Antibiotic resistance animation video by JPIAMR

Antibiotic resistance animation video by JPIAMR

David Anderson

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10 thoughts on “Antibiotic resistance animation video by JPIAMR

  1. likeastarbaby says:

    she describes a problem which has the potential to doom humanity with such a perky voice

  2. Loffy Zoro says:

    Very Nice 😀

  3. Kadiyali Srivatsa says:

    Scientists, were so pre-occupied with whether, or not they could. They did not stop, to think if they should. Its ironic, a fantasy movie. Aptly, describes the medical crisis we face today, I am talking about Ebola, and antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. Humanity is now facing a mortal enemy that surpasses our own Intelligence. A tiny microorganism, that has indeed, brought us to our knees.

    It has learned from us, adapted to us, and now exploits our genetic vulnerability, with lethal precision. Sadly, he who dare to speak up, are ridiculed, ignored, dismissed and often ostracized, by members of our own, profession. As the death toll mounts, while our greed, addiction toward, over enthusiastic urge to encourage consultation, perform tests, procedures, hospitalization and antibiotic abuse escalates at, alarming rates.

  4. Nimra Gauhar says:

    How will a resistant bacteria have a selective disadvantage when the antibiotic is not being used?

  5. Amethysical says:


  6. GreenSlugg says:

    My background is in biotech – so I've done a lot of microbiology work. While I appreciate what this video is trying to do, it's grossly misleading. Antibiotic resistant bacteria aren't bacteria that somehow became stronger – in fact ab resistant mutants are overall less fit than their wild-type counterparts. One of the primary mechanisms for this (as was poorly represented in the video) is the loss of proper function in a bacterial enzyme attacked by the antibiotic.

    Because the bacteria loose the ability to make a functional enzyme, the prodrug becomes harmless.

    Antibiotic resistance is a real problem, don't get me wrong, but it's important that people understand properly what is happening so that we can solve this real-world threat.

  7. fastandeffective says:

    Long therapies with antibiotics increase all cause women's' mortality by 27%!

  8. Nathan Kroeze says:

    The true tragedy of the advent of antibiotic resistant bacteria is that the poor fungi that produce these antibiotics are no longer protected.

  9. mickobee says:


  10. евгений ицкович says:

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