[Animation] Rock

[Animation] Rock

– Greetings, you smell like an old sock. My name’s Nathan and I never tried to move rocks with my mind. – Um… What are you doing?

David Anderson

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99 thoughts on “[Animation] Rock

  1. TehTrollinStone says:

    You. I like you. <3

  2. King Ser says:

    Sorry Dash, you're not a Esper!

  3. Toxicated Penguin says:

    "Greetings you smell like an old stock" XD

  4. Draconianite says:


  5. Buckin Bronco says:

    Tom vs RD staring match

  6. Verrou says:

    I don't know if this is normal or not, but I remember trying this as a kid… Multiple times. xD

  7. Alex K. says:

    I tried it too 😀 i was able to move it 1cm… close enough tho^^ still better than rainbow.

  8. DeusPayne says:

    Use the force dash

  9. Jαραи? Jαρнαи. says:

    I tried it before it sucks not having mind powers ….:(

  10. prograde says:

    Crack rocks?

  11. Shira No Sogeki says:

    A shoot on and that's done ;P

  12. 『Star Platinum』 says:

    Markiplier: It's not a bolder! It's a rock! It's a rooooock! Rainbow Dash: F**K YOU MARKIPLIER!

  13. Sonicspartan150 says:

    Reminds me of my preschool days…
    those were good times…

  14. Satank says:

    Rock! fucking stupid rock! >:(

  15. erravii says:

    Eyelash fail lol.


  16. Peppermint Patty says:


  17. uberbrickmaster says:

    I keep trying it, but when I blink the rock disappears. What am I doing wrong?

  18. Loup45 says:

    J aime sa lol

  19. DEUS VULT says:

    I don't know if anyone else did this, but what the hell.

    "Ponies who Stare at Rocks" coming to a theater near you

  20. Mille PurpleD says:


  21. Mercenary Hoplite says:

    The Force is not strong with this one.

  22. krig20 says:

    best video ever

  23. John Otis says:

    Still sounds better than anything related to Twilight.

  24. DEUS VULT says:

    That was a play on the "Men Who Stare at Goats" movie with george clooney.

  25. agn5522 says:

    I used my mental powers on a rock, and not only did the rock move, but the whole planet spun and moved in space around a star!! Top that! 😉

  26. AnyponyZen says:

    If we keep trying, in a million years our species might evolve to be able to do it.

  27. Prince Goat Cheese says:

    Man, if only Bioshock Plasmids exist…

  28. Jessie and Isabelle says:

    she did it rd did. if you look twilight's horn is not sparkling.

  29. Stainway says:

    0:20 Look VERY closely at Rainbow Dash… I know. I'm a pervert.

  30. Scrubs McGee says:

    The lemur's not the one who's earth bending!

    It's THE GIRL

  31. Ross Solen says:

    I don't know what i watched but… i think i need too click subscribe

  32. Bijou Berriesgood says:

    Lol AHHHHH!!!

  33. Zero Fox Given says:

    I wanna rock… ROCK!!!

  34. erravii says:

    No, Twilight's horn IS glowing. D: Aww man.

  35. Jessie and Isabelle says:


  36. Rainbow Dash says:

    I am


  37. Isz says:

    "You're a hairy wizard."

  38. KaiUchiha15 says:

    They're minerals, Rainbow!

  39. Abaigeal Semczuk says:


  40. KillaSmash says:

    they should make a "guile's theme goes with everything for this lol

  41. CrY4oR4AlL says:

    Is it wrong for me to think RainbowDash would actually try this XD

  42. bobloblaw914 says:

    how to move rocks with your mind:
    use mind to make plan to trick some one into picking up the rock

  43. newquinken says:

    who else expected the rock to be Tom?

  44. some nerd says:

    What do you use to animate?

  45. Madam Red says:

    0:22 Congrats Rainbow, you lost the staring contest.

  46. Quiet Rage says:

    Why does Twilight have to crap on ponies dreams?

  47. Jay says:

    Out of curiosity, why would someone WANT to move rocks with their mind?

