Animation vs. Minecraft (original)

Animation vs. Minecraft (original)

Welcome To Windows 7 Computer. Our First Generation of all people who use this back in 2014 since this year if you been watching in your current year. It is not a typo i swear. *Second Coming skips* *steps on Minecraft* Second Coming: Huh? What’s that? *cautiously clicks Minecraft again* Second Coming: WOAH! *Second Coming picks up minecraft* Second Coming: What the heck is this? *places block* SC: O.O *breaks block* *Second Coming thinks*
*builds wooden blocks* Second Coming: Will it break and build just like that block? *Second Coming jumps giddily* Second Coming: IF IT IS? IM ABOUT TO MAKE MY OWN HOUSE EVER! *Green notices and walks in* Second Coming: Now for the final touches. *Green walks inside the house* Second Coming: Hey! Green: Hey! Green: Did you build all this? Second Coming: Yep! Green: Can I Try? SC: Sure! Second Coming: You just place the block. ..break it! Simple? Green: Wow! Second Coming: Here, try it! Cool… Wow!! I know what to make! Second coming: Wait! But how? Argh… *stretches* Well I’m just gonna break these blocks by myself. OOF! Come on! *punches* Finally! My bare hands work! Damn, this block is too strong! Woah! What are these? Uhh……. Using wood?? OWO *breaks* Planks this time??? *breaks again* Sticks now!? Wait… (if i break the stick then it will broken, then i can’t use it anymore) Maybe I can craft something, special… *starts crafting* Second Coming: YES! A PICKAXE! Oh yeah! *mines* *block breaks* Mission accomplished! It works!!! Green: Hey SC! Check this out! Okay…..what’d you build? *gasps* Woah! A windmill? Minecraft players, in distance: i call hacks Bigger than my house?? Dude! You’re sick at building this man. That’s one of the perfect masterpiece i’ve ever seen! Green: Great build, don’t you think? Second Coming: Duh! Blue: Got it! Second Coming: Huh? Green: Hey! Blue: *plants trees* Second Coming and Green: Whoa! *pow!* Blue: Ow. YES!! Time for me to make the tallest tree, or should i say treehouse! Yellow: HA!! Blue: D’oh! Yellow: Check this thing out! Guess what I’m making. Wait for it… BAM! Second Coming, Blue and Green: Whoa! MAGIC! Hold on, I’ve got more! Color! *claps* Red: What’s happening? Hmm, interesting. Now I’ve seen everything. Guys, y’all there? Yellow: Rainbow style! *clapping* Red: Hello my fellows! Green: Hey Red! Yellow: Red, you’ve gotta try this!! Red: What’d you got? Yellow: Come and try it! Red: Wait… *stops and thinks* Yellow: Red? Is there’s something wrong with you? Come on, you gonna try this. Red: I… Red: I Want… Red: I want that… Red: I want that block… Red: I want that block NOW!!! Everyone: NANI THE NANI?! RED?! Red: Hehehehehe!!!! This block is my precious, so no one… no one will ever get this ultimate thing! Second Coming: Red?? Don’t tell me… You should stop… Red: GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! Second Coming: AAAARRRRGGGHHH!! Blue: Come here! [Fast Blocks Placement, Trapping Blue) RED!! NO!! Yellow: Red!! why did you Do th– Yellow: OOF! Second Coming: TNT!! RUN AWAAA…. Second Coming and Green: GUH!! Red: Goodbye suckers! Green: Ooh that smarts… Blue: GUYS HELP ME!! IM TRAPPED!! D’: Yellow: Ugh… You going to pay for this, Red!! WE’RE COMING!!! Blue: Hey-HEY! Help me! Yellow: Oh! Hey, are you alright? Blue: Someone must mine this cobblestone out of the way! Yellow: I will try. *headbutts* Ow! Second Coming: Hey, use my Pickaxe, guys! I use this to break almost every blocks, so you should craft one! See? No problem. Get stuff for me. Blue: Roger that! Let’s mine it out! *crafts* Yellow: Okay. Second Coming: Here, take this stone pickaxe! Second Coming: Go get some iron! Yellow: Roger that Second Coming! Green: I Smell Iron! I’ll help you Yellow! Yellow: Thank you! Green: Here’s your Iron! Second