Animation vs Minecraft | AvG Reaction!

Animation vs Minecraft | AvG Reaction!

what up AVG crew I’m DJ Im Alan oh hey
guys we’re gonna watch a Minecraft animators vs. minecraft video this is
Alan’s numero uno video number two most watched minecraft video on the Internet
now I’m gonna react to it I have not seen this video because I’m a bad friend that’s uh that’s Windows 7 yeah I love
when you do this exploration stuff with your characters like figuring out new
information yeah I make it so that anyone who has never played Minecraft
can kind of start from the beginning yeah but like I want to make the stick
figures like really really smart like they’re able to just pick up things
right away they’re like children level of like new intelligence like children
are very PO yeah you cooking about you stuff yeah
you’re neuro-pathways aren’t locked in like old people they are just about
children they’re sponges I’m introducing the whole survival aspect now Oh previously he was in creative mode and
now he didn’t survival mode uh-huh as soon as he doesn’t have the cube magic
cube crafting table I remember that from our Mike half playthrough you better Shh
better not forget that like how this is teaching me to ah dude chalk green come
on yeah and there’s the thumbnail well that’s technically possible oh
really command blocks with blues the hippie
Mike’s garage that’s the earth yellow is the the engineer mm-hm so you tried to
show off like each of the colors like jams as they’re showing up I mean I kind
of gave them personalities starting from this one mm-hm
based on which one’s like what aspect contract dude is he smiling he’s kind of sneakily
messy let’s totally true it well read the one
block to rule the ball yeah it really is that’s a good analogy dude come get me
bro this part is like how to survival part –
mm-hmm better big-ass what are those iron
ingots Oh class those are diamond blocks no dang they’re
lucky they use that command at that super block is it here to generate all
this guy yeah yeah you’re super close to us very much kids
to Jesus is pretty much impossible oh my god that’s like a Korean guy this
is our craft level of speed Oh seen that Michael the professional Korean players
good oh my god they go to college for that I like that I like people like to
have that go back super skill do you have a fishing pole yes they use it to
get there yep yep yep you there are me to the teeth it’s much harder to animate
this stick figure when I was wearing full diamond armor you may notice that
the text corresponds to everything that’s happening really
yep in da Kaddi hey Rebecca
my sister-in-law you know what that is mm-hmm that’s a spawner that is that oh
it was like a lamp yeah yeah okay lantern kind of thing bonds zombies dude
you shot the face Wow did this lag your computer super hard I
mean this scene was a warm strew because all those arrows that comes and they’re
all different like layers yeah every single one called cheese and they just
keep going yeah yeah the longer I drag out the scene the more layers hang back
how many layers was this dude blammo
oh it’s a nice everything you have there it’d be a shame if it’s something happy but he also sucks you like ruin the UI
of your it like this yeah yeah there is a little dip now I hate when those guys
show up and ruin everything dude so I’m being PTSD of those they’re called
creepers creepers yeah so this is like just weird blaring like interesting
we’re ground now okay like how you even had like the shade get
brighter as the gondola can’t the lion yeah yeah yeah that’s my perfectionism
Alan just he wants everything to be super accurate which is I think awesome
to get those lanterns that schools got a machine gun I had like how he’s using it
as a weapon hit and you do that in my nope you cannot you cannot use a
dispenser with arrows in it I would assume then that you can hold and carry
that’d be awesome if you could though yeah sméagol is gone mad Shmi my
precious you will not take my precious chill oh I seen that part okay I guess a gift
maybe maybe yeah no someone made it yeah maybe doing something different
nice job Green Green is always the best No do you recognize that character that was
the normal minecraft dude right nobody has the white eyes that’s a character
called herobrine he’s it’s just like the the normal Steve that haunts Minecraft
just a legend is it that’s obsidian here yep giant block
oh Jesus could you make a giant with command
blocks like that yeah you can yeah you can double time dude he’s a hulking him poking little
oaken look yeah yeah yeah you thought geez you could just feel the brain
damage good times happy Friendship it’s not even that much to pull from that’s
like four three times for the good times they went evil right before you Smeagol
like literally two seconds before you Smeagol Smeagol II he was it was never
the same or this was who he was prior to Jesus he’s still going oh my god dead
those stickers have like insane amounts of HP well they just got super lucky oh
wow they were on the cusp of died do
oh geez this next parts a good all’s lost moment man I wanted them to go from
the very bottom yeah that’s good stories underdogs fishing pole yeah sapling
stick dude yeah friendship and belief cuz I’m a tree
he’s holding he uses it though does use it you’ll see well see and they all use
their weapons actually see the stupid creeper broke the UI and is still broken
yeah dude that’s some serious pound test like step in it this is when they took out the 8080 on
Star Wars oh yeah nice get that away from him during his farts
intense nice Air Jordans that was awesome fact thanks another
hard one it’s like a demon almost possessed him mm-hmm no yep that’s
literally what happened no friendship oh dude you’ve been thinking about that
since then I never planned on actually making it whoa but I wanted a gag at the
end that’s awesome and then the comments flooded in thank ya I never wanted to
get into leaks so that I could make that animation yeah I knew how much time it
would take but then I found out our figured that I could get experts to help
you with write the script yeah dude that’s awesome yeah I see why that one
has a bajillion views that was like actually an episode of a TV I can’t
believe how long that was 16 minutes and Helen you did that almost pretty much
all by yourself you guys don’t even understand how hard it is animate 16
minutes worth of content took me with trillion arrows separately it was way
over complicated dude that was insane but that goes to show you that hard work
pays off and you can have the number two possibly the number one minecraft video
if you sometimes hard work doesn’t pay off but then now keep going and
eventually it will pay off yeah I think that’s the lesson of this story is hard
work sometimes pays off doing no work stop getting really lucky also pays off
yeah and sometimes just being lucky is also getting your paint Logan Paul we
hope you like that video we’re gonna keep reacting these because
I haven’t seen any of these videos and I need to educate myself on my good friend
Alan Becker by

David Anderson

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