ALL DISNEY PRINCESSES WANT TO MARRY PRINCE ADAM. (Frozen Elsa, Belle, Ariel, Moana and Tiana)

ALL DISNEY PRINCESSES WANT TO MARRY PRINCE ADAM. (Frozen Elsa, Belle, Ariel, Moana and Tiana)

Later, in this video… I want to marry the
beast! What! Yes, so I think for Valentine’s Day I’m going to cook a lovely meal for
Prince Adam. Uhh, that sounds so sweet, he’s gonna love it. And I think am going to
get Kristoff a giant box of chocolates. He is a total chocoholic, unlike me. Uhh, that’s
so sweet, like literally so sweet. I on the other hand, I think am going to make Olaf
a giant heart in the snow because we are like BFFs. Now that is snow sweet, ha ha ha. Loves
me… Loves me not. That’s me… LeFou pay attention, do you hear this? I’m in
crisis mode, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and Belle wants to cook dinner for the Beast,
ugh. Well, who needs love anyway? But you know, eating three very well balanced meals is very
nutritious and good for your health. Whose side are you on anyway? Well – well yours
of course. But Gaston, Belle totally loves Prince Adam. The only way she’d ever like
you is if you uh, put her under a magic spell, ha ha ha. That’s it! I’ll put a spell on
Belle so that she want marry me instead of that Beast. Ooh, Gaston, you are a genius.
But wait! Where am I going to get a magical spell? Why don’t you ask that mistress of
Darkness Lady. Gosh, what’s her name again? Who? Maleficent. Mmmm, never heard of her.
What! Sure you have. Remember she put that spell on Aurora. Listen LeFou, I don’t have
time for stories. Quick, give me Maleficent address and I will program it into waze.
All right, step one; the first little pre valentine’s day gift for my girl…. she’s
gonna love this right, Chip? Oh yeah, Belle’s going to love them. If you could deliver this
first gift, I will get the next gift ready. You got it. You have arrived. Thank you Siri,
the only woman who respects me. We’ve arrived! Ooh no! That’s where Maleficent lives! I’m
not going up there… who’s her roommate… Dracula? Oh come on LeFou, don’t be such
a scaredy cat, it’s not that ba… uhhhhh! You were saying? Uh, I don’t know what that
was. That wasn’t me. Anyway, let’s go Lefou. Aaw… thank you Chip, thanks for delivering
this rose, it’s so pretty. Oh, I can’t believe he got you a rose, it’s not even
Valentine’s Day yet. Uh, what a nice surprise Belle. I think one day when the time is right,
you two are going to get married. Oh my gosh! I hope so. Oh, I know so, it’s clear that
he only has eyes for you. Helloo! Helloo! Okay LeFou, let’s split up. You go that
way and I’ll go this way. Okay boss, I mean, this place is actually kind of growing on
me. It’s kind of homey. It’s uh, uh dragon! Did you hear me? There’s a dragon! Run LeFou
I’ll hold it off. What is all this screaming about and what are you doing in my castle?
Hi, pleased to meet your acquaintance. Uh, again. Well, hello Gaston, I have never realized
what a dreamboat you are. Dreamboat! Oh, you mean him? Hello Maleficent, I need your help.
He needs your magic to help Belle, “the village girl” fall in love with him. I didn’t ask
you shipwreck. Hey! You know, even some of the most famous ships are sunk-wrecked.. destroyed.
As I was saying, I need your magic to make Belle want to marry me. That’s what I just
said. I see, well, I’ve got the perfect solution. You do? Great! Let’s hear it.
I think you should forget about Belle and we should get married instead. What do you
say you little cutie- patootie? You? Ha ha ha ha. Silence! Oh you are serious. Listen, I couldn’t
possibly marry you. You have um horns and they do not compliment my… my eyes. Look
Maleficent, you seem like a really nice lady, but Gaston just wants Beast out of Belles
life so he can marry her. Yeah and I want to marry all the princesses. You do? Yeah.
Wait wait.. You do? Yeah. What! Yes. Well, since Belle hasn’t asked me to marry her
yet, I should have the other princesses want to marry me and then I could choose one of
them. You know that makes no sense, right? Right. I think it would make more sense once
