Animation Movies : Sintel | 3D CGI Animated Short Film

Animation Movies : Sintel | 3D CGI Animated Short Film

This blade has a dark past. It has shed much innocent blood. You’re a fool for traveling alone,
so completely unprepared. You’re lucky your blood’s still flowing. Thank you. So… What brings you to
the land of the gatekeepers? I’m searching for someone. Someone very dear?
A kindred spirit? A dragon. A dangerous quest for a lone hunter. I’ve been alone for
as long as I can remember. We’re almost done. Shhh… Hey, sit still. Good night, Scales. Get him, Scales! Come on! Scales? Yeah! Come on! Scales! I have failed. You’ve only failed to see… These are dragon lands, Sintel. You are closer than you know. Scales! Scales? Scales…

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Animation Movies : Sintel | 3D CGI Animated Short Film

  1. Aga and boy Gadingan says:

    dan sonnyboy B. gadingan

  2. CiberneticNerd says:


  3. rajesh navagare says:

    so sad story but good story .. loved it

  4. John Carlo Cagas says:

    I did not like that at all. I thought I was immune to these things. I thought Bridge to Terabithia prepared me for films like these. I thought wrong…

  5. carrie muise says:

    sintel would be good as a longer movie

  6. Seven Deadly Sin says:

    Best short animation collection is here:

  7. Robert Lalum says:

    most exellent

  8. Syahmi Aiman says:

    SO SAD (T.T)

  9. Jonathon Chambers says:

    6 minutes in, you have earned my like and several tears. Looking forward to watching the rest, but so far, I love it when the writer uses chronological order as a mere suggestion or guideline. Showing events in the order they happened can kill a good plot.

  10. Jonathon Chambers says:

    Saw to the end, and you got me good! I was thinking, "No! That's Scales's Mum! You can't fight her! I can't imagine anything worse than that!" You got me looking one way and pulled a rabbit. Well done.

  11. Nope Nope says:

    Weird ass stupid, lame ending.

  12. jeremiah bradley says:

    so you're telling me this movie was done with blender?

  13. Darthfatbelly says:

    i am crying immensely right now.

  14. Gabby Keyes says:

    My poor little heart…..

  15. Gabby Keyes says:

    My poor little heart…..

  16. David Lemon says:

    Probably the best ever video I've watched in a long time… Really amazing art and talent… both in story and production.. not to mention animation..

  17. Balla Vivi says:

    This is so sad 😢 Im crying

  18. Hanachii says:

    She hadn't realised how much time had passed…

  19. Aki Ami Masen says:

    Great Video but moral of this fairy tale: walking and chasing the dragon after when he was fly away with his other or father was a big waste of time she was not only lost her youth but she also slain her little dragon.
    But what will be life without goals and purpose?
    Trust me that will be a good life.
    Time is passing by really fast and you got only one life so don't waste it for fairy tales made by your own mind.

  20. Berenika Pešlová says:

    i have to say i love it:) this really is good

  21. Rod Kerkhoven says:

    Great performance in all aspects apart from the time on the road. She must have been at it for a good 10 years if not 20 – I don't know how long it takes for a dragon to grow up.

  22. Didier Khwartz says:

    Very Thanks For This Very Nice Film! 🙂 💙

  23. Rachel Bond says:

    this way definitely well made! i loved the message of this short story. absolutely beautiful and as true as it can be, time goes fast, dont blow it!

  24. Александр Папков says:

    До слез…

  25. Randy Landry says:

    Why would someone make this!! SO SAD 🙁

  26. broshea156 says:

    r u trying to make me cry

  27. broshea156 says:

    that can not finish like that me a next on that the dragon did not die plz

  28. Cooper says:

    I can barely make a cup in blender.

  29. Jessyca Sandy says:


  30. Moon says:

    This made me cry 🙁

  31. Cinta Indonesia says:

    The woman in this movie is very2 stupid person

  32. Marinella De Francesco says:

    so sad..

  33. Alice Liddell says:


  34. RazviPufarina Ro says:


  35. DemoonGamer says:

    its a good film but so sad :'(

  36. Sunriser Lark says:

    Nicely done. Too bad it's such a mean spirited ending. I certainly wont be promoting it for that very reason.

  37. Ornin Karen says:

    awwwwwwwwwww so sad😞😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭

  38. Nikita velvet says:

    i.. i dont know what to say
    im speechless. its amazing. really
    i really loved it (y)

  39. Stinn Spidy says:


  40. Alex Castillo says:

    This video was amazing, I loved it 😭 it's sooo sad I almost cried watching scales die and then the feels hit me Mars when scales baby was following close behind 😩 I loved this so much

  41. Valentin Koscheyev says:

    She hopes to accomplish what – if the hatchling dragon is among its own kind? I call BS on this – she would just pack up and split. SHe is going back to town and raise a baby dragon to grow into an adult dragon in some back alley? Silly [email protected] The combat scene was garbage. unarmoured female smashed by a dragon tail and the B. gets up, no rib damage? bs. Look at how an 8 – 9' alligator can break a full grown man's leg at short range. dragon tail 8x her height in length and weighing easily a ton . . . it is a meat tree swatting her to a stone floor. By allowing a the excuse "It's a fantasy movie" and anything goes – wrong. Total suspension of belief is a pathetic lack of allotting for real life variables, which removes being able to relate to the character because now they might as well be a demi-god. Film needs work. It is shallow and without any graduated depth. Minimal view of mutaul interaction in earlier part of the movie – if the girl does not see a pile of little dragon bones – seeing the small hatchling in a nest – she should get her butt out of the cave – end of story.

