    Where's my Sableye

  34. Ryan Gannon says:


  35. Timothy Siapno says:

    They should make a Pokémon Tag Team battle royale

  36. Mr.Fumpledump says:

    It Baby

  37. WeeWDiedrich says:

    I agree with this video

  38. KONO DIO DA!!! says:

    Expectation: Deadly Battle Royale

    Reality: Harmless Rough housing

  39. RED ACE 32 says:

    It was good till the end

  40. Ian Reimondez says:

    Whynut just have the pineapple
    Why why why y bully me

  41. Noobified says:

    Ahahahaha I’m so late but this is extremely funny, cute, and awesome at the same time! Your animation style is dope, and very cute! plz add more mojo style lol

  42. JustRider GD & More says:

    Something about Halo 5. '~'

  43. Funn- Er says:

    *sigh, why not? 😂😂TerminalMontage makes the funniest animations!!

  44. KSHDBFBCB Dhdsidndjdigb says:

    Wait so where was ditto

  45. Matilda Griffiths says:

    this is how the world ends

  46. Alex Tran says:

    Man, check out the jelly filled donuts in the box.
    D E L I C I O U S

  47. Hobby the gong says:

    sheer heart attack is that you?

  48. Red Wolf says:

    Don't think for a sec nobody noticed the VeggieTales reference.

  49. Emiliano MG2007 says:

    Something about undertale please

  50. Cat says:

    pls make a vis about metroid and when samus is in space (i dont know why maybe fighting a monster) there is jellyfish flying arund in the backround and killing the monster by just TOUCHIN IT

  51. Monii778 says:

    the ending made me awww 🙂

  52. faisal kabir taj says:

    This video is outdated now because toxel exist now. You can't have a baby battle royal with out having the baby Pokemon 🙂

  53. RadenWA says:

    This is what happens when you dump all the near-but-not-perfect competitive IV Pokemons on the daycare

  54. L3vi G4mer says:

    Do a something about Yoshi Crafted World plssss

    Please say hi to Brazil 🙂

  55. butters742 says:

    Ive been sent by Arlo. I love you.

  56. Tristan Solivan says:

    Untitled goose game quack noise ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  57. Milli Boyd says:

    Do something about cuphead

  58. Mei Mei says:

    2:23 (My Brain when watching anime and weed crap)

  59. XY PLAYZ says:

    So Cute 🙂

  60. ufcfan says:

    Buff riolu and mime jr.

  61. Ian McClure says:

    looking at Pichu shocking itself frame-by-frame is hilarious as all hell

    also bless that ending

  62. TriforceLucario ! says:

    Riolu my queen!!!

  63. Davis MacLeod says:

    hey everyone in this comment section check out the channel that nugget guy he is my friend and I want his channel to grow

  64. Nintendawg 332_1 says:

    I want mega eveloution battle royale

  65. Jstudios says:


  66. Masterplayer101 2.0 says:

    I need my EGG

  67. Jamie Agnew says:

    Regional different Pokémon battles

  68. 9as123 ok says:

    Riolu end lucario ❤️

  69. Trevor Cole Speechs says:

    Next what about ultra beasts only battle royal

  70. Basil Alam says:

    Is sableye your favorite Pokémon dude also do something about Mario kart

  71. Jeremy M says:

    Realy funny

  72. Akram the gamer BOi says:

    Can you do Pokemon sword and shield battle royel?

  73. Jeremy M says:

    Can he make one about chapter 2 fortnite:)

  74. Sc1_Fye says:

    Terminal: please dont reupload my videos.
    Mike and anthony: No. I don't think i will.

  75. Egg Bagel says:

    Did anyone notice mallow in the clouds?

  76. pbsdjs says:

    Love the vids

  77. Krabulon says:

    I need my EGG.

  78. Pastel's Dark Moon says:

    will there be a something about season 2

  79. canal Mega greninja Jogos e muito mais says:

    Muito louco, só que conseguir zerar em 5 minutos!

  80. megan conyers says:

    pichu and elekid should be a tag team XD

  81. pz 64 says:

    Is that Bob & Larry ?? 1:06

  82. Cristian Johnson says:

    RIP Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber

  83. Not Snipistan says:

    3:11 the face of def

  84. assassin lord says:

    Do a ub showdown or a mythical one or do specific types those are my recommendations

  85. Molly K Ritter says:

    Why is it all ways the pink Pokemon getting oofed?
    1 like = 1 pink Pokemon saved

  86. Noah Preuss says:

    Wy! Wy,wy, wy…

    Also I like that at 0:25 Togepi is Lisa Simpson

  87. Charles Temple says:

    Just noticed the yellow pikmin at 1:06 was cosplaying as Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

  88. Brokn 8 says:


    Why why why

  89. O h says:

    4:02 did…did he just trow up an egg

  90. Абдуллоعبدالله says:

    Fun fact: Pokemon has went 3 whole generations (5-7) without adding a single new baby pokemon. Galar finally added a new one.

  91. Ghost McGhost. says:

    Riolu: * poke *
    Wynaut: omae wa mo shindeiru

  92. Jiggolo! says:

    You should make an Eeveelution battle royale.

  93. BBlaster15 says:

    Rip oddish

  94. Ted Scheett says:

    Wait, Jeremy played a Pokemon in this one?

    Eh, Wynaut.

  95. Carter - Daily MC Videos says:

    You should make something about super Mario odyssey

  96. TIM says:

    I Swear To God, The Main Thing A Snorelax Is Eat And Sleep…

  97. gary gourley says:

    Mr. Mime Junior not being able to keep up with riolu when he runs is seriously the best part of this video

    Edit: also Jeremy please continue to make cute things it makes me smile

  98. Ninga17 says:

    I need my EGG.

  99. Average Youtube Commenter says:

    3:31 Giga Drill Break!

  100. samah abdel karim says:

    where's my sableye

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