you see the slide show that LeFou put together. LeFou? Right. Got it, boss. Uh Maleficent,
do you have a projector that we could… Stop! I do not have time for this. You know, we
really could have had something. Here, take these. Uuuh, chocolate! These aren’t for
you. Gaston have Belle eat these and she will be dying to marry you or Beast or whoever.
Why, thank you Maleficent. If for some reason my marriage to Belle doesn’t work out, perhaps
you and LeFou could be wed. See you later, Alligator. Alligator! But I am a dragon, ugh.
Oui oui, Mademoiselle, this is your next pre- valentines day surprise. Uh, Really! Oh my
gosh! I love it. Wow! it’s perfect Belle. Oh my gosh! Prince Adam is a total… I know
he is so thoughtful sending you all these gifts. I wish Kristoff sent me gifts, he just
sends me selfies. And done, the last piece of chocolate has been rewrapped. No
one wraps like Gaston, candy snacks like Gaston. Wait! What do you mean the last chocolate
is rewrapped? When each of the princesses eats one of these chocolates, they’ll magically
want to marry the Beast. He he, So smart. Uhh! And then I can snoop in and save Belle
from her lonely broken heart. Um, how are the princesses going to eat these chocolates
Gaston? Oh, that’s where you come in my friend, you are to deliver them at once. Me?
Okay, I will deliver them but am not wearing that hat, it’s so last season. Why, hello
there, ladies? LeFou, what are you up to? You are not up to some magical trick are you?
Uhh, I am… Why would you think that Elsa? Ha ha ha, I’m just kidding, what are you up to
LeFou? Uhh, I just came to deliver these chocolates. Nothing’s wrong with them, they’re fine. Chocolates,
to who? They’re probably for you Belle. Since Adam is already given you gifts. Oh
yes, they’re from Gas… Prince Adam, he asked me to deliver them. Oh, so many special
surprise gifts he’s sending. Yeah but, they aren’t for you Belle, they’re only for
Elsa and Anna and the other princesses. Wait! What? That doesn’t seem right. Um, are you
sure LeFou, because Lumière was just here and Chip actually just left and they both
had gifts for Belle. Uhh, well, he didn’t want all the other girls to feel left out
from all the gifts and stuff, so he sent them chocolates so they didn’t feel left out.
You know, because like Elsa doesn’t have a boyfriend and stuff. Hey! Uhh, that’s
my Prince Adam, always putting others first. Look, go ahead you guys, eat your chocolates.
I bet he had our chef make them. They are going to be so yummy. Don’t mind if we do.
Uhh, maybe if they are really good chocolates I’ll get some for Kristoff too. Mmm, I love
chocolates. Not as much as I do. Wow, they’re that good? I want one. Sorry Belle, no can
do. I – I want to marry the Beast. Anna, how can you say that? What! I want to marry the
Beast. You guys are joking, right? Elsa, Anna. Last one to the bridal store is a rotten egg.
Anna! But I want to marry the Beast. Uh, I have to go now. But – but… You guys, are
you joking? LeFou come back. What am I going to do? Hey LeFou, what are you doing here?
Uhh, special delivery for you, one personally made chocolates. Really! That’s so sweet.
Who’s it from? The Beast, I mean, uh Prince Adam. Like Belle’s Prince Adam? Yep, he wanted
to make a special gift for all of Belle’s closest friends. Now that’s a true gentleman
Ha, thank you. Mmm, these are delicious. I would love to get the recipe and I would
love to…. marry the beast ohh, he is so handsome. Hey Rapunzel. LeFou, what are you
doing here? Valentine’s Day delivery. Chocolate, just for you! Awesome, I love chocolate.
I want to marry Beast. Special delivery. Mmhh, thanks LeFou. I want to marry Beast. Here
you go. Thanks. I want to marry the Beast. Later that day… Hi, it was the strangest
thing and then they were both like “we want to marry Beast”. That is so strange Belle,
maybe they’re were just playing a joke on you. Hey Belle, can you hold on a second, there’s
somebody at my door. Oh yeah, of course. Uhh, for me? Yum. The beast, I want to marry him.
I wonder what he’s doing. Hello, Ariel are you there? I want to marry the beast. What!
