Animated Deep Fakes – Rick & Morty | Animating with AI

Animated Deep Fakes – Rick & Morty | Animating with AI

in my first animating with AI video you
voted for me to tackle Rick & Morty next so here we are “I’m something of a
scientist myself” I initially tried using deep fake software like deep fakes
where Beta and Face app for this but they all failed to read a 2D character as a
human face like you might expect so coming up short with that I tried my
life back with EB synth which is a style transfer software that doesn’t
technically use artificial intelligence but I thought it might get us a similar
result to a deep fake that we could apply to animation last time doing The
Simpsons the biggest problem we ran into is the lack of detail in the original 2d
footage all the flat colors meant that there wasn’t enough landmarks
information to track the movement accurately so we’ve got some strange
results for a more reliable base let’s try it with a 3d version I’m using this
footage from Dan Beauvais who has done an incredible job of modeling and animating
loads of Rick and Morty scenes all in Maya I’m gonna use this clip here from
the pilot and I’m gonna select a frame where he has an open mouth to get all
that teeth detail that we want and I’m going to take that into Photoshop and
repaint it in a new style to apply that to the whole scene instead of going 100%
digital painting I’m gonna use a photo montage of mr. Dafoe’s wonderfully
expressive face because we have to match the proportions of the original frame
very closely this is going to look a bit strange it turned out just just a tad
more horrifying than I expected and I wasn’t exactly expecting it to be
particularly flattering here’s before and here’s after let’s put an image
sequence of the original clip and a new frame into EB synth and take a look this is actually way better than I was expecting the extra lighting information from the 3d rendering makes a huge difference to
show the difference here’s a frame that I’ve tweaked to fit the original 2d
footage and let’s see how that one compares this one is significantly more horrifying especially with the way the teeth mangle and mash into each other is particularly upsetting to me I also did another version with William Defoe’s
head put straight on to the footage with no editing at all let’s see how this one
looks Ok, this one isn’t great either but it kind
of tracked to his head pretty nicely it’s mainly the eyes in the mouth move
but you know mess it up a fair bit the 3d one wasn’t perfect by any means but I
think for some use cases maybe a psychedelic sequence where this sort of
floaty painterly look that you get could work really well and this software would
save a whole lot of time in that process I did one last test using what the
software was built for adding style to film footage where added some more Rick
like features to mr. Dafoe here this one I think turned out great
it’s much more subtle but the hair the eyebrows and the pupils are nearly
flawless and even though the dribble sort of jumps about a bit on his chin
I kind of think that doesn’t matter too much in the context of the whole scene
it kind of looks like the light is just reacting to it and it’s not too
noticeable or distracting the only real error I noticed is where the eyebrows
sort of breaks apart in this section here but I think we can live with that
please let me know down in the comments what other animated properties you’d
like to see me vandalize for this and some other cutting edge software I’ll
see you in the next video Subtitle: Zoe J Marriott

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Animated Deep Fakes – Rick & Morty | Animating with AI

  1. Jack Dewar says:

    "I'm in a ben marriot video morty, he put willem dafoe's face on me, make me look all real and shit. This is the peak, it's all downhill from here morty"

  2. Alexander Caceres Gerasymlyuk says:

    What what that actually looks. Good? Till glitches

  3. Ice PlayZ says:

    look in his eyes at the end …

    he's a bat but a human trying to get us all

  4. ByTxbi says:

    I would love to see Bojack Horseman may be also really hard tho…

  5. Kazimir says:

    I would like to see a whole episode or even movie with this

  6. Dissonance Paradiddle says:

    This is only gonna get better with time

  7. Gucci❤Mademoiselle says:

    Omg now I can’t unsee Rick as Willem Defoe!!! Please do Bojack Horseman!

  8. Maxwell Sellards says:

    God this is terrifying

  9. Hack Jermans says:

    When will they start making movies that look like this?! 😍

  10. Bruva Michal says:

    can you do trailer total war warhammer

  11. Bob Thornton says:

    King of the Hill, do King of the Hill like this.

  12. Philippe Bruneau says:

    Does it improve the quality when had multiple keyframe(3 or 4) let's say a main one and then you modify the ones that break down?

  13. nekorain says:

    This is not AI.

  14. UJWL and films says:

    Make shrek into a…a…idk he's the real ogre

  15. Adonas Official says:

    1:11 Me waking up in the morning

  16. jay travers says:

    That is like some full on claymation the future is bright. Beautiful work!

