ALAN BECKER – Stick Figure Animation (revamped)

ALAN BECKER – Stick Figure Animation (revamped)

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “ALAN BECKER – Stick Figure Animation (revamped)

  1. Ender Zight says:

    it did help me understand to animate but i dont hace a pc or anything to animate with 🙁

  2. Ender Zight says:

    sorry hace means have

  3. Ariq Najmi says:


  4. ALTAP kuy says:

    Wait the app called?

  5. Parsa Hemmati says:

    Whoever disliked is jealous.

  6. Vonder Geometry Dash & More! says:

    But how do you bold

  7. Agree2Disagree says:

    Configure Character

    Main Poses

    Space Out Poses

    In-Betweens 😍


  8. mr. Vovan says:

    you NICE thangs

  9. CTTcomputersanimateing says:

    I wish I could do this in paint :

  10. Buraz says:

    What program do you use?

  11. Gamer Assassin says:

    It's helpful

  12. noyon Rongon says:

    U R MY INSPIRATION ALAN! I just need the drawing pad

  13. Marky Duran 3 says:

    Why do we need a drawer? We have Alan Becker!!

  14. Neal Lomax says:

    Thanks so much I don’t really do YouTube videos but it’s cool to make little animations thanks to you my anamation isn’t crappy anymore thanks

    Edit:please like this comment if it helped you to unless you just watch random things all day for intertainment sorry if I spelt it rong

  15. Pham Duy Anh says:

    Include those 2 stick figures in Animator vs Animation!(The first one is Indigo and the other one Violet and they will be friends with the others.)

  16. The Everything says:

    So After Doing All This Can l Get 1,000,000 View XD

  17. TysenxOfficial says:

    I do 5FPS using FlipAClip

  18. Ptree The says:

    in what program???

  19. Stick figure studio says:

    at 0:34 I think he means "brush sizes DO change with your zoom level"

  20. Dank Jank says:

    Why do some people dislike video's for no reason?

    This is good content.

  21. Arthur Wanderbroock says:

    I'm super noob

  22. dtiydr says:

    And this was the instruction for one stick figure doing one simple thing.

    Now go and do a several minute long animation with several stick figures..

  23. Vigyananand Swamy says:

    Gr8 Tutorial, a legend you are, Mr Alan Becker.
    Do you undertake small project work?

  24. XERO _ANIM says:

    See, it's one of those hidden gems tutorials in YouTube, and just the fact it pops up on an unrelated video just makes me rage.

    Can't it just pop up when I need it ?

  25. DinArt says:

    what is the shortcut key by subtracting frames?

  26. Superboylegend says:

    Funny because I already have a tablet which I use for playing a game called osu (Wacom Intuos CTH-480)

    Coincidence? I think not

  27. ByFortpro says:

    wow. One aplause. I´m Spanish

  28. ARIF MAULANI says:

    what a good application for making animated stikman (for android) please reply.

  29. ZELTICZ says:

    What software he use to make these

  30. Sgt_Sniper says:

    When I delete the body, it gets deleted in the previous frame too, am I doing something wrong?

  31. A.K.R AKSHAY says:

    Animation song

  32. Cubi Xyan says:

    I actually use FlipAClip as an animation platform… Hopefully I can use that technique too…

  33. Cristie Zapata says:

    I think this a training video

  34. ARABELLA G says:

    This is so hard 😭😭😭

  35. Wolfy Memes :v says:

    i dont even know how to change brush size

  36. Thomas Gaming says:

    how do you add earthquakes in your animation like when attacking

  37. Keerthan M Ithal says:

    Which is the software?

  38. Azul Arief Zulfiar says:

    Watching on Sept 15 2019.
    Where is he? Is he retired?

  39. aurel_warrior says:

    program ?? link dowoland pls

  40. Nelson Lopez says:

    This is extremely helpful to me. I'm going to download one of the free apps. That you have talked about before. In one of your other videos. I do want to make my own *Stick Figure animations.

    Just one question sir.? On *Adobe Premiere is there something for sound.? It would be nice to add some sound. Once again thanks for posting this video. You really have a gift.

  41. Ken-Dama Kid says:

    Omg, a tablet would be so useful for drawing stickmen like no joke 😭

  42. TheBoomingHypes says:

    Is flash animation the updated version of flash adobe or not if not does flash animation have the same tools as flash adobe

    Edit:I don’t know anything about animation programs I want to know this because I want to become a animator

  43. My Craft says:

    This is soooo helpful

  44. Roblox_Gaming says:

    What software do you use?

  45. EBLOfficial says:

    what app or animation maker thing ar eyou using, I really want to create an animation, it's killing me.

