Anti-Bullying Video on a Cartoon Network with Positive, Educational Cartoons Free for Kids/Kids Free

Anti-Bullying Video on a Cartoon Network with Positive, Educational Cartoons Free for Kids/Kids Free

What up my little nephews and nieceys. This yo’ man Big Juicy. Reminding you to watch “Welcome to FresBerg,” by subscribing to Youtube today @FresBergCartoon
About this Episode: Anti-Bullying Video on a Cartoon Network with Educational Cartoons, Positive Cartoons Free for Kids/Kids Free comparable to Disney Channel, ABC Family, Disney XD & Nickelodeon. This video allows for families and adults to watch with kids and create fun games for kids to teach them about creating a Bully Free Environment in elementary school, junior high school and even high school. The creator Earl Donald loved Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck as a child and was inspired by Walt Disney and has brought a Family Cartoon to the web for you. Hey J, Hey J, Hey J!!!! Jeremiah: Oh what up kid. Sorry about that. you know I get when I get distracted working
on this game that I’m doing and all kinds of stuff here at the shack. You know my mind just gets focused. But hey I’m I’m glad you came throught today. How you been… Alright that’s cool. Ok. Now check it out. Today you know we got way more cooler than that stories coming from the city that I call the Berg. Now if you’re new to the show check this out. Me me I hang out here and do my thang. You know what I mean. Cause after school we here at the community center aka the gadget shack and I’m gone do my thing. I got some games I got to work on in regards to the kids over at the elementary school. You see right now I’m
working on a Math Help games for kids. You see I’m working on a game with math again. I know math is not easy of course when you do it why not make it
fun when you learning math. so that’s what I’m gond be doing here for the next few minutes. like I said before. I’m glad you came through to the center. and today I got some cool kid stories coming through to you from the kids down in the Berg and all my peoples too. You see today we got a little something something dealing with shall I say kid bullys. But I’m not gone give too much away so why don’t you head on over down the hall. We getting ready to get into another cartoon for kids full episode. Franky: Did you see Galaxy Chasers last night.
Chillz: Yup Yup it was real cool. Like at the end how Captain Supopolis blew up all the cyborgs to defeat the evil Genesis Brigade.
Franky: Yeah that was pretty cool.
Chillz: I know I love that show. I been watching it forever.
Franky: So where’s Lee at.
Chillz: He didn’t want to come outside. You know he’s watching his favorite show American Battle Rappers. Franky: What kind of show is that?
Chillz: It’s one of those reality shows. You know where wanna bee rappers battle it out to be the next top emcee. Lee thinks he’s going to be a rapper when he grows up.
Franky: I guess.
Chillz: I know. I know. But anyway I got a couple of apples in my backpack. You hungry?
Franky: You always know I’m hungry. Let me go inside and wash my hands first. Chillz: Ok. Well I’ll wait outside until you get done. 5 Minutes later Chillz: Man Franky Need to hurry up. How long does it take to wash your hands? Bernice: Look at old toad face. Sitting there all by himself bcause he’s such a toad face and he has no friends and no one wants to be around him. Chillz: Bernice.
Bernice: That’s my name. Don’t wear it out toad face.
Chillz: That’s not my name Bernice. Stop being mean. Bernice: Or what are you going to do Charles?
Chillz: My name is Chillz. Bernice: Whatever you say Charles.Your mom should have named you frogboy seeing that you sound like a little frog. Or better yet. Toad face. I like that. Chillz: Give that back. That’s for me and my friend.
Bernice: What’s the matter toadface. Are you going to cry? Bernice: I’ll tell you what if you can take it from me, I’ll give it back to you. I’ll give you 3 seconds. 3, 2, 1 (Laughing). Just like I thought. Goodbye toad face.

David Anderson

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    Being a #Bully ย  is not cool! Check out this #cartoon from, "Welcome to FresBerg," as we strive to promote #safety in #schools and an #Antibullying ย  environment for our #kids >>>> #s4s #like4like #comment4comment ย 

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    I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have stopped by and watch cartoons. Your support means the world to us as we try to bring a positive vibe to families.

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    The key to stopping bullying is for the "in" kids to stand up and say STOP. ย Schools, Parents, Bus Drivers, the Police..etc. can't stop it. ย It has to happen from within. ย 

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    BULLYING MUST STOP. ย I am a professional comedian, illusionist and motivational speaker that speaks on bullying and suicide prevention in schools all over America and other countries. ย Please subscribe to my channel! ย Thanks. ย School Assembly info >>

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