Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal – Un Poco Loco (From “Coco”)

Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal – Un Poco Loco (From “Coco”)

[audience cheering] ♪ What color is the sky? ♪ ♪ Ay mi amor, ay mi amor ♪ ♪ You tell me that it’s red ♪ ♪ Ay mi amor, ay mi amor ♪ ♪ Where should I put my shoes? ♪ ♪ Ay, mi amor, ay mi amor ♪ ♪ You say put them
on your head ♪ ♪ Ay mi amor, ay mi amor ♪ ♪ You make me un poco loco ♪ ♪ Un poqui-ti-ti-to loco ♪ ♪ The way you keep me guessing ♪ ♪ I’m nodding and I’m yessing ♪ ♪ I’ll count it as a blessing ♪ ♪ That I’m only un poco loco ♪ [groaning] [audience cheering] Not bad for a dead guy. Not so bad yourself, Carlito. [audience cheering continues] He’s close. Find him! [Héctor]
♪ The loco that you make me ♪ ♪ It is just un poco crazy ♪ ♪ The sense that
you’re not making… ♪ ♪ The liberties
you’re taking… ♪ ♪ Leaves my cabeza shaking ♪ ♪ You are just un poco loco ♪ [shouting in Spanish] [trilling] [howling] We’re looking for
a living kid. About 12? Have you seen a living boy? ♪ Un poqui-ti-ti-ti-ti
ti-ti-ti-ti-ti ♪ ♪ Ti-ti-ti-ti-to-loco! ♪ [trilling] [audience cheering
and whistling]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal – Un Poco Loco (From “Coco”)

  1. Frederick says:


  2. PhantomLeague666 says:

    You make Un Poco Loco <3

  3. LordYordan says:

    I don't feel so Poco Loco fading away

  4. Julia Jochimiak says:

    Polish better

  5. Wara Colmena says:

    you say putO

  6. Irene J says:

    I love the movie coco
    Like if u love it too

  7. Rommel martin Artola ruiz says:

    Gracias me acabó de ganar un besito rico de mi novia ❤⚘

  8. miguel martinez says:


  9. jalabeanos says:


  10. Borno • says:

    Spanish teacher: you kids have been working so hard so we’re watching coco for our period on Wednesday

    Girls: I love that movie it’s so in-depth to the Spanish culture


  11. Kimia Keshavare says:

    just told my dad the story line and he thought that the thing about "you're not dead untill you're forgotten" was so beautiful. He even got a bit teary since he said "my dad isn't dead either because i still think about him". Trulely so beautiful bcs it makes you feel like the person is still there with you!

  12. Arte abstrata News crew says:

    Disney is a full of shit Fuck all YouTube

  13. Mistery Box says:

    Sounds way better in spanish.

  14. surya marvel studios says:

    loco man

  15. bonniesjok TV says:

    Un POCCO LOCCOOO.No Despacito

  16. quiero morir says:

    H a V E y o U s e E n a L i v I n g b O i?

  17. Nguyên Hà says:

    popopopopopopo un poco loco

  18. tails show tv says:

    Poco goes locooo

  19. Simona Pavlova says:

    Poco Coco je super

  20. Shlan Games says:

    Hits home real hard. Miguel is singing with an absolute stranger who is actually his great great grandfather, technically being the first to carry on the legacy after his death, and just having a genuinely good time singing together. All at once barely knowing each other and yet having a great time anyways.

  21. Tracy Kairu says:


  22. Ralph Gapusan says:

    Jihyo as Miguel Poco Loco

  23. Junrey Romeo says:

    My cabeza is shaking

    Edit cabeza means head

  24. Junrey Romeo says:

    What's the color of the sky?
    ¡Ay mi amor ¡Ay mi amor
    You tell me that it's red.
    ¡Ay mi amor ¡Ay mi amor

    Where should I put my shoes
    ¡Ay mi amor ¡Ay mi amor
    You say put them on your head
    ¡Ay mi amor ¡Ay mi amor

    You make me. Un poco loco
    Un poquititito loco
    The way you keep me guessing
    I'm nodding and I'm yessing
    I'll count it as a blessing

    That I'm only un poco loco
    Not bad for a dead guy
    Not so bad your self Carlito
    The loco that you make me

    It is just un poco crazy
    The sense you're not making
    The liberties your taking
    Leaves my cabeza shaking

    You are just un poco loco
    Un poquitititititito loco

    This took ten minutes

  25. h a v e r r r says:

    roblox has entered the chat

  26. daniel boborelu says:

    Despacito: No one can be like meh
    Un poco loco: Un PoQiTiTiTo LoCo!

  27. daniel boborelu says:

    My parents at 3am: sleeps

    Me: YOU ARE JUST UN POCO LOCO!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Not Vladimir Putin says:

    Best Halloween movie!

  29. Alex M says:

    I’m Miguel from coco this Halloween happy Halloween 2019 💀😊

  30. Hanns Dheon TheBestGamer says:

    90% november 2019 and october
    2% uN pOcO lOcO
    2% RoBloX Un PocO loCo
    6% e p i c

  31. Nugget Boi says:

    Am i the only one who likes the spanish one

  32. 空Shiro says:

    god darn it. i cant stop thinking about the meme….