  17. Oliven G says:

    I wanna try this out so bad…! Is EbSynth free?

  18. Joshua Rieth says:

    Mickey Mouse

  19. RetroBat says:

    I wonder how difficult it would be to animate Finn from Adventure Time.

  20. Cristian Villavicencio says:

    I think Archer would be perfect, considering its style is already more realistic.

  21. Biotorial says:

    Simpsonize life!

  22. Christian William says:

    I know that you put AI in the title to attract more viewers, but still bothers me that…

  23. skamnatron5000 says:

    Maybe you can make ‘The Problem Solvers’ NOT look like neon flaming garbage.

  24. VanXanaX says:

    I think it would be cool if you did the same thing using comic book panels

  25. BlazingOwnager says:

    Why would you use the great William DaFoe when you could have used Christopher Lloyd? It was begging for it.

  26. Hector Garcia says:

    Me and my dirty mind when i daw Dafoe ahaha

  27. ummwell says:

    The original Transformers series

  28. Manoel Neto says:

    I don't know how much frames the program can compile to take information and then process the animations… but, if you can, try to put the paintings/edits in more than 1 frame and see if the animation get smoother. You could put more information for the AI to compile.

  29. XenoKnightAlpha says:

    I'm here from YouTube recommendations, and I am not disappointed!

  30. Ty Anderson says:


  31. neon burrito says:

    how would it look, if you'd put a whole different picture in here? like completely completely different

  32. Tedious Totoro says:

    Try and do Over the Garden Wall, I’m just curious what it would look like

  33. Dream Desk says:

    This makes me so sad

    And scared

  34. CCLemonZ says:

    It's Willem not William

  35. Conflex says:

    can you make me an intro?

  36. Wojciech W says:

    Willem Dafoe as Rick? OMG YEEES

  37. Bluethumbbutton Eek says:

    Man u could tinker with this for a whole year n prob still not master it

  38. Lock gate says:

    I would like to see what you could do with the Berserk (2016) anime. That would be cool.

  39. Blake Mann says:

    Here's an idea.. apply the movie Jokers to the Batman Animated Series Joker scenes…

  40. Eli Davis says:

    Style transfer is still 100% AI

  41. Zeke Rivanian says:

    that dribble needed to be blue…

  42. PierZeNation says:

    Omg that homer simpson footage is great

  43. Gamer On A Quest says:

    Have you just inspired Disney to sign for a live action R&M movie? 🤔

  44. John Tello says:


  45. 5onik101 says:

    Im something of a drunk myself

  46. Duncan & Suzanne Thomas says:

    Batman the animated series

  47. CheesyQuokka YT says:


  48. Jason Lovi says:

    Dude, this is literally rotoscoping done easy

  49. Tiefsee says:

    some… anime… you know; that stuff with shoolgirks or tentacles….

  50. Kram1032 says:

    Can you perhaps try a two-step approach?
    In case of Rick and Morty you got a bunch of 2D and 3D scenes, so first train up style transfer from 2D to 3D, then use the 3D transferred images for the final version.

  51. Number_055 says:

    This got horrifying quick.

    Jesus christ.

  52. stan kidofu says:


  53. Dead_ShoulderS says:

    Dafoe could be the guy 'born to play' Rick like Reynolds/Deadpool or Robert Downey Jr/Iron-Man in live action 👀😬

  54. Jorge Espinosa says:

    That's the best intro I've seen in my life!😂

  55. Jonas Olesen Trads 9B KILDEN says:

    You need to do family guy!!!

  56. Maxim Bandel says:


  57. DhillyDally Films says:

    Family guy would be awesome!

  58. Making Games says:

    This is quite cool. Especially the dafoe-one, where you kind of paint on his face. I got this recommendation from youtube, while I was actually making something psychedelic using the same technique. I am still waiting on the render to see how it will turn out..

  59. Maxim Mikhaylov says:


  60. David Nori says:

    I'd just like to see a tutorial on how to do this yourself actually

  61. mazimadu says:

    This is GOOD creepy!

  62. Jasper T. says:

    I’m… that’s no dribble…

  63. Geo says:

    I’m morbidly curious about how steven universe might look with this

  64. Johnny Cox says:


  65. Manuel Camelo says:

    THIS… is the FUTURE of Memes.

