Annoying Villagers 41 Trailer – Minecraft Animation

Annoying Villagers 41 Trailer – Minecraft Animation

There’s this villager I must have These villagers, they’re completely new And they have this fixation on traveling around and collect the most rare and powerful items Let me tell you hunting down these villagers are very worth it. You’re so naive that’s why you lose Annoying Villagers 41 minecraft animation tomorrow on mrfudgemonkeyz animation channel

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Annoying Villagers 41 Trailer – Minecraft Animation

  1. MrFudgeMonkeyz says:

    Annoying Villagers 41 TOMORROW! Don't miss it 🙂 it's really good I believe. Interesting world building episode with some cool fights! Thank you for your patience! MORE SUPPORT = LONGER/HIGHER QUALITY CONTENT. Have an awesome rest of your day/night!

  2. Azhar Murniati says:

    I hope there will be more mobs playing!

  3. videos 2019 says:

    Upload it now I been waiting weeks for this video

  4. the sockman 11 says:

    There's real fire graphics wow

  5. saladghost says:

    all aboard the hype train. we're leaving in 3 hour to get to the released animation, the trip will last a few days.

  6. villager # 68 says:


  7. Fusion agmaio says:

    fudge i actually love this serious bro
    cant thank you enough!!! 😀
    lol that ending though XD

  8. Ulrich Breidel says:

    Omg omg omg omg its koming aaaaaaaa!!!!!

  9. courty1968 says:

    Dang he got 5 new members even though he only lost 1 member.I can't wait for AV 41

  10. Anonymous person says:

    new episode of annoying villagers…


  11. Chief E says:

    Epic like always

  12. QunHao Zhan says:


  13. fat brine says:

    Oh this pink diamond must be the one that said by villager black robes

  14. XxBRANDONxX Cyphers says:

    Can't wait!!!

  15. Leonel Ornelas says:

    You are the best!!:)

  16. Kevin Vasquez says:

    Y si mejor le pones subtítulos en español por fis

  17. the gamer says:

    Make them faster

  18. Ryan Amburgy says:

    What are the chances the burrito guy is gonna be back next Steve episode?

  19. Poop Poop says:

    Does anyone agree that MrFudgeMonkeyz is the best Minecraft animator.

  20. Kade Lacombe says:

    I wonder if the wandering trader is gonna fight back?

  21. Клач Пауэрс says:

    почему это серия не про стива?но всёравно круто!. бесплатные тако здесь!!!!

  22. Клач Пауэрс says:

    why isn't this series about Steve?but still cool!. free tacos are here!!!!

  23. Khamari Chambers says:

    Yay grave is coming back

  24. Redstone GamingYT says:


  25. David Torres says:

    Steve:ring the bell!
    Bell: ring ring!ring ring!

  26. David Torres says:

    Best YouTuber in the woooooooorlld

  27. ViridCarnivore says:

    OMG Thank you so much for another annoying villagers. I'm super psyched!! FYI, I am ViridCarnivore, my previous profile pic was the Drowned Zombie God, but now I changed to my real face. Anyway, happy late thanksgiving and I hope you make more animations that are out of this world!

  28. ViridCarnivore says:

    Grave is finally back after almost a year of seeing him.

  29. ViridCarnivore says:

    Was that Steve who was fighting WillieBear 123? He looks a !of like steve. He must be a new member of the Resistance. I hope Grave and the other resistance members reunite with Moist Burrito.

  30. ViridCarnivore says:

    Grave: "You're so naive. That's why you lose". This is a good line.

  31. NEXI Pro says:

    Are be herobtine in annoying villagers 42??? @[email protected]

  32. Maestrul Gamer says:

    I found a wandering trader once.He gave me a deadbush!!

  33. Winstonmatic says:

    Wow! Can't wait to see this! Looks really cool! And quality is improving…

  34. Stephen Zhou says:

    Wow ! This is really good, I can't wait for it ! I really love how it keeps up with the updates and how your uploads for Annoying Villagers are getting faster ! Keep up the good work! :))))

  35. Hats & Scarves says:

    okay this is going to be epic

  36. NoobGyver says:

    This is just a pure form of art

  37. Angie plus Andrew says:

    Grave has come bacc

  38. Hyper_Death says:

    Like if you r hyped

  39. Артем Дорофеев says:


  40. M M says:

    Tommorow? Wohooo

  41. A Big LEGO Nerd says:

    AW YEAH BOI! 😀

  42. Dillypickle:0 says:

    End of the video be like whining on the toilet at 3: o’clock am

  43. Simple Vortex says:

    Woah I didn’t notice you had 800k subs. I’ve been here since 30k

  44. Zorica Spajić says:

    Grave attack :O

  45. EMİR YILDIZ says:

    Omg big fight

  46. Haha YT says:


  47. yuki misaki says:

    Upload it now

  48. Ghh Vgvhh says:

    Upload it now

  49. Minyao Xue says:

    Coppa…does that effect you?