Coming: Thanks! *crafts* Second Coming: Here, take this Iron Pickaxe then go help Blue get diamonds, you’ll get them easily with this iron pickaxe. Blue: Come on you stupid Wooden Pickaxe! But I thought this Pickaxe can break anything! Green: Blue, try iron ones, it’s much easier. See? Problem Solved! It is more durable than your Pickaxe. Second Coming: Sorry! Green: HEY!! Those were my diamonds! Blue: I’ll take the iron pickaxe. Green: Whatever you’re doing, do it QUICK!!! Second Coming: Hey, Green, take this armor! Green: Oh, okay. Second Coming: And by armor i mean here is the full diamond armor set! Second Coming:, leggings, a chestplate and a helmet before you go. SO SICK! Green: TOTAL BADASS! Second Coming: Go get some more Resources. Green: Aye aye, Second Coming! Blue: Hey dude, take it all of these diamonds and craft diamond armor sets for us! *drops a stack* SCWOAH! JACKPOT! *stretches* Alright, then. Second Coming: Here we go! *Fast Crafting Mode Activated* Yellow: Here is everything else!! SC: Okay, be patient! Alright here’s your weapons, grab everything all if you need! Yellow: Gimme that. Green: More resources, Second Coming! SC: Appreciate it Green! Blue: I’m ready!! SC: Ready for a mission? THE DIAMOND GANG FOREVER! Everyone else: Yeah! SC: He went to the Storage folder, right? Green: Yep. SC Okay, I’ll go first! Remember guys, stay alert, stay cautious, and stay safe! Blue: Nothing else in this folder? Huh, well i see nothing. Yellow: Me either. Green: What now? Second Coming: Damn… Second Coming: *gasp* BEHIND YOU, BLUE!!! *Zombie roars* HYAH! *swings sword* Second Coming: Who”s next? Everyone: MORE ZOMBIES?!?! SC: KILL ALL THE REMAINING ZOMBIES, DON’T GET TOO MUCH TROUBLE! *all fighting* SC: Let’s go up! Blue: Got ’em! Got another! SC: They went to the STUFF Folder didn’t they? A zombie spawner? What the…? Green: It seems it spawns unlimited zombies Second Coming. SC: Green, are you serious? Green: I can break it! Everyone: Nice! Second Coming: Great! SC: Let’s go guys! Everyone: Okay– All: Ouch! What the heck!? Skeleton 1: Eat this FOOLS! Skeleton 2: Keep Firing! Skeleton 3: Roger that Skeletons: You can’t beat us with the skeletons on the top too! Skeleton Top 1: OPEN FIRE Skeleton Top 3: Let them retreat! Skeleton 4: NO SURRENDER! SC: AHHH! I CAN’T TAKE THIS MUCH LONGER!! BUILD A SHIELD!!! ANYONE!??!?? Second Coming: Finally… All: Thanks Blue! Yellow: I’ve got an idea! Everyone else: What is it? Yellow: Check out this arrow dispenser! Skeleton 1: OOF! Skeleton 2: OW! Skeleton 3: Ouch! All: Hey! Good Idea!! Thats one way to remove all these arrows on our bodies… All: Go! Blue: TASTE YOUR OWN MEDICINE SKELETONS!! Second Coming: Keep reloading! Yellow: TNT Might help with those on the top.. BOMBS AWAY! Skeletons: AH! All: Go go go go go! Almost There! WHAT IS THAT?! SC: It’s kind of cute. maybe it’s harm— IT’S IGNITING!!! *GASP* Yellow: OH CRAP.. Second Coming: AH! Green: RUN!! Blue: Wah! BOOM!!! SC: Great landing! But ow… my FOOT! Blue: Ah, ow. At least we’re all still alive. Is everyone okay? All: Yeah… Blue: Let’s grab this and this… Everyone else: AH! ANOTHER ONE! Green: What? OH THIS? HAHA! All: …..the heck!? Green: There’s a secret entrance? Whoa… Huh, the bottom right of the window is broken. SC: Hmmm? Yellow: Behind me, guys! I’m gonna try blowing it up again. Yep, Seems like something… What do we do Second Coming? We MINE!! We made it!! Go! Blue: OH NO YOU DON’T! SC: Guys, regroup. Eat the apples, they regain our health back. Others: Oh! Okay!! SC: Alright, let’s go! Hold on… Others: Red? Red: Well… who shall someone oppose me, they shall execute themselves! SC Just stay here, I’m going to deal with him. Red? Are you alright? You got a little crazy back there. Can you just give us the block? Red: The answer is… NO!!!!!
