ANNOYING ORANGE meets GUMBALL and DARWIN! UCF: The Hungry Games Part 4

(chorus sings opening theme song) boom boom tsssh boom boom boom tssh! We’re walking! Walking through the woods. We’re rapping! Like a couple of hoods. We’re walking and rapping because you know, we’re contractually obligated to rap in every
episode! BITCHES! Rigby! You cant SAY that! Can’ t say what? “contractually obligated.” Oooh. hehe! Sorry! AAAH! What was that? Dude, chill out! It’s just a harmless little
snail! If I wore pants, I would TOTALLY wet them
right now. RUN!! Oh, man. I am so hungry. We GOTTA find something
to EAT. There’s nothing unless you like bugs and WORMS. DOn’t even THINK about it, pal. UGH Hey! Fish Boy! Over here! Huh? Who said that? I did! Uh, Gumball? …I think that orange just talked
to me. That’s crazy. You’re just delirious from hunger… No really, I can TALK! AND I can do THIS!
Nuh-Nuh-Nuh-Nuh-Nuh-Nuh! Darwin? Yeah? That orange is talking to us. What should we do? You should EAT me! hahahahhahaah! EAT you? We can’t eat a talking orange! But you’re SOOOO hungryyy… And I’m SOOO
juicy and delicious! Mmmmm! This isn’t right. It has to be some kind of
trick. No, it’s perfectly safe! I PROMISE! I WANT
you to eat me! hahahaha! He WANTS us to eat him! We GOTTA eat SOMETHING. Well…. He DOES look pretty tasty. That’s right… Just a little bit closer… Thank you for letting us eat you, Mister Orange. Yeah! You’re a life saver! Oh. There’s one thing I need to tell you before
you eat me… What’s that? KNIFE! Hahahhahahhah! AAAAH!!! I KNEW it was a trap! RUN!! AAAAH!!! Hahhahhaa! Knife! Hahhaaha! Knife!!! AAAAH! You guys hear something? Somebody’s sitting on my tail! What the-? We’re surrounded! What do we do?
What do we do? Rigby… If this is the end, I want you to
know… I lobve you, man. Aw, dude? Really? Don’t go there, man, that’s
lame. That’s just lame. Haw! Haw! Haw… AWKWARD! We’re going to DIE! Look! Up in the sky! GIR! Is that YOU? Gir is no more. I AM IRON GIR. NOW WHO WANTS WAFFLES?!

David Anderson

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