Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw NickToons From Memory (ft. Butch Hartman)

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw NickToons From Memory (ft. Butch Hartman)

hey I’m Kira damn Butch Hartman I’m creative some shows at Nickelodeon that are animated what are we doing today today we are drawing Nicktoons from this will be fun cuz I don’t know what era Nicktoons yeah thousands era 90s era if you were in a 900 era I have a chance but first be sure to stick around till the end of the video to find out how you can enter for a chance to win this walk them into a tablet experience experiments portray creativity Munir in Novant Jackie will not be their new spokesperson Bonjour are you ready Jackie I’m ready are you are you good with the Nicktoons I did watch my nicktoons you know okay I watched a lot more of it the older I got your character today is Doug Doug funnie now Doug I’ve seen I’ve actually seen done wait wait wait Ren was the Chihuahua Stimpy was the cat right yeah yeah yeah wait friend no Ren’s the cat Stimpy’s the Chihuahua I think the whole oh boy which one are we drawing again day I’m drawing right all right Stan wearing Stimpy what oh wait pressures on because as you know Butch Hartman is here to ridicule and mock us for our drawing so we better be good so we better be good yeah there we go yeah the cat okay so he’s just like a big round and he’s red right yeah isn’t he wearing gloves wrong I am yes I think he is here’s the thing about Ren and Stimpy too so they actually go off model a lot yes so there’s not really like one very like canonical like form that they take so this is not a style that I usually draw and it’s very angular it’s very much in the UPA style with TPA UVA stands for Universal productions of America they were a popular production company in the 50s and 60s responsible for a lot of kind of angular styles that you see and like Dexter’s Laboratory and stuff like that I see well you think your biggest inspiration was it changed a lot I think like as a kid or really loved you know like pokemon digimon that sort of cute anime style mm-hmm and then got more into cartoons that I got more into like the UPA hanna-barbera big stuff oh my god I feel like a child again drawing this yeah like just struggling to draw like your favorite characters don’t forget them very related items okay yeah I remember I mean obviously she has wings mm-hmm there’s another thing you can’t forget it what is it they always have it coming their wands there’s another thing Kevin oh my god why figure it out again 9 8 7 5 4 3 I don’t know their crowns Oh crowns freak them out you did freak me I would have forgotten the crown thank you for telling you’re welcome what is the origin story behind Fairly OddParents thank you for asking I was at Cartoon Network at the time we’re on the Johnny Bravo show and that show was about to end and I was gonna lose my job and you know you have to pay the bills and that’s like well I need a job and I was tired of working for other people and so finally I said I’m gonna make my own show so I literally sat down and I said what if I was gonna make a show of anything what would I make I thought well I’ll make a show about a little boy we always write or draw what we know right I drew this little kid I decided to call him Timmy because I’ve got a brother named Timmy oh I also have a brother named Mike I was gonna met my brother Michael we had a fight that day hey you lost your chance man no Mike’s a great guy but so anyway I came with the show with Timmy I’m like what can I do with him no that’s that way be cool to give him like a way to get around quickly I felt I could teleport him like you know science stuff but I couldn’t do science stuff because Dexter’s Lab was already out and so I decided well I could use I could make magic so I thought well I can give the kid magic powers or give them a magic friend so I gave him Wanda I drew Wanda first I thought okay he’s got a magic fairy godmother like Cinderella I call that boys version Cinderella that’ll be fun I’ve never seen a fairy godfather before so I drew Cosmo all of this took about 15 minutes really that’s kind of cool yeah just kind of went from there oh this is a sad a sad day for Jason and Bryn straw furrier yeah yeah I don’t think I really captured his personality much like this is like some mischievous gremlin you know what I don’t know Wanda’s colors you don’t know Cosmo and Wanda’s colors they’re very I mean I mean I know that Wanda is a redhead hmm right red right Oh going downhill oh no no no no come on you have to tell me am i right is she a redhead what inferior edit you know what I’m making her a redhead I’m committing to it all right Kyra how you doing over there think pretty good trying to remember his outfit you know as much as I’m struggling I think this looks like him oh okay I think you could look at this and go oh yeah that’s Stimpy I think exactly what that inflection is what someone would say if these new monitors are