  42. Lordol1 says:

    Realy great film….wunderfull sad storry…i cried

  43. Maribel Rosa says:

    boom then the little monster bit tee eeee sss the shit out of her

  44. Maribel Rosa says:


  45. ceeony says:

    What's the name of the song that plays after she says "Scales…" ?

  46. Abigail Nuttall says:

    crying my eyes out that was so fucking emotional😢😭😭

  47. Kitty Cat says:

    This is really amazing. Your understanding of how things move is outstanding!

  48. savagemamba 16 says:

    this is about a friend that who never realize who it was 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  49. Yannick Bertels says:

    best story i ever see

  50. LotsinMyMind says:

    dammit, dude! dammit!!

  51. Leavyon Blake says:

    that was good A1 voice actor

  52. Sue says:

    I cried so hard ;(

  53. Commenter Commenty pants says:

    My heart hurts now…

  54. ScreenTimeOnly says:

    my nigga

  55. Soumali Sinha says:

    i love the concept..really nice touchy

  56. Art Person says:

    I wasnt ready for this trip of feels

  57. shaun goldsmith says:

    I want more!!! make a second please!

  58. Lady. Levy. says:


  59. Susan Shannon says:

    LOVE! Want the full movie! One of the best I've seen! The only problem is that you aged her too much. I wish you had just left her as a young woman- who says it takes forever for a dragon to reach adulthood? Then we could see a future for her and the new baby dragon! Love the character and would love to see several movies with her in it.

  60. Kitten says:

    im crying….I didn't know that i still have emotion….

  61. Dreadrat says:

    so wait she thought she killed her pet but it survived in the end or i maybe need to watch it agin

  62. Annaele 7 says:

    Sintel was alone in the world trying to survive every and each day. Then she met that wound baby dragon and she was not alone any more. She has found a purpose in her life. Named the litle dragon scales. When the big bad dragon takes scales away, you can see in Sintel eyes the determination to find scales in every cost. Start an epic journey all over the world to find scales. The years passing by but Sintel doesn't realised how many. For her is like few days ago that has lost scales. So when Sintel enters in to the dragon lair go to the baby dragon but she mistaken. Scales has grown up to a she-dragon and in the nest is her baby. Because so many years is past Scales doesn't recognise Sintel from the first sight and try to protect her baby. So Sintel kill Scales. WHY? WHY must ending this way? WHYYYYY? (sobbing, tears run to my face, sobbing, more tears. Ok i'm crying) WHY?

  63. Quinton the Villain says:

    Ugh, drop-kicked in the heart again.
    When the hell will i finally learn to dodge.

  64. Taiane Ferreira says:


  65. VongolaJuudaimeHime says:

    I expected this ending but shit still hurts.

  66. Gahmuret Van Begonia says:


  67. Raven Artist says:


  68. Raven Artist says:

    Dammit! I came here to have a good time, and now I feel SO ATTACKED! RIGHT IN THE FEELS GOT DAMMIT!!! THE FEEEEEELS!!!

  69. He ya says:

    OMG that music at the end 😭😭😢😢

  70. He ya says:

    OMG that music at the end 😭😭😢😢

  71. BassBoostedSongs1 says:

    It was a incredible short movie also sad. I was honestly in tears :'( well made!

  72. james bivens says:

    One of the saddest things I've watched in a long time…..but was a very good short.
    Loved it!

  73. wolfcat87 says:

    This movie was DUMB. This movie was reaaaal reaaaaaal dumb. Waste of 15 mins of my life.

  74. David Bee says:


  75. Kingviper says:

    the first time i saw this many years ago, it was the saddest thing i have ever seen, still is.

  76. Prince Owen says:

    Seriously? There's no backstory for the rod!, It's quite an easy kill for the beast even if you're SUPER strong enough to OVERPOWER it and push it away…I know many male characters who can't do that (6:29). And, what made Scales keep attacking anyways?…also Why did the cave collapse? Well apart from those. Awesome story. Great music at 10:30, I wish I could find it. And by the way, that little dragon at the end was more like looking for revenge than looking for a new mum. No dragon would love to be under the care of someone who killed it's parent.

  77. Angel Castilleja says:

    they should make this a full feature ,I like it

  78. Dr. Watschly says:

    Its so sad but i love it.

  79. onur coşkun says:


  80. CrumBle says:

    Wow! Daddy Finger Ad =/

  81. MISS CHAMPAGNE says:


  82. Terrence Sartor says:

    Can u make an short action film like this for my company? Email me at [email protected]

  83. mariana rebolledo says:


  84. Rumple Foreskin says:

    Very, very good.

  85. Feline Discipline says:

    It's sad but at least it's a happy ending, she gets Scales child at the end

  86. Yogesh sahu says:

    Jay johar

  87. Collasol Bear says:

    Amazing critics say

  88. Bomber says:

    R.I.P Dragon

  89. MariC Tamrz says:

    Watched this years ago and just watched it again and still think it’s amazing made me tear up

  90. SnigdhasArt says:

    Ahhh lovely!!!! Everything!!! Baby dragon follows her at the end may be that will make up her loss!!!

  91. Phoenix Phoenix says:

    I want to ask, how did you get your hair moving?

  92. OPZ ** says:

    It just proves people act first before taking the time to find out the truth

  93. Anon CO says:

    I love how it shows human flaws.

  94. Smexybunny758 says:

    What is her hair and eye color?
    Her hair looks red, but it could be brown.

  95. Archie Whicita says:


  96. clara foxy says:

    Hmm……. not bad

  97. Aspen Carter says:

    Short animation makers are never fans of actual good endings…it sucks. I can never find happy animations.

  98. Sam Remetar says:

    Lesson to learn, dragon is a dragon, human is a human. Should let it free where's dragon belong. Same if you love someone let it free and support where he/she will be happy.

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