Awakening (A Short Animated Film on Anti Corruption)

Awakening (A Short Animated Film on Anti Corruption)

Hey….Hy Mimi. You look tense, What Happened? I’m feeling terrible Aww….What Happened? Come Lets sit. So Tell me, What’s Bothering you??? Everyday I read these news about corruption cases happening almost everyday. The 2G Scam, Commonwealth Games Scam, and what not. These Scams, I feel like I’ve been cheated a Big time, and not just me, every Indian. Every year people pay a big amount of their hard earned money in taxes, and what do these Bunch of Greedy Old Political leaders do with them, is Steal them? That is so Uncool..!!! But What can we do about it Mimi. We are just a lifeless Cartoon Characters.!! If youths in India are not bothered about this,
why Should we.?? Yeah I know. I wish If I were a Human being I would have surely done something about it. Me too!! But how did you started thinking about this topic. It’s something bothering me since very long,
and I’m not gonna sit quietly this time. This Monster of Corruption is not new, it has been growing in India over years, the bofors, Telgi Scam, Fodder scam, and many more. I think the Government has started taking People of India for Granted. Who do you think are responsible for this corruption.? The whole System,almost the whole government!! But it’s more than enough now, I’m not gonna sit hand on hand inspite I’m a cartoon character I’m gonna raise my voice. but Mini,what is making you do this? When our India was under britishers, So many freedom fighters laid down their lives, just to make our life happy because we were their coming generations, and what are we doing? We the youths of India, are we so selfish that we don’t think about our country even once?? All we think about is getting a good job in I.T. industry, work from 9 to 5, Dance on Item songs, watch cricket. I think that if WE the Indians can show so much enthusiasm
when Indian cricket team won the world cup, We can also nail the corrupt political leaders or even the whole system. All we need is little bit of determination and concern for our country,
our future generation. You are right Mini, I agree with you. But What can a person do about this. Anything, that goes against the Corrupt system, it’s functioning. Talk about it, spread the word that if anyone demands bribe, oppose them, expose them, Raise your voice, support Anti Corruption movements, Like The ‘India Against Corruption’ show your support to people who are demonstrating against this Evil. Not only this, We should also discourage offering a bribe,
because People offering bribe are equally responsible. That is absolutely right! If we inspite of being a Cartoon can think and do so much,
I’m sure humans can too!! Yeah Let’s hope so!

David Anderson

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13 thoughts on “Awakening (A Short Animated Film on Anti Corruption)

  1. Amit Sinha says:

    I am and I will…always with this movement.. good Job Amit.

  2. Lakshmi Narasimhan K P says:

    Excellent…. You made us proud. Make more videos like this to educate youth.

  3. ExposeNithyananda says:

    @amitsinghsisodia0219 Great Video! Suggestion: you might want to put the URL's that you placed at the end of your video within the video description (where it says "Show More"). As long as you have the h t t p : // code (without spaces, as I did) in front of the URL, YouTube will pick it up as a link. This will help drive traffic to those sites and help with SEO.

    Thanks for helping making the world a little cleaner place.

  4. Anita Chatta says:

    Well done Amit – this small beginning is a big step forward. Thank you for spreading awareness on one of the most sensitive and painful pain point of a great nation as India.

  5. San Maha says:

    Good work
    we often hear
    1-the corruption is a inseparable part of the Indians.
    2- Corruption is in the blood of the Indians.
    3- To stop corruption we should stop giving in to the corruption.
    4-that the common man has to only suffer and some avtar will be born
    and stop the evil(corruption)
    Those benefiting through corruption, propagate these thoughts
    The actual cause of high corruption in India is a systematic manipulation of the Administrative system at the top in India by people at top.

  6. Appayya Ramarao says:

    Nice work dude…

  7. Rohit Dudeja says:

    Nice work buddy!!
    Keep it up and we all are for INDIA! Thanks for using the cartoons to actually make the real humans realize what can be done!

  8. Ausi Guy says:

    Remove all low cast sudras from Indian administration and just see how India rocks.

    all kind of reservations for this low cast sudras shud be removed.

  9. corazon5601 says:

    excellent work on getting the message out! let the word against corruption in all nations spread because, believe me, it is prevalent everywhere, not just in india! i am all for india, man!

  10. Anoop Reddy says:

    good video

  11. PRAMOD KUMAR says:

    CONTRARY TO POPULAR NOTION THAT BLACK MONEY is STASHED IN SWISS A/c …I for one think the in the other direction…LOOK around you…THE BLACK MONEY is there in the country around you…PEOPLE have stashed it under sofas, spent in malls, kept in cupboards in homes…and and that is what is being used to show off..WHY do u think that suddenly people have become rich…NO they already had this money and have to SPEND to avoid the TAX net..after the rule 2 record all high net purchases…

  12. Aradhika Singh says:

    Nice work. A few different camera angles during the conversation could've made the animation more interesting but still, great theme. Well done.

  13. Balaji Karapakalu says:

    as per i only one person should be their to rule india as like kings then we can save 70% of money that we are investing for election.

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