Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

David Anderson

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56 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

  1. Daily Footprints says:

    pla dnt put jonni anymore, it ruins the video, i like the other artists they have like dynamics and can learn from them…and jonni is like not putting effort on his drawings but instead hes all about talking hes own trashy opinions in life…

  2. xThunderxWolfx says:

    "Animator Vs. Cartoonist" Which one in hell is Jonni? Never invite them back.

  3. Michael Paoliello says:

    I draw and design better then jonni

  4. Menace Lee says:

    I love Jackie Lee, the way she talk, the way she smile. Damn it!

  5. Gage Hames says:

    What drawing displays do they use?

  6. 100 subscribers without any video says:

    Jonni may had drawn Miss Marvel instead of Captain Marvel.

  7. Adrian Pamintuan says:

    Is it just me or is Kevin cute?! 😅

  8. Pepega says:

    Jackie and kevin should do a podcast

  9. Confoosed Boi says:

    My favorite is Jackie

  10. jeffrey sandoval says:

    I love Jonni’s style

  11. Pluviophile says:

    Anyone tell me, Is Jonnie a male or female or trans. I'M REALLY CONFUSED

  12. iamaniceguy6969 says:

    Lol why was jonni ever a part of this. Everyone else is sweet and endearing (and talented), she clashes in every single way. Brash, rude, disingenuous, lazy, annoying, etc.

  13. Segmented Sanctum says:

    I'd be interesting if they did different different spider man interactions or the og male captain marvel

  14. Räww Chäya says:

    can’t I join? , since y’all let jonni on this mf I know I got a chance

  15. peanutbutter3217 says:

    I don’t mind Jonni’s art style. Kind of reminds me of Dr. Suess. Could do without the snarky attitude though.

  16. Ferdauzi Macarongon says:

    hello jonni? hahahaha

  17. Vanessa Steiner says:

    I honestly love love love Jonni's drawing style, but I also think she's awful on this show 🙁

  18. Vee! Pee! says:

    Please tell jonni what is the point of this video…

  19. I’m Tired Please Go says:

    Can I add my own sad description to the list of people who like Venom?

    A 16yo wannabe e-girl who just got out of a toxic relationship

    If anyone comments, please add more I wanna see

  20. Nice Profile says:

    jonni tries way too hard. it’s awkward

  21. gamer sms says:

    i love jason

  22. John McLeod says:

    Jonnis drawing looks like something a 12 year old draws on the back of their test paper. How are they a professional artist? 🤣

  23. Michael Pitcher says:

    Can we talk about Kevin's spot on Stan Lee impression

  24. Confusion king says:

    I'm watching this reminds me how I'm not talented at drawing like if u agree

  25. Confusion king says:

    Now looking back at jonnis drawing u feel better

  26. Ascending Void says:

    Jonni NEEDS to go

  27. Party Penguin says:

    Why does everyone hate on Jonni? It’s just an art style! It’s like modern art. It’s not meant to be realistic or anything!

  28. Marina Valliere says:

    Who else can watch Kevin and Jackie for hours they should make more draw-offs of just Kevin and Jackie and when I started watching this 2 days ago I love Kevin and Jackie and how funny they are together

  29. jag_grevy2019 says:

    Jackie is so random and i love it 😂

  30. LordWooFakFak says:

    I wouldn't bother drawing Captain Marvel seriously either.

  31. Mattias Klippedahl says:

    Why is this Jonni person here? Any 5 year old is just as good at drawing plus more entertaining..

  32. d r k says:

    What app are they using? I'm curious hehe

  33. Jemma Kelly says:

    Jackie is literally the worst one and Jonni is the best what are these comments

  34. Pimentel_ Leon says:

    jackie its the best i love her

  35. Jangan Camtu says:

    Jackies artwork always gets to be on the thumbnail. Her drawings and intepretation are so cool

  36. Wini Lau says:

    oh wow for once kevin’s drawing doesn’t look like him🤣

  37. Wyatt Breedlove says:

    R.I.P. Stan Lee😢

  38. chaz howard says:

    Lol that isn't that original spiderman costume

  39. Honey Rose Gurdiel says:

    Jonni : I actually like my drawing.. like I'm pretty proud of it.
    Us : We disagree, Jonni.

  40. Steven Figueroa says:

    Jonni’s drawings are NOT art. They are just bad doodles. Please don’t try to defend his art with the “It’s a different style of drawing.” Don’t bring him back, please.

  41. Nerida Hua says:

    4:15 Kevin: “the Spider man that I grew up with” Jackie: “??? Your too old for me.”

  42. Shawn Adams says:

    Why is Jonni always wearing the same muumuu

  43. sinnabum says:

    Ok so it’s alright to have an art style as an artist I recognise that it’s just the way jonni draws; but that personality… so bland,,,,,

  44. Chris says:

    4:19 LMAOOO I love this girl 😂🤣

  45. denji20 says:

    Jonni is the worst "artist" I've ever seen with any notoriety.

  46. wingchunjourney says:

    Jonni’s Captain Marvel is frightening.

  47. tron_z z says:

    Hae Joon seeing Jonni's draw :

    "Who The f*ck invite this guy?"

  48. Hunter_ Haunter says:

    8:10 that was the exact reaction my friends have when I show them my bad art ( btw I'm not saying that jonnis art is bad it's just I feel bad because I think that's what hae Joon was thinking)

  49. Capitán Rastrero says:

    Jonni is clearly just a diversity hire he didn't get there on merit.

  50. Deir Lovell says:

    The only reason why I’m watching this series was because of Jackie and Kevin

    I really hate that Jonni.

  51. Mukhtar Nabizada says:

    The question is who is the animater and who is the cartoonist

  52. Yasemin Yaman says:

    "I like this character design of this.. of this woman." yiiiiiiiiikes

  53. Flickan says:

    Jonni: "I don't know who captain marvel is but I'm gonna try"
    like he accurately drew all the other characters he knew, just fire him already.

  54. Mindboggler123 says:

    If jonni can be on this show drawing, can we just add a 4 year old as well, the pictures will look the same

  55. Eric Braun says:

    Idk if jonnie is trying or not but in these videos that he is in, I feel bad for his partner😂

  56. Scotland Taylor says:

    Captain marvel was originally a dude then his wife became the next captain marvel

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