cuz it gives me so much space these monitors make me feel like a king it makes me feel like I’m drawing for the Queen oh no this doesn’t look right oh I thought I was doing well and now just at the end up stumbling the color I screwing up the color Jackie helped me well right what are you doing wrong is she a redhead no Kevin what a shot of redhead Cosmo is green what looks good with green red orange Jackie helped me go down the color line come on pink yeah she has pink hair yes big minds has done as I’ll ever want it to be okay I’m done I think I can’t I can’t possibly put any more Doug in here and I am putting my pen down all right Jackie how’d you do I don’t think it looks on model mmm as much as I wanted it to I thought I could do better than this honestly but still I think it’s not too far off did okay I think maybe this is a close representation of Doug it’s like Doug’s cousin if I had to grade my performance today I would say solid c-minus not employable at Nicola at this time I’ve already grade my performance I’d give it a D oh man you’re more harsh greater yeah I don’t know why I thought I pass I think I’m a detail I think I stumbled with the color but I think I got the general construction I think I got the face okay we’ll see okay I’m ready switch e ties which II oh yeah he’s gonna go watch fairly often that’s really about like his pose Thank You Alan here is brown pants doesn’t he oh wait okay you like got him this is basically him right this is so far off I love whoever this is I love yours oh thanks it’s exactly what you said it’s not on model mm-hmm but it is very cute I like yours I like that your wand isn’t even complete like you thought it was like a magician’s right it’s always like sparkly at the end it’s got a star though no boy oh no boy it looks like Wanda it’s just the little things that are wrong this dippy is a great addition to the draw off-brand character universe very good very nice drawing thank you Sam your art so our story it’s like Ed Edd n Eddy almost like you ever that like she loved that show that shaky line that shaky let get purposeful lines were really cool oh man Wow yeah yours is so far off I love it you know what I got the hairs on the top of his head you did okay yeah yeah you got the rest of it dang he has no toes though he doesn’t man I got a way out you got the shoe color correct you’re almost dead on that’s really good I know I got the pants color wrong my face shape is different my nose shape is the raw your nose is down like Doug’s nose I think you know what that’s for the one I got the most wrong well very cool nice working with you YouTube is very charming and I wish you nothing but the best and all that you do thank you see well thank you we’re in the street out here in the BuzzFeed world is that Jackie and Kevin are drawing my characters now so if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna get over there and see what’s going on that okay hey how do I get out of here okay kids giveaway time if you want to enter for a chance to win this welcome in to us tablet all you have to do is go to the BuzzFeed comics Instagram that’s at comics on Instagram find this post and follow the instructions in the caption best of luck to you sheriff justice huh I’ll do it well you’re drawing pictures this is Kevin’s picture this is Kevin this is but this is Jack these are very cute here let me show you what the real Wanda looks like you guys be the judge there’s Wanda alright what do you think well we got that we get the hair swirl right she put highlights in the eyes though she gave us a little Walt Disney going to marry Jackie now kevin has got a real this was the sound of seeing this is very Sanjay and Craig okay have you seen Sanjay great it’s cool to see another style so do you guys there did you ever draw Fairly OddParents before this is literally my first time drawing drawing anything no drawing oh so butch while you’re here can you tell us a little bit about the design style for The Fairly OddParents so you’re saying before that’s very kind of you PA inspired when I first did this at Nickelodeon I thought well I’ll just do something I’ve never done before so I’ll be honest with you I sort of based it a little bit on John Kriss pallucci style a little bit but as the show went on I sort of created a language like all the characters have the same shape head I love that design style of like yeah UPA hanna-barbera back in the 60s if you look at Wanda’s hair it’s like warm flesh nose okay exactly and so yeah everything comes from somewhere well thank you for critiquing our drawings yes we greatly appreciate it or welcome I will magically disappear out of here here I go no no it’s fine you didn’t almost hit anything [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw NickToons From Memory (ft. Butch Hartman)

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    Butch sounds so much like Jason Bateman its kinda crazy

  2. Sir_Assington says:

    i kove Butch Hartman. He is an inspiration.