  33. xxx PHANTOM xxx says:

    This song is actually pretty nice

  34. Hi Alice says:

    This song, this film is so amazing❤️

  35. Proto says:

    დავიჯერო ქართველობა ვერ მნახავთ?

  36. Crip wAlk says:

    I thought it said I’m nutting

  37. Arzyan Alam says:

    No one:

    3rd graders thinking this is how spanish class is: 0:25

  38. OOFOOF69 says:



  39. rat booty says:

    the sins that you are not making

  40. RM_ Jakubeq says:

    I – Poco loco
    Every cat – Oh no

  41. Tyler Daniels says:

    So this is what happened after one peace

  42. Valentín Rohner says:

    sisisi tacos sombrero

  43. Kim Tae Hyung says:

    Is mucch better in spanish

  44. Emília Pereira says:

    Un poco locoooo

  45. DawidBTW says:

    I want to Play this on my guitar KEKW

  46. excuse me says:

    oh lmao thats the kids god jihyo was for this years halloween hahaha

  47. Davion Tucker says:

    I love Coco so much

  48. Vackory says:

    amo esta Cancion

  49. snake bastard says:

    this SLAPS i love it

  50. Alyson Clegg says:

    This world of the dead comforts me for some reason.🧡💙💜🖤💚💛❤

  51. Anonymous Shrimp says:

    Lol does he grow hair out of his bone skull?

  52. Queen Rebel says:

    Happy death day

  53. MC Tester 2 says:


  54. TV루프 says:

    He looks like Marco

  55. James Ledger says:

    Okay but where are the Jihyo people

  56. xX-_Yung Z_-Xx says:

    Belega voĉo❤️❤️❤️❤️

  57. Carel Ramirez says:

    Es mejor en idioma original

  58. Bon Bon says:

    Happy Día de los Muertos! -3-

  59. Victoria Ragusin says:

    so good

  60. ElgatoDe Auronplay says:

    1:21 se escucha mejor en español

  61. SecondKold says:

    You make me muy loco

  62. Wioletta Bachur says:

    A jest po polsku

  63. Musa Baysal says:

    Perfect movie

  64. _ LeSyo _ says:

    When you travel to spanish during the halloween

  65. Kero 8 says:

    halloween was yesterday but i think i`ve just decided what i`m going to be next halloween

  66. Rice n Beans says:

    You guys do realize today is day of the dead right?

  67. Nataszka Nataszka says:

    Poco loco Roblox meme

  68. * Lily * says:

    Despacito: Im the best song!
    Poco loco: Hold my pizza

  69. Mr. Borjas says:

    40k dislikes? Wtf

  70. Rosmery Gomez says:

    Alguien vino aquí por el día de los muertos

  71. Gman197 Blair says:

    Good thing they put this song in Just Dance 2019.

  72. F D says:

    Happy day of the dead
    Feliz día de los muertos

  73. Areff Burton says:


  74. Arep Jamals says:

    I come here because there's family wear Poco Loco costume as their Halloween!

  75. Justin Clements says:


  76. Darietto Scasseddu says:

    Is a film song, but is the best spanish song

  77. JOHN 748 says:

    Juzt now watched a movie….. And it was amazing…..This is the film that i like and surely say its Best and best among all Animation i ever watched. Un Poco loco 😍

  78. Hello says:

    Start To Learn Spanish….😎

  79. Justine Yacat says:

    Who else search "me amore?" HAHAHA😂

  80. Akib Reza says:

    Anyone here after Twice's Jihyo cosplayed as Miguel

  81. Bartek Tytus Tytuseq says:


  82. Lenpu haokip says:

    Shimpi status November 3, 2019

  83. Nick Ramirez says:

    Am I the only that hears him saying he’s nutting?

  84. Tiuw Piranhaw says:


  85. kenny sand says:

    Is better the latinoamerican voice! 👌

  86. Victor Hugo Gimenez says:

    Aquí les dejo un link para que disfruten de Coco en Español, COMPLETA

  87. Patrik Smolen says:

    Mucho loco

  88. El Bohemian says:

    A la madre no se inglesa

  89. Emma ! says:

    The music from coco is the BEST Mexican music

  90. Dino Sasaki says:

    Disney: u mEiK mi uN p0kO Lok0

  91. Tamato boi says:

    Sucks pp

  92. Üǹkňøwñ ツ says:

    Roblox: I have no ideas.
    Also Roblox: Hey! I just watched Coco! Let's make this a Game.
    Also a Player: Ima Make this a Viral Game
    Coco: DELETE THIS!!!

  93. viviana mendez says:

    Uwkjsvlgq wliwb dio lo kf

  94. Assassin Zoldyck says:

    I'm so glad they cut out that yoddle-y shit that the kid did at the start (or whatever it was – I don't remember).

  95. Soumita Dalal says:

    Very funny song

  96. Gabski says:

    Miguel never expected to be remembered as a roblox egg with legs.

  97. Reshini Murugash says:

    I’ve got exam tomorrow and I’m shit scared and this video really makes me less stressed lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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