Awesome Time: HEXBUG BattleBots Edition

Awesome Time: HEXBUG BattleBots Edition

Hello. Welcome to a very special
golden gummy challenge edition of Awesome Time. This episode has been
sponsored by HexBug Battlebots. I’m super excited because
this game is awesome. It’s all about robots and
stuff getting destroyed. A little sad. Vat19 can’t sell this yet. You’re going to have to buy
this at Target or But as soon as they
let me sell it, we’re going to have it on Vat19. All right, let’s battle. All right. Let’s welcome my challenger,
Eric, to the arena. Team Eric, baby. I’m down by four. And we’re making this worth one,
two, three, four points, son. No we’re not! Yeah! Why not? You ambushed me with that. Let’s make it worth two. OK. You’ve watched
Battlebots on TV, right? I have. Awesome show on ABC where teams
make huge real-life versions of these things. This is like the toy version. The people who
can’t build, play. Right, yeah. That’s right. I’ve decided to be Tombstone. So I’m Witch Doctor. These are remote
control Battlebots. They fall apart like
they do on the show. On purpose. On purpose. See the pieces, if you get hit
hard enough, will come off. There’s three pieces to
knock off of each other. And that’s how you
know you’ve won. Check out what you got
in the corner here, mallets, just like
in the TV show. I’m kind of excited to play. You ready? I’m ready. All right. Let’s go pull on our
costumes, and let’s do this. Beep boop bop boop beep. Sweet slow motion. Yeah, sweet intros. I want to remind you
about these hammers and the real-life versions. Watch what happens. Amazing. All right. So we got real life hammers
here if you hit yours. Turn them on. Best of three, right? Yeah. You ready? Yeah, I’m ready. OK. On your mark, get set, go. Battle! I think I got guy you. Oh wait a minute. Oh! Destroy! Hit him anyway, Karen! Hit him anyway. Oh, man. Round two, everyone. Round two. All right. Let’s do this. He just crushed
your [INAUDIBLE]. I don’t care. I just want you to
get hit by something. Oh! Get out of there! Go! Oh no! Oh, that was brutal! Ahh! Crush! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh, that was you? Oh wait, are you done? No. I think I got one piece. Oh, it’s coming up. I can see it coming up. It’s coming up. Come on. Crush! Crush him! Get him! Get him, Witch Doctor. Oh no! Crush! Crush! Just beat on him
non-stop, Karen. Just beat on him. Oh, man. Eric won fair and square. Two points. Is that the end of the season? I don’t even want to
talk about it right now. You’re the underdog, Jamie. Everybody loves an underdog. Now you’re up by six. Just part of my team. Isn’t that so cute? Bring in my punishment. Winner saws loser’s
possession in half. You’re going to saw
something of mine in half. Yes. And I choose– where’s
the old picture that used to be up here? That’s what you
want to saw in half? Yeah, you know what
I’m talking about. I choose to saw you in half. Oh, I bet it’s just going
to leak out vanity and ego. Does that look like maple syrup? Yeah. On the table please, cranium up. Take that doo right off, baby. See you! I finally beheaded my boss. Despite losing the challenge
and my sweet portrait, that was a ton of fun. Had a great time playing
this HexBug Battlebots. You should head on over to or to get your own set
of Battlebots that come with Tombstone and Witch
Doctor and battle your friends. All right, thanks so
much for watching. Thanks for subscribing. And we’ll see you next time.

David Anderson

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22 thoughts on “Awesome Time: HEXBUG BattleBots Edition

  1. Sheetal Naik says:

    Am I the first person to watch this in 2017

  2. Gavan Tan says:

    Is it out yet

  3. Zerna says:

    I feel bad for Jamie…

  4. LukeVulpix Yt says:

    I have those!!!

  5. Nazia Rizvi says:

    are for the win

  6. Jack van Dongen says:

    Lol those hammers

  7. waterwelo says:

    Can you fix these or do you have to buy another one?

  8. Mr Oister says:

    Still waiting

  9. Max Gaming Inc says:

    Are you selling it now?

  10. Danger Blitz says:

    I love BattleBots and I like how they now have it on the Science Channel

  11. Grajqevci Urim says:


  12. Elisabete Neves says:


  13. Elisabete Neves says:


  14. Thijs Krijgsman says:

    I frikin want this!

  15. Kittymasterstar123 says:

    I have the battle bots, its very unfair, tombstone is terrible, and whitch docter is amazing

  16. Khanh Tran says:

    John lift not eirk

  17. Abby gail says:

    This is the only good awsome time

  18. CabbageofDoom says:

    To show you the power of flex tape…. I SAWED THIS JAMIE IN HALF

  19. kate malers says:

    I do plastic division battlebots with my 3d printer


    2:30 to 3:05

  21. Mandy Paul says:

    Tombstone Is A Touchstone.

  22. Callum Chadwick says:

    Battle bots activate

  23. Gold Justice says:

    The hammers or mallets are really light so it won't really damage

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