  50. the annoying burger says:

    Ommmmmmmmmmmm gaaaaaaaaaah I'm so excited about this new thing


    Epi 41 upload noww!

  52. Haker BS says:

    Ура трейлер вышел

  53. Icey's Second channel says:

    I'm gonna watch the vid tomorrow!

  54. I‘m just a Pleb says:

    Just amazing 😀

  55. Limbered says:

    I saw steve

  56. NAVY bo says:

    I love this series I remember watching the first episode about the iron golem I don't get it



  58. TWT Pushed TWT Clan says:

    I remember watching this 3 years ago and showing this to my Minecraft camp and the teacher thought she knows all Minecraft animations but when I showed her one of your episodes she was amazed

  59. Gail Hendrix says:

    can’t wait nothin else

  60. KenJames C. Olivera says:

    road to 1milion subs?

  61. Sergio Lopez Cabrera says:

    Where's greng

  62. Daniel Ibeawuchi says:

    I love your videos

  63. Malekos Mom says:

    Hey mrfudge!!!!!!! If you received my comment about episode 41 can you put it in there and consider the other things that I put in my comment??????? And if you can't put my comment in there it's alright. Also can you make a second series about this??????????

  64. Alien-Sama says:

    Can’t wait

  65. Alejandro Silva says:

    I only tell you MrFudgeMonkeyz you have this best series in the world

  66. Rhys Menegazzo says:

    What happened to Steve I hope it shows in this clip

  67. CAN I GET 6000 SUBSCRIBER says:

    Congrats for 800k

  68. Rick Drreon says:

    I already like the touches of the fights and the items

  69. Isaiah Lee says:

    Let’s go! I’ve been waiting for the trailer and now time for the video!

  70. jillian carl a alejandro alejandro says:

    What jas happened to the video

  71. Boi Boi says:

    I think Chris is in the new tribe

  72. JustEimis says:

    Mrfrudge monkey:anoying villagers trailer
    Me:i got you in my sight

  73. Xbox SubtitledWord5 says:

    Is it weird how I wish that MrFudgeMonkeyz actually made a Minecraft server just like his animations?

  74. videos 2019 says:

    Upload it now please

  75. videos 2019 says:

    The trailer was awsome I watch it like 10 times already upload the video please

  76. Gerogie 51 says:


  77. Yuan Bat says:

    oh boy wandering trader 😮

  78. analie domingo says:

    pls upload it now

  79. Mcpe hazeki says:

    How to creater this animation 🙂

  80. 高爨糳 says:


  81. Scar YT says:

    Make subtitles in Russian please -> Русский

  82. Pheonix Wankay says:


  83. Gerayu gaming says:

    Annoying villager: The wandering villager posses the most rarest item in the world

    Reality: 5 Emeralds for a flower pot

  84. sam sung says:


  85. steve prood says:

    Yeah!1.14 version.

  86. Southern Acrobat says:

    1 more hour

  87. Justin Westlie says:


  88. X_Peter_X says:

    *fun fact.* : The Season never ends because of every update in Minecraft which MrFudgeMokeyz wants to show us by the Villager Crazyness

  89. yuki misaki says:

    Upload it now

  90. yuki misaki says:

    Upload it now please

  91. Jacob Mallanao says:

    Im so exited even though i have soreayes

  92. SeanFlameKiller says:

    Post now

  93. SeanFlameKiller says:


  94. Rebecca Espiritu says:

    Release it nowww

  95. Alex B says:

    Awesome video!!! Also I miss the pandas 🙂

  96. Spectation Net says:

    Can we have justice for the wandering trader please?

  97. DJDEmooN B0Ss says:

    They have rare and powerful items
    Ha ha when
    If this is a joke hahaha

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