Animation Plans – What a year?

Animation Plans – What a year?

WOW! What a year? Hello. This is just a quick video to wish you all
happy holidays. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Looking back… What a year? I have achieved a lot of my animation goals
and I’ve met a lot of talented people and I’m proud to call a lot of them my friends. I’ve learned so much and I wanted to let you
know that in this coming year I will be analyzing more shots and I will also start a series
of videos on tips or thoughts about animation. Habits and mindsets that I’ve picked up over
the years that really helped me. There’s so much to learn and hopefully with
your comments we make this a discussion and make it a more interactive way of learning. I’ll see in 2020 with more videos and way
more animation related content. Happy holidays and a happy new year. Consider Subscribing and hitting the bell
so you don’t miss anything. Keep animating, study, have fun. Thanks for watching!

David Anderson

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    Εισαι μπουλντόζα

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