Second Coming: OOOF! Yellow: I HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR NONSENSE! FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!! OUCH!! Green: Hey! NOT SO FAST!!! If you want to place stone, then try this PICKAXE! Whoa… Eh? Whoa, easy there. Red: GET AWAY! Herobrine: GET AWAY! Red: GET AWAY! Herobrine: GET AWAY! All: Is that…? Green: What’s wrong with you? Red: Time to die… Herobrine: Time to die… Red: Time to die… All: Uh oh. Blue: Let’s end this! What the-!? Red: SAY GOODBYE!! Red: SAY GOODBYE!! Blue: UGH!!! Yellow: Have a taste of TNT!!!! Red: HA HA HA! All: Let’s mine ’em down! Red: RAAAAGH! All: Wait, What?? TSC: WHAT, IT’S STRONGER THAN THE COBBLESTONE?! OW! OW! OW! OW! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SC: MY FRIENDS! NO!! That’s it…! Time to mine like a boss! Wait, it worked?? YES!!! NO!!! Red: You worthless piece of trash!! DIE!!! NO!! SC!!! *flashback* Green: Let’s get outta here!! SC: *groans* Man, he is just too strong. How will we beat him? All: What the-!? Yellow: He’s breaking through! We dont have much time! SC: Well, lets go get him then! Others: OUR WEAPONS! IT’S BROKEN! SC: What?! My Diamond Sword! HE IS GETTING CLOSER! SC: Well if we dont need weapons… true power comes from within! We just need to use what we have! I know we can do this, even if it seems like we have nothing. Let’s finish this!! Green: Count me in!! Blue and Yellow: Yeah, let’s GO!!! Red: WHERE ARE YOU? YOU CAN’T SPEED BOOST OUT OF YOUR WAY OF YOUR DEATH THIS TIME! GO! GREEN! HYAH!! NOW YELLOW! Red: WHY YOU!! WHAT?! Second Coming: Now, its my turn! All: destroy ’em Blue! Red: ARGHHHH! SC: The block! Red: NOOOO! MY POWER! THAT IS MINE! Green: I got your back! Keep going!! Red: UGH! Oof!! Yellow: SC, get the block to the recycling bin! I’ll handle Red!! Red: NOOOOO! YES! THE BLOCK! I’M GONNA GET IT! THEN I’LL KILL YOU ALL! NO!! DAMN YOU!! Blue: GET THE BLOCK!! SC: This.. Ends… NOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Red: No.. Noo.. Noo!!! Herobrine: No.. Noo.. Noo!!! Red: IMPOSSIBLE! Herobrine: IMPOSSIBLE! Red: IMPOSSIBLE! Herobrine: I’M DROWNING! Red: IM DROWNING! Herobrine: I’m Drown… AUUUGGGHHHHH! Red: Wha-What happened…? Red: Hu-Huh…? Everyone else: Do you see what you done?! Red: I-I’m sorry guys, I surrender! I don’t know what-! DONT HURT ME PLEASE! Red: Please… don’t hurt me! NOOO!!! D’: Second Coming: Welcome Back, Red. Red: Aww.. an Animation Reunion. Second Coming: OK… Green: Red, we’re just glad you’re back bro. Yellow: Huh? What?? What is this?! All: DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT… Subtitles by: The Animation Wheel, and Krystel Lavigne. Subtitles edited by: Creditor Master, Nature Shy, Subtittle Master, Raj’s Sets, ShadzMGamez, awesomestgamerboy, and Zi Wang. Viewers, feel free to edit the subtitles, but DO NOT overwrite the ending! All credit goes to Alan Becker and his patrons on Patreon. ^_^ -_^ ^_^ (♥ Alan Becker ♥) THE END

David Anderson

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