  48. Nash Corvette says:


  49. Sp3cial1st says:

    at the end awkward…

  50. st3ff says:

    "Beyond: Two Souls"?

  51. Rainbow Dash says:

    I am never speaking of this again.

  52. TheBeet6661 says:


  53. Reddie Deaddie says:

    Darn it! Your footing was just off!
    ( Oh, and u have no horn…)

  54. Tarah Bee says:

    Maud would be proud

  55. Anony Mous says:

    If you EVER get back to this, you HAVE to do "Breaking the Land Speed Record" one.

  56. PROJECTROBERT89 says:


  57. *cough says:

    don't rock it if you haven't tried it … oh, ahaha oh golly gee i sure am a silly filly heh eheh heh …… what am i doing

  58. Rainbow Dash says:

    Lol twilight

  59. ClouderSavage says:

    Mauro: Her look at the end was priceless.

  60. TR-8R says:

    Anyone here who can honestly say that they have never tried moving an object with their mind?

  61. Kitten Karma says:

    maude can 

  62. Good Overlord says:

    ….Looks like The Force is not strong with Nathan….

  63. Solar's Wrath says:

    The despair in Rainbow's eyes when she realise Unicorn can do it and she's just a pegasus.

  64. sirMAXX says:

    I've tried that before, a few times.

  65. Green DJ Pizza and Blue and Lucky Salad delete says:

    I'm gona try 😄😄😄

  66. Green DJ Pizza™ says:

    It makes SENCE

  67. mango says:

    she wants to be an alicorn

  68. Alex Wiggins says:

    Use the force

  69. Superningapony says:


  70. Elsa and clestia says:

    Twilights horn is not glowing

  71. ProMonarchyGenius says:

    I wonder what Maud Pie has to say about this

  72. Connor Heaton says:

    Jesuz Christ, Dashie…it's a Mineral

  73. Dana Rushing says:

    i love the beggining Greatings you smell like a old sock

  74. Blade TheAss says:

    The original guy is actually the VA for The Scout. :3

  75. Atty says:

    That's my life policy. I might be going through life with a super power and never realize I have it. Got to TRY EVERYTHING.

  76. Sparkychu 101 says:

    Use the force rainbow dash use the force!

  77. Electro Kitten says:

    Use the horse!

  78. VicariousReality7 says:

    It is fun to do this in dreams

  79. Apricock says:

    Only Maud can do that!

  80. WorldWalker128 says:

    I am sad to say that I HAVE tried to move rocks with my mind. And late last year, after having a Star Wars dream in which I was a Jedi, I got up in the morning and while still half asleep I reached for my keys and expected them to fly to my hand.

  81. Blue Winter says:

    Just you wait Rainbow Dash, by season 17 mane 6 will all be alicorns and you can move all the damn rocks your little heart desires!!

  82. Redtv12 Gaming says:

    You smell like an old sock

  83. Sabr3cat says:


  84. FoddMasterZim says:

    I can't say I haven't tried

  85. mixed says:

    Ay its the scout

  86. Anguished cucumber says:


  87. Jon says:

    I still love you, Dashie.

  88. Your Local H2O says:

    What animator do you use, @D0ubleRainb0wDash Animations? 😀

  89. AurSucks says:

    staring challenge with a rock…

    the rock won…

    But your eyes were on fire

  90. Pad Fam says:

    Hahahaha! XD I love Dis Animat0n!

  91. numaTruehome 100 says:

    The Pegasus, she's EARTH BENDING!!! :O

  92. Draconicus the Reaper says:

    we now know Rainbow's middle name. its Nathen so her full name is Rainbow Nathen Dash

  93. Megan Gagliardi says:

    Twilight ruined the moment

  94. samurai2871 says:

    Holy crap Rainbow Dash used her mind to get Twilight to pick up a rock!!!

  95. stevenstrumpf7 says:

    There's a trick to it, unicorns only, sadly, but doable.

  96. Evan Dinosaur says:

    "Greetings, you smell like an old sock!"
    Well that's one way to say "Hello!"

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