  46. sad reee says:

    I hate the ending music it sounds like an alarm and it makes me feel sick

  47. Bones712 YT says:

    This tutorial is very helpful and easy to understand so I can create stickman animations using Adobe Flash CS6

    This is the best tutorial channel ever

  48. Bones712 YT says:

    Alan backer is the best channel i ever see and this is my favorite channel

  49. Sykk3r says:

    Tutor: Alan Becker
    Helper: Blue StickFigure
    Song: TheChoosenOne
    Edition: Red & Green
    Voice Audio: Yellow

  50. Hà Lý Việt says:

    what is the software which he used??

  51. wildan 3327 says:

    I use a cellphone with an application
    stick nodes
    can you give me the way ??

  52. GD EssenJey says:

    Can I know how to have YOU'RE version of Abome Animate?

  53. Damian18YT says:

    thanks alan you best

  54. AlanStrike - Legendary Gaming says:

    Like a Pivot Animation then can make stick figure animation

  55. William Connors says:

    If Yalls Have a Broke A** and Cant Afford a Big A** Tablet Heres The Link For one Priced At $29.99

  56. AprianexGaming says:

    Tip: if you don't have a tablet, have a mouse that has side buttons, then install a driver(X-Mouse for me cause I dont have a Razer, Logitech mouse) then keybind one of the side buttons to the delete key and you're welcome.

  57. Jordan Ethan Lee says:

    It must take a long time to make you awesome anymations

  58. Bluefee says:


  59. andy hicks says:

    Thank you so much

  60. witalia evawanti says:

    Wow i like it wer you buy?

  61. TheTalSil says:

    What’s the app called

  62. Wolf Warrior says:

    What about demonstrating how you bring them to your homescreen!!!

  63. alginlouis omero says:

    Full tutorials

  64. Toxi Life says:

    I remembered watching this when i suck animating.

  65. Marlene Brunt says:

    what do u use??

  66. Kemishi Tanniki says:

    You make it look easy (,,— 3 —)

  67. Steepyy ツ says:

    What this the program? Sorry for my words, speak in Spanish

  68. Nikolay Todorov says:


  69. josef stalin says:

    wich flash version is this?

  70. Balaporte Jean says:

    Huion tablet also
    thx bro
    Jesus loves you
    Believe in him and repent

  71. Extreme Gamer says:

    What website is this

  72. victor ikani says:

    please what software did you use for this animation , i am new at this

  73. AJ Tales says:

    which software u r using

  74. seth warren production's says:

    Hey can you keep these video's can you please these are helpful man.

  75. AdemPlayz111 Videos says:

    You are really smart

  76. PacoDaTacoXD says:

    I used a mouse to draw things, so uh….
    Yeah, I even drew my profile picture with a mouse.

  77. killerjason 3000 says:

    Thank you for helping me do a walking animation i can do it better on paper but using tech nope so thank you and and ima post the animation on youtube on my channel its not much but i tries

  78. Wroclaw Poland says:

    we are inspired by you, but , you are inspired by??? )) Can you give 3 of the best books you can recommend to read about flash and animation. Thank You

  79. Kerry Wilson says:

    Do a stick and tetris

  80. power boy says:

    Im in 2019 and idk how to create a symbol (f8 dont works)

  81. 周亞全 says:

    Thx for the tutorial i am planning on drawing using this Adobe app after I get a new pc

  82. bunyamin says:

    How do you make a inbetween

  83. bunyamin says:


  84. Joe Vlogs says:

    i use a ipad to connect to my pc and thats how i animate!

  85. Mobile Freak says:

    My dad might buy me the huion pad

  86. AndroizYT says:


  87. Is_it_sleepy_time says:

    How the frick do you get this animation thing

  88. Arthur Amaral says:


  89. AnimeXMusic says:

    What a talent! I wish I was as talented as you. I don't know anything about arts but I'm inspired by artists like you so I decided to create my own animation. Check here
    It took me 2 hours to finish 10 frames of a stickman. It's very simple and ugly. Pls don't judge. 😅

  90. OwenTheBait says:

    how does he even make it this smooth?!?!?!?!

  91. Fire_Man Boyy says:

    what's name apk

  92. 「 ʜᴇʀᴛᴏx 」 says:

    thx man its helps a lot

  93. Cristi_mania YT says:

    Can you make a new animator vs animation episode?
    I really like that series

  94. Puppet - GamePlay says:

    What the editor app name??

  95. Uthsuka Anu Rathnayake says:

    Wha is the software do this

  96. Vaibhav Madhav says:


  97. Rayan Malik says:

    what software is he using?

  98. Redd Animations says:

    your everything i wanna be

  99. Артём Кузнецов says:

    thank you, I just want to make an animation, but I don’t know much … but I’m watching tutorials and yours will help me too)

  100. Alex Blend Studios says:

    How to dowload flash can you give me a link please?

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