Oh my gosh! not you too . Hello Hello… No! Yeah and my next surprise is going to be a
shipment of her latest favorite books. Wow! What’s that sound? It sounds like its coming
from out there. What in the world! There he is. Oh my gosh, Beast! Look how handsome he
looks. Uh, I just can’t wait to marry him. What! You going to be waiting a long time
because there’s snow way he’ll marry you. Hi, ha ha ha. You wish! Hi Beast, marry me.
Uh, girls, what are you saying, do you hear yourselves? I’m not the Beast anymore. I’m
just Prince Adam and I only have eyes for Belle, I’m sorry. You guys, I’ll bet the door’s
unlocked. We are coming up. Move out of my way, me first. No way, he’s mine. Uh
oh. I want to marry you Beast. Moana, can we talk about this like civilized people?
You don’t know how far I’ll go to marry you Beast. But I want to marry you, you could
be king of Atlantis. You should marry me, you gonna have three wishes and we could
travel the whole world on my magic carpet. Uh! Hey, prince Adam, oh my gosh, you should
marry me, you could rule over all of Arendelle and we can make you
a new Ice Castle and I can make you Ice cream every day and it would be snow much fun. hahaha. Marry me
Beast, I can make you any kind of sandwich you want and I can build an excellent snowman.
Marry me Beast, I’ll cook for you every single day, it’ll be totally awesome, mwaaa.
Beast, marry me, let me paint our future. Beast! I can’t run, it’s because of this dress… come
on, marry me. Oh Beast, come back. All this running is making me hungry. No, sandwich
later. Beast. Ha ha ha. You are mine. Uh! Marry me Beast. “going to the chapel”…
Oh they are gone, I think. Huh, what’s this? Chocolate and a note. “To Prince Adam, from
Belle not Gaston” Huh, okay, that’s so sweet, hmm. Ha ha ha ha. There he is, Yey. I love
you. I will marry, one of you who love me, Princesses. Uhhh. But only if Belle comes
to the wedding. Meet me at the church this afternoon. OMG, I almost forgot, I’ve gotta
mail out my wedding invitation. No, me, I’m going to marry beast. No, me! No, I do.
You guys, the Beast might already have a sandwich registry set up, its official. Not if I
get to the church first. Later that day… Uh, oh my gosh uh, Adam is truly spoiling
me with all this little surprise gifts. And this is my favorite, “far off places, daring
swords fights magic spells, a prince in disguise” uhh. Okay, Let’s see what else I got
in the mail. Oh, a bunch of wedding invitations. “You are cordially invited to Ariel’s wedding
to the Beast”, what! “You are cordially invited to Elsa’s wedding to Prince Adam”, what!
“You are cordially invited to Rapunzel’s wedding to…” what! Oh no, not if I have anything
to say about it. I’ve got to get to that church. I know, I will book an Uber. And that’s
why I started driving for Uber, because I needed to make more money. Business just isn’t
what it used to be. Um, cool story miss Uber driver but um, I kind of need to get
to the church ASAP, so could we put the pedal to the metal. Oh, you’re in a rush, are
you? Ha ha ha. I’ll think I’ll take the scenic route. Ha ha ha, uhhh. Am sorry, did
you say something? Oh, I was just saying that I hope we don’t hit traffic. Come on Beast,
time is ticking to pick your lucky bride. I just don’t know. Pick me, we could have
the best life together. Beast, pick me, we can soar to new heights as a couple. No me…
me… me…me…princess Anna, princess Anna. What’s going on here? Ohh, just a little neighborhood wedding. Boy Belle,
are you okay with Beast loving all these princesses? Whatever are you going to do? What! Adam you
want to marry all of my friends? And why are you in Beast mode? And when did Gaston become
a Rabbi? Yes Belle, I’m sorry, I want to marry one of them instead. Okay, you heard
the man. LeFou, hit it. You got it Gaston. Dearly beloved and LeFou, we are gathered
here today to join this Beast and… oh, which lady do you choose? Uh, I don’t know. I
just don’t know which one to marry. Um, Belle you forgot your books in the back seat
of my car, so if you kindly give me a five star review for returning your… wait a minute,