    We Love RWICK & MWORTY btw..

  66. Reza Lucien says:

    0:05 makes me want to gouge out my eyes…

  67. Andrewarez says:

    It would be really horrifying to see some Shrek scenes with this kind of creepy realism

  68. Joseph Maxwell says:

    So cool

  69. Evonix says:

    The "my trains" animation by aimkid or whatshisname

  70. InsaneNikral says:

    Was curious at what dpi you were doing these, 1080 at 150dpi slows EBsynth down quite a bit on my gaming desktop

  71. stevie gilliam says:

    jimmy netron idk why but please try it

  72. Doc Holiday says:

    Not be be unconstructive but I thought it looked shit, especially when you digitally edited spider man scene made him look like he was in a green screen effect for me

  73. Caleb Fletcher says:

    "I'm something of a scientist myself" LMAO thats perfect

  74. Ryan Sulak says:

    how did you make the final effect? where the photoshopped dafoe moves with the scene?

  75. SneakerTifosi says:

    Please do bobs burgers

  76. jacob elgan says:

    Spongebob in the style of grotesque SpongeBob closeups

  77. Abort Consciousness says:

    How can a Deep Fake be animated, when it, per definition, is designed to fool a viewer into thinking they see an actual person and that goal is unachievable with animated characters?

  78. Tyler Hawley says:

    How about Jimmy Neutron? Already 3D, and pretty popular. Maybe those older graphics can be brought up to modern standards.

  79. Greenevvo says:

    You should vandalize some kid's Roblox animation/slide show!

  80. huskytzu says:

    Using deepfake for painting is actually kinda genius. I’m waiting for someone to actually make a big budget movie like that

  81. J BM says:

    Willem Defo should definitely Star, in live action Rick and Mitty Movie

  82. Huetete says:

    YTP Tool

  83. 1L4U says:

    its soo good that its scary…
    am just thinking about how we can make some really good memes out of this

  84. Ryo says:

    You should've used Peter Capaldi as Rick he looks more like him.

  85. Taffy Adam says:

    Kill it

  86. Taffy Adam says:

    I still say to do the spongebob closeups

  87. Nitwit's World says:

    You did it! You saved Rick & Morty! 😀 Love you brother from the animation mother. 😆I hope you do more of these in the future. Also, I would love you to do some animation photoshops on Swat Kats. Now that will be interesting to see.

  88. HonestlyAwesome says:

    this would be good for ytp

  89. Hossy Phossy says:

    South park

  90. The Fat Fuck T-RexIan says:

    hey there chief wanted to let ya know you should do at least 3 frames with the art style your aiming for also i think maybe that scene of peter dancing in the black suit with the style of in to the spider verse with vivid colors and hard lines on defining features

  91. Unauthorized says:


    Have you tuought about doing ancient Gods and goddesses?

    NgL, Mariah Mars would definitely make for the perfect Cleopatra

  92. Sergiy Botsman says:

    this is the most horrifying deepfake I've ever seen, after 3:28 on the right hand side 😛

  93. Doctor Branius says:

    Please do a deep fake of Terminator, replace Arnold with john Wayne's face, Reese with kirk douglas face pleeeeese

  94. Calorus says:

    Bailed out. Don't want nightmares.

  95. zn creative says:

    Peter Pan
    Fragel rock

  96. WE says:

    Use this to colorize black and white animation

  97. Vincent Thomas says:

    Rick: Hell no, M*buuurp*orty, I'm gonna end that motherfucker. He made me 3D, which in and of itself isn't a big deal, I don't really give a shit, but 3D Ricks are pervs Morty. Just ask the 3D Mortys. I mean they're into weird shit Morty, ya know what I mean?

    Morty: Yeah, Rick, I get it, but can't we just let it go.

    Rick: I mean stuff that'll get you on the Federation's sex offender registry Morty, which in a way, I respect, because you really gotta innovate to make a government of rubber stamping insects to get soft.

    Next scene, Morty: Well hello 3D Rick. Have a seat. Have a seat right over there. Now you wanna tell us where your creator is or or or, are we gonna like, have to tell 3D Beth what you know?

  98. Trevor Wilch says:

    Courage the cowardly dog would be amazing with this style

  99. fartzinwind says:

    Please God, let there be a real Rick and Morty commercial where Willem Dafoe plays Rick..and i don't know Morty is Micheal J Fox, because why the fuck not.

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