  3. Bryan says:

    Butch Hartman isnt really… relevant anymore, is he? After that whole Christian Scam Channel debacle?

  4. Infinitegaming 8956 says:

    Wanda looks like she came from Bob's burger

  5. Mikey Rg4l says:

    Damn Kevin sucks did he even had a childhood lol

  6. WildKamots says:

    Jackie is crazy. Clickbait of bad Wenda next to the creator of her.

  7. Ma. Linda Amenabar says:

    non US Citizens can't win the giveaway 😭😭

  8. Illuminati says:

    How did kevin make wanda look like kevin

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  11. DJ KAY says:

    Kyra is the best in all videos

  12. aljon santos says:

    Can you guys do 1930s rubber hose characters next time (I think that'd be really cool for them to do).

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    Jackie is annoying to me

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    First time
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    I had that Intuos 2 years ago

  16. Unfortunately Angel says:

    thought there would be more comments on butch and his…issues

  17. whatisaplant says:

    is there a single episode where jackie isnt spot on ?

  18. Atlas 51232 says:

    That mans hand… i wonder if thats the same as coloured sport bands (that are just for posing and appearing more pro)
    Btw: you couldn’t make a science based series becaue dexter was already out? Wtf nick? Youre not “the evil d” you can do better than that

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    Kevin straight up drew sheen instead of Wanda.

  20. GG xox says:

    I love artist, chartoonist, animators, love it all that is art

  21. Tayo says:

    Kyra: finally, a worthy challenge

  22. Tayo says:

    Jasons sketch was really good, i think he is more of a traditional artist.

  23. Hannah says:

    Jackie’s drawings are always my favorite.

  24. Ismael Arce says:

    Jason is so bad.

  25. Jamie Molina says:

    Kevin’s Wanda started off looking like sheen from jimmy neutron

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    Could you guys draw:
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    These are the only Buzzfeed videos I can tolerate. Thanks for getting Butch on the show!

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    No me gusta mucho el estilo de Jason.

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    Can Kevin seriously not draw a character that doesn’t resemble him???

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    Props to Kyra for being brave enough to face off with Butch

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    Ur wacom pads are really nice i wanna have so i can prac. More!!!

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    at 1:24, she sounded like louise from bob’s burger like an older version

  40. yappatalk says:

    Butch hartman look like the clean version of charlie sheen

  41. Phaynt Gaming says:

    Kevin’s Wanda looks like it’s I. The bobs burgers universe

  42. Amir J says:

    I'm a simple man, I see Butch Hartman, I click

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    i think kevin has a bit of same face syndrome when drawing, which is normal for artists

  44. Griffy T says:

    oh cool a new video
    butch hartman oh cool not this fuckin video

  45. yvette washington says:

    Jackie saying: it didn't turn out the way I "Wanda" it too
    Cracked me up

  46. MissCaroSan says:

    Kyra bosses this every time <3

  47. Vthox says:

    The live art videos are pointless:
    Because people just come up with things end up making other people uncomfortable!!!

  48. Molymbash says:

    Kyra has the best memory i ever see, she is so good

  49. A311yaga says:

    These people should draw each other in their different styles🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

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    Am the only one jealous about their drawing skills?

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    Butch Hartman and JAson Bateman are the same person

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    I love Doug ❤️

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    Kevin and Jackie are my favorites…

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    Kyra always on point.

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    MORE DRAWING VIDEOS PLEASE! Its the only thing i watch on buzzfeed lol

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    you guys should do a superhero episode and invite a special guest artist like gabriel picolo or stephen byrne?? or artgerm??

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    Also Kyra: I think pretty good.

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