what is going on here? Um, Maleficent, what are you doing here? I thought the spell was
for Belle to marry Beast. Well it was, uh then Gaston had me give it to uh… LeFou! Quiet!
I think I came at just the right time. I um, brought a little wedding cake, and if everyone
eats it, it should be clear who Beast should marry. Oh no, no I don’t think that’s
a good idea. Uh-uh I love cake. I will take a slice over here. Two slices. Quiet LeFou.
No no, she is bad for you, this is a bad idea. No, it’s the best idea. Everyone eats the
cake, let’s celebrate such a day, ha ha. I hope this works. Uh, wait! What! What’s happening?
What am I doing? What’s going on? Wait, why am I in a wedding dress? Were we going
to marry Beast? Oh no! I’m sorry Belle, we didn’t mean to. I didn’t know what
I was saying. The only person I want to marry is you Belle. Really! Yeah, it was LeFou,
he gave me the candy. Yeah it was LeFou, he snorkled to my house. Uh, I got to go. It
was all Gaston’s idea. Gaston, how could you? It was Maleficent’s fault, she’s the
one who created the chocolates. Only because you tricked me, you want to see some magic?
Oh LeFou, save me… Uuh, I cannot wait to go camping, this is going to be snow much
fun. Seriously, nothing says fall like camping, s’mores and the great outdoors. Yeah, and
all the other princesses should be here soon. [Bell ringing] Oh, there they are now.
Come on in guys, the door should be open. You guys, I am so excited to go camping. I
heard it is intense. Get it… “intense”, ha ha. Oh Snow, that joke was a real bear. Oh guys,
are you ready to go camping? I am, I packed sandwiches for everyone. I am too, I have
my sleeping mask, my Bluetooth speaker, my gravity blanket, my coffee pot, uh, I just
love camping and getting away from it all. Aurora, you know there’s no electricity,
right? We are going to be roughing it. Oh my gosh I – I am roughing it, I only brought
three pairs of shoes. Didn’t you use to live in the woods? Yeah, that was a long time
ago. Well I brought my magic lamp with me just in case we need it. Aladdin is on vacation
with Abu and carpet, so I dint want to leave Genie all by himself. Oh my gosh, Genie is
in there? Genie, what are you doing? Oh, don’t mind me, am in here binging Netflix. I’m watching
Wreck-It Ralph right now, gotta get ready for The Sequel… Well, what are we waiting
for, let’s get to camping! This looks like the perfect place to set up camp. Oh, wow!
Look at the lake over there, am kind of in a mood for a swim. Oh Ariel, you always are. Hmm hmm hmm, today is the day; I’m finally going to convince one of those sisters to
marry me. And then I shall truly be king of Arendelle. Hello… Elsa, Anna, anyone there?
Can I help you? Ugh, it’s just you the snowman. Tell me, where are Elsa and Anna. I’m looking
to marry one of them. They would never marry you. Minor detail, now where are they? They
are off having fun and not dealing with villains like you. What! Nothing is more fun than hanging
with the Hanster. Uh, everything’s more fun than hanging with you, especially camping.
Ah ha, so they’re camping. Hm hm hm hm, nothing gets past the old Hanster, that’s
why am so smart. Gotta go, I’ve said too much already! Thanks little fella, see you
at the wedding. I’ve got to find those princesses and when I do, I will convince them that they
have to marry me. I just need to figure out how. Oh guys, it’s just so much fun to just
unplug and be outside. I totally agree. Guys, the service is not great out here. How am
I supposed to watch the newest Jojo Siwa video? Aurora, come on, you just need to unplug.
Exactly! Enjoy the great outdoors and all the fun games. Fun games, like what?
Like… Tag, you better run or you’re it. Aha, I found the princesses campsite, hm hm
hm. Luckily Anna sandwiches left a perfect trail of bread crumps straight from the
castle. Wait! What’s this? Aladdin’s lamp? Ha ha ha. Jasmine must have brought it with
her. Perfect hm hm hm hm. Ah ah, man! You guys are fast! Okay, I’m “it”, I lose. No
way, we are all winners here. And to reward ourselves, I think we should start making
our camp fire and I’ll even take a photo of it. Let’s do it. Hm hm hm hm, okay, time
to figure out how to use this thing. Hello, is anybody in there? Open Sesame! Abracadabra!
I thought for sure that would work. Oh, Is that my reflection! Hm hm hm. Hey good looking…
there’s a slight smudge there. You guys, I just started watching Coco and… wait a second,
Hans, where are the princesses? And what are you doing here? Don’t worry about it. What
you need to worry about are my three wishes because I have the lamp now which means I
am your master. Ayayai! How does my lamp keep getting into the wrong hands? Genie, I wish
that Elsa would marry me. Han’s, haven’t you seen Aladdin’s movie? I can’t make
anyone fall in love with you, the magic doesn’t work like that. Oh really! Um, such a pity.
I guess I’ll just have to break this lamp seeing as it doesn’t work. Wait! No! That’s
my house. Oh so there is something you could do. Fine, I can give you this love chocolate.
It would make whoever eats it fall in love with you, but use it, sparingly its pretty
strooong. Yes, Hans it over to me Ha ha ha. I knew we could come to an agreement, thanks
Genie. So I kept hearing “hi, hoo , hi, hooo”. Oh my gosh, this is so scary! What happened next?
It kept getting closer “hi hoo boo!” [screams] It was Doc, heading to the mine to go to
work, the end. Oh my gosh, snow, you got me. That was so scary, right Aurora? Aurora? [Snoring]
Classic Aurora, she can sleep through anything. Perfect! It looks like they haven’t made
their s’mores yet. I’ll just switch out one of Anna’s chocolates with one of these.
Wait a second! Hm hm hm, if I switch out all of the chocolates, then I can marry all the
princesses, and then be king of all the kingdoms. Ha ha ha, it’s a perfect plan. Here they
come. Huh, weird I thought I heard something over there, didn’t want an owl or anything
getting into our snacks. So, are you guys are ready for some s’mores? Yes! All right,
I’ve got the chocolate, the Graham Crackers and the marshmallows all ready to go. To be honest,
I just love eating the chocolate. Me too, it’s the best part. S’mores are so crunchy
on land. Oh, well hello ladies, I just so happened to be taking my nightly stroll in the forest
and happened to fall on your campsite. Hans, what are you doing here? Yeah, You need to
leave right now. Or else… Or else I’ll marry you. Not if I marry him first. Yeah
right, Hans and I are #relationshipgoals. You guys don’t even know him, I had a whole
movie with him. We had a whole song together, remember? Not to worry ladies, I have just
the answer for all of this. Follow me, to the church. Oh Genie, I wish for a church.
Ha ha excellent! Guys, I just had the craziest dream… wait, where did everybody go? Hansy pooh,
it’s me Elsa, I’m ready to get married. No Hans marry me. Prince Florian would be so
jealous. No Hans, we finish each other’s sandwiches, you know it’s meant to be. Hans,
you can rule the Southern Isles and Atlantica, if you marry me. Um, I think you mean the
Southern Isles and Agrabah, we can rename it Agra southern Islebar. We can work on the
name once we got married. Ladies, ladies, I have a solution for all of this. Oh Minister!
Why yes, how may I help you? Minister, I would like for you to perform a wedding ceremony.
I’d be happy to, which one of these is the lucky bride? Well, am going to marry
all of these girls. Excuse me! Yes! That way everyone is happy. Hans, you can only marry
one person here. Are you sure? Yeah, you have to pick one of us. Sorry Hans, that’s how
marriage works. So, who is the lucky girl going to be? Um hmm, okay, I’m going to ask
you Princesses a question and based on your answer, I shall decide who I am going to marry.
Where are you guys? I’m sorry I fell asleep. Are you guys tricking me? You can come out now. Oh,
what’s this? Uh, Genie’s lamp. Wait. Jasmine wouldn’t just leave it. Genie! Aurora, thank
you so much for getting me out of that lamp. We have to go stop Hans. Hans! Hans is probably
back in the Southern Isles. We are out in the woods? Genie, are you feeling okay? No, Hans
is here. He came and stole the lamp and made a wish that I would make all the girls want to
marry him. What! No way, you didn’t. I had to, as a Genie, I have to grant the person
who lets me out three wishes. So I gave him a magic chocolate that would make all the
girls want to marry him. I’m so sorry. Oh no, Genie! So then, he wished for a church
to appear, so he can marry all the princesses. They are there now, we have to go and stop
the wedding. You are right. Let’s go. The Murundum church in the woods is The Marriage
show! Now, lets meet our groom, straight from the Southern Isles, It’s Hans. Dont you support your
brothers, he was neglected and raised without love. But hey, isn’t he good looking? Now, lets get started, shall we? All right ladies, bachelorette number one; If you could describe the perfect date, what
would it be? Oh, we would probably take my magic carpet all over the world and sing a
beautiful duet. Um uh, no thanks, I get sky sick. Bachelorette number two; If you could
be an animal, what animal would you be? A giraffe. Oh no no wait… A Guinea pig, oh no wait,
there are so many cute animals um um um a llama, yes, final answer. Wrong the answer
is clearly Sitron, my trusted horse. Well there can’t be a wrong answer; these are
just my opinions, you know, like fun questions to get to know people. Wrong again Bachelorette
number two, you really don’t know how to play this game. Bachelorette number three,
what is your favorite movie? Anything with cute animals. Oh, probably Zootopia .Yawn…
you should have said my movie, Frozen. Bachelorette number four; If you could be any famous person,
who would you be. Uhh, a tough one but I’d have to probably say Florence Nightingale, because
she helped so many people and she was the founder of modern nursing. Uh wrong. You should have
said Hans Westergard, Prince of the Southern Isles, ugh. finally, Bachelorette number five,
if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Probably my kingdom, Atlantica.
I mean there’s no place like home. Plus the seaweed tastes really good. Ha ha Atlantica?
Nothing compared to the Southern Isles, but fine, I will go with Bachelorette number…
Stop the wedding or… game show, whatever this is. Oh, are you another bride contestant?
What! No. I’m not trying to marry Hans and neither should any of these girls.
Aurora, I missed one. What are you doing here? Stopping you from taking over and marrying
one of my friends. Aurora, we want to marry Hans, silly. No, you don’t,
you are under a spell. Genie told me. Ooh yes genie, oh genie I still have one wish left. Uh oh, I forgot. I wish for Aurora to go far, far away. Genie no. I am so sorry Aurora, he has one wish left. I have no choice. Hey, oh my gosh. Aurora! Yes ladies, she is gone. Now, let us get back to picking out my precious princess bride. No, you are out of wishes. Wait! Am getting a wish from Aurora. Get married? No way are we marrying you. Wait, what’s going on? Did I mention that Aurora now get’s three wishes? What are we even doing here? And why are we all in wedding dresses? And competing on a game show? Now this is getting complicated, I think i’ll get out of here. Drats! That Aurora messed up my spell. You had us under a wedding spell? We need to punish Hans. Yes but first we need to find Aurora. How are we gonna get Aurora back? Genie, do you know where she is? I’m right here. Wait, what. But I thought genie had to send you far far away? I did but you see Aurora also got me out of the lamp. While I still owed Hans a wish, I actually owed Aurora three new ones. Urghhh, princesses. The true power of friendship. Blah blah blah! Someone is going to marry me or I shall crush the Genie’s lamp. Nooo! What are we going to do… He’s got the lamp. That means he holds Genie’s powers. Not my powers. Duck Anna, bye Hansy Pooh. Wait! Sorry. Not sorry. An ice queen’s gotta do what an ice queen’s gotta do, right? Yup. Thanks for saving us Elsa and Aurora and Genie. That’s what friends are for, we always have each others backs. Now, let’s get back to our camping trip.

David Anderson

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    I love you ? and your family and your friends ??

  40. bff bff says:

    Im a YouTube now

  41. mark flemming says:


  42. Emily Bernal says:


  43. Jasveer Kaur says:


  44. Natalie Hanna says:

    I love you so much fun and funny

  45. Adriana Campos says:

    I love belle and elsa and anna

  46. Adriana Campos says:

    I love Belle and Elsa and Anna and jasmine and merida and moana and Aurora and Cinderella and Ariel and rapunzel and tiana and mulan and pocahontas and snow white

  47. Adriana Campos says:

    I love maleficent

  48. Adriana Campos says:

    I love prince Adams and Belle

  49. Adriana Campos says:

    I love Belle and Elsa and Anna and Tiana and Rapunzel and Jasmine and Moana and Ariel

  50. Adriana Campos says:

    I love elsa and anna and snow white and jasmine and Aurora

  51. Kareen Aglae says:


  52. Sophia Lopez says:

    Mmmmm bell yes bell ?

  53. JuViLuna81 says:


  54. Tills Is amazing says:

    Spot the two difrents
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????make the thumbs up ?? blue if you found both of them

  55. Ann maurice Brackin says:

    Malificent was so good

  56. Bobby Hoz says:


  57. JoshGamer says:

    I love you and the princess the best

  58. JoshGamer says:

    And by u I mean all of you and just want to you princess's

  59. JoshGamer says:

    Call you princess

  60. catricia plaisir says:


  61. Jorge Trejo says:

    Gghk,pppwen David

  62. PCPlaysVideoGames 2019 says:

    L. I love you

  63. Lionel Lee says:

    Ha ha ha

  64. Lionel Lee says:

    So funny

  65. Amy Gregory says:

    Maflicent .. why gaston I never know what dream boat you are

  66. idowu harmony says:

    Yare i no

  67. Waheedafsar Afsar says:

    Love you bell and Elsa anna

  68. Waheedafsar Afsar says:

    Love you al I

  69. Evelyn Villarreal says:

    Married me

  70. Evelyn Villarreal says:

    Prank ya

  71. Evelyn Villarreal says:

    Gaston is so drime

  72. Miriam Duffy says:

    You are my feast Ella

  73. Wu Vivian says:

    I am selling pizza like if you want ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????get it before its gone.

  74. Wu Vivian says:

    This is so cringeworthy.

  75. Angie Mendoza says:


  76. Joshua Dalomba says:


  77. Arihanna H says:

    Who absolutely just loves this channel?

  78. Briona Collins says:

    You videos are snow amazing

  79. Madelyn Ambrocio says:

    Maleficent did the rite thing

  80. Ayomide says:

    Sleepy aroura sleeps through every thing

  81. Thuny Vee says:


  82. Muhammad R says:


  83. Victoria Pisu says:

    This is milfision Tean good

  84. Martina Cunningham says:

    Ariel what about Eric, jasmine what about Aladdin, Anna what about ctistof ,Rapunzel what about Fionn, Tianna what about nevein .

  85. Jennifer Spicer says:

    belle should marry the best and have a baby

  86. Adriana Campos says:

    I love Anna and Tiana and Ariel and Elsa and moana and Jasmine and Rapunzel

  87. Bảo Ngọc Hồ says:

    quit it gaston

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    I love you too

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  91. 0666muzzer says:


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    You're weird people ?

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    I love you

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    I think bell should Marry Gaston

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